Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet


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“This guy, how heavy is his taste, he’s still able to eat?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, explosive hair, tattoos, and a demon-like face. Look at her for more than a second and you’ll have spicy eyes (your eyes will bleed-aka she looks really ugly).

Before her rebirth, she was in love with someone else, bent on escaping, and after having relations with him, hates him deep to his bones.

After her rebirth, she looked at the beauty on the bed, seriously thinking, the one who left his shadow in the past, seemingly should be him?

In her past life, her mind was muddled. She tried to get rid of the outstandingly beautiful husband that she didn’t want, was victimized by slag men and cheap women, and her most trusted friend brainwashed her. In the end, she found people rebelling and friends deserting (isolated and alone).

In this lifetime, all of the evil people scheming and longing for her divorce should yield. Sorry but this young miss’s IQ is on the line!

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100% Sweet Love: The Delinquent XXX Wife Is a Bit Sweet
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New LilyValerie rated it
December 15, 2018
Status: c839
This superb novel should get 5 stars!

Dont judge their characters just because you only read for some mere chapters!

SYH is not kidnapper, abuser, control, rapist, etc! They are reason behind that!

... more>>

SYH is protecting YWW from assasinated! That is why YWW died no long after their divorce before YWW reincarnation. This is his sort of protection. Bear in mind his short temper due to insomia that lead to his unstable tenperament which is almost cure because of YWW effort. And there are so many scenes that SYH keep understanding YWW. The rapist part, well, its only in the very first beginning, after that ML keeps controling his self. FL is not having a stockholm syndorme, she have fall in love with SYH before her memory lost. There are so many hidden but not-hidden spoilers in the story yet some ignorant ignore it.


This novel is far better that others novel that use misunderstanding as their main story line that keep anger the readers which. Is. Sucks!!

I have reread this novel for many times. I like this author, her other novel is superb too!

I rate this novel 6/5 <<less
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New Kailiarose rated it
November 25, 2018
Status: c600
First of all let me say this I see a lot of people seem to like this novel and I kind of understand why you might have read the other reviews saying that the ML is a rapist, kidnapping, abusive peice of s**t who gets away with all that crap he does which is 100% true (I hate him he's really hard to like)

The MC seems to be developing Stockholm syndrome and thinks it's her ex best friends fault that everything went to hell in her last life... more>> (which is partly true) .

Almost all the side characters hate the MC for no good reason especially the ML's subordinates who hate her because she kept trying to escape from the ML and disrupting the peaceful household (*rolls eyes*)


geee I wonder why she wanted to escape maybe because she was baught there against her will she's unable to go to school and the ML abuses and raped her?


For me the only saving point is the MC's girl friend and her boyfriend (their interaction are pretty cute) the ML's grandma who is also nice and doesn't judge the MC and the ml's nephew (he's not nice just funny)


her friend used to hate her but in her next life she got to have a good relationship with her because she was actually not bad and was also tricked by the MC's ex best friend

MC actually was the one who got them together

the grandma actually died in the past life because of stress (I think) and MC feels bad because she thinks it her fault


overall if your okay with abusive relationships, kidnapping, Stockholm syndrome and annoying brainless side characters also a lot more I can't remember, Ignoring all that crap this is a pretty good read it's interesting keeps you on edge and I continue reading it because I'm really curious about what happens next there are funny and cute interactions between characters and the MC and ML's budding romance is adorable (if you can ignore the other stuff like I said) The face slapping is awesome and reading the MC make a comeback is really satisfying (albeit a bit slow) <<less
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August 23, 2017
Status: c14
I see a lot of positive reviews, so apparently people like this. Here's a counter opinion to give some variety: This novel caters to a niche fantasy, so if it's not your thing, you better find something else to read. To me, this wasn't a romance but a nightmare. I only felt irritated as I was reading it, especially since it was presented as a humorous romance, when it's more like Stockholm "romance". I'm not going to give a rating, since I can't be objective about this.

