Addicted Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife of The Military Ye


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She is the The Young Miss of Military family Shen, her face is peerless, her temperament is cold, and she is her family’s treasure, but isn’t accepted as one’s child by her mother;

He is The Sole Heir to the top giant Fu Family, his power is unparalleled, indifferent high-born, the captain of the mysterious military force, and the youngest commander-in-chief.

Because of her grandmother’s wishes, she married him at lightning speed. She thought that it was a marriage that she needed, but she didn’t expect to be greeted with his extreme pampering.

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Master Fu's Mysterious Darling Wife
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notawordybirdy rated it
July 30, 2018
Status: c18
Edit: I have come to look forward to the updates every week now.

  • Characters: Fu HengYi (ML) isn't straight off the bat off into Shen Qinglan (FL) (extract included below for your enjoyment & to entice you into reading this) which I highly appreciate. Both grandpas are totally awesome but the only downside to this novel so far is the inclusion of the stereotypical green tea b****

    of a s*upid 'sister' (it's always the family)

    . FL is also extremely mature and not dumb or 'airy/goofy' which I highly enjoy. She's actually got a set of brains, not giving second-hand embarrassment and super likable.
  • Plot is quite comedic which I appreciate because it's not dry to follow and I'm actually interested to see how the romance will develop considering this is slow and sweet kind (according to translator).
  • Translation quality: Very good with regular updates (thank you translator!)
  • Extract (my favourite part so far) :

Fu HengYi slightly glanced at him, which implied as a warning. "If I remember correctly, she's only 21 years-old this year."

Han Yi didn't mind his warning in the slightest, and continued to tease him. "Didn't you know that being an Uncle Loli is in trend right now?"



1st review:

Not sure why there's so many one-star reviews when the novel is literally 6 chapters in.

It's an interesting story so far but not much can be said because it's just the beginning. It's not as bad as all the one-star reviews say but give it a shot and make your own decision instead of following the one-star trend.
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macy2 rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: c18
Its alright. But this should really get a MARY SUE and maybe a MATYR MC tag.

And in case you didn't get the message the main character is apparently very pretty, knowledgable in everything required for a MC, well-mannered, softhearted, and lively. And the biggest ringer, she has a sob story! Separated from her biological family for years the MC rejoins them only to find her mother is estranged, her sister hates her and is so dearly wronged by them.

But that all those good points above with a grain of salt... more>> because dont forget she's a cold beauty! In a nutshell we have a GORGEOUS, INTELLIGENT, HUMBLE, and LOVABLE MC that acts like an EMOTIONLESS wax figure that apparently is MUTE when it actually counts. You know other then when she's crying alone, earning brownie points with the readers in non-key events (and giving all other characters a reason to kiss her feet), etc (you know the drill).

But if you're here for the sole romance and none of the plot, nothing major has happened so far but I can say is that ML might as well admit it's love at first sight.

Now at the risk of discounting my entire review and rating. This book is only currently at 18 translated parts. So its still very early to judge. However I will affirm with certainty that if you can't stand Mary Sues with nothing more then a sob story to them; this is probably not for you. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: c250
TLDR: 3 STARS, the best words to describe this are tedious, prolonged, interminable

Details: There's nothing here that's a spoiler unless it's marked

Lets talk about the setup. The MC is the daughter of an upper class military family who was lost to traffickers at the age of 5 or 6 and found back 10 years later. The family adopted an 8 yr old girl to keep the mother from going crazy. The novel starts 6yrs after the reunion with the MC in college and being the apple in the eye of... more>> the family except for the mother who's partial to the adopted daughter but not in a big way, and the adopted daughter who sees the MC as her destruction and schemes accordingly. The last big piece of the setting is apparently the people who kidnapped her put her in a Mary Sue bootcamp where she was tortured into being AWESOME✨🎉🎆🎇 🌈 🌈🌈

OK it's your basic Mary Sue setting, not a problem. The problem is that SIX YEAR GAP of her being home and reintegrating with her family that does not even rate a YADDA YADDA. She's nearly out the house and the story is all about day one problems.

