I Reincarnated as a Noble Girl Villainess But Why Did It Turn Out This Way? (WN)


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Eliza Kaldia, who reincarnated as a noble girl villainess in a fantasy otome game, was stuck in a world that seemed far from her image of how noble girls should be living, as the fated events of the game were still far off while she remained a child. In the first place, it was suspected if she could even live to make it to the school setting of the game. Due to changes in the situation of the neighboring country which never appeared in the original game, the world became nothing like the flowery school life from the game. It was a world where even young girls had to take up weapons. How did it turn out this way…

I don’t have any cheat-like abilities. I can’t use magic. Though, my sense of ethics might have become a little twisted due to being reincarnated.

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Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta.
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Mizura rated it
September 25, 2016
Status: c205
(updated as of ch. 205)
... more>>

This is not an otome story. This is a military story.

At 2 the MC poisons her whole family. (and yes, she did hesitate. 40 people died in the meantime). At 6 she gets caught up in her first battle.

Her guardian, well aware that her lands are in proximity to an increasingly belligerent country, makes her undergo harsh governance and military training, which she accepts without questioning because she's smart enough to realize the reality of her situation, and also because she feels that it is her responsibility to restore the domain that was devastated by her family.

The fact that she's a reincarnator? Irrelevant to her, mostly just 'someone else's memories'. The otome setting? Give it up, the MC is more on the path of becoming a cold-blooded military leader than a fluffy love interest.

The story details the MC's life year-by-year as she assist in restoring her devastated territory, faces increasing military aggressions, navigates the world of aristocrats (having taken over her father's title), and deals with conspiracies within the territory, all while hoping her guardian doesn't keel over of old age or overwork too early, as she's still a mostly powerless child.

Although good-intentioned, the MC is unfortunately also too smart and calculating for her own good, resulting in serious trust issues and an inability to accept goodwill and compassion when it's actually present, even though she thoroughly needs it. As a result, she becomes increasingly cold-blooded... hence the summary of the story.

The story starts slow and is hard to get into at first, but it's quite a poignant read. Be prepared to read it for what it actually is: a psychological/military story, or you'll be seriously disappointed when you don't find any fluffy otome romance nor easy achievements.

Update: At ch. 205, the story is finally moving into the period of the 'otome game'. That may sound like a long time to get to that point, but the development until now is truly worth noting.

Unlike your average Isekai story, the MC isn't a stand-alone genius. On the contrary, it is quite clear that she was propped up by people more experienced, better connected, stronger or more skilled than her (and they still are), and they themselves only came into contact with her in the first place due to geopolitical and military circumstances surrounding her territory (like her Guardian). In fact, even now, it is clear that some of the people around her are pushing their credit onto her.

But that does not diminish the MC's accomplishments. The MC was trained and supported by monsters, only because she showed the corresponding hard work and tenacity. Even if the military family she is close to were the ones to come up with a particular military strategy for example, she was still the one charging and executing the strategy at the frontlines. Even when she got subordinates to help her with territory management, she was still working hard to research new ways to help her territory. Even when a plan of hers involved the participation of another noble, it's okay, she came up with the plan, she personally faced several of the people involved.

Most importantly, this method of development connects her more closely to the characters, the world and the plot. The MC isn't just some otherworldly tourist here to play Sim City with her superior knowledge. She's a part of this world. She is deeply affected by the plight of the people in her territory, the wars and the deeds she has to accomplish on the battlefield, the political machinations and the loss of people close to her. For everything she accomplishes, she's also had to give up something, and to protect her territory, she paid the price in terms of reputation and what she was willing to do with her own hands. And yet, as she faces all these, the bonds of bonds of trust, friendship and family that she does develop with the people who stand by her side feel that much more concrete and precious.

The story isn't perfect: there are ups and downs, slow moments, and some interactions feel a bit forced. But they are followed up with intriguing plots, shocking moments, poignant interactions, satisfying accomplishments and even some hilarious misunderstandings, that make it well worth the 200+ chapters just for the 'main' plot to start.

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AC253 rated it
June 17, 2016
Status: c232
Review as of ch. 232. Best recommended if you skim through this review if you haven't read that far.

