No Fatigue: 24-jikan Tatakaeru Otoko no Tenseitan


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Coming out from a Game Center, the protagonist comes across a random slasher, gets into a scuffle with him to try save a female high-school student and stabs the slasher who dies. The protagonist is then mistaken as a criminal by a policeman coming at a bad time and is shot to death, ending his 30 year old life….. or so it should have been.

However, a goddess of another world sympathised with this protagonist too much and let him reincarnate in the other world. The condition was to defeat the slasher who tried to reincarnate into the same world.

Thus the protagonist had [No Fatigue] ― he reincarnated into the other world with only the skill of not tiring mentally or physically.

Associated Names
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NO FATIGUE ~24 Jikan Tatakaeru Otoko no Tensei-tan~
NO FATIGUE ~The Tale of the Man Who Could Fight for 24 Hours~
NO FATIGUE ~24時間戦える男の転生譚~
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keklel rated it
July 26, 2016
Status: c27
I kept waiting for the story to get good and it never did. I waded through 27 chapters of the MC as a 8 month year old kid beating up fully grown men with magical powers waiting for something interesting to happen and now I've finally given up.

>When I'm reading the story I can't help but feel as if I'm reading a journal or a list of things the MC did during the day.

Well this wouldn't be a problem if the MC actually did anything interesting, which he didn't.... more>> When you write a journal type story, you should at least include something interesting every day (or once a week at least). If it's nothing but grinding all day 24/7 nobody's going to want to read it. Most of the story is "oh look, my mana capacity increased from 247 to 1888" NOBODY CARES. If I wanted to grind I'd go play a shitty RPG.

>I always thought the dumbest idea was to make a MC that was reincarnated because they jumped in front of truck-san, but I was wrong. This MC at age 30 couldn't even articulate his own situation and ended up being shot because he ran towards cops with a knife in his hand and acting like a bumbling fool. He's a cookie-cutter Japanese character.

Well said and I would add to that the reason he got reincarnated was because the goddess from another world wanted some guy to kill the evil guy. Why she chose him I can't imagine. Surely there are a ton of better candidates as assassins? I mean every other reincarnation novel is about people who lived their past lives as assassins or soldiers so why pick the most bumbling otaku guy who never had any combat experience to kill a minion of the evil god. That makes no sense. MC's complete lack of knowledge and his shitty decisionmaking skills (e.g "let's pick this maid for no reason other than because I like her breasts")

>The rest of the (few) side characters like Mom and Dad aren't much either.

His (new) mom and dad are the ONLY side characters who have any presence even remotely approaching a side character and to be honest they are kind of boring. His mom's entire existence revolves around admiring and sucking up to his dad. His dad is just a soldier and is the most boring character imaginable. It's hard to think up of more bland and boring characters even if you tried.

>Anyway, there isn't anything new (or good) to see here so I would recommend this only to people who are searching the bottom of the barrel and don't mind monotonous stories.

Pretty much agree 100%. None of the characters are actually interesting and so far absolutely nothing interesting has happened other than MC grinding and practicing low tier magic for 27 chapters straight.

> He has been given the power of ETERNAL GRINDING!

I initially thought the power was boring and bland and now that I've read the novel I have to say it just confirmed my expectations. Grinding is something that everyone tries to avoid because it's boring, and yet the author somehow thinks it's a good idea to "entertain" us with paragraphs upon paragraphs explaining how the MC "experimented" by throwing various different kinds of objects to see what kinds of skills he would learn. All that sh*t can be boiled down to one sentence - "I threw some sh*t and learned these skills: A, B, C". THAT'S IT. No need to spend a whole chapter describing all that boring crap!

>I said it, he's a grinder in the world, and since he was a child he has been grinding. He even had to plead to his mother to be able to get skills so he can grind them... without misusing them of course. How awesome does that sound? You're grinding constantly everyday.

It's not "awesome" at all. It's incredibly boring.

>Of course, this wouldn't be me if I didn't analyse the story in some way and make a reference to the characters being underdeveloped or something. The characters were... decent. The protagonist isn't a hard-ass, who is acting all arrogant. He picks his moves carefully and even picks the moves which go along with his values as best as he can. A good protagonist, whose main focus is to solve the problem... not make a f*ck ton of them.

