I Said Make My Abilities Average!


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When Viscount Ascham’s House’s eldest daughter, Adele von Ascham, became 10 years old, she remembered everything with an intense headache.

Her previous self, Kurihara Misato, 18 years old Japanese, lost her life when trying to help a young girl, and then she met God…

A somewhat capable person burdened by the many expectations of the surrounding people, Misato, who couldn’t live as she wanted, pleaded to God.

“In the next life, please make my abilities average!”

Yet, somehow the story is wrong!

The girl with 3 names, being careful to not accidentally become a S-rank hunter, lives normally.

I mean, I’m just an average, common girl. No, seriously.

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Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!
Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi dette Itta yo ne!
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79 Reviews

Sep 26, 2017
Status: c338
The series was never designed to be written well. It's simple entertainment. I traditionally call this "delicious garbage". That said I have a few complaints that solidly knock it from a 4 star garbage to a 2 star. It's a solid 4 now. The editing and translation picked up. The conversations flow with more cohesion. I still don't get a lot of references, but that's on me.

Overall, this translations gone far to improve and has made this a solid and respectable fluff piece.

That said, after binge reading through... more>> 200 chapters to catch up I feel like the tone is shifting from a high-fluff to moderate-fluff series. Stronger world building than expected and steady character development. Especially poor Maevis...


Maevis has nearly died three times in a row now and lost an arm just trying to keep up with the other three. Between that, her training arc, her constant struggle to try and stay relavent amidst three powerhouse magicians.. Honestly, the author is doing a fantastic of developing her.


The old review is below but no longer representative of the current state:

In short, the Estelion translation is holding this story back. I like story and characters, but the repeated poor quality of the editing and machine translation ruins a lot of it. I honestly wish they'd drop it, and someone else pick it up.

When they released a purely machine translated chapter 106 it settled it for me. The writing is occasionally ambiguous and hard to follow. The editing is often plagued with redundant and poorly constructed sentences. Seeing the garbled mess of machine translation the editors are working with gives me new respect for them, but ultimately, they are mediocre editors working with a garbage translation.

I like Mile and her companions. I like the concept and the parts of the story that shine through. I don't like the translation though.

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Apr 16, 2018
Status: c171
Readable until chapter 49. Estelion's Secret Imouto picked it up from chapter 50 onwards and the translation became simply unbearable, I'm not even a native speaker and I have headaches reading the translations. Looks like that damn Loli o Mamoritai wasn't satisfied ruining "The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap" and decided to destroy yet another novel. What's wrong with her? She acts like a 9 years old, she simply skipped a huge chunk of a chapter and changed it for "Blá, blá, blá" with a note stating it would... more>> be bothersome to translate.

Also she does the same as in Vampire's Nap and allows her personal opinion about characters influence her translation, putting notes on side chapters like: "Gladly there won't be another side chapter about these guys for the next X chaps", as if everyone would only be interested in the same things as her. Actually those side chapters were about the only characters that were somewhat decently developed, and the only thing that kept me going in hopes those three dead weights the MC calls a party would leave the story sooner or later and the story would maybe slightly change for the better.

Yet she simply keeps trying to force her opinions about them on the reader and God save us all if someone tries to write a comment containing some constructive criticism. She'll simply erase it and then put a note on the next chapter about how we should be grateful for her work and that she won't accept being offended as if trying to teach us morals.

If someone is going to do such a poor job then, frankly, it would be better if they didn't do it at all. I (and not only I) would be really grateful if this translator dropped some novels for now and concentrated on the quality of her work, if not, then she should just stop with this sh*t she calls translating and find herself a new hobby. <<less
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Feb 06, 2018
Status: c55
Fantastic and fun story, but drop it when you reach Estelion's Secret Imouto translations. Absolutely terrible English, "editors" (Hah! Grammarly would do better) make the same mistakes over and over again, plus there are irritating comments from the translator/editors all over the chapters to break your reading immersion. Enjoyment dropped severely the moment it was picked up by this group.

I'm shocked that Estelion isn't offended by these people using his name when he's one of the best JP translators in the community.

Anyway, overall translator ratings IMO are as follows:

... more>> Aria: 3/5

Whatever: 1/5 (skip all of his work)

Raising the Dead: 4/5

Estelion's Secret Imouto: 1.5/5 <<less
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Aug 13, 2016
Status: c108
It's a lighthearted story with a female MC who just want to have friends and do anything as she please (which she thought as fun) after reincarnated in another world with magic and monsters. The magic system is quite unique since it's actually advanced technology disguised as magic. She's having quite OP power but basically an airhead. She's doing ridiculous things and her friends act as tsukkomi. The side characters are fun, so far some of them have been fleshed nicely in a story arc.

