Green Plum Island


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When I was ten, I fell from a tree and hit my head. When I woke up, the world around me had changed. I could see people’s emotions in the form of numbers and colours—pink for love, red for anger, green for awkwardness, blue for sorrow, yellow for desire…

I met Yan Kongshan the summer after college entrance exams on Green Plum Island. Mysterious and handsome, with a tinge of melancholy, he was the ideal man of every woman on the island. And mine.

I wanted him to turn pink for me, but one day, he suddenly turned yellow. Despite that, he seemed ever so nonchalant when facing me.

Love is like lemon soda water. Sour and sweet, filled with energy.

You never know how a person’s heart beats for you, hidden in its cage beneath their flesh.

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Qing Mei Yu
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New alice_animelover rated it
September 3, 2023
Status: c1
Let me first start by saying that I only found out about this story because two of my favorite stories were ridiculed and 1-star rated by, let's call this person, Meany. So I checked out Meany's profile to see what (let's assume a she) she considered a 5-star, and this story was it.

4/5 for me.


Well, here's Meany's review:... more>>

It's the kind of story that leaves its imprints in your memory. And whenever you think back to it, a smile accompanied by a warm fuzzy feeling materialises on your face.

The translation was alright, the story was well paced, the characters were memorable, and the fluff was EVERYTHING. There were so many moments throughout the novel that made me scream out loud from the overwhelming wholesomeness.


And here is mine.

Wholesome? Oh, it is absolutely wholesome. In a ridiculously super cliche way.

I am completely being a bit*h because I am pissed at this person, so don't take my review to heart. Except for Meany.

First of all, b*tch,

A LOT of these translations are done for free. You are more than welcome to go to your local library, local bookstore, and any other locations near you and read books that have been edited and approved for publishing prints that has good eNgLiSh~.

f*ck off with that entitled attitude! If you don't like a translator's work then go find another one, or else, bye, go enjoy them MTLs. Ungrateful b*tches like you will ruin the experience overall for others.

Second, if I am speaking realistically, this story is about as creative as those shoujo mangas that shares the same tropes and character types.

Did I enjoy the story? I sure absolutely did. I also cringed at a lot of the scenes too, and not even from secondhand embarrassment. A lot of the scenes were easily predictable that it was cringey.

But, for you to bit*h and low rate so many other stories over petty sh*t only for you to 5-star this makes all your reviews seem so f*cking ridiculous. Some of the other stories you b*tched about actually does have a plot, character development, memorable characters, have fluffy moments, have wholesome moments, and, yes, when I think about them, I also have a smile materialized on my resting bit*h face!

Based on your basic ass review for this story you so graciously rated a whole f*cking 5/5 for, I concluded that the only reason yo b*tchass is being mean is because:

  1. Bad translation
  2. Not wholesome enough
  3. Not fluffy enough
Green Plum Island is fluffy and wholesome, but I say that ML still needs a redemption arc and still need more character development because his character is basically a walking red flag as much as all the f*cking ML from the stories you bit*h about.

As the reviewer Asigmah said:


I had high expectations, but it's so boring and doesn't have any exciting events, just a flat line.

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Alexa Esme
Alexa Esme rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is SO good. Just after reading the first few chapters, I got curious n MTL-binged this in around 24 hours n I hate MTL (who doesn't though lol). Surprisingly, it was very easy to MTL n clear. Now, the story. It's refreshing n unique in the sense that this time, it's the MC who falls in love first n is the one chasing the ML, Yan Kongshan. It's also new to me bcuz I've mainly been reading many stories with heavy plots with tropes like transmigration into novels/quick-transmigration/rebirth/revenge/face-slapping... more>> for a long time. While this novel is about an 18 year old boy with a unique type of synaesthesia (he can see emotions) who moves to Green Plum island for his summer vacation due to his mother's remarriage, falls in love n chases after his first love.

It's a sweet, wholesome novel with lovely characters like an adorable grandpa (I LOVE THE GRANDPA SM HE MA BIAS), an independent queen of a grand aunt, a funny, way too straightforward (h**ny AF lmao) best friend n a disabled, clever n financially wise but super cute little kid. There's no face-slapping, no revenge, no familial conflict where someone's gotta fight for money or property n all that pizazz, no angst n no drama. The best part of this story for me is Yu Mian, the MC. Now bear in mind that I have read multiple novels n out of all of them, I only like 6 MCs n no one else (TMI but they're Founder of Diabolism's Wei Wu Xian, Lovely Allergen's Yue Zhishi, Very Happy's Li Zhao, GUEE's You Huo, How To Say I Love You's Xiao Jiashu n QWTFOTD's Zhou Yun Sheng-highly recommended btw. These boys r my holy 6 n now with GPI's Yu Mian, might change it to holy 7. Also, I just thought of this, but what if these 7 were in a boy group... that'd be so freakin amazing..... COUGH). So that just shows u how much of a gem YM is. I love this boy so much it's unhealthy n I'm actually jealous of the ML cuz he has this soft, fluffy cinnamon roll all to himself.