Having a bland and boring otaku character is ok if the story actually moves forward. Instead it seems like it will turn out to be some boring sh*t by the way it's going (some shadowy organization kidnapping children for an unrevealed purpose... boring) and well the MC being an 8 month old child and can't do anything interesting because he has his parents watching over him for 27 f*cking chapters just pissed me off to no end. I just want to scream to the author IT'S OKAY TO SKIP THE BORING PARTS YOU DON'T HAVE TO DESCRIBE EVERY LITTLE THING FROM THE MC'S BIRTH. <<less
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DahAnnaKushina rated it
June 16, 2016
Status: c46
I must admit, I was a little doubtful at first, but it turned out to be alright. Yes, I admit, it could have been better, way better, but as of now, it was still a pretty decent read.

Oh yeah, there will be spoilers, missus!

Firstly, I guess this is one of the books I've actually read which are about reincarnation that provides a reason to why the protagonist actually reincarnated!

"Unfortunately, the man who killed you is going to be reincarnated into another world as a child to become a really evil... more>> person. I need your help to stop him, and besides he did kill you, wanna get him back?"

For that, I will give you 1 star out of five.

Anyways, now what I enjoy is that this protagonist... like every single other f*ck face in reincarnation-ville, is given a power (But aforementioned his actually has a good basis behind it).

No Fatigue, an interesting power.

He can run forever! He can stay up forever! He can do everything... just not live... forever!

And the author uses the idea perfectly, it's not such a thing like in the "Jobless" novel, where the Protagonist has to do less just to get the same results, oh no, it's quite the opposite.

Instead, it's along the lines of "You have to do the same amount, same thing as everyone else did to achieve the results you want, but instead you don't get overwhelmed."

He has been given the power of ETERNAL GRINDING!

I said it, he's a grinder in the world, and since he was a child he has been grinding. He even had to plead to his mother to be able to get skills so he can grind them... without misusing them of course.

How awesome does that sound? You're grinding constantly everyday.

Of course, this wouldn't be me if I didn't analyse the story in some way and make a reference to the characters being underdeveloped or something.

The characters were... decent. The protagonist isn't a hard-ass, who is acting all arrogant. He picks his moves carefully and even picks the moves which go along with his values as best as he can. A good protagonist, whose main focus is to solve the problem... not make a f*ck ton of them.

What I do find interesting is that for the first major battle, the author shows the difference between non-stop grinding and someone who just trains.

The dwarf guy I believe, he has the ability to enchant and has better vitality, unlike the protagonist who just has no fatigue and telekinesis.

Because the protagonist has grinded to the extent that his abilities are top-notch, he is able to face against the dwarf on equal grounds. I suppose I should say something philosophical about potential, but f*ck that!

Well, the parents... are suitable.

The mother likes the father who has multiple wives... I suppose anyone would find it weird unless you're used to polygamy families. However, this is for that world, and it's more of classical era thing. Because of how much prestige the father has, it's kinda obvious that he would have suitors.

Everyone else, I frankly find annoying. The maid is just a normal village girl, and while it's presented in her character, she does not seem to have any use whatsoever.

Melby, while she's there for reason and is basically like the heroine in all of this, she's kind of useless, I don't pay attention to her character for most of it.

So... all of this... accounts to 3 stars.

I've only given that once before.

-The protagonist isn't bad, he's quite interesting to watch actually.

-The characters aside from him do have some quirks, and most just seem to outlive their purpose, but I find them enjoyable somewhat.

-He has a reason for being reincarnated and it is the entire basis of the story! Even the goddess is apart of it and makes it an interesting read.

But... I shall give this the highest I have ever given...



-The actual idea of No Fatigue, is used quite astoundingly. There is a lot cut out in the case of what has actually happened, and you know why? Because no one wants to see a f*cking child grinding. Do you want to see a repeat of him using Appraise again and again for the entire novel?

It's a book about someone who can grind forever, and that's what he's doing. It's a magic cheat where he gets everything. He has to work to get it, and the goddess gave him the ability to work forever!

Now, I'm repeating myself.

If this book becomes shit, I'm going to change what reading list it's it. <<less
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Pancakemon rated it
December 7, 2016
Status: c36
tldr: the pacing is horrendous and the characterization feels confusing. You see me talking about character this character that, but to me its very important because if it isn't consistent or well defined, you have a problem with your story, but yeah this isnt the absolute worst you can read. By no means let this discourage you from reading the novel just don't raise your expectations too high from the other reviews that are given.

So first are there any positives to reading this novel? A-Nothing really stands out unless you... more>> really like reading about MC's learning new skills and even then it isn't even that satisfying in this novel

So, now we move onto my shopping list of things that seem off about the novel.
-The characterization
The characters aren't really consistent in this novel, or rather they really lack known motives for the actions they take, maybe this can be cleared up in future chapters but so far in the 36 chapters I read there seems to be no attempt to flesh out the characters.