Some spoilery details to... more>> give you an idea:


    • The male lead kidnapped the main character, who already had a man she loved and didn't want anything to do with the ML.
    • The ML has a temper, so after some repeated escape attempts by the MC, he rapes her. They're not married, so there's not even that flimsy and entirely misguided excuse that his wife is obligated to have s*x with him. They have no actual binding relationship to speak of. He just keeps her at his house.
    • The MC's fake friend is giving her "bad advice" and setting her up to get caught in order to make the ML mad and drop the MC, so fake friend can slide in and marry ML (flawless logic).
    • The ML gets mad and in return takes away MC's freedom, rapes and abuses her, confines her at his home, making her more like a pet than a human.
    • In her second chance, MC wakes up after the first (?) rape, so the deed is done. The ML is irredeemable to me at this point. The MC then promptly decides to stop listening to the fake friend and to treat ML better so she can have some freedom (like going to college). She blames fake friend for her suffering, even though the actual suffering was personally caused by the male lead. I guess she needs to misplace the blame somewhere, in order to accept the ML as her lover.
    • The MC decides to treat the ML nicely and tries to convince him to take this slow with the promise they'll end up as lovers. At this point I can't tell if she's serious. She does seem to be warming up to him.
    • The MC was convinced by fake friend to wear heavy make-up and fake tattoos on her face to make herself look ugly and unappealing. The ML still raped her and doesn't seem to mind her appearance (which makes him the only non-judgmental person in this novel, wow).
    • Everyone around the ML - friends, subordinates, home staff - seem to despise the MC for two reasons - one, she's too ugly to deserve any sympathy, respect, decency or trust; and two, because she used to always throw tantrums and try to escape (gee, I wonder why she'd do that).

So, we got a criminal male lead, a helpless MC who might fall for him, unlikable judgemental idiots as side characters, and a plot that twists all its issues around and presents itself as a romcom. It's fine if you enjoy the novel, but you gotta be blind not to see it for what it really is. One reason I can think of for myself to keep reading is to see whether there'll be some justice served eventually. To all the characters blindly supporting a rapist kidnapper, to the ML who needs jail time, to the MC who needs to get her life back and find a decent lover.

Oh, right. Forgot to mention the ML is super gorgeous, rich, and influential. So I guess that makes everything alright then, heh.

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cookieconquerer rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c8
I don't know who keeps downvoting these types of novels to 1star but seriously, STOP.

Judging after 1 or 3 chapters is ridiculous. It's like reading the prologue of harry potter then being like "oh, I know exactly how this will go" then throwing it away. You're just like those people who turned away JKR, because you wouldn't give things a chance. Don't be that person.

5 star in order to try to offset things a bit, it's probably more of a 3-4 star right now?

Anyway, I read the first 3... more>> translated then mtl'd the rest (the original is only up to ch8 as far as I found) and it's pretty interesting so far. We have some standard best friend betrayal, ex fiance nonsense and our girl seeing herself pretty damn clearly after her rebirth.

The ML does seem more than a bit obsessed with her, and if her pain in the first chapter is anything to go by he probably needs to work on his s*xual prowess. Preferably with her. But I like how this time around she seems to be trying to accept his affection and make it less unhealthy, working to improve their relationship to a more healthy standpoint rather than aggravate things so he becomes crazy enough to try to stockholm her. And that's pretty refreshing honestly, that she's trying to make a relationship she was (kinda, probably) forced into become something more than a point of stress and claustrophobia. That it's not instantly about getting her revenge on this guy who was probably always treated as someone terrifying and thus has no idea how to properly show affection.

It's obvious he loves her, he just doesn't know how to do so properly yet as he's afraid she'll run away the minute he looks away (like she tried to prior to the novel beginning). I look forward to him developing in a healthier direction, and our FL growing and making their relationship one not based on fear but something mutual that others can't break apart in jealousy. I have a feeling if she placed more trust in him, he would return that small amount of affection tenfold, as the poor wolf is starved.

Sidenote: not condoning kidnapping the people you love, because that is against the law. Don't do that.

Overall, give it a chance. It's a rare story being taken up in its foundling stage, so it could go anywhere from here. Preferably in the direction of the bedroom minus the pain, but tolerating the standardized "sore waist" aftermath. <<less
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whitespade rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: --
If you, like me, love reading yaoi thus you will find possessive love is the most common theme. If you read any other yaoi novel in this site, almost all the seme are possessive. That's the only reason why I pick up this novel, I find the male lead yandere-ness is appealing.

