I Reincarnated as a Noble Girl Villainess But Why Did It Turn Out This Way? (LN)


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Eliza Kaldia, who reincarnated as a noble girl villainess in a fantasy otome game, was stuck in a world that seemed far from her image of how noble girls should be living, as the fated events of the game were still far off while she remained a child. In the first place, it was suspected if she could even live to make it to the school setting of the game. Due to changes in the situation of the neighboring country which never appeared in the original game, the world became nothing like the flowery school life from the game. It was a world where even young girls had to take up weapons. How did it turn out this way…

I don’t have any cheat-like abilities. I can’t use magic. Though, my sense of ethics might have become a little twisted due to being reincarnated.

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Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta.
Eliza (LN)
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Alshon rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall rating for the LN: 4.5/5, very unique and different from the standard otome isekai reincarnation stories and well worth a read if you're into dark, gritty, and tragic narratives.

I don't usually write reviews – in fact, this is actually the first time I'm writing one, simply because I noticed that the reviews for the LN version of this are very sparse, and I always find that reviews are an excellent source of information to determine whether or not I want to read something. So hopefully this helps someone make... more>> a decision on what to read.

First things first – see that tragedy tag over under the genre section? Yeah, that's not for show. The MC of the story suffers, suffers, and suffers some more in a world that starts out as exceedingly harsh and unfriendly towards her. She suffers from both physical and mental handicaps in the form of a young body and mental trauma from her past, and in the beginning can rely on nothing except her own willpower and guts to push forward.

Quoting user AC253's review over on the WN page (I recommend reading it, as what is written there applies here as well) : "There are three tags that will mislead you, and they are: otome game, reincarinated into a game world, and villainess noble girl. If you want to read something light-hearted and sweet, you will not find it here... a dark fantasy with much dialogue and thoughtful conversations, it's slow paced but makes for a fantastic read if you want something plot heavy... There are diseases rampant. Magic not being recklessly used? Wars actually happening? People being abused, treated as sex-s*aves, and being cruel?

Oh. Can it be... this is actually something semi-realistically serious...?"

Yes, there is a WN version of the story, which most likely you've already noticed if you're on this page and reading this right now. There is a significant plot divergence at the end of volume 1, so you can consider this LN of retelling of the story in an alternate timeline, but overall the structure of the plot, events, and tone are still extremely similar. I would actually say the LN version is slightly less dark than the WN version, with some scenes and violence being toned down somewhat (probably for official publishing reasons) and certain plot points being skipped over altogether, although that can be attributed to the plot divergence.

The story can actually be considered completed in the LN at the end of volume 3, as the way the story progresses provides a natural cut off at a spot that wraps up the majority of plot threads due to the plot divergence from the WN.

Basically, it cuts off right as the otome game events would have started.

However, the WN, which is still ongoing, proceeds further past this point and I think is worth a read as well because of the major plot difference (I actually like the WN storyline better overall, personally, even if it isn't as polished as the LN). I like to think of as a gift from the author, providing multiple alternate endings for a single story.

So if you're looking for a dark, semi-realistic, gritty, and grounded (or at least as much as you can get in a fantasy setting) story that delves deep into the nitty-gritty of politics, war, and fief building, and where the character is forced to struggle, adapt, and overcome to achieve their goals, this may be a story for you. For me, it was a breath of fresh air from the now fairly saturated otome isekai reincarnation genre where the character simply isn't instantly handed the keys to the castle and the plot moves only for their convenience. <<less
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Brasdf rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: v1c6
A pointlessly melodramatic and gloomy story. This story is mostly about the unjustified guilt and self-hate of the main charcter and how she is constantly abused by men of all ages (maybe in later chapters we get women as well) while feeling she deserves the abuse. If that doesn't sound fun or exciting... I'm with you there.

There will be spoilers from here, but not very significant ones.

The basic premise is that the MC has memories of the world from playing a game in our world so she awakens, at the age of 1 or maybe 2. Her parents are feudal lords and are comically evil, torturing peasants all day long, probably raping their corpses and so on. The joy. So she poisons them and they die... at the age of two. A child that can't walk well and her brain isn't developed enough to understand lies decides to secretly poison her parents... and it works.

The story skips forward to her being 6 and she is undergoing spartan training with the normal soldiers which beat her up daily as training, because everyone hates her. For months she is beaten daily until she collapses, throws up and usually falls unconsicous to then later drag herself to hunt for bugs and lizards and non poisonous grass for lunch and dinner. Obviously she would die after two-three weeks, but nevermind. She likes it, because she feels she deserves it.

