The Fallen Count’s Daughter Wants to Support Her Family


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“I’m the only one who can support my beloved mother and cute little sister!” Gertrude, the daughter of the Count’s family whose downfall is inevitable, looks up. Overnight, she lost her territory and mansion due to her late father’s debts, ending up with nothing. In order to earn a living, she decides to auction off jewels using her knowledge from her past life and raise cash. Using her only unique magical ability, “strengthening muscles,” she works hard to move out on her own. But then, she’s left speechless when the duke, her creditor, lectures her on the “unthinkable norms of nobility”! Was the family heirloom she sold something she shouldn’t have let go of? Moreover, a misunderstanding leads a violent nobleman to forcibly propose marriage in pursuit of her title…!? No matter the hardships, she’ll endure for her family! Follow the diary of a reincarnated tough noble daughter, starting from zero money, as she turns the tables!

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06/23/24 Story Seedling c6
06/10/24 Story Seedling c5
06/07/24 Story Seedling c4
06/04/24 Story Seedling c3
06/01/24 Story Seedling c2
05/29/24 Story Seedling c1
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