Of course in real life you really don't applaud such abusive relationship, but please don't think we glorify such things - its just a fantasy. If anybody done that in real life they deserved to be cut up and... more>> thrown to the dogs. <<less
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solomaize rated it
August 31, 2017
Status: c34
MTLed it coz I was interested at where this was heading. This is a tricky genre to like. If you have a trigger for abusive relationships, it's better not to read this. MC was brought back to her life 7 years ago. Like a good rebirth story, she wants to change her future, having learn how bitter it could be. It all starts with repairing her relationship with her yandere lover. In the past she tried to escape him which resulted in him horribly mistreating her. Not much is reveal... more>> on how they met, only that it has been 2 years and she has been constantly trying to escape from him in that 2 years.

I like how after the rebirth, she tried to change in spite of her deep fear of him. I like how she slowly interacts with him and the people around him. I feel like their relationship was based on Beauty and the Beast in some parts, where the Beast's mood is largely dependent on the Beauty. And the Beauty is slowly realizing that had she made different choices in the past, she would have seen earlier on how easily the guy is willing to dote on her.

Spunky MC (she dressed like a goth chick, tattoo and all, to scare away the Male Lead, didn't work). Brooding Male lead (has insomnia, anger issues, trust issues, mysophobia, and is stinking rich, powerful and gorgeous) Comedic but gorgeous side male characters (of course). If you take this story too seriously, or based it on reality and logic, you'd hate this story. I think the story deserves a chance. I liked it, works for me. <<less
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Kyrina rated it
October 15, 2017
Status: c140
I tried to read up to 140ish chapters hoping it would get better before I finally decided to drop it. The plot is just... meh.

There are too many elements recycled from HM; super beautiful female lead who knows martial art, filthy rich gorgeous powerful male lead, the entertainment setting, even the white tiger! At this rate, I'm not even surprised if there's a little bun introduced in the future story.
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TripleA rated it
December 25, 2017
Status: c85
So someone is wooing Ye Wan Wan?It's her fault, she is a disaster of woman... f**kin' bullsh*t

ML is trash but he flawless, all the blame goes either to Shen Menqui (or whatever she's named) or YWW

I think all the charas are really irritating

I don't know why u like this kind of possesive "love" so much, it gets on my nerves
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Shroom rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c242
So far this is one of the best romance novels I have ever read.

The plot is amazing. And youll never forget about all of the characters names as they all have their own personality and roles. What makes this even much better is the world building. I also find it exiciting that youll slowly learn MC and ML real characters while the story progresses. And even if its mainly MC pov (rarely ML etc) the author cleverly doesnt reveal everything to the readers making us think and find "hints" !!... more>> Regarding to the early chapters its dark but when the story progress you'll realize more details. But I still hate the ML for raping MC

In my OPINION the MC doesnt suffer from Stolckhom syndrome, in later chapters it will drop some "details" but its vague.

In my opinion MC isnt inlove with ML yet! It felt like the MC is manipulating the ML to not make her life difficult but at the same time I suspect ML knows everything but still gave her "some" freedom


Also!! If you want a short summary for every chapters! Go to the forum of this novel. Ill attach the link! Atm its at chapter 200+

I recommed to read the full version then continue to the forum as it is only a summary. http://forum. Novelupdates. Com/threads/100-sweet-love-the-delinquent-xxx-wife-is-a-bit-sweet.45095/ <<less
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NightEmpress rated it
June 19, 2018
Status: c1208
I'll give a simple review:

It's good until chapter 500 but honestly, after that, I had no idea what I was reading. It's like I was reading an entirely different novel and suddenly this novel took the route of reincarnation, amnesia, transmigration, martial arts etc etc.

The reason I originally started reading this was because of YWW and SYH's relationship. Understanding the reason as to why is he so infatuated with her, their family backgrounds, exploring their relationships and improving their characters but the novel turned into something else entirely. It wasn't... more>> even about the leads anymore. All I was reading later were a bunch of filler arcs.