Why does she deserve it ? Two reasons. One, she killed her parents and that is wrong in general. Which is true, in general, but surely shouldn't apply in this case. Here is the real kicker though, the second reason she hates herself, is because she hasn't killed them quickly enough... Isn't that a mind twister ? For some unfathomable reason she blames herself for the people her parents killed since the day she was born untill she killed them...

I just don't understand the logic. If she is to blame by association due to her blood, then she is guilty of all the people they ever killed. If she isn't and this is about her actually being alive, then she is one of the least guilty people in existance for the victims in that period of time. Who had less power to stop the tranasgressions of the fief lords than a goddamn baby ? She didn't even actually benefit from them, because not being abused is not a benefit. Being a baby that is provided with food is also not a cause for guilt. Any person above 13 and surely above 18 is guiltier simply for having agency. Not to mentions the people whose actual responsibility it was to confront the lord like local peasant leaders, the local priest, the knights, the local milita, the king and so on. Presumably the milita took part in the abuses, are their childern guilty too ?

I don't understand how she could have "awoken" to her previous life with all the relevant memories and sensibilities and still come to the conclusions she did. It is also very weird that she is both very mature and very immature at the exact same time. She is wise enough to successfully plot against her parents at two, but she doesn't understand how to communicate normally with people and is being constantly misunderstood, which leads to horrible results. Everything is very "convenient" to be the most depressing, but there is nothing of actual worth in this story.

If she was 12 and she loved her parents even though they were torturing peasants, then I could see some intersting internal conflict to be considered, but she doesn't. She hates them, since they are comically evil. The only thing they didn't do, is directly abuse this one baby, the MC, and I'm willing to bet even that isn't true and there is some horror to be revealed in the future.

Of course everyone around her is equally gloomy and edgy... I mean, "tragic and mysterious".


The translation is not particularly good as well, it is quite awkard at times. Since a lot of this story is about the internal workings of the main character's broken mind and her self flagellation the fluidity and clarity of the translation really matter and they aren't quite there.
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alyun rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c5 part2
This is quite a good find. Their is an aspect of realism. Such as the peasants hating her. But the hate may be a little exaggerated.

If the ML is the prince's friend from the prologue, I completely support him. However if it is Kamil then he is definitely a pe*ophile.

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criver rated it
October 30, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a review for all 3 volumes. The TLDR:


    • Above average plot for a light novel.
    • The main character is not really overpowered as is standard in such light novels.
    • There is depth to some of the characters.
    • There is an attempt at writing politics.
    • There are consequences to the MC's actions.

    • The second volume is basically a filler.
    • The story is not self-contained: one has to transition to the WN after volume 3.
    • The writing is inconsistent: the author doesn't know in which direction they want to take the story.
    • Overdone tragic melodramatic heroine and love interest trope.
The long version:

The novel is enjoyable if you can ignore its main flaws. In fact I would have given it four stars if it wasn't for the second volume essentially being a filler that could easily be skipped, and the ending being rushed and not being an actual ending (the story essentially ends with a cliffhanger that supposedly will get resolved in the WN). But let's assume that doesn't put you off. I highly recommend skipping the second volume nevertheless - it may even not be written by the original author, but by a ghost writer for all that I know, considering its poor quality.

As far as writing goes, the light novel surprisingly has a plot with some development (even though the direction and pacing are inconsistent). And while the main character carries some Mary Sue characteristics, she is fairly subdued by light novel power level standards. The issue is mainly with the consistency. Sometimes the MC is able to outsmart or outduel adults that are supposedly much more experienced and stronger. At other times she is depicted as the child that she is, and even falls into the trope trap of the fragile heroine being saved by a hero in a theatrical manner

(e.g. Kamil, Radka, Oscar, Faris + Theresia)

. A lot of issues that have to do with physical infeasibility of some feats, or that adults take the MC way too seriously for her age (when in reality they wouldn't), can be solved by just pretending that she and some other characters are 5 to 10 years older. I highly recommend one takes this stance when reading the novel. Unfortunately that doesn't entirely rectify the aforementioned inconsistencies.