It's initially a misunderstanding story of... more>> obsession being average girl vs OP girl that later focused more on lighthearted adventure similar to death march with comedic vibe. <<less
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Jun 15, 2017
Status: c54
Was an amusing enough read until they eventually got to the generic bandit encounter.

Despite them going out of their way to discuss how fighting with the intention of sparing someone who is trying to kill you is impractical and unnecessary, despite the statement of Mile being of the thought that bad guys don't have human rights, and even despite the incredible insistence of their team mate Rena, they still spare the bandits. I almost forgot to mention how the entire point of the quest they were on is to kill the bandits, yet as often happens in these stories, absolute ret*rdation wins the day, and the bandits are spared.

Don't build up to something, and then not deliver on what you said. Don't go out of your way to point out what is the right thing to do, and then still do the wrong thing, and then act like the person who wanted to do it right is the crazy one. It was fun, but I can't stand this kinda shit, so this is dropped for me, and I would advise the same to any others.
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May 30, 2016
Status: c29
This is not exactly like Evil God Average. It is, instead, basically a reskin of the jokes of Tilea's Worries with a protag that acts like Satou from Death March. [This review is based off of the Japanese RAWS]

Basically it's sole purpose and point is to derive dramatic and comedic irony from the MC

1) Wanting to stay low profile and "Average"
2) Being extremely powerful and cheaty because "average" is defined differently than what she thinks.
3) People looking on in awe of her
4) The MC not noticing that... more>> her actions cause the awe (or when she does, anything she does to downplay her own abilities is just basically humblebragging)
5) Nanomachines*

It is a lot more competently paced than Tilea, but it suffers from similar pitfalls as High-spec girl, where there really isn't much interesting "Stuff", just tons of exposition that basically means nothing in the end because the setting constantly changes.

It's not bad, it's enjoyable even, but it clearly is not written by a mature writer. There's a definite hint of teenage rebellion "You don't know how good I am until I'm gone!" kind of undertone to all of this.

*I have no idea why they are a part of the story because they randomly show up out of nowhere, Kojima style. They really don't do anything for the plot, even if they are "magical" and tied to magic yet... There hasn't been any point to them. <<less
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Jan 04, 2020
Status: c338
IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a HUGE difference in quality between the official English-translated "Light novels" and the web novel available here.

First, while the first few chapters that you can read here are well translated, at around chapter 50, with the first change of the translator it becomes quite terrible.

Second. There is at least 20% of (sometimes important) text missing from this Web Novel version compared to the Light Novel. After reading at least 338 chapters available here I started again from the very beginning, reading all the thus far available... more>> English language light novels - 8 of them. The contrast is enormous!

Read the Light Novel version, not the chapters available here! Even if you are satisfied with the web chapters, the quality jump to the official light novel translation still is gigantic.

Never ever watch the anime version unless you want your brain to suffer some serious damage.

About the story:

I like that the "god" that reincarnates her is not really "the" god. It's just some powerful entity, what exactly remains unknown (good!), but they themselves are trying to figure out the universe too. They are just vastly different and more powerful than any human society. So whatever the mechanism, I like that this isn't the "religion god" thing. Also, as I see it from the story, reincarnation (through whatever actual mechanism) seems to be an extreme exception. That being extracted Misato after her demise on earth only because of the described very exceptional circumstances. The author describes his "god-like entities" concept more thoroughly in his other LN "I Shall Survive Using Potions!" (there too I recommend the officially translated LN and not the Web Novel version).

This story IMO has one of the best justifications for a) sending a specific person to another world and b) letting them have superpower. In most other stories it is completely arbitrary and even grossly unjust (to the local population) why some "otherworlder" has to come, and/or why they (and not some local) should have superpower (if we presume that anyone should).

