Lovely Allergen


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Song Yu has three requirements for Yue Zhishi:

– You cannot call me gege in public.

– We won’t do anything together in public.

– You cannot let other people know you live with me.

Yue Zhishi has always been obediently following these rules. They were practically strangers at school. At the opening ceremony, he suddenly collapsed due to an allergy-related asthma attack, sending everything into chaos. At this moment, the student representative Song Yu suddenly stopped speaking…….

That night, a hot post appeared on the school forum.

【Shock!! Our junior high school department male idol and our senior high school department male idol are actually ‘brothers’!】

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kě aì guò mǐn yuán
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New PeonyDancer
April 27, 2022
Status: --
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOc ute! Worth the read - absolutely LOVED it! Now I want a man like Song Yu omg he's perfect <3 Yue Zhishi is so damn lucky, and he's a sweetheart as well.

The drama is quite realistic, nothing out of the ordinary. You have ... more>>

school bullies, coming out to the parents (but these parents are to DIE FOR I wanna be Lin Rong when I become a mum), idiots at uni - I think the only 'extraordinary' thing that happens is due to Song Yu's job as a geographer for disaster areas

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New HanYuri rated it
April 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Zhichu always write beautiful stories and this one is just a comfort novel.

First the characters, the gong Song Yu is a very good brother to LeLe and later becomes a very good bf. He's a bit possessive but not to the point that he would restrict his lover. Only gentle towards his family especially LeLe.

Just like zhichu said, the shou isn't that strong type but he would depend on himself when the time comes. Despite his optimistic and lively personality, he isn't completely simple. The way he is afraid of... more>> his adopted family abandoning him one day, his separation anxiety makes him a complex character.

And side characters, the Song parents are very good parents. They treat their sons very well. They try to understand and accept their sons' relationship even if it's difficult for them. And the friends are also supportive of them and chaotic af (in extras lmao).

I also love that zhichu makes female characters strong, mature and understanding. No typical female villains usually seen in bl danmei.

And the lines in lovely allergen are just standard.


I don't need God to love me. It's just enough to have you.



Yue zhishi was Song Yu's one and only allergen. *Crying*

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amytranslations rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Hello! Translator here :)

Lovely Allergen is, imo, very different from many other BLs currently out there. It's a shame that Zhichu is fairly unknown in the English BL community. This novel is very much slice of life, very soft and (relatively) drama-free. It follows Yue Zhishi and Song Yu through their journey of being "brothers" to a well established, strong couple. The character growth in both of them were a complete joy to read -- Zhichu explores both of their minds so deeply that you get why they think... more>> they do. By the end of it, I was sad to let these two boys go, but at the same time, I was safe in the knowledge they would be happy together no matter what they did.

The two basic character archetypes are this: the strong, ice-cold gong x silly, fluffy shou. But Zhichu draws you in and then expands their personalities far beyond that. It's a rare BL that explores both the MC and ML so well, where you finish the novel and feel like both characters are fully realised people. You follow their hopes and dreams and fears. There are chapters in this that I literally just sat there and cried while I read, because the moments were so painful and yet relatable and true to their personalities. There is no dog blood in this. Everything happens in a very realistic manner.

Don't let the very cute English name mislead you. It is a very soft, very cute (at times) novel, but I would describe this novel more of a character exploration with romance than just a campus romance. It does take a little while to really get started (since Yue Zhishi and Song Yu's initial relationship with each other needs to be established first), but Zhichu makes it worth your while.

s*x scenes were fantastically written and were v hot. Even the kinks relate back to their personalities and anxieties.

There are some light dom/sub elements + gege kink, touched starved, separation anxiety.


There are some possible TW:

light PTSD, talk of suicide/self-harm, talk of death/dying.


The leads from Zhichu's BE Crazy Demon Survival System also cameo in this, and their timelines intertwine with Yue Zhishi and Song Yu's. There are some slight spoilers for that novel in this, but not serious ones.

And FYI -- the best parents in the world can be found in this novel. <<less
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Ainslee rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: c59
The story was quite good but somehow I felt tired while reading it.