There are three tags that will mislead you, and they are: otome game, reincarinated into a game world, and villainess noble girl. If you want to read something light-hearted and sweet, you will not find it here; try Tensei Oujo instead for a heart-warming but still plot-relative story. If this was turned into an anime or a manga, it would hardly qualify for shoujo or shounen. A dark fantasy with much dialogue... more>> and thoughtful conversations, it's slow paced but makes for a fantastic read if you want something plot heavy. Here's a heads up: the "school arc" still hasn't arrive 121 chapters in, which means there's still a great deal of the world/story left to explore.


Death in the first chapter, death in the later chapters, probably more death in the future chapters. Someone who I thought would've been essential to the future of the plot died. This is far more focused on the internal political conflicts between the Northern and the Southern domains as well as the wars and relations with neighboring territories.

There are diseases rampant. Magic not being recklessly used? Wars actually happening? People being abused, treated as sex-s*aves, and being cruel?

Oh. Can it be... this is actually something semi-realistically serious...?

There are no miraculous changes. Eliza suffers and pushes through like a champ, throwing up and not complaining even when she's beaten into the dirt, and her memories from her past life are near useless. Everyone seems to be against her and she seems to have no true allies in the beginning. She's young and she's changing; for the better or for the worse. As this story is in her POV you will see more of her own opinions compared to an unbiased view, and yet this sets a much somber tone than the usual dense and happy-go-lucky mood I would've expected from the summary alone.

The characters are well rounded and are driven by their own individual motivations. They're not completely s*upid or just mindless shells with a personality forced into them. Each has their own purpose and opinions. This is further proven by the contrasting personalities as each character's own circumstances affects their actions whether it'd be providing comfort or conflict.

All in all, if you can't stomach blood, doubt, tension, plot (actual plot, not b-plot) or if you want something more shoujo-like and sweet, this is probably not for you right now. If you are, then go right ahead and start reading.

EDIT: There's also a light novel version with three books in the series. The author was on hiatus from the web-novel version because she was writing an alternate ending for the LN version - but rest assured, the web-novel is still ongoing. Basically, Eliza now has two alternate universes. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
April 18, 2016
Status: c187
This is NOT an ordinary villainess reincarnation, or a story of a happy and peaceful childhood with friends and family. Don't expect an otome game, romance, harem, etc. The only similarity with Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter is territory building and management. This is a story of Eliza's childhood, life, growth, responsibilities and decisions, her blood, sweat and tears, and all her pain, despair and suffering.

MC lives through all these significant life-changing events before the otome game even started. Rather than being a kind of villainess character you'd... more>> expect from an otome game, it's more like she's going to become a strong and intelligent commander/leader.

School (and with it the otome game) doesn't actually start until about chapter 150, yet it's already been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride. Act 1 only ends on chapter 69, and I quote from it:
"..... Being born into an otome game's world, I had thought that it would be more fun. I reincarnated as a noble girl villainess, but why did it turn out this way?"

..... the real question is, did a dragon and a wolf f*ck each other in the past?
(sorry if that ruined your image of the story) <<less
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Review as chapter 58

Even though there's a mention of MC being reincarnated into the world of otome game, don't be deceived! You won't find fluffy romance with this series, it's all dread and gloomy. Even when you though, ah she finally got the happiness an otome heroine's deserve, then bam it's gone. Or when you think that this scene is going to be developed into typical otome game story, you definitely wrong.
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B2j rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: c204

I’m just writing a review to let those that are complaining about her emotional breakdowns to let me remind y’all that she’s a f*cking kid. People, her soul might be reincarnated but her brain is not. Even if she’s not a kid, killing your whole family by your own hands is a very traumatic experience. Have y’all forgotten, she was still only a normal person in her past life. In addition, it is stated that she doesn’t feel a strong connection that her past memories are her own either but more of a viewpoint of another person. The fact that she made those decisions are probably entirely depended on her personality which is somewhat special but she’s still human. Also I would feel wrecked as hell too if the person I’m closest too is actually one of my “victims”.

