Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife


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With a marriage contract forcefully done, he married her, and all she could do was comply, and resent him deeply for that and for all the following misunderstandings they faced, and she understood too late she loved him.

But after a life of misfortunes, she’s reborn to the very beginning, the day he told her they were married, and she was determined to cherish him in her second life!

Lin Mu Mu’s life goal is to : grow flowers and plants, and take care of Yun Ting.

Yun Ting’s life principles are : Love Lin Mumu, Love Lin Mumu, Love Lin Mumu!

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New Aytise
August 25, 2019
Status: c24 part2
The translation quality was improved!! (Well, I'm the translator so that's not very modest of me but to my defense, I have to say it's decent!)

A rebirth romance webnovel full of doting and pampering! Full of love, flufFL and face-slapping, smart female lead and cunning male lead.

In her previous life, Lin Mumu was too naive and trusting resulting in her being framed and schemed against many times. She was also trown into many misunderstandings who made her utterly hate her husband, Yun Ting, who had their marriage certificate made... more>> against her will.


He's supposed to marry her for three years for her own good to unward the bad luck she will live, moreover he loves her deeply since they were younger!


Yun Ting loves Lin Mumu a lot and dotes on her, but he's bad with words and very prideful so he rarely speaks nicely and doesn't explain himslef out of misunderstandings which resulted to their estrangement in their previous lives.

But at the end of her life, Yun Ting actually didn't hesitate to die with her and tol her his true feelings at the last minute.

When she reincarnated, she was determined to get her revenge and love her husband just as much as he loved her!


In the first 20 chapters, there are hints that Yun Ting reincarnated as well!!! He remembers their previous life and despite that loves Lin Mumu just the same X)

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notawordybirdy rated it
August 24, 2018
Status: c2

  • Lin Mu Mu (FL) wakes up on a bed and finds out that she's in a marriage with Yun Ting (ML) due to her Master signing a contract with him. Surprisingly, she gives him a necklace that symbolises their marriage and doesn't argue.
  • SEEMS KINDA WEIRD BUT HERE'S WHY = Turns out she had reincarnated 10 years into the past after she had been burnt to death and YT followed her into the flames, promising to be together in their next life. She was shocked that he loved her because she, an 18 year old who had never spent much time away from the mountains where she trained and lived with her Master, was forced into marriage to an unfamiliar 22 year old man. Furthermore, he never explained as to why he wanted to marry her because he's the kind of person to stay silent and not express his thoughts and feelings. Consequently, their relationship soured but once she realised exactly how much he loved her after death, she wished she could make sure that their relationship was a good and happy one.
  • So the story seems to follow exactly how she wants to make up for their past lifetime.
  • Tags should probably include reincarnation to make more sense...
Translation quality: Not the greatest and a bit dry but if you're out... more>> of stories to read then maybe give this a read (3/5) <<less
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dlre01 rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: c1572
Meant to rate it at 3 but accidentally clicked on 4. I read the raw.

A rebirth which is a bit different in that both main characters reborn to the same time without knowing that the other person did also. Both main characters lived this lifetime trying to make up for previous lifetime.

The story is funny and some of the relationships really leaves you smiling at the silliness of it.

The cons: The first half of the story contain a lot of unexplained complications and characters while the latter half seems to... more>> be a rush to complete without providing the complete background and explanation to certain characters and circumstances. To be fair, towards the end of the story, the author got pregnant and is unable to spare the time for the novel.

Throughout the story, there are lots of foreshadowing on how powerful some characters are yet the ending of the story does not give answer as to what happened to them after.

Overall it's an ok read. Just don't hold high expectation for the finale. You will be very disappointed. <<less
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March 15, 2019
Status: --
I'm not going to put this as a spoiler because it all happens in the first 6 chapters.

    • The ML seems like a bit of an idiot. From what the FL recounts about her past life with him ALL of her misunderstandings were because HE DIDN'T EXPLAIN HIMSELF. Urgh. Caps lock. But really.
    • This time around, the FL has a clear idea of what's going on, so she seems capable of navigating through everything despite the ML's abysmally poor emotional intelligence and social skills.
Overall, so far it looks interesting. I like the fact that both of our main leads are already in love/want the best for the other (the ML is definitely in love with the FL, for the FL it seems more like she... wants him to have a happy life than that she loves him). It means we can jump over the does-he-love-me-or-does-he-not stage, which I appreciate. Stand-by for future edits as this continues.
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