The pacing is okay or even good. If you like current movie and mass-music trends (short complete songs compared to, for example, a classical symphony that's over an hour long with lots of repetition of a slightly modified theme and lots of playing around) than this story will be too long for you. For comparison: This story is like one of those 10-hour movies from an adventure PC game that you can find on Youtube, and not one of those 1.2 hour "only the major cut scenes" game movies of the same game. However, unlike some other stories, especially some endless anime series, there is steady progress here. Not all on the main background story (why was the heroine sent to this world), but the main characters advance (for example, Mavis the knight, where it shows the most because he started as the weakest for the longest time due to lack of magic), and they change to new locations. It makes perfect sense to me that this is a very long-term, even life-long quest. The heroine was not summoned for some immediate specific quest, quite the opposite. Like the mentioned classic symphony, there will be repetitions on some main theme (s), mostly the heroine's girl group encountering new people that underestimate them. I don't find that boring at all, quite the opposite.

The characters other than the main ones especially when they are nobles or villains are pretty one-dimensional and pretty s*upid cartoon characters. So are many or most of the interactions. If you expect depth and realism, this novel is not for you. The author invests quite a bit of brain elsewhere though, so if there is a multi-dimensional story analysis it's not like this novel is shallow all around, but the supporting characters certainly don't get much of the effort.

Just an aside, it should not influence you when reading any one particular story, but all the author's stories have a 12-year old-ish flat-chested girl as the MC (sometimes older but still looking that age) that won't grow any more or not by much (and who doesn't like it). Apart from a few boob size related sub scenes, mostly the MC feeling inferior, the entire story is 100% sex-free. Seems like the author likes "clean and save" all-girl groups but also wants them with the brain power of a well-educated and intelligent adult.

I like that there is an attempt for a somewhat "scientific" explanation for the magic -- and I like that this one, with the nano machines, IMO is far better than any other one. Granted, I would have preferred nano-machines with emergent intelligence appearing when they work together instead of individual NMs being almost human. Compared to stories that use RPG games as the basis, with "levels", this one is far better. It's not a problem to suspend believe when reading such stories, but I still like an explanation like this one better nevertheless.

I like that there is no romance. I like that even in my (male) fantasies I have zero desire to involve myself with that group of girls. Any male added to the group (or to both groups, since there also is the "Wonder Trio") would greatly distract and make the story worse. This is one of the few stories that manages that I really only want to passively read and not add my own fantasies or even less myself.

I like the humor, and that it's used like a chef uses spices: Less is better. For an example, check out the side story where Adele is a home tutor for a merchant girl - together with the followup when she visits her in the academy to see how she's doing. Especially the description of the math lecture.


Adele arrives - invisible, cloaked - before the lesson starts. The girl, the merchant daughter she once used to tutor, is sitting with the other students near the front, all waiting for the teacher. The teacher arrives, the girl gets up and walks to the front/blackboard, the teacher sits down in her (student) chair - and the girl starts the lesson. The teacher writes down what she teaches :-) --- Background: Adele, as a top student from Japan, has math knowledge far exceeding the medieval-level 2nd tier academy teacher's knowledge, so when she taught the girl it was far above what the teacher there knew.


Another example, close to the beginning, is her second attempt to make water (extracted from the air - again with a somewhat plausible explanation for a mechanism).

All the author does here is add one single word: "UNDERSTOOD." With that word - suddenly appearing in her ears injected from the nano-machines when she attempts to give a thought-command to create "a lot of" water, this would be much less funny because then there only is the amount of water created that is unexpected, However, that amount is not really unexpected to the reader, but adding that single word that for Adele but to an extend also to the reader comes from nowhere at least for me makes this very simple paragraph so much more funny. Subtle humor that arises from the context and is not force-fed to the reader, I like that.


The girl is completely OP - if you don't like that it's not your story. I on the other hand am TIRED of all the FAKE DRAMA everywhere, movies, hero stories. You know how it ends, and you know that always, ALWAYS, the hero will barely make it. And even when the hero is OP - the authors invent an enemy who - completely out of the blue and usually for no reason whatsoever - also is OP, just to make the hero struggle. NO!!!! I much prefer Adele or One Punch Man. Because I could not care less about the fights. I skip those completely. Boring. I want the "social story", the interactions.

This story does not have any of that fake drama. It's a relaxed read because the hero is OP, always. The fact that she holds back does not make it more dramatic (good!), the reasons why she lets the others fight as well as they can before stepping in are good (see below, apart from the fact that what kind of party would they be if Adele did everything, their own helplessness, in comparison, would frustrate her friends endlessly, if it was demonstrated again and again). One Punch Man at least for me, who ignores all fight scenes completely, also was an interesting story (watched the anime only) even though in that story the hero being completely OP and untouchable was the core part of the story. It still works, you can have a good story without endless struggle and near-death experiences. For me, it's the social interactions that are fun.

