Husband Across a Thousand Miles in the Seventies [Transmigration]


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She has a sweet and charming appearance, with skin as smooth as cream and a graceful figure. Even when she’s not smiling, people couldn’t help but feel joy upon seeing her, as if her cheeks could really produce honey.

However, only those close to her know that inside, she’s a wild girl who loves seeking thrills.

This time, after earning the highest-level diving certificate and was out on an adventure… she encountered a plane crash.

She didn’t die but unexpectedly transmigrated into a melodramatic novel.

According to the plot, she is the tragic female protagonist who, coaxed by an unscrupulous aunt and married off by her foolish father to an abusive man. She devoted her whole life to this thankless marriage, only to receive a word of praise in her old age.

Tian Mi… decided to accept the advice of an elder sister in the military and take a week-long train ride to marry the older man she mentioned.


Lou Luhui, a man with a bright future and handsome features, had become a 29-year-old bachelor because of his indifference in marriage.

Just as the superiors were eagerly planning to solve his personal affairs before he turned 30 and bring such a talented man into their own families…

The chubby and honest-looking Mrs. Tian from the third regiment introduced her sister, who is said to look a lot like her.

Everyone felt regret but also understood, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

However, half a month later, when the tall and imposing Lou Luhui came back holding hands with a stunningly beautiful and fair-skinned young girl who caught everyone’s eye, everyone was dumbfounded…

All the single officers cried: Mrs. Tian! You tricked us!

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New Slowday rated it
June 14, 2024
Status: Completed
I'd say 3.5/5. It was a decent read. FL is smart, and courageous when needed. She's sweetmouthed and knows how to adapt to her surroundings. ML looks like an iceberg. Everyone in the military area knew how cold and unapproachable he was, but became super clingy after they got married. His family is from the capital, simple yet powerful, with a commander dad, a stay-at-home mom and a doctor, married older sister.

FL is the 3rd child in the family. The oldest is a girl, 30s, married to a military man;... more>> then a boy, in his 20s but unmarried and apparently, useless; then our FL (2nd daughter) ; after that 2 younger sisters (3rd daughter and 4th daughter), got their name changed later; and the youngest is a boy as well. Grandparents and mother are super partial toward the eldest son, but besides the 'favor sons over daughters', there was another story behind it. The eldest sister was a set of twins, but the other twin (a boy) passed away when he was little. The mother almost went mad. Father's reasonable (he's a police officer), while you can't ignore the facts that he prefers boys to girls as well, it's not so severe that he ignore his daughters. His mindset is still that he would live with his son when he's old age, so he cherishes the youngest very much. The youngest son is actually treated no different from the girls because the mom actually only has eyes for the eldest son.

The main antagonist is the OG novel's male lead. Truly crazy, a real psychopath. I like that he wasn't forgotten like in other novel as the MCs life goes on. There's still a piece of plot about him and what happened in the end, like everyone finally got their retribution. Another anchovy antagonist being the FL's eldest brother's future wife. People blinded by jealousy are madly frightening.

To say it's a daily life story, it's really not. The FL got a golden finger (I really didn't expect that, but thankfully it's neither system nor space). It actually has influences on the plot as the story progresses, and she was apparently rewarded for it. You know how the era CNs always boast about the great leader? She earned the Leader's handwritten certificate for her contributions, gotta be the family heirloom she said LOL.

MCs got pregnant with a pair of twins,

like a month after they got married, she likes children so she wasn't opposed to having a child early, after the birth of children (boy and girl), ML went on the sterile op.


Haven't read the extras but from the title they are about the couples around MCs. First is about ML's sister (Lou Yanan) and ML's best friend, also her childhood friend (Zhou Jianshe) ; then about the 3rd sister (Tian Xin) and partner; then the 4th sister (Tian Xue) and partner; then the youngest brother (Tian Xiangyang) and partner; after that the distance orphaned nephew of FL (Tian Jun) and his partner; and the last few chapters are back about MCs. <<less
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