It's still workable but it just goes downhill from there. The fake sister is 24 at the start and a moderately successful concert pianist, but is acting like a 12 yr old and resorting to pointless and petty b.s. Schemes. The MC has concealed everything about her past and her awesomeness, while amassing a fortune and bankrolling her brother's startup that's now a fortune 500 company. AWWWWWWESOME

Well you can guess where the plot goes from here, once again it's not problematic if it's done well the problem is it's not done well. Everything evokes endless face palms and makes you question your sanity. It's all done so poorly and it's always because the author said so.

What brings the novel even further down is the writing style. We get endless cliche sideplots, that just distract from the story and add nothing. Toss in endless POV and disposable side characters and you have a tedious slog of a novel. <<less
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Ecirteab rated it
June 9, 2020
Status: c103
In general, this novel follows in the same vein of many other "quick marriage" novels.

  • Strangers to spouse
  • High spec male lead
  • b*tchy step sister
  • High spec female lead
What does set it apart is that MC and ML both feel relatively like mature adults. You can feel some shyness in MC when it comes to physical love but both sides understand this is a marriage and are willing to work as spouses. ML is more in love and doting but MC does try to make the marriage work (living together, sleeping in the same... more>> bed, dating etc.) The romance is so far the nicest part of the novel but its unfortunately not given enough time to shine.

Despite the mature romance that elevates it from others of the genre, it falls victim to some very tiring cliches. In the same vein of Hidden Marriage's MC, this MC is also super OP and has a mysterious (probably violent) past that has made her a veritable God by the age of 21. First, she's super calm and collected despite any situation, she's an extremely famous artist who's paintings are highly sought after, she can fight and take down 10+ men in a go, she's a god tier street racer ala Initial D, she's super smart (although this is in passing), and of course the author couldn't resist making her a hacker. I'm just waiting for her to touch water and turn it into wine at this rate.

This is for me the weakest link when I otherwise liked the MC who was a mature women due to her traumatic experiences. Having her be Jesus is just annoying and takes away any affection the author built up for her.

Other cliches include villains who have basically 1 brain cell such as her step sister and other canon fodders, her being low key despite her powerful background and being super mysterious to everyone around her.

Overall a decent quick-marriage novel if you don't mind eye strain from rolling your eyes everytime the author adds another godly skill for the MC. <<less
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Rwynx rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: c586
If you like cliche sweet pampering ML with cool & strong personality FL, this novel is for you!
    • Character : The typical FL with strong background and great abilities (+cold personality). I really like the character development of the FL. Those who look cool in the outside and those who very soft inside. While the ML is the usual strong yet sweet character.
    • Story line: Flash marriage story line, there wasnt love between them to begin with. Because of the dark experiences in the past, the FL have trust issues to those around her. The FL start to open up her world after she together with the ML. My favorite part is when on the painting "For her, he is her salvation"
    • End note : I like this novel especially for the sweet romance and light storyline. There was part that make me sad for the FL, but ML able to warmer her heart.
    • I start read this story because the summary sentence "She thought that it was a marriage that she needed, but she didn't expect to be greeted with his extreme pampering."
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Qeelana rated it
January 14, 2020
Status: --
I don't understand the low rating. Why so many 1 star rater? Yes, this novel is kinda cliche but personally I think it is better than some others that has similar story. I mean, yes, FL & ML are too perfect to be true and the pacing is rather slow (not irritatingly slow at that. It has 500+ chapter, so the pacing is alright actually) but isn't most c-novels like that right now?

Moreover, there's no toxic relationship or whatnot between FL & ML. They both have good character and respected... more>> each other. Then there's the foreshadowings and mysteries of FL's past too, that's very engaging.

So, again, I seriously don't understand why so many haters? There's not even 1/5 of the novel translated yet. <<less
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Eeria rated it
April 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Haven't finished yet but will come to update if my opinion change after completing.

It's a slow romance and both leads have cold calculating personality. Buts it's quite entertaining to see them get together. The ML is quite pampering the female lead and is not ambiguous with any other female ladies so far. It's s fresh change from all those scummy male leads. I don't know if it changes after chapter 200.

