World Tree Travel Agency


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Start your adventure in the continent of Rencia!

Those who pre-order now will receive a special SS-grade item set and mount.

No ordinary game pre-order!

Pre-order your journey to another world, YES!

“Welcome to the World Tree Travel Agency, where the boundary between life and death fades.”

Due to reserving an ‘adventure’ with the World Tree Travel Agency, Doah, who booked it thinking it was just a game, gets the chance to become a traveler of another world instead of being a traffic accident victim.

Completing the main quest included in the travel package might allow you to return to your original life without dying…

“What will you do if I become unable to control it anymore?”

“You can hold your head high. The B-grade approved by fate is yours alone.”

Along with some dangerous and suspicious men,

“Duke Elmond called me ‘sister.'”

Rencia, full of unexpected connections.

Under the solid(?) support of the World Tree Travel Agency, armed with SS-grade items, will Doah’s journey come to a safe conclusion?

‘Chapter 1’

The start of the journey, the beginning of a grand main quest, is surely…

‘Let’s eat first!’

(Maybe) Love and (definitely) adventure await at the World Tree Travel Agency, will you pre-order now? [Y/N]

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세계수 여행사 S급 먹방대모험 패키지!
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