Transmigrated into a Spoiled Girl from the 1970s


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Gu An’an woke up to find herself in the underprivileged era of the 1970s, where food and warmth were scarce. Just as she arrived, she encountered a crucial moment when her young mother, an educated youth, was abandoning the family. With determination, An’an declared, “You can leave, but the tickets stay.”

Despite the unreliable nature of the young mother, she had a loving father who favored his eldest daughter, a grandmother who prioritized girls over boys, an obedient brother who protected his sister, and an extraordinarily loyal soldier brother. Plus, there was a portable supermarket with an endless supply of fine rice and white flour.

With an innocent smile, Gu An’an realized that life in the 70s might not be as difficult as she had initially thought.

Mini Theater:
One day, Gu An’an discovered an unusual ability to attract animals.
Whenever she stepped into the woods, wild chickens would fly over her head, making her dizzy… rabbits would bump into her thighs, driving her crazy… monkeys would jump onto her shoulders, leaving her dumbfounded… and even the deer…

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