Love Comes After Simulation


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【Love Simulator, at your service】

【The simulated content will be presented in the form of text and memory scenes】

【The simulation process is divided into three stages: pursuit stage, romance stage, and twist/heartwarming stage】

【After the simulation ends, a score and commentary will be generated to help you evaluate this relationship】

【Click to continue】


In Japan, Minami Yuuki received a love simulator.

What’s the point of a fake simulation?

He used to disdain it.

Until he discovered that he could acquire skills honed in simulated life and even gain future information through simulation.

Simulated romance is really fascinating!

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1 Review

New BlueBlade906
Jun 22, 2024
Status: c220
This is a great novel.

The introduction is simplistic and gives you an idea about our main character alongside his system and gets right into the meat of things. From then on, it becomes a story about every kind of 'love' and everything that comes with it. Every character has a chance to shine in their own way and the author makes use of every character from the start.

This isn't just your typical harem story anymore, where feelings are quickly dismissed and are only shallow at best. This story really makes... more>> you care for them just as much as the our main character does.


Alright, now I know some people hate systems but it's a very unique one compared to other simulator systems in this site as it gives a more thorough explanation of the events taken place. This includes visions into the characters lives in those simulations. I even think that we spend more of our time in those visions than in the 'present'. I absolutely love the reward that comes after it.

Now, this spoiler text is more on your concerns going forward as you might not really get why 'she' is there.


'She' (for the sake of you who accidentally pressed this spoiler) isn't a love interest, so don't fret and continue ths story from that point on. If I were to call her something, well... She is essentially the 'solution' to his 'problem'. More or less, she will act as the person who will become a sort of mediator between the three of them and our main character.


TL:DR; A harem story that feels fulfilling and not shallow like the others. This, alongside a cast of characters that are unique and gives color to the world, makes for a simply great story that makes you feel every emotion the author throws at you. <<less
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