The novel had potential but the author ruined it.

P.S. This ML is the most boring ML I've ever seen. He's nothing compared to Lu TingXiao. No personality whatsoever. <<less
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Miss.Rubii rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: c524
A rebirth story that truely stands out:

an interesting and perfect blend of school drama, rise in the entertainment industry (not as a celebrity but raising them... her imperial harem cough cough) , revenge and fixing past regrets, family plots/struggles/getting back her family, multiple/hidden identity and more.

Just when you thought you see it all, the author just surprises you with more interesting twists and turns and plot reveals, whether it’s the hilarious interaction between the MC and others or the intense situations she will face and overcome. Each chapter... more>> leaves you wanting to click to the next.

What I really like about this novel is that the MC’s character is realistic, isn’t stiff. She expresses a variety of human emotions and thinking. Normally, she is lovable, free-spirited, and loves to tease and take advantages of others but underneath that she is strong, calm-headed, and independent. Her high intelligence plus her memories from her rebirth simply makes her a calculating mastermind. But it isn’t like other stories where the MC is simply OP as he/she quickly resolved everything... instead the MC shows us how she works to resolve past regrets in a careful and steady manner. She shows us how she works hard to climb back up and get back her family and their positions back. Also, the MC isn’t the weak, only good for her beautiful face, and leecher that the ML’s family think she is (hmmmmm you know what I mean, they think she is a sly fox that tricked their family head with her beautiful face- a femme fatale that will lead their head astray and ruin the whole family haha, it’s funny how little they know about her but that’s because she is too busy with other matters up till chapter 500ish. But I don’t blame them with the way she normally acts in the Si Household... boy those that are plotting against the ML and her are in for it).

Another thing I like about the novel is the development between the MC and ML. Their relationship slowly balances out as the MC and ML acts like true partners for each other. They trust and protect each other.... and I won’t lie the ML is still possessive... but definitely less than the beginning!


Warning: contains spoilers, read at your own discretion.


What’s interesting is that the MC isn’t fully aware that there is also a hidden dark side to her which still isn’t fully uncovered in the novel yet... all that is written at this point is that she is having nightmares of her endless massacre of others, her keen fighting instinct (like detecting others weakness and reading their moves), her vague familiarity with guns, and god like fighting ability (character’description, not mine) when she is drunk and sort of unconscious (she doesn’t remember). And then there is Si Xia, it’s hinted that there is something more to him... <<less
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dietcoke rated it
January 26, 2018
Status: --
The male lead has no personality what so ever. Really boring guy who despite being the main perpetrator in destroying the female lead's life, she some how completely ignores this fact and blames all of her lifes woes on some secondary villain. Its such a shame too, the female lead actually has an interesting personality but at the end of the day shes just a floor mat.


... more>>

The author tries to justify that the female lead deserves all the abusive treatment from the male lead because in her past life she was by far the most gullible idiot that is too dumb to live. I'm not exaggerate one bit when I say how dumb this character was written. We are made to feel like none of the bad things in her life would have happened if she had just acted like a submissive docile doll for the male lead and just accept her life as a happy lil prisoner.

You see, the male lead is really just "misunderstood." The female lead was really "ungrateful" in her past life and her whole family fell to ruin because she was a total bimbo.

Of course, when the female lead is reborn, suddenly the idiot ball that she was carrying had been dropped. Now she is soo perceptive, suddenly a marital art expert, was secretly a genius the entire time (except math to make her "relatable" and so the male lead has to "tutor" her), and manipulative mastermind. She apparently has all this inside information on every other single side character even though it had been stated that she had been locked away by the male lead for most of her old life...

Author tries hard to make the reborn female lead into a "quirky, badass, but also beautiful mastermind." All the other characters are really dumb too and will believe any line told to them.

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Yuki_Chaos22 rated it
December 18, 2017
Status: c1000
As one of the people active in the spoiler forum, I'll have to say the author is doing a much better job building up her characters as well as the plot. Nothing gets dragged on for too long making it the center of the wole story like HM. But instead she slowly unravels the potential of each characters hidden qualties with a tinge of humor. They are all quite easy to differentiate as well since they have their own quirks.