The parents

At one point the parents find out about him being a reincarnate, and this is addressed as an afterthought, as if finding out your son isn't really your son can be swept away but a couple of sobs and an apology. In fact its not even properly addressed the spotlight is more how this makes his past actions explainable to his parents while us are readers cannot understand how a parents first reaction isn't to question their childs past or even their outlook. Although explaining our world would bog down the story and be pretty redundant seeing as we read the novel for a 'new world', it doesn't change the fact that this is a pretty big thing something that should be sort of core in the story rather than being thrown to the side.

He is described to be a leader and a genius spearman, however both of these aren't really reflected by his actions, sure characters can act like a goof at times however the transition between fluff and serious scenes is tad bit awkward throughout the novel and it really gets on my nerves.

As convenient a plot device as it is to have a mother read a magical manual out loud isn't it a bit too overdone to have her do it 20 times with little thought, I'm sure there are other normal ways to entertain babies. She is madly in love with the father and rather than the usual endearing relationship we have going in these novels this one feels quite forced and not at all organic, she could basically be a background harem member in a different novel. The mother more than the dad seems to be a convenient plot device to drop information onto the MC rather than actual characters with meaningful impact on the story

And with all of this we see very little on what drives the characters, like what motivates the MC to stop the slasher aside from basic moral code, this is because I feel the author tries too hard to conform to cookie cutter characters that are everywhere in this genre. For example the cool father, the kind yet scary op when anger mother, the clutz maid, yet these are all really janky because of how the MC slots in the only 'original' character in the sense that it seems to be the most inconsistent character probably due to the author not defining his traits. Yes characters can grow and change over time by you have to remember all the events I am talking about happen within a year so inconsistencies in character don't make as much sense. Either way interactions between characters is almost unbearable.


Pacing/ world mechanics. Okay this is where I think most of the problems with the novels start from

Okay to establish the MC's unusual speed of progression even among MC's, lets take a look at his parents. Part of the reason why they cannot be developed properly is in this, they are supposed geniuses in their field, the father as a spearman and the mother as a fire mage, however despite being not even a year old the MC is already stronger than both by a large margin. This makes it impossible to establish a sense of the norm in the world, having no baseline means that essentially there is no impact when a character is introduced as a genius and every fight seems anti climatic due to the staggering power level difference, and hence the parents are a bit of a let down since from basically the beginning the MC doesn't require protection from them at all.

So we know the power sense is a bit skewed but why is this so, well I'd say it has to do with the ridiculous system that is used to power up, oh look it did the same action with no conscious move or direction to improve. What even though I did this my 'mastery' of the skill increases, what a load of baloney that's like saying if I swung my sword 10000 times I should be a master swordsman. Now I get that he is blessed by the gods however at this rate I don't really the room the MC has to grow I mean at 1yrs old he surpasses his genius parents. Not to mention exposistions on new skills really cut into time that could have been better used on characters. What is more important the skill the MC pulls out for a chapter of character which will stick around for as long as the character is relevant.

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joelout rated it
March 21, 2017
Status: --
Decent story but I really stuggle with the absurdley overpowered infants.

Sure it's a magc world but having someone who haven't even turned 1 beat up adults feels so wrong. A child like that would be burned as a witch following the worlds logic. Don't get why they don't just throws in a ~10 years timeskip to make it all plausible.
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Peppyfox rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: c80
I personally find a 8-month old too young to beat adults.. and the fact that an such a child has a body of a kindergarden student is a bit disturbing.... Other than that, this is a wonderful novel, with a good story line and likeable characters and one of the stories that I can keep on reading again and again...
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chillyk rated it
June 9, 2016
Status: c46
I absolutely love how the main character's so chill about everything and also the fact that he has such an OP ability (never getting tired). He takes bold risks, despite his extremely young age (He's literally a baby), to save his family and friends. The story also has plenty of humorous parts. Here's an example:

... more>>

When he gets captured by an evil organization, he is placed in a dark room, where the bad guys whisper scary words to him. He, instead, turns around and makes this a time to improve his speech, since he is still only a couple months old. He even starts to scare the person, who is whispering creepy words to him.


It's definitely worth the read and it isn't too long. <<less
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cyndor rated it
March 31, 2016
Status: --
Not as great as I expected from the reviews. The style of writing used feels lazy and a bit amateurish. When I'm reading the story I can't help but feel as if I'm reading a journal or a list of things the MC did during the day.