In fact said inconsistencies seem to stem from the author not being sure what they want said novel to be about. Do they want it to be an otome game? Do they want it to be a tragic melodrama and a story of redemption? Or a story of revenge and moral decay? Or maybe a romance with a fragile MC? Or a political saga similar to Legend of the Galactic Heroes or Game of Thrones? While the above are not necessarily exclusive, the way the author writes those aspects result in inconsistencies in characterization, pacing, and plot direction.

For instance, volume 1 is focused on a story of self-hatred, guilt, abuse (in some aspects comically overdone), redemption, conflict, and tragic separation. Knowing the character from volume 1, volume 2 and volume 3 are especially striking as sometimes one has to pretend that the MC has a multiple personality disorder just to reconcile the forced otome game elements (e.g. The interactions with what would supposedly be love interests). Another issue is the preoccupation of a lot of characters with the MC for no actual reason (or reasons that seem forced and overdone), and the forced revolution of events around the MC, making her come dangerously close to a Black Hole Sue at times. This could definitely be alleviated with some more adept writing, but it's nevertheless irritating.

Finally, volume 3 feels somewhat rushed and often relies on something close to retcons and deus ex machina to resolve situations. There are also info dumps that I guess are supposed to make up for the stalled pace in volume 2. While I appreciate the attempts at writing politics, those often seem shallow and not properly thought out.

All in all, the light novel can certainly be enjoyable, however that requires some effort from the reader. I recommend readers skip volume 2, pretend the characters are somewhat older, do not take the melodrama, one dimensional villains, and politics too seriously, and forgive the inconsistencies in the plot direction, pace, and characterisation.
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LinhMiu rated it
April 11, 2024
Status: c3
This novel leaves me speechless. I feel like it was made to be overly dramatic for no reason. In the first few chapters, we know that MC poisoned her family to death because apparently they were bad people who tortured their citizens or something. She did that while being careful that no one would find out, and that a certain merchant would be suspected of killing these people. And she became the only one survivor of the family. The merchant was executed, and her family died leaving her alone. Then... more>> she mentioned the knights/citizens got raged when they saw her, and they hated her just because she's the descendant of that evil family. Is this reasonable? She feels guilty from time to time because she killed her family who probably didn't mistreat her, she feels guilty for the people whom she didn't even hurt, heck, she wasn't even born or reincarnated at that time when everyone was suffering, and yet she didn't feel guilty for the merchant who was executed in place of her. If you were so guilty why didn't you let everyone know you were the mu*derer and get executed in the merchant's stead? Oh, I see, it must be because that merchant probably was a bad guy too, right? I understand why she felt guilty toward her family, after all, they tortured people, but not her, but I don't understand why she feels it's right for the people to loathe and torture her, just because she's a child so young that just so happened to be born to an evil family? Even if their eyes are blinded by hatred, isn't there a single person who sees this as wrong? Everything feels forced and overdramatic, not to mention in the light novel it seems like the author cut straight to when she had already earned the Earl title, and is going to school. There, she was introduced to 2 noble boys who ridiculed her for being the child of her evil father. Is this reasonable?? They aren't the victims nor related to the victims' families, why the heck would they pick a fight with her, who earned an Earl title by the King, and introduced to her by the Crown Prince? Doesn't the Crown Prince feel like his face is being slapped by these two insolent brats? He wants to be friends with her, even going as far as introducing his friends to her, and yet they act like this... As if the Crown Prince is blinded enough to befriend her. Ridiculous. MC has this gloomy mood and is overly guilty for no reasonable reason, hell, if she was so scared of her sin, then she shouldn't have mu*dered them, or been alive in the first place. I mean it. If you can't bear the guilt, you better not do it, or be alive to continue bearing it. If she thinks killing them was a good way to end the hell they created, why should she be guilty? Like the person who rated before me said, she's mature and immature at one time. She's just torturing herself and letting others torture her to ease the guilt, some of the sins aren't even hers to bear, and I don't agree with that.

Another thing I don't like is having her age too young. A 2 or 3-year-old child poisoning her whole family, 6 years old fighting a small war (in which I think she lost a friend), fighting another war before turning 16 (don't know the exact age), being victorious and earning Earl title... Isn't she too OP? Right? It just can't sit with me. Too many unreasonable elements. <<less
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April 27, 2022
Status: Completed
After I read this I just think this is a

yuri undercover or maybe not, I just thought so bcs mc's inner dialogue im the end of the story, btw, I like the interaction between MC and kamil, and if this novel was a romance I support kamil although he was 12 years older then her

I feel this novel was real, and yeah they had many gloomy story that makes me understand why they behave like that
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