Some people are complaining about the fact that she “just so happens” to meet all these people who aren’t disgusted with her. Are u kidding me? EVERYONE in her domain hated her to death. The fact that the earl and his people came to be her guardian is a special case because they probably came BECAUSE they weren’t disgusted. The fact that she was trained like hell when she was so young probably contributes to the earl’s personality and he knew her “talent” so he wouldn’t have wasted it.

I just love the fact that she’s not op but at the same very baddass. She has her mistakes, very bad ones, and her flaws. She struggles to improve herself and to protect what’s important to her through her own means. The people who are around her are the ones that understands and appreciates her while the ones that do not don’t interact with her because she avoids them. So she’s not “just so happens” to meet them.

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DuzaK rated it
May 18, 2017
Status: c89
This series had a promising beginning but sadly got worse fast thanks to inconsistent characters and jumpy story telling.

The good things first. It's not a game with stats and all the other boy things, it's about politics and a seemingly logical girl MC (gasp). The story is about the MC growing up in a political setting and dealing with the parents "inheritance" left behind and the consequences from it.

Sadly, that's all it's good about, now to the bad things.

First, the author has the habit of introducing friction at the end... more>> of a chapter and the next chapter is suddenly a step further ahead without any sort of connection to the previous apart for a short mention of said friction at the end of next chapter. We, as a reader, don't see much how the MC deals with said friction at that time and at best only get some monologue after some chapters relating to it.

Second, the main character gets showcased as a competent, logical and sometimes ruthless/kind person for the most part in this story. But as soon as "sins" and "reincarnation" pop up the author seems to think that it's a topic solely for whiny illogical woman and thus the MC turns into one. I don't know why the author though it would be ideal to suddenly transform the MC into a stereotype when actual important things pop up, but it just showcases that he/she didn't have a clue about the characterization for the MC. I'm not talking about her first experience in war, that's totally understandable apart form "ONE MONTH".

I dropped this shortly after chapter 87 because the following discourse takes place:


“..... You’ve absorbed and synchronized fast. I can barely see her anymore. Has it accelerated?”

Faris suddenly muttered something under her breath.

It was so unexpected that I had no idea what she was talking about, but Faris ignored my reaction of surprise and continued as if she hadn’t muttered anything at all just now.


And that's it, the MC never questions this or thinks and talks about this again in the next chapters. That's just sloppy storytelling and a slap to the face of the reader. I could barely stomach the earl's muttering in chapter 3 and the birthday ceremony that plainly shows the MC who she has to talk to to get and understanding of her situation. But nothing, absolutely nothing gets done on the MC's side to get that elephant in the room sorted out. Instead we get needless uncharacteristic drama and an illogical month long vegetative state to cater to the girl audience.

Sorry, but that's just not how you tell a story. Consistency is the first thing an author needs to think about to not get into a mess but this one clearly didn't know to not let the cat out of the sack before he wants the MC or anyone else to deal with it.

We know what's up, the MC knows what's up but the author doesn't want to let the MC do her thing and that's bad. Don't show to the MC if you didn't want to tell, author.

Off to the *CENSORED* List with this. <<less
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PringleStorian rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c105
I came reading this with expectation of a "realistic world with realistic character and behavior", I was also excited on the prospect that it has such a high rating and people been praising this story for year

I began reading it and do you know what happened at the first 2 chapter?

... more>>

A 2 year old girl managed to recognize a poisonous plant (that no one know about) because of her past memory and no further explanation than that, she then proceed to somehow combined Conium into the food of her family unnoticed. Mind you all of this happend while she was 2 years old, I don't care what kind of world this is, a 2 year old girl getting a poisonous plant and then putting it in food is suspicious. And don't talk that she uses her attendee to get it and putting it on food, I forgot which chapter but MC said this
"The pond was located in a pond, near the edge of the garden, it was an old pond that was older than the mansion, at the rook surrounding the pond, I still could see the hemlock I gathered growing"


But I managed to suspend my sense of disbelief and chalk it up as "necessary for the story", Then not 10 chapter later


A Heiress of a noble family and land that isn't 8 years old is forced into 3 months military training including sparring against a full grown, experience man with banditry, forced to procure her own food and followed training schedule, all in the name of "preparenes" that is a f*cking bullshit, what happened IF MC is sick or become limp because of these training? What would happened if she is unable to recover from physical trauma? What if she become mentally unstabble because of this? What if she DIED? NO ONE, NOT A SINGLE f*ckING SOUL In the entire mansion though of her future as a noble, all they could think of is that since this girl is a heiress located in a remote but near the border, let's make her to train like a madman, f*ck it if she could become limp because of this, because hey! It's not like we are the one becoming limp,