From here on out, the review might contain spoilers, though imo it's ok to read, just in case, I've placed majority of it in a spoiler box.


The ML is a bookstore owner, a straight man 9 years older than the MC, n has a 5 year old niece that he raises n takes care of like his daughter n has completely sworn off love n no longer believes in it due to the tragic incidents he's seen n faced in the past. He's firmly decided that he's going to remain single for life.

The MC is a quiet, soft spoken and cute teenager who falls in love at first sight with the ML. In the beginning, he's attracted to his looks n overall aura but later, once he gets to know him, he becomes certain that he can't give up no matter what n throws his shyness out the window n bravely n actively begins his pursuit. The reason why I said I'm really jealous of the ML is bcuz after he figured out the MC's feelings, he passively rejected him quite a few times, gave him hints n chances to give up n told him that something between them wasn't possible even tho he clearly was becoming attracted, both emotionally n sexually, to the MC as well. Him pushing YM away wasn't bcuz of gender (surprisingly) but bcuz he truly no longer believed in love n cuz (this is the MAIN, NO. 1 BIGGEST reason) the MC is younger than him by almost a decade n so even if Yu Mian's already about to be 19, the ML firmly believes that YM's love won't last n isn't serious bcuz the MC is young n that his love for the ML is fleeting n just a hot-blooded thing that he'll get over as he grows older n leaves the island. But despite all of his pushing n rejecting, the MC never gave up n showed him that he really loved him with his words n actions. He wasn't a coward like the ML n didn't give up.

N tbh, if I was the MC n someone rejected me n pushed me away that much, I would've long given up n found myself another love. Anyone would. The MC's love is very pure n loyal n he breaks down all the walls the ML has built n shows him that his age doesn't matter n that his love for him is eternal. N even after they get together, I find it absolutely endearing how he always lets the ML know how much of a blessing he is in YM's life n how much he loves him. Like T_T. If I had someone love me as much as YM does the ML, u bet I'd put my hand out n straight up holler "Here, my hand, where's my ring?"

It's a slow romance for a 53 chapter story n the process of Yu Mian charming Yan Kongshan is very, very interesting n fun n the story is very addicting n leaves a sweet, memorable taste. Like a green plum (hehe, sorry, had to. Cough.) Also, it's REALLY fun seeing how jealous, sexually aroused, unreasonable n upset the ML can get when he thinks the MC is moving on even tho he's the one telling the MC to give up. N he covers it up by saying he's an elder who's simply concerned the MC is making wrong decisions. Mhmm. Yeah. Sure. I de~finitely believe u honey. No doubts at all.



The romance is fulfilling n I love how when the 2 finally get together, the clingy one isn't the MC but is actually the ML lmao. For how mature n stable he appears on the surface, he's actually very passionate, adorably childish n sticky privately when in love. The side characters r all wonderfully written n each of them r memorable n further embellish this story with grace n delicacy. The comedy isn't in ur face n too try-hard but subtle n puts a genuine smile on ur face. There's a tiny bit of chicken soup for the soul in this which I very much like. All the characters aren't 1D at all. From the protagonists to a fleeting mention, everyone is humanized n not just words. I can envision them as actual beings n Green Plum Island has become an actual place in my eyes. It was built fascinatingly with customs n depth n backstory n boy oh boy how much I do wish this place existed in reality. Everyone needs a lovely little paradise like this to run off too in their hectic lives.

Overall, this story is a highly recommended read that I will definitely re-read multiple times once the translator has finished this. It's a gem that u shouldn't miss n a 10/5 stars for me. The only flaw is that it didn't go on forever T_T I rly wouldn't have minded more than 100 extras.... like at all.