Their relationship was moving at turtle pace - slow. It kinda depressing for me to second guessing what road they'd chose. The slice of life tag in this novel was melancholic. Not even the protagonist cheery personality able to lift up my mood while reading.

(´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)
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BanniNotBunny rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: c104
I MTLed after chapter 58. Understandable

It's a good novel.

MC and ML are not real brothers, MC is living with ML's family since he was 3years old.

MC is a cute, adorable baby. Everyone loves him. He has a serious brother complex. He is allergic and becomes sick easily.

ML has long been in love with the MC. MC is his allergen.

Confession : ... more>>

Chp 55
Even though YZ was the first one to say He liked him (SY) but it was not one sided at all.
SY is not a typical tsundre ML, he told Le Le honestly about his feelings that He (SY) had liked him for long long time right after YZ's confession. Even though ML has cat like personality but he expresses his feelings to the MC.


The focal point of the novel is

the complexity of their relationship. Both MC and ML are raised as brothers and everyone around them consider them as such. But they fell in love with each-other and are afraid of disappointing their parents mainly.


One of the most supportive parents of BL novel.

The novel has no angst, just slice of life. One of the most emotional moment was

when they came out to their parents and the draft letter by the ML. The letter is so touching. It is around 90th chapter


The smex scenes are explicit. But MTL *sigh*

ML has serious 'bullying during sex' kink not that the MC minds, his speech is cold even during sex


A good amount of written content about food.

◆◆The author focused too much on their brotherly relationship that I couldn't bring myself to feel so much passionate when they become lovers.◆◆

The novel doesn't live a deep impression but it's a good one.

Note : Author has explained the reason of MC and ML's insecurities and behaviour which is reasonable. Very understandable. <<less
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secondthots rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Falling for my bro who's not my bro... properly


If that's not enough bait then let me just tell you there's smut

... more>> Hooked? Niceeee

Not the first time I've read a novel with this kind of premise. I don't gravitate towards the "falling in love with my non-blood related sibling" or the alluded forbidden atmosphere of "incest" but I read them anyways ;w;

This story lacks the usual manipulative ML that tends to plague these type of plots. In other words, THIS NOVEL IS REALLY GOOD.

Both MC & ML were fleshed out pretty well & I can definitely sense the slowburn tag. There's good depth, a lot of love & longing, a healthy familial relationship, & IT'S ANGST FREE YES! No dog-blood plots, no irrational characters, no nonsensical situations. I really got to empathize with both characters & I love how the author builds their relationship.

Currently contemplating on buying a physical copy later when it launches later <<less
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thecrivens rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: c104
It's very good and quite realistic in my opinion. Not all fluffy, there were also internal conflicts and sad moments even after they were together, but the overall tone is warm. There was secret relationship, but not with minor which is a huge plus. There was no mind games, both of them were quite sincere and tried to be good influence to each other. The supporting characters were not brainless or cannon fodders. No vicious love rivals to get the plot going, betrayal, etc. Easy to MTL with several explicit... more>> smutty scenes that made me blush. <<less
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JackieChu rated it
January 5, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best novels I've ever read.
I won't explain in detail but I strongly think it's worth the read. It's soft, sweet, and fluffy. It also maked me cried a lot.

Their parents are good and considerate....

Something I really like about this novel's that there's no s*upid villains or huge face slapping moments. I mean this's about two ordinary boys that grow up under the same roof together, so there weren't many eventful every single character.

The difficulty they have to face because of their feeling for each other,... more>> and the decisions they have to make through out the journey of growing up. The situations they're in before and after becoming lovers... over all the authors handled it very well.

The MC is sooo cuteeee!! He's nice but not a weakling. As for the ML, he had my full respect! Salute.

Oh yeah, the s*x scenes.....



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Ritsuka rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: extra 1
Before I say anything, I need to clarify that this novel does not contain incest. MC and ML are not blood related. For people like me, who still dislike the grew up together as family but then sudden romance wham plot a lot (like usagi drop), not only were both of our leads knew they were not brothers but also the romance was gradual when they were growing up. So there's nothing to make you uncomfortable and uneasy while reading this!