And yet I STILL manage to skimp through reading it and it actually become kind of nice with the character behavior and world building but then


OUT OF NOWHERE! This 6 year old noble is put into the charge of 50 man and tasked to lead them to the fortress at the edge, because there's no one fit in, let's throw this 6 year old girl, hey what could go wrong right?, and was basically forced to saw the horror of warfare, mind you, before this, she was never involved in fighting, let alone war, her past life too was detached from fighting and said that war is akin to something like a fantasy, BUT HERE IT IS!! A 6 YEAR OLD NOBLE GIRL IS TOTALLY f*ckING FIT IN THIS BATTLE BECAUSE OF HER 3 MONTHS TRAINING! WHAT A REALISTIC WORLD WE ARE READING, IT'S NOT LIKE SOMEONE NEEDS EXPERIENCE FIRST TO COMMAND!





TL:DR? Basically the story? People saying the world building is great but it's FAR from realistic, the character itself beside from like 6 character, is basically of unlikeable,

Edit:i misscl**ked it was supposed to be 2 star <<less
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duchessofFandom rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c3
Quite bad. The author created a vague, unbelievable, annoying and boring story. If people say that it were somewhat good, don't be fooled. It isn't.

One, a two year old managed to poison her entire family, in what world can that possibly happen. Even if she was a highly trained assassin in her previous life, it still isn't plausible. Because she's a freaking baby, she's a freaking 2 year old baby. How, when, and where did she managed to get poison on her capable of killing her entire family? Two, just... more>> because it was decided that she was a villain in her new life, she had somewhat became a psychotic manipulator. Three, she conveniently managed to be surrounded by somewhat vaguely good and caring adults, who will not be creep out by her creepy sneaking and looking like a psychotic adult-like baby and conveniently manages to read her mind and did everything she wished without her needing to voice it out since she was only a two year old. Four, I didn't know if it was even socially and morally acceptable to throw a five year old in the forest all alone for her to procure food, which she could just get since she's a heiress, also she is the heiress. Five, since she's a heiress and a villain character it is only typical for her to go through all those length for no purpose at all other than to (I don't really know what she has in mind about her future, she doesn't really have a plan, she already knows she's in an otome game and all she wants to do is train to be tomboyish because it is what's convenient for the current setting as the author thinks).

If she wanted why not poison her potential rival and be done with it, no one would suspect her, she's a five year old being drilled to be a general with no real purpose cause she can just try and stop all potential harm that comes her way since she already knows the plot of the game and she's already a wonderful mastermind at such a young age and also the setting is just an otome game where she can just not mind the heroine, and thus no one will suspect her since she has no time to conspire the death of her future enemies. Thus ridding anything that hinders her future life. If we're going with that kind of setting I'd gladly read this shit, but no, boring sh*t about her training or her magical beasts and her growing army is what will welcome you. Vague descriptions of an emotionless, sociopath little girl and her vague and indecisive lifestyle is waiting for you. <<less
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LadyLark1 rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c187
I have two things. I would like to warn everybody about. Firstly, I am going to try and not spoil the story as much as possible, but I might not succeed. Secondly, Everything I say is just theory based on actual history and science, for why the author did, what they did. I hope I got across to everyone.

So firstly, we will start with history.

  1. Legally speaking, children at the age of 10. Were considered adults in some societies. So it is not odd, for are MC, to be running her territory at her age.
  2. Historically speaking, therapy did not exist. Which means of course, that the MC doesn't have anybody to help her issues. Making her mentally unstable.
Next up, science.