I also quite liked that we are unraveling the mysterious past of the female lead.

The only drawback and the main... more>> reason I am giving this 3 stars is because the author spends a lot of chapters developing other characters which I personally don't feel bring any value to the story (like her university dorm roommates.) Some side characters are interesting like yan xi and do help develop the backstory for the female lead but some others like her actress friend are only there to spark another sub-romance plot which is completely uninteresting for me.

so I fast read and skipped a lot of chapters but still managed to follow the main story and the male lead stay devoted and trust between both leads is maintained.

it still a 3 ⭐️... and I still there is too many characters with useless plots. <<less
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alrahe rated it
December 1, 2019
Status: c74
It's good but a bit boring, maybe it's because the pace is slow, so I kind of don't have a patience anymore to read it. The translation is good, very easy to read and to understand it.

Typical of mary sue, I don't get it what's wrong with her parents, the two of them seems to suspect her, she's the real one though. And I also feel her fake sister need a bit more of face slapping, not so satisfying for me. But despite that, I like the interaction between her... more>> and ML. <<less
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bookwurm247 rated it
March 30, 2023
Status: Completed
First things first, don’t pick this up if you’re looking for a quick fluffy read. There’s a lot of chapters and the chapters themselves are very long. Besides that, the plot is very extensive and long with a big cast of characters with multiple side plots.

Second, overall, I enjoyed this read. I started it thinking I could breeze through it but there’s actually quite a lot of details. After finishing the current chapters, I went and read the mtl, which was decent. I didn’t lose too many brain cells... I... more>> think. As always, since Chinese doesn’t have pronouns, the hardest part was just figuring out who was who and who was talking when. The reason I didn’t give it a higher rating than 3/5 was because I wasn’t really blown away by anything. A lot of cliches and not many surprises.

Here’s a list of pros and cons:


  • fluffy and sweet moments between our couples - there’s a lot of side couples in the book. The author really explores in detail the relationships that everyone has in the story besides the main one. So don’t read if you don’t care about side couples. Honestly, I really appreciated them doing this. It makes the world and the characters feel more real rather than just stuffing to help fluff up the plot. Speaking of...
  • Character building - the author does a good job of making her characters come alive. I really felt for a lot of the characters. Like I said above, it made the mediocre plot better because the characters were so real. And what kept me reading until the end.

  • TW: R*pe - for some reason the author is obsessed with punishing all the females with this. There’s actually a brutal scene that the FL

    witnessed as a child of another child being r*ped

    . Along with many other scenes where the villainesses plot to have the FL r*ped or the villainesses are r*ped as a result of the actions, usually as a punishment (not from FL).
  • OP FL - FL is probably my least favorite character. She’s beautiful, rich, has powerful family, kick-ass, hacker, smart... etc. there wasn’t much development from her as a character. Other than basically learning to let go of her survival instincts learned as a

    trained killer

    , to learn to accept help and love from her family again, she doesn’t really grow anywhere else.
  • Gore - there’s a lot of gore related scenes so don’t read it you’re sensitive.
  • Slice of Life - the story is very slice of life by showing us a lot of general and mundane scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. I’m just putting this here in case some people don’t. Tho seeing this is a 580+ chapter story, you should expect some daily life stories. Btw, the main story finishes around ~540 and the remaining chapters are mainly side stories about the children that grew up. There’s a couple side stories to wrap up a couple of loose ends too.
I know there’s more cons listed than pros but don’t let that stop you. I think that this is also a reason for my rating too.

Oh the biggest thing I hated was the cliched villain logic. Instead of learning or taking responsibility for their actions, they responded by retaliating against FL and blaming her for their downfall. But of course, this just serves as a foil for our heroine to show how good our heroine is because she’s smart. There’s probably only one good villain in the book and they’re the main villain. All the other ones are just cannon fodder to foil against FL.

