Lightning Empress Maid


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One day, Lightning Empress Nanaki, one of the Five Emperors, the transcended beings hailed as the strongest five people on the Flygel continent, received a prophecy. Due to that prophecy, Nanaki who has lost everything made the decision to leave the Frost Empire, retire from the Five Emperors who were her former comrades, and leave on a journey. After leaving the imperial capital, Nanaki’s journey ended unexpectedly quickly, and the job Nanaki found at the end of her journey—was to be a maid. The curtains have lifted on the legend of the former Five Emperors Strongest Maid.

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TheBlackFox rated it
November 18, 2016
Status: --
Interesting story with an accent put on character development. The MC's personality is very likable being a mix of pride, stubbornness and childishness.

The best part of this novel is MC's inner monologue which in times is extremely funny and in the serious moments of the story it becomes sad and moving. The way MC sees the world and judges the people around her can become very poetical at times showing a mature side of her that can't be seen in the lighthearted moments of the story.
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Aria rated it
November 20, 2016
Status: c21
MC (Nanaki) have a unique point of view (people who give 1 star probably didn't like that), but despite of that she is by no way removed from the world, insane nor s*upid. The way which this story being told is refreshing, the plot itself is great and the MC is endearing. 5/5

If anyone is interested, then the reason why MC's narration is like that would be explained in later chapter


At the beginning, she and her mother was living on the forest (just 2 of them).

Her mother (which is not quite normal since she make a lake just because Nanaki said they have no water to drink) then die when she is young and she has been living as wild-forest child (think of tarzan)

Nanaki held great attachment to her mother, so in the story you can see that she is basically telling her life story to her mother while asking for her guidance and forgiveness based on her mother's teachings.

While her [friend] is a real living God which actually talk back to her (but the author just didn't write it down)

Later, Envy of the Five Emperors found her at the forest, drag her to the capital and teaches her "common sense" (which she never learn as she has been living alone on the forest - for example : money).

But you can't really [change] someone's [understanding of the world], as the result, the Nanaki we see at the prologue. Someone who can connect with normal people (Envy's teaching) while retaining a unique point of view (her mother's teaching).
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Shio rated it
March 9, 2017
Status: c44
Your enjoyment in reading this novel is pretty much based on how much you could tolerate the narative style. The main character is OP, so much that the antagonists are pretty much useless. While the mc's enemy pop up once in a while, what keeps the plot going is the mc's master. The comedy is very japanese like, so you might not like it if you dislike misunderstanding/violence type of comedy. As for the narative:

Nanaki used to be one of the five emperor you know. Nanaki's friends is a god, so he's strong. Nanaki who's friend is a god is also really stong. What? Shio speak strangely? Ummn, I see... Then I think it's best if you didn't read this novel. Pretty much all sentences are written in Nanaki's 1st person perspective like this you know.
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Molenir rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: c66
I struggled to like this story. Especially at the beginning. It's told in such a unique way, that it's hard to break into, and hard to understand. Told from a first person pov, mostly stream of consciousness. What saves the story, is that the main character is so cute and funny. It is hard not to laugh at her greeting the world and her nanakismile. Additionally, she is not a one dimensional character. With a dreadful back story, and a deep, frightening philosophy. As the story... more>> goes on, she grows and changes. Finally, can't say enough good things about the translator. There is a lot of very tough things to translate, and it is done, extremely well. I recommend reading the first 10 chapters or so. If after that you aren't hooked, this story isn't for you. <<less
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February 19, 2017
Status: --
I couldn't make it past the grammar, and gave up on the 5th chapter. The story is given from a first person, stream-of-conscious point of view, and it's composed of a sentence or two, then an one word statement, then another sentence, etc. What you can choose to call dialog is so woven with thoughts that it's difficult to separate them; a pattern of (someone says something) / (MC thinks to herself) / (MC gives pessimistic answer), repeated over and over and over. Too painful to read.

The story itself... more>> has decent reviews, so if you can tolerate the formatting, it may be rewarding. <<less
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metazoxan rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: c104
This is definitely a unique novel and for those not used to this writting style it may be hard to sit through.

HOWEVER I encourage people to give it a chance as it's a very light hearted and interesting story yet with some interesting morals and harsh or dark elements to give the story the weight it needs to stay engaging. The unique writing style also helps strengthen the novel as it helps keep the best thing about the series, it's main character, at the center of everything.