  1. So realistically speaking. Children do not have fully developed brains. Which means of course, that even though, the MC has an old soul in her. She has NOT. FULLY. DEVELOPED. Yet. So of course she will act childishly at times in the story. Your brain won't fully develop, until your around 21 years of age.
  2. As mentioned in this review. There is no such thing as therapy. Which of course means that, the MC hasn't gotten help. Which means that she is both punishing herself when reminded, and also holding it in. So that she won't break down. Which of course isn't healthy and she dose mention. That she will break down eventually, at one point in the story.
This of course, is all just theory on my part and there for, it is not actually proof as to why the author wrote this story the way they did. It can just be used as a way to explain why the characters act the way they do. Especially, the MC. I hope this has helped explain the way the characters acted in the story. As well as give warning to those who haven't... more>> read it yet. That this story might cross lines or press your buttons. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: c10
This series is golden.

Grammar: 4.5/5
Story: 4.5/5
Writing: 4.5/5

Well, another series with nearly perfect scores around the board (FINALLY).

Grammar is exceptional with this series, the Translation group does an exceptional job of translating what must be a superb work based on what I have read thus far, with the occasional awkward wording/phrasing. The story is chilling and exciting, keeping you wondering how each little step forward seems to be the prelude to something dark looming on the horizon. The writing is exceptionally done, slow and methodical at times of relative... more>> peace with enough descriptions to flesh out the world that is unfolding around the MC.

A great read, and I'll be following this until it ends, the author/translator gives up, or the quality takes a dive off the cliff into the Abyss. <<less
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Meru rated it
May 10, 2018
Status: c214
Don't know why some people are giving this a poor rating just because of the otome setting. So what if it's supposed to be an otome world but shows little of it? If you're looking for a cute fluffy otome novel... dude, have you read the title? It's already in the title, even the protagonist herself is asking how things changed. The story explains everything... you know? Don't judge it immediately.

Also, I don't think the MC is extremely unrealistic. Her personality makes sense for me. When she got her... more>> memories, she was forced to witness how dark her family is. She was forced to see her family torture other people just for fun. Like, who the heck takes their infant down a creepy dark dungeon and torture someone while carrying them? Her family is really insane. Pretty sure that would mess me up too if that happened to me. The trauma it can cause is extremely agonizing, especially because she has her past memories and retained her ethics. Seeing her family torturing other people daily, she was forced to take actions and poisoned them. I also don't think that it's ridiculous how she killed her family at the age of 2. She retained her memories, thus she has control over her actions. She's able to move freely because no one can suspect a 2 year old child. If you read it properly, you can see how chaotic and complicated her mind became before and after poisoning them.

And... She's human. She can make bad decisions. It's not weird for her to have mental breakdowns. It's not weird for her to become paranoid after all that happened. She's not an OP protagonist with golden fingers, she does everything through hard work alone. Her strength is her strong mentality. Because of her environment, her personality slowly got messed up and twisted. I think people in her situation would also do the same, if not, they would su*cide. It's not unbelievable that someone like her would find it hard to trust someone, especially when she doesn't even trust herself. She loathes herself, and takes upon all the evil and blame to herself. She calls herself the devil because of her corrupted family's blood. Everyone around her hated her, nobody trusted her and they all want her dead just because she's a Kaldia even though she's done nothing to them. But, her character development is great. She's slowly learning how to trust others and smile. For me, she's a great protagonist. This novel is well-written, and it properly shows the complexity of her life.

Give this novel a chance. It's kinda slow paced in the early chapters due to world building and all those information, but afterwards, it's great. Tbh, I want to see an anime adaptation of this. Seeing Eliza-sama hack her enemies while covered in blood... that would be cool. <<less
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Mothman rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: c57
I'll begin with my most notable complaint, because that's how you make a splashy review.

The main character wakes up for no reason at all, hears a secret that had no reason to be spoken so loudly when the rest of the conversation was in whispers, sends away her moral support for a reason that she herself says doesn't make any sense, then refuses to go pick him up for no reason, then that character shows up at a place he had no reason to be, on a dragon he had... more>> no reason to have, with another character who had no reason to be with him.

At most one of those events should have occurred, and I would have been able to keep my suspension of disbelief. The fact that this ridiculously ham-fisted railroad of events culminates in the death of a man who can single-handedly slaughter twenty soldiers while holding onto a six (I actually do not know her age because it hasn't been said since I think around chapter 34 or so) year old child to a literal monkey even though neither character had a reason to jump off their dragon into a group of enemy soldiers.