Of course the story is very far from being realistic even on a human level. It's an extremely simplified world, an actual world would be far more complex. Fortunately the story, while making the heroine and her companions the center of attention even for the actions of (several kingdom's) royals, it's not on the s*upid-level of games like "Fallout", where with just a few mouse clicks everybody thinks what a very great and very wise and very important person you are; or the web novel "The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent", where just like in this story the heroine didn't do anything for her powers apart from being randomly chosen, but in the "Saint" story (and others) it's embarrassing how "important" and well-loved you are all of a sudden with zero effort actually put in. In this story here it's actually on a much more reasonable level, while the effect of course exists here too given that the heroine (Adele) got her powers "for free".

To those who are concerned that Adele (almost) never kills (humans) : When you get more mature and actually think about it, it really makes sense. In the context of this story even more so, she didn't get the OP attributes to start mass-killings. In that world she would have to become a full-time police, judge and executor, a thousand times full-time job. THAT IS NOT HER PURPOSE! If she were to defend only her town/group, okay, but if she starts intervening on a grand scale it would not go well at all. The world would completely change - everybody in it would focus on her as a "god", not pissing her off. They would no longer live their own lives. Also, the explanation that the very strong simply don't need to kill is correct too. In the human past we had horrible sentences, like mutilations and lots and lots of death penalties, because the societies were weak. The strong state of today is better off not killing people and treating them well (compared to a few hundred years ago) in modern prisons.

People reading such stories forget, or are unaware of, what a BIG DEAL killing someone is. Not for the universe of course, but for the "human network", how humans interact, what they expect from one another, the quality of the interactions - they change drastically. Even more so when it happens at scale, even more so when it happens using "god powers", because then there is no way out. This causes more than just a few ripples around the one doing it, they can never go back to normal after that! If the human society had to accept the existence of one of them being able to kill with god-like powers while also being untouchable, it would distort everything.

The author does include, on the other hand, several sub-stories where he makes it clear the heroine is not a head-in-the-clouds pacifist at all. The reason she avoids killing are based on (long-term larger point of view outlook) logic, not on being s*upidly idealistic.


For example, there is a Adele-soloing side-story where she explicitly supports "the ruling class" (here: the local lord) against farmers/villagers who want their taxes lowered ; or another story (actually, I think that happens along similar lines more than once) where the girls don't kill the enemy group - but they break everybody's legs (!!) to prevent them from being able to return home too quickly. They just walk around the already down and beaten people and one by one break a leg of each and every one. So it's kind of hard to think the novel is too pacifist or too idealistic.


She is not a/the "savior". She is not there to end human suffering. It (probably) does not hurt when she does a little bit of it, but it is not necessary and doing too much of it on the other hand hurts her purpose. The human society there has to develop its own mechanisms to deal with life in that world.

Similar for all of Adele's actions: Her being OP is meant for HER safety, not to make her a god that intervenes everywhere! It is so that she can safely travel around and maybe find that small tiny action that has a pebble-rolling-down-the-hill effect that changes that world. Large-scale powerful action was already tried in that world and it utterly FAILED!!!

So not telling her comrades everything is perfectly fine. Remember that they are all very young, they cannot stay together in this traveling party forever. When the others form their own parties or families, would they accept having promised not to reveal the secrets of the nano-machines and the key to far greater power over the "magic" 20 years later, when their then-current comrades or family are in danger? Hardly!

Not helping out left and right is fine too for similar reasons. She is not supposed to, it would ruin everything. She is supposed to be subtle, not to force her way through. The "god"-kind entities already tried big interventions and gave up because it failed completely. The way she helped out on earth, at the moment of her death, was one tiny action on impulse, and that is why she was chosen. Otherwise they would have reincarnated Alexander the Great or Napoleon, if those god-type aliens wanted someone to exert their power over others and change the world by force.

Same with her earth-knowledge: There is no point in becoming an educator in the new world. The previous civilization there already had surpassed earth knowledge - to no avail. So her, as one small lonely individual, attempting an injection of earth-knowledge would be futile. Maybe it would not hurt, but it surely would not help with the purpose why she was sent there.