Now let's talk about the MC. I always thought the dumbest idea was to make a MC that was reincarnated because they jumped in front of truck-san, but I was wrong. This MC at age 30 couldn't even articulate his own situation and ended... more>> up being shot because he ran towards cops with a knife in his hand and acting like a bumbling fool. He's a cookie-cutter Japanese character. The rest of the (few) side characters like Mom and Dad aren't much either. Anyway, there isn't anything new (or good) to see here so I would recommend this only to people who are searching the bottom of the barrel and don't mind monotonous stories. <<less
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Horoscope rated it
October 28, 2017
Status: c67
It got boring to say the least.

I put up with a lot of the pretentious plot holes and weak execution of plot devices and events. It wasn't so bad. But my mood has been spoiled by the utterly shameless information dump in the last chapter.

The author has also been skewing his characters values into accepting things WAY too easily. There is always an initial shock of "Whaaaat?! You could do/did THIS?!" Followed by "Wow, you are so amazing!!". I don't get the mom of the story. There was a fully... more>> grown man in the body of the child that you nursed!! Aren't you upset?!

There were enough parts taken care of by details in the story to satisfy me until now (even the point above).

This info dump was really disappointing though. So many things laid bare. It was unnecessary and incredibly boring to read, and overall, poorly executed.

Oh well, maybe I will pick this one up again when I feel like it later. <<less
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Kal Dano
Kal Dano rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c67
I would not recomend this!

What to say about this peice of generic novel. So uninteresting, so bland and unbelivable. The concept itself about magic is not belivable, but I can at least see it work in some cases if the world works around the main and supporting characters, in this case it does not. The characters' circumstances itself make it hard to belive. The seting is around our MC like any other novel, focused more on special events rather then developing the world further. Suporting characters are lesss than one-dimensional.... more>> Which for a novel is rather sad, you have all the liberty in the world to describe the seting around our MC but author sadly lacks the knowelage or motivation to actually make it happen.


I can hardly belive the guy is a baby able to walk around and verbalize even tho being an 8months old. But author gives rather pathetic explanation for the said actions, the level up sistem makes everybody physicaly stronger. The romance between father and mother is not even enough to make me care about what actually hapens to them. The guy never killed anyone in his life yet he handles the situations where emotions would run wild and unsteady like perfect black ops soldier that saw some sh*t in his carrer. But sadly he's not like that and the things he does and the way he acts m make it much more harder for me to immerse in the story and world itself.

So yeah read at your own risk it's boring boring boring.

Edit: One good thing about this is that the character has no secrets so yeah try it if you like it good for you. <<less
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Treiunrey rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c17
The start was ok. A little too overwhelming, but it was still likable. But unfortunately at around chapter 15-17 it became too much. Overpowered baby, fine I get it the MC is backed by a god, and his new Parent accepting that like it's normal, fine.

An infant, a 6month old turning into a toddler of age of 3 and they just accept it as fine? Eff no. The Author should have kept him an Infant and have some Priest or something say the infant is blessed by god or whatever so that the side characters would have reason to believe and understand why the MC is like that and why he was able to do those. But instead the Author killed the side characters by making them dumb that just accepts everything as is, as whatever


I don't recommend it.
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sgrey rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c77
This novel is boring. Most of the time there is too much expo that is dumped on you in endless stream of information. Not to mention, the idiotic setting when half a year old baby has the body of 3 year old child, walks around, infiltrates criminal organisations and kills master assassins. If this novel already doesn't have common sense, it will certainly start breaking all the rules later on.
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Cryarc rated it
September 16, 2016
Status: c142
Though the MC is OP, so does the enemies, basically it's still fun to see how the MC struggles with his friends opposing the enemies. Though it's true in the beginning the enemies are still little fries, later there will be stronger and more cunning enemy. Well actually since the archenemy is known since the very beginning it's better than usual WN that there's no clear purpose or goal to achieve, in this series it's about how to foil the plan of the archenemy. Both the MC and the archenemy... more>> are making moves and preparation on their own so when they're finally clashing in the end it's satisfying, it's a back and forth struggle since both of them are almost have the same strength level. <<less
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ladyartemis rated it
June 13, 2016
Status: c46
This is a great read for me. I really had a good laugh and I also like its plot (having the MC and villain reincarnate from the same world, isn't it unique?. Hihi) . The MC, the parents, the setting and his cheat ability were all likeable to me. I hope this will be translated til the end. :)
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Anduin rated it
October 19, 2020
Status: c80
The novel is decent, but completely ridiculous at times. The most interesting part is at the very beginning when the MC is learning about the world and rapidly acquiring skills with his no fatigue blessing. At around chapters 70-80, the novel feels rather dull as it shifts focus away from the MC and to his numerous companions. One of the translators, Mayonaize Shrimp, have implemented copy protections that ruin the novel for text-to-speech users, so if you are a TTS reader you'll want to skip this one.
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guih34 rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c160
I usually don't post reviews, but I have to post one for this series, why?