But this doesn't mean I've forgotten about all the various events we don't know about until several chapters later where the author mentions that the event happened in past tense. Like firing the teacher/nanny, or when that noble gave her wine apparently, or hey that guns magic and monsters exist in this world, and a couple others I have forgotten.

And now I'm supposed to sit here and read through ten chapters through the perspective of a character who has never been shown in a positive light at any point in the series, who has no connection with the current events whatsoever? No thanks, I'm done. <<less
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SunnysideUpFish rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c223
Have you wish a main character all the happiness in the world and you know that won't happen because the nature of the novel?

There's no romance, no genius child teaching uncivilized lands how to be civilized, no happy fantasy land.

This is a land trifled with war, an old social hiearchy on the brink of change. And our main character who's options are so limited because fate always dealt her one death card after the next have zero interest in capture targets. She's more worried whether her elder guardian will keep... more>> over from old age. Whether her soldiers are either deathly afraid of her or weirdly respectful of her. Whether the political climate permit her to have less trouble on her hands.

This WN has been blessed with wonderful characters and settings that is out of place for a light novel.

And the translation has been top notch that's out of place for a light novel translation. <<less
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SilverBullet888 rated it
August 24, 2016
Status: c7
I'm not much of a fan of this novel so far. It's interesting how this is not the usual fluffy and cute, I-got-reincarnated-into-an-otome-game novel, but it was a bit dry. I don't have anything against dark and serious, but the plot jumps forward in leaps and bounds and doesn't really go in depth to the characters. Maybe because I'm only on chapter 7, but the MC doesn't feel very realistic. For someone who was previously living in a normal world (probably), it's not very believable that she can just straight... more>> up kill a bunch of people, even if they are evil, and have almost no reaction to it. She also shows very little emotion, or they are not portrayed very well. The writing makes me feel indifferent to what will happen next, so although the plot may be interesting, I have no desire to read further. <<less
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Promethean rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
It is a brilliant move by the author. The story as a whole greatly raises it above the other Otome stories. Why? Easy.

It is a military/politics/psychological thriller that is presented under the guise of an Otome game.

In fact, for the first 100 or so chapters of the story, the Otome part won't even come into play. It starts off building a serious story about an even more serious main character. The drama. The psychological distress. The despair. The guilt. The politics. It is a tragic drama in every way.

And oh... more>> my, does the Tragedy Tag match this series. It is completely tragic.

And the best of all? The realism of this series. Besides one point of suspension of disbelief, the rest of the series is the most realistic of the Otome reincarnation series. I won't get into too much detail about why it is so realistic in what would happen to a Japanese girl being reincarnated into a medieval western fantasy world (because I want to avoid spoilers). <<less
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Vagrant rated it
November 22, 2019
Status: c240
The title is a click-bait. Don't expect to find a comedy light-hearted novel that have a 'otome' on it. The main focus of this novel in this novel is domain building. Since people in this fantasy world can't use magic, war in this novel somehow seem more realistic than other novel, where a badass general kill enemies like flies using magic. It is pretty slow-paced, and the MC internal struggle seems real and relatable

The reason why I only give that 4 stars is because many things MC does seem... small... more>> and insignificant. Really, 80% of this novel is about MC walking around and talking with other people. Very boring and hard to endure I have to say. Overall, it is still pretty good though. The reason for my statement is mainly because I read many kingdom building novel that has cool, smart, badass MC doing great stuff.

P.s: many people give this novel low rating seem to read op char like me mention earlier. And, really, do you actually think that a normal person can immediately become a jesus when they were sent to another world? Purely wish-fulfillment, haha. Novel that has an otaku die (by truck-kun), meet god, get cheat skills is simply tr*sh. Have knowledge of the future? Hah, can you really belive your action can't have butterfly effect and alter that future forever? <<less
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rdawv rated it
March 23, 2016
Status: --
Review as of ch.45.

Some serious suspension of disbelief is required here. Not about the story’s initial premise: where the MC is someone who is reborn into as otome game’s villain. But about her decisiveness and ability to poison her entire immediate family at the age of 2, training with the sword and spear and actually going to war before the age of 10.