So relax and enjoy the story, and every time you think "but she should do this/that" - forget it! Remember why she is there and all the things that already existed in that world, and still exist, including the enormous injection of incredible alien high-tech in form of the nano-machines. So the world does not need any of those things from her, and what it is that IS needed is not known even to the god-entities sending her there. So again, relax, you don't know it either, just enjoy the story. <<less
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Aug 24, 2016
Status: --
1 word: Hilarious. So, MC asked to be reincarnated as an average person but ended up being OP since the "God" was being kinda lazy in his definition of "Average" Instead of taking average value of the entire world / race, He simply takes the Top value and least value then halved the result. The first 2 chapters were slightly dark due to MC's circumstances but otherwise, its mostly hillarious
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Aug 30, 2018
Status: c147
MC is OP and an airhead. These 2 qualities combine to often land her in trouble. The story started out good with some nice humor in it. However after the school arc ends it starts getting boring. Just randomly roaming around going on quests without any point at all.

And although much of the story seems like a fluffy slice of life piece there are parts that descend into some dark & nasty threads as well. It gets pretty messed up. Apparently no matter how bad the actions of the bad... more>> guys are they must never be killed. This is not the modern era with jails and trials and attorneys. In this era killers were summarily executed. Yet the powerpuff girls don't wish to dirty their hands in that manner. All bandits captured alive when team powerpuff enters! Crap like this comes after a chapter long lecture on how they should just fight to kill. BS your readers some more why don't you? It gets worse later on. Apparently even when people are being kidnapped and ens*aved, you can't bring back even one of the s*ave drivers to question them. Because that might be interpreted by the s*ave drivers as hostile action. WTF?!?! Some really screwed up values here.....

Also, I get she's an airhead but there are limits to how s*upid this girl can be. She has a radar that can locate anything. She is looking for something. Something she wants to find very badly. So naturally: use the radar to find said something right? Nah. Her plan was this instead: "I will ditch my 3 best friends so I can wander aimlessly around the world alone for years. Maybe I'll run into it accidentally." WTF?!?! That logic is along the lines of: "I have a nail I need to pound into the wall. I have a hammer in my hand. The only solution to this problem is to drop the hammer on my foot and bash my head into the nail until it goes in." This is no longer in the realm of dense protagonist but bad writing.

Finally, I got tired of the same theme repeated over and over: person (s) x are doing evil deeds. However after team powerpuff got involved it was discovered they were really good people. They were only doing bad things because they had a situation. So team powerpuff let them off the hook after resolving their situation. All past deeds forgiven! Screw that. Everyone has a situation. You don't get a pass on criminal activity just because you "have a situation". You do the crime, you do the time. <<less
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Wry Warudo
Wry Warudo
Jun 03, 2018
Status: c150
The novel itself is pretty good, even with the relatively generic isekai setting.

As the other reviews here have said though, the translations wrecked the novel. It's almost as if someone took an MTL and somehow made it worse.

If you're interested, read up to the point where the translations are still decent then MTL the rest yourself.
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Sep 27, 2017
Status: c134
Story is Good.

Translation is getting worse. Previous translator did a good job, the new translator Estellion did fine on the start of their translation, but there was a time that it got bad. Then it became decent again, after that few chapter of good translating it went back to being bad. At first, I rated it as 3 star due to the fact that the story was pretty interesting, regardless of bad translating, and some chapters were actually edited, but now it's closer to google translate. So I'm dropping this... more>> to 1 star.

I recommend this as a story, but I don't recommend picking it up to read, translation is bad. If you're fine with it, then it's a pretty good story. Just that translation is bad. <<less
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Nov 01, 2016
Status: c26
This review is mostly my thoughts on the MC and the general plot as of 26 chapters in.

Firstly, if you're wondering about the "Overpowered Protagonist" tag despite the Synopsis and want a brief rundown of what the deal is...

... more>>

The God who reincarnates our protagonist, whether willingly or not willingly, chooses to use an unconventional scale for "average." Rather than taking the mean, he takes the median, which obviously would skew her power levels. Her magic level is in the middle of the most powerful magic user in the Universe and someone with no magic. Whereas the average magic user is probably in the lower 5%, she's plainly on a completely different level from the average populace. She reincarnates into a noble household because the median in the class system happens to not be "commoner, " but a lower rank of noble instead. So on and so forth.

So technically she is average? I guess? It's not like Evil God Average where the protagonist asked one thing and God just said "f*ck it" and ruined everything for shits and giggles. This God's just lazy. Really though, this is another story with an overpowered protagonist, and if you thought it was about someone with average skills in an underdog story or doing some other interesting stuff with that premise, then I'm sorry for your loss.