Also, translations. I HAVE to mention this. It's simply amazing n by far, the best translation I've ever read. It doesn't feel like a translation but an actual English novel given straight to us by the original author themselves. The frequency of updates is also very high and the quality of translations for every chapter updated is extremely good. So far, I can guarantee it's a 5/5 stars. Con is that the translator has really raised my translation standards now QwQ

Oh weow. Srsly didn't realize I made a review into a 1000 word essay oops🙈

Edit- I just finished re-reading it after it was fully translated n....I rly rly want a Yu Mian (MC) in my life WAHHHH😭😭 I srsly feel like all the issues n pain I might face in the future would be worth it if it somehow leads me to meet someone who loves, respects, indulges n cherishes me as much as YM does the ML. ML u lucky lucky bastard. No wonder ur so clingy with him, u know how lucky u r n refuse to let him run away😭😭 <<less
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Melange rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a captivating and rather poetic piece that details one young man's journey of love.

After a childhood injury, MC is left with a form of synesthesia, which allows him to perceive the emotions of people around him as colors and numbers. This leads him to have a pretty docile and placid personality. He is a great listener, but is reluctant to impart his thoughts and feelings upon others, for fear of seeing peoples' true thoughts. Additionally, he is still in the closet, but had been outed by his classmates... more>> in the past.

He meets ML, who is a handsome single father and verifiably straight man. ML's tastes are completely contrary to MC: he likes older, taller, busty women with long hair. However, their interactions lead the two to become inexplicably attracted to each other. It isn't easy for them, though. ML rejects his feelings for MC because first, they have almost a ten year gap between them, second, because MC has yet to experience the world, and third, because his life experience has led him to no longer believe in love.


He saw his sister's 10 year romance fail after her partner left her to marry another woman. Then, he experienced his own failed romance after tragedy forced him to choose between his partner and his family.


I am very, very, very glad that the author included strong female characters in this novel. There is the spunky, sassy niece who is way too smart for her own good and refuses to read fairy tales because they lie to girls. There is her mother, who was way stronger than her cheating partner, and who bore a child without his help. And there is the great aunt, who is part of the spinster sisterhood, those who have sworn never to marry and die single and happy -- the point being that it is perfectly okay to be single, and there is no need to have another half to complete them.

I would say that this is a pretty healing read and a respite from your every day angst and drama, so if you're looking for something to ease the mind, this is a great read. <<less
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dee_ism rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: c25
I tried really hard, but I have no motivation to continue reading.

It's not bad, but it just feel bland, imo. Or maybe I just put more expectation since the rating is so high, but then get disappointed.

My age is closer to ML, end of 20s, so I can relate more to him. In my eyes, the MC is just a kid. So, honestly I can't feel the excitement regarding their romance. And since it's in MC's pov, I found the story a bit childish and not my cup of tea.

Maybe... more>> it's also because I haven't read it till the end, but I'm almost half and cannot find a charming point of this story. Sorry. <<less
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BoriCats rated it
April 7, 2023
Status: Completed
If I will be given a chance to read this book again for the first time, I will advice myself not to read it at all.

Why because I have a strong aversion to the ML, and it seems like from the sea of reviews and comments, this is a personal preference.

This 3.5/5 stars bdw.

Basically the whole book is about a 18 yo person shamelessly chasing a guy, then got rejected a couple of times until he was reluctantly accepted. That's the gist so I advice not to expect more complicated... more>> plots and stuffs.

I was actually lured here with the ratings which is currently 4.7 with more than 500 raters. I thought this was a good book but the first chapter itself, I was really considering dropping this upon knowing who will be the ml.

The ML was introduced in the first chapter as a single dad with his daughter, living next door across MCs house. So the ML has a hussy trait, he sleeps around, I mean in place, with various women but his style is at his house. There will be a wind chime outside the door and he will took it when he's doing 'business' inside, no one was allowed to stay over, just s*x and it should be after the kid was already asleep. Then he will put it again so that anyone can know he's available.

From that introduction itself, the hairs all over my body was already rising. I got revulsion from this, and I should have followed my instinct back then to drop the book. But I didn't because I was giving it the benefit of the doubt due to its high ratings and it only has around 60 chapters.

Here's reason why, from the get go, I don't like the ml.

I don't have an issue if you are promiscuous or you sleep around. That's your right and your business. My problem is the intent. Firstly, I don't like the behavior of bringing women at your house to bang where your physically disabled child was living. Keep your adult business away from your house. The possible exposure to the kid will affect her mental growth and psyche especially if the kid is looking for a mother figure.