Moving on to the actual story, this is gonna be... more>> a long review so I hope you'll stick with me:

-So I started reading this thinking it might be highschool romance, but colour me surprised, this was more of a progressive BL going through the junior high to university, mostly about the growing up and lives of our leads. It was about their growing up, becoming mature and struggling through difficulties while coming in terms with the way of the world and their own selves.I honestly quite liked this type of story progression as it showed how the MC felt seeing how the world really works and as he slowly became mature. It wasn't truly a slow progression but in bits and pieces through flashbacks and timeskips telling us what we needed so it didn't make me bored too. The plot can be said to be romance based too, as it focused on the two leads and their love and interactions more too.

-When you think about modern romance, you think of light, cute, pasionate with a dash of angst romance but this romance? It was really quite serious or heavy I dare say! Like ngl I could actually feel their love and pain across the screen. And the author did an awesome work of using the dialogues and atmosphere to make us understand their feelings for each other! So if you are fan of that, I recommend this.

-As usual, this novel too was in 3rd person perspective, but as you know the 3rd person perspective too follows only a single person in other novels like the MC. Only some thoughts of ML are divulged occasionally. But this novel followed both the ML and MC and we delved deep into their mind and heart. Thats why the romance felt deep and natural and I didn't dislike it at all because I could delve into their feelings right from the start and see their thoughts!

-The character setting, deconstruction, development and exploration of the two leads were done really right! The MC was not just a kind cutie. There were reasons why he acted like so which were revealed as the story progressed and I loved how the author slowly solved them, slowly developing his character over the course.

The reason why YZ acted kind to everyone was because he felt like he should payback everyone for being kind to him as he was an orphan and thus he was always trying to please people and never wanting to say no

The ML is literally one of the best MLs i've seen and I respect the author for that a lot. From the start, he knew he shouldn't have those feelings and then instead of baiting the MC into falling in love with him. He acted with restraint for years to come!Tbh I thought he would the typical cold indifferent ML but damn when I figured that he wanted to distance himself from the MC so he could be an older brother, that the MC loved, for him by deliberately acting cold even tho he didn't want to, I can't say I wasn't moved! And yet he was always weak and helpless to the MC, listening to whatever he wanted and dotting on him. He sometimes wished to be a stranger to MC so he didn't have such burden and could date MC normally but then he was never willing to give up his memories of growing up with him!The author did a great job writing his struggles and even I think he suffered a lot. Like please take notes here! Love is not about total possession and imprisonment! Its about that if you love the other person, you can't bear to see them unhappy even if it means cutting into your flesh! He tried to be the best older brother MC wanted even tho he didn't want to be! Even after he got together with the MC he left him countless ways out telling him if he ever wanted out, he'd still act as his older brother! Wanting to take all the painful stuff to himself! And even when they were dating, he taught the MC that its ok to refuse! That its ok to not please people but be happy himself! Its ok to not take initiative! This man right here is worthy of all my respect! Thats how you love a person! The MC did a great job in healing him too! By always being open about his affections, by being with him in tough times, by telling him to rely on him more, by agreeing with whatever the ML wanted and soothing him! These boys really tug at your heartstrings when you read the novel! You can literally feel that their love is so true and pure!

-The smut *cough cough* is literally sooo good in this one! Like finally!!! After so long I'm able to read real smut, not fade into background!!! And the smut is so kinky! Like they did it all! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) From handjob, blowjobs, phone smex to vanilla, spanking, blindfold and even some outdoor activities!!!! TOTAL SATISFACTION!!!! Song Yu was such a dom!! I actually had such fifty shade vibes while reading! But he was always respectful of what Yue Zhishi wanted! Their smut was not based on what truly felt good for both parties and I love that!