As much as I hated the part where SYH raped our... more>> MC I find that he is quite adorable and much better than some abusive ML that force their love and is still full of arrogance.


As you progress on the story you will find that YWW isn't really innocent and that SYH isn't that much of a terrible guy. In the chapters (200+) you sill learn from YWW's POV how horrible of a character she had. How spoiled and naive that she lost everything that she didnt even remember her own death. But as far as she remembers SYH was with her all the time keeping her safe but dumb her keeps attracting trouble. In the end she was imprisoned.

SYH? Well I don't really find him much of an evil guy but instead finds him as someone who is a maiden in love inside but an ice block outside. In the past he made his entire family his enemy in order to make YWW his until he was no more than near by deaths door did he release YWW. In this life time their current relationship is slowly building up along with their trust and relying with each other. Their moments are also pretty adorable since YWW always have to make the first move in order to get what she wants leaving a dumbfounded SYH.


The enemies that they all have are all just some minor fries though. The real enemy isnt even who you think it is.


The main villain/antagonist of this novel isn't the plastic SMQ but the white flower BRX that is SYH's subordinate. And one more annoying character would be SYH's grandma who f*cking cant decide for herself but instead is just like a white board going along with what people writes on it.

The subordinates tho like XY is pretty hilarious now and Da Bai as well. Her career as a manager in the entertainment industry is building up. She also reconciled with her family but poor bro he is still in love with plastic girl.


All in all this novel is much better and more fast pace than HM. One thing I find a bit disappointing is that the plot seems to be leaning on becoming a xianxia or wuxia novel.... Hopefully it doesn't! I thank the translators for taking their time in translating this and giving us slaves more summaries in the spoilers forum. *kowtows*

Edit: This novel is looking hopeless to me now with the author pulling all this nonsense with the recent chapters. For example,


The YWW we knew wasn't actually the real YWW but is actually someone else. YWW and SYH actually had a kid. YWW and SYH is a leader of some really powerful organizations, fell in love, etc.. then bam. The story is all over the place.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fathom rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: c145
It's still ongoing and up to Ch 145 thus far. I have to say this re-do type of story is quite interesting and unique in own way. In the original story line, the heroine naively and stupidly trusted people that she shouldn't have, which lead to a rather dramatic life and then death.

There's no real explanation as of yet on why the male lead is so obsessive over the MC to the point where he pretty much had her in lock down mode in the previous life and is on... more>> the point of repeating the same type of attitude in her new life. There's no Stockholm syndrome type of romance because the MC didn't love the ML in the previous life nor does she love him in the new life yet. After getting rid of her naïve blindness towards all the supposed friends and enemies, she's matured and able to focus on what's now most important to her and manipulating this new life to get back a happy life. She's resolved and strong enough to know that if she can't change the ML, at least she can manipulate him so that she work around him still get what she wants. Because she's opened her eyes in this new change of re-life, she's begun to understand the ML at little and perhaps there may be some romance in this future. Rather than be rebellious and fight constantly, just go with the flow. I actually quite like her attitude.

Once some gory details of the ML come about, you can actually understand why the MC was so afraid of him in the past. But so far, we've never seen any POV from the ML so you don't know what is in his mind. He gives off the feel of a gangster thug almost. But despite it all, you do see he's not only deeply obsessed by the MC, he also quite loves her but doesn't know how to express it. To the point where he doesn't care of she has green hair, massive goth makeup and ugly tattoos. Quite funny in some ways. Yes, there is one instance of rape, but it actually happened in the past. When the MC wakes up to her second life, the deed has already been done. Given a chance at second life, the MC doesn't cry over spilled milk, and just tries to get on her life to make it better. And for all intents and purposes, she does accomplish it so far. It's sort of a Beauty and the Beast type of story. Well, except, the Beauty makes herself look like the Beast in public, and the Beast is the one that looks like beautiful in public. LOL. In any case, in this life, she's smarter and mentally mature enough to learn to adapt to living with a Beast in her life. Learned from her previous life's mistakes, this time around, perhaps she can re-edit her conclusion into a happy ending.