Well, moving on, let me get some of my gripes with her character first. I can't help but feel that the author is a bit fickle about how he characterizes the MC. One minute she's socially awkward and can't hold a conversation without tripping over herself and the next she's giving grand motivational speeches to her classmates. She notices she can't act, so she "practices off-screen, " and now she's capable of convincingly improvising an act in front of royalty. She's smart and quick-thinking one minute and full ret*rd the next. She's just whatever the author needs her to be at the current moment.

That being said, I'd say that somehow beyond all that she remains likable. She tries earnestly in most of her tasks and really at the end of the day is just happy to survive. Her motivations are purely to not stand out, which she manages to fail at at every turn, in spectacular fashion -- she is incredibly naive, in an oddly endearing way. Observing her actions without knowing her thoughts would easily lead you to the impression she had the mental thought processes of someone actually her age.

The novel has been mostly her moving from one setting to another, trying to not stand out despite it being evident to everyone she's overpowered. There are some plot threads going around in the background but nothing significant yet. The plot hasn't really ramped up yet, and I doubt it will soon, if possibly at all. Your enjoyment of this novel will mostly hinge on whether you like or dislike our protagonist. I suggest reading up to chapter 9 or 10 or so. Chapters aren't too long and if you're bored with her or the plot, or dislike her outright I'd recommend dropping it. <<less
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May 20, 2018
Status: c88
This series is passable plot-wise and I personally enjoy the humor. I would give it four stars if not for one thing: the severe drop in quality with the new translator in the ~50s (Estelion). The diction quickly becomes lacking, so I wouldn't suggest continuing it.

I never truly appreciated the importance of good translation until I read this novel.
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Jun 17, 2017
Status: c51
The group who picked this novel up are doing "ok" for a MTL group but the quality of the chapters is an obvious drop compared to all previous groups so be warned if your a stickler for quality.

The story is a lighthearted tale of a girl who was reincarnated to another world, all she wanted to be was an "average" girl living with no worries about having to always be perfect and meet peoples expectations, like her last life. God being the troll he is in this novel decides to... more>> take every living being in this world and "average" their abilities and voila you get Mile's hilarious tale. <<less
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Oct 10, 2016
Status: c24
Not your frustratingly dense MC but rather honest, hard-working and funny kind of dense MC. Kind of a surprising turn in how she got into that Hunter-problem thing (as mentioned in summary) but still incredibly hilarious!! And it's not like there weren't any serious moments at all.

Though the beginning might be "heavy philosophical" for others - I sincerely do not mind that kind of thing. It was refreshing while it lasted and the rest is getting funnier and funnier. So don't be scared off!
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 22, 2019
Status: c42
It's an ok novel, nothing exeptional, nothing bad, a fun light read if you like the isekai trope.
Too bad the new translator is absolutely garbage, I'd rather read from google translate, at least I have no reason to get annoyed at a bot's translation decisions.

This novel is not good enough to justify getting over the translation.
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Jul 11, 2017
Status: c77
At first glance, it is an isekai/another world type of story but there are a few points to it.

  1. Female Chara - is quite rare in this type of genre (warning: yuri characters promotes the "Lolita, Yes! No Touch" religion)
  2. Op much? - it does have that factor but the MC herself tries not to show it which is a futile effort in everyway, only to backfire which makes it interesting. (The main joke of the entire series, but I don't feel tired of it because it's used in the right parts)
  3. Out of novels to read - this is a good one to spend some time while you wait for your other novels to update. (Sometimes its serious then turns to jokes and quirks, vice-versa for entertainment sake)
But really,... more>> I can't just say no when it has Moe on it... (>///<)

I'm a tr*sh so it can't be helped with my biased review (-.-") <<less
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Oct 24, 2021
Status: c460
Okay so imagine this- you're hungry and with very limited places to choose from, you choose McD. You know that deep down, it won't be a very satisfying experience, but you're not there for ambience or the taste or anything for that matter. You're there for the consistency. Now, as you bite into the burger you notice that your food tastes sour, and very... off. You finish the burger because you're hungry and, well, you paid for it so you don't want to waste it.

That's the experience I've had with... more>> this novel. "I said make my abilities average!" is a prime candidate and a case study as to why people are so vocal about overdone cliches.