Honestly, idk what this review is anymore. Pick this up if you have nothing else read if only for the sweet moments and strong communications between our couples. <<less
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Addictedtoreading rated it
December 22, 2022
Status: c251
This novel is written pretty well, but there is too much happening in this novel. I am dropping it for now after having read about half the novel, which I rarely do. I did also read the chapters after 500 (So I skipped 250 ch). I'm just not into it right now. Perhaps I will continue reading it later, and perhaps I will never pick it up again.

To me it feels like writer wanted to put too much in 1 novel.

If you like that, then perhaps you'll really like this... more>> novel.

There are too many couples to follow who each have their own story. I prefer to only have the main couple as a focal point. It's fine if there is another side couple, but there are too many in this novel. You have


Shen Qinglan x Fu Hengyi (MC x ML)

Fang Tong x Li Boming

Yu Xiaoxuan x Han Yi

Shen Junyu x Wen Yanyao

Yang Xi x doctor Doug I assume

Daniel x hacker friend ???

Jiang Chengxi x Jan Yining

Eden x Su Qing

Gu Yang x Tao Ran

The next gemeration in extra's:

Lin Jing x Lu Feng

Fu Yixuan x Gu Qingzhu (=Song Bin)

Fu Shuyi x Bai Junnan

Hao Hao x Han Nanyan

Shen Junze x Wang Ning

Part of above names are taken from MTL. The names might change when translated.


And then there are too many people with mental / health problems. Several are very understandable, but for me writer again just wants to put too many in 1 novel.


Shen Qinglan body has problems because of her treatment during training in assassin camp

Chu Yunrong (MC's mother) depressed because of the kidnapping of her daighter

Shen grandmother died

Fu grandfather fell from stairs and had bleeding in head

Shen grandfather had stroke because of son who left 20 years ago and came back

Yu Xiaoxuan's parents die in accident

Yang Xi gets kidnapped and r*ped causing her mental health to completely break down

Allen (leader of assassin camp) obsessed with MC

Wen Yanyao's admirer from the Du family obsessed with her

Qin Hao obsessed with deat Allen's father

Shen Xi obsessed with ML

Gu Jiajia obsessed with Duan Ling

Chen Yujiao gets hit by a car when saving Yan Yining. Might never have children because of that. The culprit is Gu Jiajia

Lu Jincai tried to get Shen Junze killed in a car accident

Lawrence, a leader of an underground organisation is obsessed with Su Qing (=Qing Mo), who looks just like his sister.

Fu Shuyi roommate

And I'm sure I missed many more because I read only half of the novel.


Many times it felt like MC would come out with her healing skills to help these people. Kidding. This MC has no medical skills, but I see these things often happen in novels where MC is a doctor and she has to come to the rescue.

And then the way MC handled her kidnapping. I assume writer wanted to show how tough she is, but it felt very unprofessional to me. But who am I.


King, the leader of the BK mercenary team that lost a few times against ML who is in the army, decides to kidnap a few friends of MC to get his hands on MC and through her, get his hands on ML. MC follows the kidnappers (so far so good), but then gets a phone call to go to a certain place to meet them. She does this without real backup. Her assassin friends are at home keeping in contact, but that's it. She doesn't alert her husband, who is in the army and might have been a big help with his team. They might have been able to bring helicopters, and sharpshooters. And this though she promised him several times she would warn him whenever she encountered problems. She meets the kidnappers and wants to exchange herself for her 2 kidnapped friends. They tell her to drink a sleeping drink and she does, not knowing if they will release her friends (even though they are known as ruthless). And guess what, they don't release Yang Xi, who gets r*ped by them later on. And she is taken away and tortured by them.

Doesn't this tell everyone that later on they will just have to kidnap one of MC's friends to get their hands on her. I see this more often in novels, but don't understand this. Especially when MC is supposed to be a professional. But again perhaps that's just me.


Then there is the son of Grandpa Shen, Shen Zhong. He went against his parents wishes and married a girl he fell in love with and left. And everything in the novel is about how this son was wrong. How is it wrong to want to marry someone you fall in love with? And from what I can tell they were happily married during all these years. She might have been somewhat weak in character from what I understand, but she was not evil or something like that. He might have tried to get in contact with his parents sooner, but they told him he wouldn't be part of their family anymore if he married her. They talk about how he made the Shen family lose face when he didn't marry Fu Jingjing, but is that more important than the happiness of your son? I didn't understand this. But perhaps those are cultural differences.