It's told from a... more>> first person perspective, imagine you're just in her head and hearing her thoughts as well as what those around her are saying, for a lot of the story and is very heavy in internal monologues as a result. This becomes one of the highlights of the novel due to the strange and abnormal main character. To put it simply Nanaki is someone who often acts outside the norm. But it's not because she's poorly written. She herself acknowledges her thoughts and morals are pretty far removed what what society deems normal.

However Nanaki is a character with hi pride and has decided to do things her way until the end and will not relent. It's also important to note she's only about 16 at the start of the story and lived long time only with her mother and then alone in the forest. Because of that she's very much a child mentally but is also mature for a child due to the life she's lived until now. Probably the best way to phrase it is she has an adult's concept of respect and responsibility but she's also very naive in a lot of ways. I definitely recommend this but would like to warn readers that the unique perspective of the story may be hard to get used to at first. <<less
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123jbster rated it
November 16, 2016
Status: c69
Quick and simple review: Thus far it has been enjoyable. It has a great many moments of light-heartedness and comedy as well as bits of darker undertones. The story is told from the first person perspective of Nanaki, the MC.

Edit: Alright, later on in the chapters I have laughed many a good number of times. The action is short lived unfortunately since the MC is super OP. The drama is more entertaining that it is nail biting. And lastly this definitely fits the fantasy genre with magic, gods, etc. Etc..

All... more>> in all: Considerably enjoyable. I give this recommendation with many thumbs up.
Unbiased review : 3.9/5 (Good - borderline great.)
Opinionated review : 4.5/5 (Great - borderline amazing.) <<less
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WartimerSloth rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: c141
Read this for the cute and brutal narration or do not read it at all. The narration is sometimes moving and encourages you to live with pride and without compromise. The story is weak. Your mileage may vary. I'll alternate lighter and edgier points because the story relies heavily on its flaws:

Nanaki is a monster and is dangerous to interact with. She approaches the world with optimism and boundless pride in her ability to mu*der any who oppose her. The narration and Nanaki's banter with the god she befriended is almost excessively cute, even during mental fistfights, because Nanaki is still a child on the inside. Nanaki is obsessed with pride and survival-of-the-fittest. Her disgust for anyone not living with single-minded determination is uncomfortable to read and should provoke... more>> the reader. Nanaki is constantly thankful for the smile and guidance she received from her mother. It seems that Nanaki was raised to face violence head-on and kill easily. The world is mostly safe from Nanaki because she has so few desires. If Nanaki had even a slight reason she would commit mass mu*der. Nanaki believes justice and equality are worthless, and the story fails to offer any nuance or counterpoint to Nanaki's tyrannical power.

The setting has its own reason for survival of the fittest but since Nanaki is also present it just makes the cruel reasoning seem lazy and preachy.

Nanaki is a perfectionist but she's capable of acting like a normal girl when thinking about those she cares about, and her unreliable narration handles romance above-par for this genre. The romance is a plot device. The male lead has virtually no character development and may as well be a cardboard cutout of an ambitious prince with a vague dangerous goal.

This story is 95% spent on how a would-be monster protagonist thinks. The protagonist's reasoning is shallow even as seen by other characters, though the story always upholds that shallow reasoning. Read this if you want to get a grasp on that vicious mindset without wasting your time on edgy bullsh*t like plot-irrelevant mu*derp*rn (like in Overlord or many other immature "mature" stories). Violence covered in extremely cute thoughts is not justice, but maybe you can read this and rethink your own justice a little bit.

The worldbuilding has some good stuff but it isn't very important to the simple plot. I think I got what I can out of it so I'm dropping it at 100. The ending is mostly irrelevant, some sort of power will vanish from the world, someone will probably get their prince, meh.

edit - oops, I finished everything translated and there is no conclusion by 141. The emotional tension was resolved by 100, the newer chapters only confirmed some good but predictable worldbuilding. <<less
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raxadian rated it
September 16, 2018
Status: c123
This novel might not be for everyone. But if you want to read a comedy with an Op protagonist who sees things differently that normal people and who loves to live, give it a try.
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Niias rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: c121
Love it!

The way nanaki is...

A common senseless girl in her growing fase, both her body and abilities. The story about the strongest girl doing everything for her crush.
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kaczo24 rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: c45
For me, it is primarily a story about the Nietzschean Übermensch and the consequences of her existence. For anyone who thought of " hi*ler", please read a little more, even Wikipedia has some information.