Now, bit of a disclaimer here, I have read through quite a heaping pile of cliche novels with very predictable encounters and outcomes. More than I've actually bothered reviewing, but among all the novels I've read previously, only a handful of novels (for example- Otoko nara ikkoku ichijou no Aruji, The time I reincarnated as a dragon's egg, Manowa and Reincarnated adventurer's growth log or whatever it's name was) even come close to this sour of an experience.

Translation quality- any long running novel often changes hands through multiple translation groups and sometimes suffers a dip in quality. Now I understand wholeheartedly that Japanese is not a very translator friendly language and most of what's being served requires some serious brain gymnastics to even produce. Even then, it is a critical part of the experience and when the translated chapters aren't edited or proofread- they just serve as sort of a slightly better version of MTL. And if you're wondering if this is a recurring issue, it exists for the majority of the chapters linked to novelupdates.

Ease of access- okay so being someone who finds switching tabs on a mobile device when reading something to be mildly annoying, this point of gripe is completely personal and may not apply to you.

This is because of imoutosite being split into two, a new one and old one. Both of the sites are up and running and hosting pretty much the same content, however the links to the "next chapter" button is broken after c370 ish, maybe even sooner than that (I don't remember the exact chapter number).

Story- Ah, I've been dreading writing this part of the review since putting the whole reading experience of this novel into words is dredging up something that I don't need around me.

If you've read this far then you've already read through my disclaimer I'm assuming. The story is a cliche in a bad way. Our protagonist starts her journey by meeting a being who calls themselves a God, when in reality they were just a highly advanced sentient species. They promise the protagonist that they'll make her abilities average so that she can live her life at ease. But here's the thing, they average her abilities on a global scale. She's smack dab in the middle of the pack, meaning she's half as strong as the strongest being.

This leads our MC into a desperate struggle to hide her abilities so that she doesn't get used like a doormat, which the author splendidly doesn't allow. I mean, it wouldn't be interesting if there aren't any encounters.

Now, I get it, we all like seeing common sense chan getting defenestrated over and over again for comedic value. But here, the whole over the top strength just makes everything that the MC and Co. do appear dull and dry. Even when the arcs are well thought out, most of the chapters suffer from fatigue. They overuse every little cliche they find, every little reference they can squeeze in and try to play off the consequences as, "average occurences".

There's also this explanation for "magic" using nanomachines which at first sounds cool and all but gets really, really annoying when the author ends up giving them a personality. Why? They're there to assist the MC and the rest of the world, why restrict information? Even worse, why keep the MC in the dark about certain things when she is the only one who gives a sh*t about the world and is in the loop? It doesn't make sense.

Looking back on it, this novel should be treated as an experiment, an unfinished product while the light novel will improve on the base concept. The author tried throwing balls to the walls to see if something stuck and then go from there. Half the ideas being put in place are either largely forgotten

there's a chapter where golems send themselves to space, why were they? For what purpose? No clue, that plotline wasn't given anything to develop either, it just fizzled into nothingness.

or butchered because of the boring execution of it all.

On the one hand, I like the characters, but liking the characters doesn't equate to a good story here. So overall my experience with this novel has been one giant shitshow. If you haven't read this yet, I suggest trying the officially translated light novels because that'd have a bulk of the issues I put myself through mitigated. However it'd still be a bad experience even then in my opinion. <<less
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Sep 24, 2019
Status: c316
Cute and funny. 5/5

The current WN translator is horrible. And there are too many random blabbering that's not related to the story (It's not even marked as TL notes). I would be fine if it doesn't have perfect grammar because I'm also an ESL but this one I cannot forgive, ruining someone else story. 1/5 for effort

Conclusion: dropped and read the official translation by Seven Seas. Already at 7th volume as of now.
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Sep 24, 2017
Status: c109
I don't get why this novel get high rating. Well, different people different opinion. Let it be. At first seems interesting that a naive girl with "average status by the strongest being perspective" but after a while it's just a repeat of that. A naive girl Very OP without world common sense only her own common sense and justice.

But that kind of justice only apply to the MC group, no one can deny them or overpower them.

Overall the 4 person party seems to depend too much on the MC. Receiving... more>> so much benefit from the girl. It should be doing more moderately whether power up or anything. Everything already done and help by the MC.

If you don't like that kind of typical naive and s*upid justice without real common sense, then drop it. Unless you don't have any more to read and only want to fill your time with something to read. <<less
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