-Now lets talk about the side characters and family! For the side characters, each of them felt real and had their own lives instead of just being there for the leads! They were extremely nice people! Jiang Yufan and Qin Yan were such good and loyal friends of MC and ML that they even made me a lil jealous! Ofc there were side characters that were in love with the leads (not gonna spoil who) but they weren't shown to be villains who would lose morals just for love but instead they were highly respectful people who helped the leads in their relationship a lot and moved on with their lives. The uni students were really nice too! I only wish they got more screentime! Since they were so well written! The parents are literally the best parents i've seen in any novel. Period! Not only did they never discriminate between YZ and SY in raising them but they were so affectionate and loving to them like it just melts your heart!!!! And the coming out chapters are reallly heartwarming one that will melt you into a puddle!

Ofc they were hurt and worried but The reason they were worried was not because they were disgusted or anything but because they didn't want their children to be hurt while facing the society and hurt because they didn't even know what their children were going through all those years. They didn't yell at them. Took their time and then completely accepted them showing their support! How effin wholesome is that!!! I look at the parents in 'a certain someone' and then and these wholesome parents! Like just wow! Best parents ever!!!


-The ending was great! With them going a full circle and overcoming their past traumas and getting motivation to keep moving forward to realise their dreams. They became such a wholesome, fulfilling couole surrounded by their family and friends!

It was a great novel and I recommend it to you all! I did cut one star because the story actually dragged like in the latter half, I mean ok you got the message across that they love each other a lot! I get it! Like I'm the person who likes passionate love stories and wouldn't mind it being mentioned a lot of times. But even to me, it felt really redundant and draggy sometimes when the author just kept and kept mentioning it! So I cut that one star!

Anyway, great story! Please read it! I'm sure you'll fall in love with it and it's wholesome characters!Thank you all for sticking my loooong review lol! Thank you to the author for this story and the translator for enabling me to read this gem! <<less
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mYboiS rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: Completed

It's just cute, cute, cute, cute!! You will see why when you read it! And No, it is NOT those cheesy cute novel where they fall in love fast and just spread their sweet love everywhere, nope!

:: Cute, loving, stubborn, naive, one tract mind MC X Cold, but caring fake brother ML ❤

... more>> About an orphan MC. Both parents died when he was 3 so ML's parents took him in.

ok.... the author did such a great job with writing about the feelings of every characters. Like..."how" and "why" the characters act and feel the way they are, are all explained clearly. Especially on MC and ML's part. I don't even know how to explain it, when you read it, you will know. Bravo to the translator too!! 👏👏

Great chemistry and relationship development between our MC and ML. Plot is lovely!

........ If you have read the high rating novel "A Certain Someone, " then Lovely Allergen is somewhat similar to it, but for now, I think I might like Lovely Allergen more. Lol. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I had a few people ask me "what are you reading?" when I was slowly making my way through this novel.

My honest reply was, "nothing I'd recommend anyone else."

Truthfully, it's an excruciatingly slow book. There's a lot of completely unnecessary filler. The few golden moments where the characters lept off the page, throwing off their 2d wrappings, only happened in the last quarter of the novel.

... more>> I found the ending fantastic and deeply regretful that the only character development for the MC happened in the last few chapters.

If you're willing to wait that long, definitely a good reward.

Otherwise, I highly recommend skimming.

It's a very classic university/school novel, with a very cheerful pampered main character. He's bubbly, friendly to everyone, warm and sweet. His only weakness is that he has an allergy to gluten. The ML is excruciatingly cookie-cutter. Cold, emotionless, iceberg, good at everything under the sun, not just basketball, but also number one student, who softens only for the MC.


ML fell in love with MC first and nursed that love for a million years, suffering in silence. Classic.


There are a few turns breaking the cliche


ML doesn't go to one of the top #1 schools, and doesn't choose to become a CEO. Its ok tho, MC and ML's dad is a CEO. They have a shitton of money. As always.


But other than those moments far and few in-between, this book was very good at putting me to sleep.

Translation is super good. I'm very sure the only reason I endured this novel was due to the excellent translation. <<less
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dee_ism rated it
October 31, 2021
Status: --
It's a quite good story, sweet and fluff.

But then, it's so painfully slow.

No character growth on MC from junior high till university.