Nanaki is a person who doesn't see other people as something she has to conform to. She learns from them, she loves it, but when she makes a decision, it is absolute. The rest of the world doesn't matter much when it comes to Nanaki's will. She is the best and she knows it, which makes her... more>> extremely proud of herself. While she's not without flaws (she can regularly be childish, a bit silly at times, and has trouble understanding her own emotions), she's neither s*upid nor crazy.

Nanaki does everything she does with full knowledge of the consequences and doesn't regret it. Only sometimes does she regret being "weak, " such as being too weak to fight off her mother's death. She does not look down on those weaker than herself, she knows that she is better, that she is a special human, but others also want to live and be happy. Sometimes she finds it hard to understand the behavior of the weak, but at the same time she respects it a lot. The only thing Nanaki hates is a lack of pride.

Both good and evil lose their moral value in Nanaki's eyes because the only thing she does is what she wants. Being true to herself, she considers those who cannot be proud of their beliefs as inferior beings. They are not to be trampled on, but simply ignored.

All of this makes her the most dangerous being in the world. If anyone, no matter how important or how many people, makes themselves an enemy, they will be killed. No disscusion, no reasoning, as opposing Nanaki is reason enough.

Many people point out the specific narrative style. I, however, think it is the best option for this novel. Not only does it put Nanaki as the center of the world, which she is, but it also ensures that no one will try to put themselves in her place. You can't be Nanaki, no matter how hard you try. But shouldn't we all at least try to become just a little bit like Nanaki?

PS She has transcended Übermensch. God is not dead. God is a Friend, albeit one who sometimes needs to be scolded. <<less
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stolemyowncar rated it
September 29, 2020
Status: c44
Difficult to read. The protagonist/narrator constantly speaks in a mix of third and first person. But I can get used to that at least. The biggest annoyance is the amount of repetition. By the time she restates her views on something, or talks to her mother for the billionth time, it starts seeming like that padding you know you (used to) add to your college papers in order to get the word count up. It's pretty annoying. Many times there isn't much actual content or anything happening in the chapter.... more>> It's just filler with her waxing her world views on constantly.

Overall, I'll say it's still an interesting and even perhaps novel work it some ways. People die (mostly nameless mooks though), and it gets serious in a rather casual sort of way. Which I guess makes sense when your protagonist is literally the strongest being in the series (a point which gets drilled home frequently). Nanaki often makes puns using her name and speaks in a mix of childish and mature tones, and this incongruity is part of what makes this an interesting work.

That being said, that's kind of its limit. It's an interesting gimmick, and it's unique to read, but would I really recommend this to anyone? Eh, lukewarmly. For comedy there are better series. For action... well the action doesn't matter much here, it's like having someone narrate their actions while being part of a tactical RPG; none of the micro-actions of any piece matters, Nanaki just kills everyone easily (not even a spoiler really). For philosophy? Meh. Slice of life cute girl doing cute things? I guess. This also isn't the first "you are my master and I--a s*upidly overpowered servant type girl--will carry you through anything." My recommendation would mostly be like, "if you can withstand this writing style, see what you think of this just for science." <<less
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Carmeops rated it
November 13, 2018
Status: c57
i really like the novel so far, but I'm taking break right here to properly add my comment about something that really piss me off about that world, how everyone wants to kill the MC while treating her like an evil monster, when in fact EVERY SINGLE TIME, she is on the defensive

... more>>

one day, out of the blue, after years of being the more than perfect soldier for the magic kingdom always doing her work loyally, perfect quasi-robotic execution of the tasks, a divine prophesy suddenly calls for her destruction, naming an enemy of the world

since people are sheep that have blind faith, they turn on her and try to kill her, she defend herself and kill the s*upid troops sent to end her, and they dare call her evil because of it, like the prophesy was right and shit: SHE WAS DEFENDING HERSELF!

later she became a maid of a lower class noble who is bullied by other noble, she defend her master, other noble is pissed off and directly order his men to KILL her, of course she defend herself and tr*sh them, she get called monster.. who is the f*cking monster, for f*ck sake?? YOU WERE GOING to mu*der her for no reason!

later as her master is slowly climbing back the social ladder, a merchant who doesn't like that SEND ASSASSINS to kill him, then after she kill them SEND AN ARMY OF 500 MEN TO KILL HIS FAMILY! she kill them and once again, she is the one being called a monster

the one time she go back to the capital (to check if the security of common people is still okay without her protecting them), she get found out and they are angry at her "how could you kill your fellow citizen like that, you monster"...


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