Because while the series isn't bad (nor good), it was enjoyable even sometimes, a strong point is how the family actually matters and I enjoy the rpgish system, but there's one point in the history that even this somewhat enjoyable series go downhill

... more>>

When the antagonist shows up with skills that is simple one control panel type cheat that breaks the whole system per se, he just breaks the fundamental rule that make game-like system works, even so, if you do manage to go further in the history and get to the next arc you just got nonsensic mini murder mystery case and normal world plot that you can't help but roll your eyes.

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ensj rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
Imagining a baby murdering people kind of threw me off a bit, but other than that, I liked it. :D
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shay rated it
February 23, 2016
Status: --
This is a must read. The author gives an age progress of time. There is a little comedy and mystery, along with magic weapons. I find at times the MC is a smart ass pervert. Lol
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falloutexile3 rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: c47
A decent isekai story with a cheat that takes hard work to actually utilize it. The main problem I have is the multiple translators and (frequent) months-long gaps between chapters. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but respect for translators who would pick up otherwise dead stories, but please stay consistent with translations or be willing to hand it off to someone that is rather than translating a chapter fragment once in a blue moon when you remember.

Now I have to decide if I want to continue the story... more>> from two years ago when the translators took 2+ months off followed by another month-long break (and multiple other issues), if I should start the story all over, or just leave it alone and hope it stabilizes enough in the future to become a regular read again. <<less
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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: c70
This novel really isn't that great, it's not horrible, but definitely below average.

The MC is rightfully killed after having killed a random slasher, he protected a high school girl, after which the police show up, and for good reason they're suspicious towards him since he's the only one left holding a knife. To show his innocence he does the only logical thing, running at the police officers with the knife still in hand. Lol. Later on he also shows satisfaction after hearing that higher-ups had been fired/quit after this incident.

MC... more>> is reincarnated into a different world, yet only gains awareness at the age of 6 months, this is actually a pretty good strategy, we skip the time where he's unable to do absolutely anything by himself to just before he should be able to crawl without the author having to use a time skip while also gaining a valid reason to throw in the subject of identity, whether he is really the child of his new parents or not, buhuu, something often seen in novels like these, it comes up again later, where he questions himself, whether he's really different from the bad guys after one of them says they are alike, this is also a common trope, yet these subjects are seen in stories where the MC is going through being a teen and is then also targeted towards readers of that age.

The MC in this novel is 30 years old and you could only call it an identity crisis at this point. For my next point it's necessary to jump a bit ahead but it ties in nicely with what I've talked about so far, in later chapters there's an arc where the MC, to prevent spoilers, let's say he comes in contact with a cult. Here the author also throws out his brilliant psychological knowledge about how to treat children that have been brainwashed. To be honest, the psychology thrown around by the author seems like he's been in contact with professionals and now he's throwing his half-baked knowledge around like he knows everything, it's both boring and conceited.

The MC is supposed to be 30, but he, and the author by default, comes across as a man-child that's mentally underdeveloped for his age and who loves to spout his half-baked knowledge and ideology.

The story in itself isn't really that great either, the no fatigue skill is actually a cool concept, yet for some reason there's a need to throw in additional cheats, being able to train for at least 1/3 more time than anyone else apparently isn't enough, and that's counting only the physical aspect of not having to sleep. The difference between skill levels is vague and we get a feeling that they don't really matter, besides that, the skills are something like Pokemon, you wanna catch em all, but if they're all just thrown in your face from the start it doesn't really mean much.

Most of the time so far is used to test the definition of a spear and saving bad guys by turning them back into good guys, like every idealistic hero. Well.. The spear part could have been fine, since it's research into skills/magic but it's so premature, it's done while the MC has zero fundamental knowledge, like the author while writing this, it then turns into something totally random that isn't going anywhere, that doesn't fit and which is just there to further the plot by adding other skills.

In general the pace of the novel is off and the JP novel thing of "I think I kinda understand, but I kinda don't" about every f*king thing is pissing me off, especially when it's the most simple and logical things that the bastard can't understand for some reason. If the Japanese were really this s*upid they'd still be living in caves throwing feces at each other. <<less
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kossboss rated it
July 26, 2016
Status: c48
Good story so far and it is interesting, but the translation speed is far too low and considering it is two different groups translating together is becomes even more pitiful, hopefully someone else will pick this up.
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