It's not a light read at times because it's filled with tension. Overall, it's a good read, and the MC is quite intriguing. I'm really looking forward to reading more the eventual romance between the 2 main characters, and more explanation on what happened in the dramatic tragedy of the past. <<less
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Nemone rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: --
I really find this story amusing, mainly because of the main character. I can't say that the ML is a great person, but I also find the MC and ML's interactions interesting and find myself curious about the ML. He is a bit unstable but it feels like there are various reasons for it. I've seen others refer to him as a yandere and if you take it as him being that you can kind of see it, but he's certainly a more realistic "yandere" than I've seen in other... more>> writings. I feel like rather than hurting the MC for the sake of hurting he's simply like a child who is easily triggered when he sees his favorite person potentially slipping away from him. Traveling back to the past and taking a different approach to dealing with the ML, I feel like the MC might be uncovering his true self, which was something she wasn't able to do in the previous life because all she did was run, hide, and cry. He seemed like a tyrant to her before, but he might have been one of the few people who actually cared about her when considering what her "friends" were like and how easily fooled and manipulated she was. He can certainly be criticized but I feel like his devotion at least is admirable.

So basically I feel like anybody who likes romantic comedy could give this a try. It's got a bit of a dark vibe to it as well but the story is actually more interesting because of that. <<less
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Fragrance rated it
December 26, 2017
Status: c101

ML is useless..... Sigh.... He's not my favorite ML but he's okay except that he's too demanding, overbearing and moody. MC literally has to find any ways to please him and it makes me mad. I mean it's one sided relationship. ML forces MC (their past is not revealed. Etc how they meet or how they ended up in a relationship) Their relationship is not healthy at all. I pity our MC. But she's strong and independent thankfully. I hope ML changes for tbe better or the author changes ML character or sth. Srsly I don't even know if he rly r*pe MC or not. There are many speculations and I've too. It's still not known. But he even threatened MC with a lockdown. I mean are you kidding me? You're just her forced boyfriend (?) Duh..... I still read this story is because MC alone and only.

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lacerem rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c8
Typical Stockholm Syndrome novel setting, yet MC is not in love because of the SS but she basically have no one but ML.

You'll get used to it but have a lot of moments that you will question the logic of the author. Be ready to ask

What? Why? But wasn't it...?
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Fairytale rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c817
I've read the raw version using Google translate and although it might not be accurate, I still get the gist of the story. I must say, it keeps getting interesting as you read more. I can understand why some reviews said this is horror and abusive judging from the male lead character in the beginning, but from what I've read so far, there are reasons why he became like that.

And I found that the female lead identity is a lot more complicated than what it seems and only the male lead seems to know the truth. But the chapter hasn't come to that point yet so I'm also confused. But tbh, I like the male lead more and more as I read through the chapters. As for his possessiveness, if it weren't for the female lead continuous rebellion, he wouldn't be that possessive. But now, he's getting so much better. He can't let her go because I think they have a past together but it seems the female lead lost her memory or something. And from what I understand, he kept her by his side is also a means of protection for her because many people came to assassinate her in her past life but she was still alive only because he was protecting her all the time.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SusuTheSloth rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: c8
Seriously in love with this one \ (>.<) / although it is the same recycle theme which is the second chance... reincarnation..... revenges... yup typical one but there is something different about this novel that manage to make me stay and read until the latest chapter :D at first I search this one on google and found a website that has like 2000 chapters.. it almost make me turn back because of the number but then I found out that the novel is actually hidden marriage and not this one....... more>> google is tricking me..... thank god I check the other website

For the translation, I know how hard it was to translate using only MTL and dictionary (truly hard!! Specially, when there are idioms and slang....) I already read the translated chapters and it is pretty good ;) good job to the translator-san~~~~ <<less
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Noahjeno rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c1134
I love this story very much. In the first life of our MC, ML was depicted as a cruel, extremely possessive and a psychotic person. But in the second life when MC tried to manipulate him by honey trapping him, things become entirely different. The reason for ML being a psycho is explained in the early chapters. But why he behaves like that particularly towards MC is not clearly explained yet which perhaps the most important puzzle or twist of the story.