Second I may mind my business with your promiscuousity but it's a different thing for me to give you my sense of respect. A person who leads on women's feeling knowing your not going to take responsibility afterwards is plain hurting someone intentionally. What are you gonna expect a self respecting woman who has feelings to you and then was invited to your bed to feel afterwards? It's another word if you went to a pleasure house and bought a prostitute. That's transaction there. There will be no unnecessary feelings hurt. I was not going to hold him accountable for this because even if it was not stated in the book, maybe he already warned them not to have expectation in the first place, not until later when one of his bedmates confronted him.

He was such a jerk and unfeeling about it. He said that there relationship is over... if they can even consider it as relationship. There was ambiguity with there actions. I was expecting him to be gentle or not be a jerk at least on telling the woman their status as just only bedmates but he's so uncaring about it. He treats women as gloryholes that was just a hole where he can put his d*ck on for pleasure and be done with it afterwards. Those are human beings with feelings jerk. Your not even paying them anything. Yes, there was consent and they didn't ask for payment but its not the point. My problem is his actions. Disrespectful of other people's dignity, especially women. This is a huge red flag with me.

Most of my problems later on was still with the ml. Why? because he acts like a princess. The shameful MC was chasing him relentlessly when in fact the MC is the shou and he's the gong. I'm not gonna be someone who has double standard about it. Men and gongs can chase their partners so why not the shou and the women can't? They can but the ML is acting like a delicate and fragile lady who says ' Oh I don't want to believe in love and I don't want to be in relationship forever' which is bullshit. Firstly comparing a lady to him will be degrading to those women out there. Secondly. his reason is because he got dumped once by his ex and his sister was dumped by her long term boyfriend. I know a lot of people and I experience it firsthand the handful of times the feeling of break-ups. I got rejected by love but it never stops me from believing in love, I just don't believe in certain people. Because everyone is different and the way others treat love may be different from your ex. Grow up dude. Even teenage girls move on from the person and not of love. People around us experience heartbreak but they never shy from love, they just got wiser from it. The ML is a p**sy.

That was not the big issue but it got big because he always use it as a reason to reject the mc's confession even if he got feelings for the MC. Lets not start with our shameless MC that lacks self respect and importance because we can understand that this was due to him falling in love for the first time. We all somewhat turn s*upid with out first experience with love or crushes. The MC after obviously showing not so subtle advances to the ML who also treated him ambiguously was only left hanging there. The ML clearly draws line with other people advances but in turn with the MC he won't draw a clear line. Our MC will be expecting much from his actions if he only not know that the guy was always white (Indifferent) with him during this ambiguous actions. He only later turn yellow. He knows that the MC likes him but he still let the MC enters his work and personal life.

Later on the MC confess, got rejected, confess again and got rejected again. Then he told the MC to look other guys and when the MC was interacting with possible bedmates, he got angry and territorial. The heck! You throw it but you can't let others have it. Then the MC being shameless agrees to have a ONS with him then the MC got crazy in the head and decided to demand to do it everyday, what I mean is kissing. Then the ML was being passive about this. He got convinced later on to try dating with him and he told MC that he's on probational bf until he went to college. Later on, he was only letting the MC hanging apparently as he thought mc's leaving to college, he's doing it so he can have his selfish needs suffice during those times. The MC still shamelessly continues and prove to him that he's wrong until he agrees afterwards.

You know my problem with him. He got no effort in their relationship. It's like he won the lottery without even betting on it. He was serve and serve with the food with the food begging to be eaten, now the food's gonna be eaten with others he can't take it. He was even reluctant with tasting it just a little. What was even good about him. He's just hot. I personally think there are also hot guys who will chase the specialness of the MC.

The ML is a man too. At least meet him halfway there. At least once be proactive with your relationship. The last day before college starts which is the deadline for probation, if the MC hasn't asked then he might not agree to their relationship.

It's solely the MC rowing the boat. The ship sailed but I sincerely wished it capsized and the MC jumped to a yacht instead.

He always uses MCs young age as a reason for his rejection when facts are proving he's the immature one in their relationship, you can't convince me otherwise.

This is just personal preference as I haven't seen any reviews sharing similar views with me. But I still stand on my views no matter how radical and exotic it is than others. I upheld my pride that if a person rejects my confession once then it's his lost, but rejected twice? And scramble for scraps after rejected again? Value yourself so others will value you too. If you sell yourself too cheap to others then they will not take you seriously.