Added later. After reading the extra's I do have to admit that Shen Zhong's wife probably would have caused a lot of problems for the family because she can't stand up to her brother but still didn't like it. <<less
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hangluu rated it
October 16, 2021
Status: c1
I don't know why there is so much 1 stars score for this novel. I haven't finished it yet, so maybe the MC did something unspeakable at the end. But as far as I have read it (ch 215 as of this now), the novel has been pretty decent.

The romance between the main couple is top notch. Love love love the ML. He is so caring toward our MC, who desperately needs love in her life (she experienced some dark stuffs).

It's a fine read. I would have rated it 3... more>> stars if there weren't many 1 stars here. It's a good novel, but it seems to trend toward a more serious side (for the later chapters) instead of the goofy, typical mary sue novel, so I judge it harsher.

I disagree w a previous reviewer on how all of her problems are *day one* problems. It's not though!


we are established that she has a very closes relationship w her brother and grandparents, is a successful painter, have strain relationship w mom bc adopted sis is terrible. With her brother, it is because she trust him and gave him capital to start his *now* very successful company when NOBODY does. His parents and grandparents cut off his allowance! She came home when she was 15-16? And now she is 21. It takes time to build a company, and 5-6 years seem to be a good time line. She also has a very closed relationship to her grandparents to the point thay SHE IS WILLING TO MARRY A SOMEWHAT STRANGER TO FULLFILL HER DYING WISH (!) Like this is not a day one problem! You don't suddenly have that strong connection. I think think the time gap is perfect to establish her current situation at the start of the novel. After coming home, she took up painting as a way to find peace then became a successful painter during that time.. like that makes sense. It is also long enough to build up the animosity between her n her adopted sister (2-3 years) to the point where she pratically move out during her college yr and barely come home (the next 3 years).

A bit of a spoiler, but I honestly feel bad for the adopted sister, bc from her point of view, she has been adopted and rescued, but into the house and nobody really trust or like her, except for the mom

who was hypnotized into thinking the adopted daughter is real by husbanf

. Like, everybody treated her nicely, but that's on the surface (remember she was jusf a child when adopted. Young enough to be innocent, but old enough to begin to understand how the world works).. how is it different from her being a white lotus??? Like her later actions are... not my cup of tea, but I GET HOW SHE FEELS BETRAYED. In another world, she could be her own mary sue MC in a reincarnated novel lol <<less
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Nelle rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: c275
The story is very similar to My Sweet Physician Wife Calls the Shots. The romance is great, MC and ML figured out their feelings fast. There are no misunderstandings and lies between MC and ML. MC's family members get better as the story progresses. MC and ML both undergo character development.

The only thing I did not like about this novel is that the major villains of the story become a stumbling block for MC and ML for a looooong time. I'm halfway through the story and they are still feeling... more>> anxious about these enemies. They can't find the time to completely eliminate these enemies when they repeatedly mention that they have the ability to do so. It's tiring to be entangled with them for so long. The minor villains get resolved quickly though. <<less
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September 6, 2022
Status: --
This novel is great (idk why u guys didn't like it).. The translation is not completed yet so I mtl the rest of the chapters and it worth it.. Although it's a little bit hard to understand but its enough for me.. The novel is not like the other novels where the fake sister - oh wait- shes not fake cause her mother adopted her after qinlan disappeared.. Emm whatever.. I like this story because it has some action in it (she has to kill her leader again cause... more>> he's turn out to be alive when qinlan plan for his death when shes still an 'assasin'.. She's now in danger and her family's name will be tarnished if words get out that she's an assassin.. And by the end of the novel, I felt sad for the 2ML (her leader that I said before) even though he is the one who made the current shen qinlan learn to kill and to become an assassin but I cant help and felt sorry for his one sided love. Even qinlan's son is closer to him than his father.. More or less this novel will definitely be worthy for u to spend your precious time.. Enjoy :)

#pleasehavemercyformypoorenglish <<less
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