Putting that aside, this isn’t your usual “I’m in an otome game! I’m the villain? I’m going change the story anyway!” narrative. In fact, the only thing otome... more>> game-like about the story thus far is the initial premise. It is for the author to borrow the medieval-like setting to put the MC in, because right after the dramatic start we basically get a dark story about a kid who is too mature for her age taking her first steps in learning to run her own viscount-ship. In fact, there is absolutely no reason for the game to be an otome game in the first place, because there is zero aspects of romance thus far (of course this might change in the future). Told from the first person’s perspective, we get to read about some of the MCs doubts and efforts to settle in her new life as the heir of a hated family.

And unlike some other stories where the MC would miraculously make wholesale changes without too much trouble (eg potato crops, economic reforms etc), the story is told slow enough to let us realize that the MC is not going to get an easy ride. Indeed, the MC slowly finds her memories of her previous world irrelevant to her current self and eroded as she grows up.

It is well written, an unexpectedly dark and gritty story about a girl growing up in a world that is wildly beyond her expectations from an otome game’s setting. Perhaps some questions about the MC’s adaptability in her strange new world, but still an engrossing read where it isn’t all fun and games for a reincarnated main lead.

Be warned though, it is a slow burn of a story: 40 chapters in and we only have the start of a war background. No signs of insidious plots, jealous rivals, greedy nobles and the like yet. <<less
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enigmator rated it
March 21, 2017
Status: --
I love how Eliza's actions and thoughts are always shaded by a layer self-loathing. Whether its her gradually fading memories of her past life, her initial act to kill her family, or just the simple asymmetry between her adult mind and her immature body. Instead of emphasizing the development of this game world through OP powers, modern-day Japan knowledge, gaming skills, etc., this is more psychological, particularly how Eliza comes to terms with her feelings of guilt and the memories of her past life. I'm really happy to have... more>> discovered this despite the long title turning me off initially.

In any case, the amount of thought that goes into the political undercurrents and schemes alongside their respective consequences really helps create the image of a living, breathing world beyond just Eliza's narrow perspective. This point, in particular, is shared by Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter, a similar title I would also recommend. <<less
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Kattz rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: c206
One of my favorite stories on this site.

It's interesting in which it takes a more Slice-of-Life approach to the whole "I've reincarnated into another world" genre. There is an overarching plot filled with major behind the scenes characters who are pulling the strings of the lesser bad guys, but since it's more of a story about Eliza's growth, we are ever so slowly introduced to it.


  • If you like politically driven stories, you'll like this
  • The MC is level headed with an interestingly different personality from most protagonists. She has even gone so far as to

    mu*der her own family (with good reason) 2 short years after she reincarnated into the world. Yes, she did this as a 2 year old in body, but she had a late teen to early adult mind.

  • The characters around her are equally unique in terms of usual side character archetypes and are generally likable.
  • The translation is amazing. Very rarely is it awkward in terms language/cultural barrier differences.
  • She may be young but it is a serious story that involves war and real villains, MC is not spared for being a young girl or a noble in any way. In fact, this can realistically work against her in some ways.
  • It subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) explores her growth and development as she learns, grows, and recovers from the brutal things she has witnessed, had to go through, and has done herself.

  • It can be slow as, over the course of 200+ chapters, we follow our lovely MC from the age of 2 to currently 15
  • If you are a binge reader, be cautioned as it has not updated since last October as you can see. I'm dying too, but it is worth the wait/read.
I can't really think of many cons tbh but make no mistake when reading the summaries (they never do things justice) or some of the reviews:

Yes, there are politics and there is a slowly progressing, seemingly huge overarching plot filled with intrigue, scheming, and behind the scenes Big Bads, but this is first and foremost a story about the development of the MC in this world and her reaction towards the various events. So it can seem slow and slice-of-life like at times, but that is in part what it is, a story about Eliza's life in that world.
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earp rated it
December 22, 2016
Status: c95
At first, I avoided this novel cause it looked very dark and might not be my type of story. And also, there was barely any updates then. So when start reading this, I can't help myself to continue reading until the very end. It's not fluffy or anything. I just find the plot and characters amazing for some reason. Eliza works hard to prove others that she can be a good lord. I love how some people around her recognize her as a good lord. And there's good translation.
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