There's nothing wrong in relentlessly chasing someone regardless of your gender, gender roles or position as long as the one you're chasing is worth the chase. This is one of things that the author lacks to provide in the book. The reason why the MC is so in love with the ML to the point of chasing him so much disregarding his dignity. The reason provided was superficial (there's a lot of hot guys with decent behaviors out there) and I was not able to see or be convinced why the MC loved the ml. <<less
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Hualian bae
Hualian bae rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c26
I FOUND A GEM!! really a gemm that I will never forget in my life... idk why but I criedd nearly in every chapter just because of the feels it give to us readers😭😭. YU MIAN is one if the BEST mc's I have ever read and the STORY... my god the story the plot the characters EVERYTHING is so neat... SOO REAL!!

when we read on we could feel all the characters coming to life infront of our eyes!! ITS THAT MAGICAL😭😭😍😍 IM IN LOVEEEEEEE!! I fell in love with... more>> how our MC fell in love with the ML😭😭. I tried to MTL but noo it just sucks out all the essence in the story soo I swore to myself that I will camp at the website for new updates😭😭 THE TRANSLATOR IS DOING AND AMAZING JOB!! This books really gave me the feeling of reading Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery all over again!! THE GREEN PLUM ISLAND FEELS LIKE A GENTLE SPRING BREEZE THAT WILL SOOTHE US READERS MINDS AND SOUL😭😭😍😍 GIVE THIS MAGICAL BOOK A CHANCE YOU WILL NOT REGRET!! <<less
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Scarletsky rated it
January 14, 2021
Status: Completed
How can I say this....I...I just love this novel so much *sobs*

I won't talk much about the MC, ml, etc 'cause I think the 1st review did a very great job already >♡< thank you for that~, but I just want to share how nice it was to read this. I've read probably a hundred+ of bl novels already but I rarely ever get to read purely slice of life aus. Although, I don't really mind that but reading novels like Green Plum Island and Your Distance is so soul-balming.... more>> It's like walking through the countryside, feeling the breeze of cool wind and smelling the fresh air.

What I love about it the most is that it gives me the satisfaction of the feeling of falling in love myself too. It might seem unusual but I really don't mind not having a love life lol but I like the feeling of reading about it in novels. So reading Green Plum Island really gave me tingles. I like this feeling of anticipation like being along side their journey in their trip of finding love. As I finished this novel, I also appreciated how the ending tone makes you look forward to the future too. There doesn't have to be a concrete ending like 'they lived together' or the other people's view of them, etc etc. It was just purely 'them' finally grasping and moving along life with love.

P.s. but I'm really glad we had the extras though >♡< that extra dose of happiness defnitely lifted me up. <<less
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auraizen rated it
February 18, 2022
Status: Completed
No s*upid misunderstandings just joy, lovable rememberable characters—a novel you'll definitely want to reread

I binged it within a day and I'm so sad it's already over

the only thing I can't get out of my head is the ML smokes so instead of imagining them growing old together I keep thinking of how the ML will drop dead at 45 lmao help
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dogs.and.cats.are.equally.cute rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm kinda having mixed feelings rn. Not about the quality of the translation (which is amazing in fact. If not for the names I'd never guess it was TLed) or the story, but kinda sad to see it end, I guess.

The story starts with our 18, almost 19 year old MC with a very unique ability? I felt like I was watching a kid stumble and fall as he tried to make do with life. Although I'm the same age as our MC, never in my life did I get... more>> so embarrassed (not even first hand!!). Our MC was like an idiot in love, trying his best to seduce his crush (an intimidating but extremely hot straight dude). Even I was like woahh, his straightness is off the charts. I love how this novel didn't shy away from concepts like disability (which is fairly realistic), homophobic people, one night stands, s*x life and the like. It's a very cute story and I think I finished this in 8 hours? If I do have to warn you, it's just that prepare to hide your face or yell in exasperation. No matter how s*upid his actions are, consider you being in his shoes and I'm sure we wouldn't have done any better. I had many instances where I just walked out of my room due to the second hand embarrassment 😂 <<less
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Lea168 rated it
April 27, 2021
Status: Completed
3/5 rating

Very sweet story, but too dull to my taste.

Realistic, except that like in most novels CP was too good looking and a 5y old kid that spoke and act like an adult (author clearly doesn't have kids of her own I guess?).

But since I read BL fiction, I want to be immersed in another world. I want it to be addicting and emotional. Not a slice of life story that has no drama at all, even if that is more realistic. Sweet, but just too ordinary characters and bland,... more>> dull and slow paced, as little is happening in this story. ML is a bookstore owner. MC just graduated from high school. My real life is more exciting tbh. I still give it 3* because it is well written. <<less
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GreenTeaBag rated it
February 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Why is it that even though the novel ended so sweet I have this heart clenching feeling in my chest?