And while I love fluff, this story fall on fluff-cringey type which is happen so much after they got together. Also, the way ML changed when they're intimate is such a turn off.

I would like to recommend Mint Stained Shirt instead.
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Lea168 rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: Completed
3.5/5* - Super sweet romance, but writing was slow and boring!

This is the first time that I really loved the couple, they were the best, yet I was quite bored with the story due to the writing style.


... more>> 1. Super great couple! They are so cute together and both very hot. So caring and trusting. Truly the best you can come across in a BL novel.

2. Real characters and realistic setting (ok, if you ignore that both are super looking) !! Upper middle class family. ML chooses a field of study that I haven't heard of before in Chinese novels and I'm glad! MC studies Law. Their family and friends all sound normal and realistic too. No dumb, villainous characters. No dog blood or face slapping.

3. Great smut!!! Explicit and hot :)

SO... WHY ONLY 3.5*?

Really disliked this author's writing style!

    • Soooo slowwwww... Long chapters + lots of details + lots of filler dialogues. Sometimes 1 scene could take up 3 long chapters or so. As if I was reading a film script including all the lines of each and everyone. Some readers like it, I HATED IT
    • Slow romance + slow pacing + long chapters + too many details + too many dialogues = frustration. Really, imo this story would have been perfect if author managed to shorten it to 50 chapters or so instead of 109 chapters.
Keep the smut, the confession and the last 10 chapters & Extras (so, from the moment they confessed to their parents) and shorten the rest of the chapters.

    • Author notes.... So many and so long!!!! I truly dislike author notes. Small theatres etc are still somewhat fun and occasionally an author note is still OK. But I prefer no author notes at all. More than the occasional few means the author writing skills fails as she needs author notes to explain the reasoning and actions of her characters. This author did that A LOT. So many times she wrote long notes like an essay. It really pulls you out of a story that you are immersed in. Also, the author notes contained spoilers. It was as if I was watching a movie, but every other scene the director chips in to explain what is going on in this scene, reassuring me that all characters are good people, and what this scene tries to explain. BLEH!!
Too bad!! This story could be so perfect. It need an editor to get rid of all the lengthy parts. But as no other readers had this problem I guess this is an unpopular opinion... <<less
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aceuna rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c57
I can't recommend this novel enough. The relationship of the main couple develops at a perfect pace, and the author really handles all of their characters with so much care, attention, and thoughtful realism that this novel is easily one of my favorites of all time. The writing style is beautiful and immersive with frequent comedic beats, and the translator does an incredible job at conveying that beauty and humor.

(Also Nan Jia, queen, if you're reading this please marry me.)

Note: Don't read this on an empty stomach. The... more>> author has a talent for describing food in the most appetizing, mouth-watering way possible, and our lovely MC is a foodie. The translator also provides links to photos of all the dishes mentioned, which is very helpful in terms of story-immersion but also a special kind of torture to someone who can only stare greedily at the screen <3

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Nana24 rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of the best heartwarming novels I've ever read! MC is such a cinnamon bun!

I love the author in writing notes at the end of some chapters to explain why MC and ML are like that. Moreover, there are also notes at the beginning to give a warning for some explicit...
It allows us to have a better understanding of their personality and justify their actions in doing so.
This is quite realistic to describe ML's actions as his older brother (not blood-related) but was treated as one... more>> for many years. It's difficult for someone in that position to act between MC's older brother and his love towards MC.

There was a chapter that ML's mother found out about the letter ML wrote when he was young. It was so touching when ML revise the letter 11 times to give to the future MC's lover. - from this, u can already see how much ML loves him, to try to not show his love for MC and try to be a proper older brother.
Tbh, most Chinese families are still quite conservative and are respectful to our elders currently, so it's more difficult to express a BL's relationship, especially when u are raised in a family together. So, for their parents to give their approval makes it even more touching.



in Chp96, the kiss makes by MC & ML under the Christmas tree was exposed in the school, but they handled it by calling the police and find evidence about Wang Zhi.
This exposure resulted in them coming out of the closet. Yet, many ppl accepted it.


