Ultimate Firepower


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This world is not just as ordinary people know it; there is also an underground world that common people won’t come into contact with. Government agents handle trouble in the shadows, and hitmen hired by tycoons solve problems in secret.
There are assassins, mercenaries, arms dealers, and agents. There is the dark web that connects this world, and there are tycoons who attempt to control everything with money.

Gao Yi broke into the underground world. Invincible in close combat, he carved out his own domain.

But in this world, there are guns.

Beyond seven steps, the gun is faster.
Within seven steps, the gun is both accurate and fast.
Within three steps are Gao Yi’s fast fists.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Gao Yi chose to have it all.

To have it all, he became the king of assassins in the mercenary circle, the king of agents in the eyes of assassins, and the king of assassins in the eyes of agents. He became the king of intelligence in the eyes of arms dealers.

Until he was crowned king of the entire underground world, Gao Yi became the ultimate firepower.

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05/29/24 QuillTales c2
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