The Villain Carries the Holy Sword


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“Brother, please kill me.”

Abel, the hero who desired to die at the pinnacle of his success.

“Why are you saying such crazy things?”

Cain, the warrior who fulfilled his wish.

It’s definitely a life I lived once, but there were many things I didn’t know, so I chose to live it again.

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악역은 성검을 쥔다
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Kurai Oji-Sama
New Kurai Oji-Sama rated it
June 20, 2024
Status: c2
hmm... The killing each other scene strangely resembles when suzaku killed lulouche in code geasss. Well, this story MC transmigrate back to the past.

Anywho, so far I dont see the giga cringe that rasselon is talking about. I see a story full of conspiracies starting from the past when the MC was a child. MC became an exhile fallen noble. His brother became a pawn. The pawn who is the nominated hero, began to have his very existence erased and replaced with another personality via injection of memories that belong... more>> to another. Everyone around him denying hero's ailments and telling the hero that he is perfectly fine.

faced with a slow death, the hero and MC work together to gather the 4 relics and rewind time to stop and uncover the conspiracies that led to their tragic future.

side note: lolzz I died when I read the name of the knight order 'Los De Kaerot' pronounced as "Lost the Carrot" <<less
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New Rasselon rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: c4
Overly dramatic, extremely immature. Story is just "another regression". Author tries too hard to appear grandiose, then edgy; this writing style contrasts with the actual content being bottom of the barrel, which makes this novel disturbing to read.

Instead of taking it seriously, there is one word to describe precisely:

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