Overall, 10/10, totally recommend! <<less
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CandyApples rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: c86
I loved this. Now, for those who find incest disgusting, this is borderline bc although they are technically in no way related, they did grow up raised as brothers. But this is done very well- they don't really act like biological siblings do either. They are much more sweet but they also have distance as one feels uncomfortable living in the other's home while the other distances himself due to his feelings. Despite this, the younger can't bear to be apart from the older, and the older can't refuse the... more>> sweetness of the younger.

What I love the most though, is the author's opinion on older love interests. The older love interest should never abuse their power in a relationship and should never try to influence the younger down a particular path- they should let the younger make their own decisions. It's so charming that the older tries to keep his distance and minimise his influence but always secretly spoils the other, caring in silence not expecting anything in return.

He probably wouldn't have said anything of his feelings if the younger sibling hadn't confessed first- he would have just suffered in silence knowing that if he confessed, the younger might agree out of kindness or smth.


Also the smut in this story is the definition of enthusiastic consent.

The gong never does anything without full consent and the shou always asks for kisses during s*x as to reaffirm their feelings, and is never hesitatant to say he likes it when asked by the gong. He loves anything the gong does to him because he absolutely trusts him and knows how gentle and caring he is. The gong has a lot of restraint and would never hurt him or push him if he said no. The shou oftentimes takes intiative too. He is so clingy, possessive and obsessed (he's polite about it though and respects the older's boundaries) and has been so from a young age.

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Roro97 rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Ughhhh my heart is on 9 clouds guys.. This novel is wholesome. So cute and heartwarming. I'm soft all over. I love both MC & ML. They're amazing and the story is great even tho this kind of plot not new, I still love it. So beautiful!!
I'm not going to dive into much cause the other Good reviewers said everything you need to know. Just like LeLe who likes to share his favorite stuffs to Song Yu, I recommend heavily especially if you're on a mood for a... more>> fluffy, cute, heartwarming, sweet novel. Oupsss forgot "Smutty" as well. And you're in for a treat. Ahahah Love it! Good luck!!! <<less
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Purple Rain
Purple Rain rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: --
One of the best slice of life bl novels out there. The way the author handles the lgbtq aspect is really warm, touching, & empathetic (i saw somewhere on twitter that the author is lgbt herself: not really sure whether it's comfirmed or not tho).

The best thing I like abt this novel is its overtone throughout the whole story, which is very soothing & gives u warm fluffy feelings. Lele & Song yu are both very SOFT. It's one of those novels where u'll love both MC & ml. The... more>> romance is also very very soft. The author handled the 'adoptive brothers fall in love' theme very well too, not in a shallow & overly romantized way, but in a respectful, realistic, & heart warming way.

The translation is also excellent, so it's a must-read recommendation for me. The only thing I want to warn the readers is that u shouldn't read it when u r hungry at night, bcuz there's LOTS of delicious food in every chapter.😂 <<less
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ApolloAresZues rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I read up to the translation and then continued with the mtl, which is very easy and readable. Theres a lot to like about this novel, it's very cute.

It's about childhood friends that eventually develop into lovers... more>>

with the ML ofc being in unrequited love for years

. I would say this is way less angsty then most childhood friend novels that have a lot of dog blood misunderstanding. This one ofc has that but its focused on being sweet and further cultivating the relationship as they attend school.

MC is a cheerful character with some sadness in his background but he absolutely loves and adores the ML, his "brother" who grew up with him. He thinks ML is the best and can do no wrong. ML in turn pampers and spoils him, while consciously restraining himself and never interfering with MCs decisions. Even when

they get together, it's all MC initiative, MC confessing, and MC pushing for the relationship. ML in fact was very scared that he affected MC way of thinking as ML is all he knows, so he makes sure to never influence MCs thinking and leave it up to him. This addressed any possible power imbalances that could've come from their "older bro/younger bro" relationship. It was handled well


To sum, nothing felt dubious to me consent wise and the MC was very very willing. The relationship felt two way rather than one person putting all their energy in. The backdrop of the school setting and watching them both grow up was a bonus. I liked their relationship dynamic alot in this one. MC was so spoiled and ML was so indulgent.