MC does not rely on the ML actually She... more>> is very independent. Story is filled with diabetic moments ML is not a perfect human either. Ye wanwan is cute but drunken ye wanwan is extremely cute. Except for the antagonists almost all the characters are used in comedy. I am very much looking forward to her success in her job as well as what happened to her when she was in the foreign.

Oh I saw the main criticisms are like how she easily fell in love with him after all ML done to her, how she is not mature enough and the sudden action parts of MC.

Sure MC fears ML a lot. But u need to understand that MC believes that most of the torture she suffered from ML is because of her own provocations. She knows he will give her everything except her separation. Also when MC died there is only ML who still loved her. So when she overcomes her fear and found his sweeter side she fell in love with him

Initial stage MC have to act cautiously so she try to act like a goody girl. As the story progresses we will not feel that. She will learn to tame him and her surroundings ML character will have good development after he was involved in a incident and fell into coma. His low eq will be compensated by his high iq. From hating him we will slowly change our opinion on him.

Okay about MC suddenly behave like assassin queen or martial artist pls wait and continue read it bcoz only from this onwards why ML being so fixated on her will slowly reveals. Only from this story swift its gear in the main plot. Dont worry MC will stay cute till the end.


Oh there are two additional important characters are there great white tiger tied with pink ribbon and ML 's little photocopy baby only showing his cute sides to his mom


Read it. U will enjoy it. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: c212
Really surprised this novel gets such high reviews. The scenario is something out of a horror movie. The ML is pretty much psychotic, locking the MC in his house, telling her whether or not she can go to school, who she can be friends with, etc. Etc. Dunno if this is some sort of fantasy women have, but it's severely damaged.

Anyway, for the novel itself, it seems the author is just winging it. All of a sudden, plenty of chapters into the story,... more>> it's revealed the MC has a perfect memory since it would be convenient for face slapping during tests at school. Now she's having nightmares about killing people and can direct people where to strike during a fight, which im sure will lead to her being some sort of ridiculous super soldier or something.

At leat I can say the translation is done well, minus a star for the tiny chapters. Pretty sure the translator cuts them up and names them himself, as one time he named a chapter after a quote in the novel that didn't happen until the following chapter. Seems like a slip up.

Willing to change my review years from now when the novel is done translating as maybe it'll get better. <<less
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President_Lincoln rated it
February 13, 2018
Status: c176
I truly want to enjoy this novel, and when the ML is out of the picture, it certainly isn't difficult to do so. The MC is witty and entertaining, and the antagonist, her best friend, is characterized in a realistically insidious fashion. However, the foundation of 100% Sweet Love is inherently flawed. There doesn't exist a true romance here. Rather, the plot follows the gradual development of the MC's Stockholm syndrome. We're all familiar with the cold-as-ice, detached ML's that are ever-so-popular in the romance genre. There is an... more>> attempt to replicate such a character in this story, but the execution falls woefully short. Yes, the ML is cold and rarely reveals his inner thoughts. However, the ML also acts upon his emotional high-points, and in doing so, reveals a dangerous, abusive side that far surpasses what society would consider socially acceptable. If there were a reason to explain away this bipolar behavior, perhaps these moments would be overlooked. There isn't any such explanation other than the ML is a powerful man that doesn't need to hold back his emotional urges. Other commenters have already made their arguments against the instances of rape, domestic abuse, and murder the ML commits throughout the novel. I will simply point out that as a character he is completely unrelatable and unlikable. Lastly, I'd like to mention the inconsistency that exists within MC and ML's gradual relationship development:


With the horrors that the MC had spent 7 years enduring at the hands of the ML, how could there possibly exist an opportunity for romance to develop? She is aware of what he is capable of becoming, and his actions even lead to physical harm after her migration to the past. It is an understatement to claim that the romance is unnaturally forced between these two characters.


Despite my critiques, there are some clever plots in this novel, and I am sure there are a variety of people who might enjoy the read. Personally, I cannot help but feel this novel is nothing more than squandered potential.

- President Lincoln <<less
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