Probably the best part ofc was the...

SEX. s*x SCENES. This author does great s*x scenes that feel tempting and nose bleed inducing without seeming vulgar or tasteless. Because of their dynamic, its lowkey SM play going on (not bondage, more humiliation kink and power play) which I surprisingly enjoyed as it fit their personalities. MC is very obedient in bed and ML makes his demands based on MC pleasure. Really sexy! Trust me, you'll enjoy these scenes. Theres a good amount of them too not like alot alot, but you'll be well satisfied lol.


When I think about it this novel kinda reminded me of Slow Witted if you guys have read that, but had a much better ending.

The ending is HE and if your like me theres no weird time skips or forced separation to make the parents accept them. At first the parents dislike the fact that they were raised together (not nessecary the gay part) but they both stand up for their love, esp the MC who in this case had more reason to feel guilty (he was raised by ML parents and felt indebted to them but technically ended up snatching their son) but he stuck by ML and they never broke up.


This is a feel well written feel good novel with good smut. Read it if you like childhood friends turned lovers with a slight slow burn. <<less
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February 4, 2022
Status: c14
Song Yu is very attractive, but I do get a little weirded out by siblings getting together even if they aren’t blood related. To grow up together and get raised as siblings to then form a romantic relationship, it’s just a little icky to me. But probably will still finish at some point! I think it’s because I have a half brother that was raised with me that I tend to avoid step sibling romances.
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Devrai rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: extra 7
It's a lot better than "A certain someone" but still nothing I need to read a second time. I saw people comparing these two novels so I felt like doing it too. While acs was too much focused on the learning environment and scramming, this novel goes the way of focusing on the relationship, what I like better.

Though I like reading slice of life this was a bit too slow for me. It often went on in some "brain rambling " where I got bored. Too name one, the... more>> writer explained that only MC is able to perceive the minor face movements and soft side of ML... and they explained it a hundred times in a thousand different words. I think we got it after the first few times.

The flow between MC and ML was mostly good but became somewhat strange at times. The story itself started when ML was 18 and MC 15, then there came a time jump of 3 years but there was basically no change in MCs personality. Still behaving like his 15 years old self. Also there was a little instant where MC "reacted" to male on male relations and started to realize his own preference but after the time jump there was no follow up. It was as if he never thought it through to the end and is still not clear about it himself. Sorry but no male teenager wouldn't have any reactions at that age and ponder about it.

Also I really was alienated by the smut. Yes smut, if you look for smut you will find lots of whole chapters about it. I wasn't alienated because there was smut, I was disturbed by the 180 degree turns. The whole story long the day to day interactions and flow between MC and ML are somewhat sweet but as soon the intimate actions started it turned a 180 degree to SM. This really killed somewhat the mood for me. I have no problems with light SM but it felt too abrupt for me, it didn't fit the whole baseline. At some point I just skipped the whole smut chapters.

So... in the end it's ok read but I can't muster up enough enthusiasm to want to read it again. <<less
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Common_people rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: Completed
It's good! Sweet and fluffy~. The plot is actually pretty light, but complex in emotion. the story is quite realistic. the problem is quite common, but the author develops it with a more interesting side closer to reality. especially with the conflict of feelings when it comes to choosing love or family. tbh, when you really love someone who is very close to you like family, it will be harder for you to decide what direction the relationship will take. there is a fear of ruining an existing relationship.

About the... more>> Charachter setting... MC has a gentle personality, quite innocent, but can be very stubborn when he decides. for ML, it can be said that he is a cold person, hard on himself, coward, unable to express his feelings directly. maybe because he matured and became independent earlier. when I read the smut section, I was a little surprised that the gentle ML for MC was actually quite bullied in bed. he has a tendency to have complete control over his partner. I Can't say it's sadistic, but he has that tendency.

For all, this one is good. This author always give some quote and philosophy. I like it. But still it's pretty lower than the other book that the author write. Sweet, fluffy, a Lil bit bitter and no dog-blood. I enjoy the taste. <<less
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