Mian Mian and the entire novel itself felt like the Green Plum island. Beautiful and comfortable, soft as a breeze but from time to time there is this unsettling feeling...

I am a bit lost in my emotions after finishing the novel yet it was a lovely read.
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leippy rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: c9
Wow, guys. I've only read 9 chapters so far but had to write a review for this story (and fantastic translation). The characters are definitely likeable and you want to get to know them more. I love how the author spun the synesthesia thing-- instead of being the focus of the story, it's used as a tool to flesh out the characters more. The writing is easy to read, imaginatively descriptive, and just plain fun. Huge kudos to the translator, ghostbird, for bringing the prose to life in English so... more>> we can enjoy.

Read this novel! You won't regret it!

I will update this review if I end up losing my patience and MTLing the whole thing! <<less
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tricksyness rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: c6
Tentatively dropping this for now. It's written in First Person Perspective, and the secondhand embarrassment is real, haha.

The ability MC possesses is interesting, but he's still young and it shows. He has nothing better to do than try and insert himself as much as possible in ML's life, from his home then to his workplace... Can't say I'm a big fan of his actions...

... more>>

They've only had a few awkward conversations at best, and at chapter 5, he's already asking ML if he (MC) can hang out at ML's house, and work at ML's workplace. Then, in the next chapter, the moment he has his hands free he leaves the bookstore (without prompting!) to look for ML.

I don't know, MC just made me deeply uncomfortable. His actions started feeling a bit borderline stalkerish to me, especially since they don't even know each other very well yet... but maybe that's just me and my own views on personal boundaries. Perhaps it gets better after this chapter...

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Blackflames123 rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: c43
what can I say except I want more? This novel strikes you in the heart in ways you cannot imagine, but leaves you wanting more.

The character's are actually fleshed out and are so human like, neither of them are perfect nor are they trying to be perfect, their flaws are visible and that is one of the things out of many that is so refreshing to me, and as they are so human like their choices in life are sometimes bad and lead them to slightly bad consequences.

The ML who... more>> likes the MC but is a little traumatized by some things that have happened in his past and what he has experienced others go through doesn't want to be in a committed relationship and MC who understands that but still has a slight hope in him that ML will actually be in a relationship with him, you see the ML come to desire MC little by little until the only thing holding him back is some last few strings.

Does love at first site truly exsist ? I hope it does because it seems so pure and heartwarming with just the slightest bits of agony in it. Anyway I truly recommend this novel, it isnt all fluff too btw, hot kisses are sprinkled here and there too and maybe even more intimate actions (i dunno about the smex cuz I haven't read up till there, translator hasnt translated up till there yet lol)

Btw about the ml's daughter

she is actually his niece, I dont want to spoil to much about this scene cuz that para which explains it created an atmosphere that could literally make u feel how the character themselves feel (or perhaps thats just me who feels that way)

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HoloSol rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: Completed
This is so hard to review. The quality of the dialogue, the translation itself, and the overall writing style are in the top 1% of the site. The translator did an amazing job as did the writer in these regards.

however, the MC is a hypocrite, needy, and immature to the point where he absolutely deserves the label ‘creepy obsessed stalker.’ Story gets better after they get together, but the MC is so frustrating
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Ritsuka rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: Completed

I didn't know how much I needed to read something like this. Now that i've read it, I feel like all the filth reading scheming, angst and casual novels has been washed away and I feel like the time I first discovered BL getting excited and blushing from smol stuff!

Really! I'm not exaggerating!This novel was in first person perspective, set in a small island with wholesome and simple people and it was all about our young adult MC who falls in love with an older straight guy,... more>> giving his all for love because he really liked him! Sooo doesn't it sound like a japanese shoujo/shounen ai manga setting in a chinese novel! A refreshing, calm romance novel that makes you read more and more in anticipation. Except that the MC was not annoying 'Doki doki and oh no I'm afraid' type, rather he was the 'i'll work hard to make him like me' type and he literally stole my heart! Ngl, I was skeptic of the top review praising Yu Mian so much (sorry lol).I've read a lot of BL and have quite a few of my fav MCs and there's no doubt now that Yu Mian has managed to squeeze his way in now! I'm sick of stories in which its just the ML courting and doting on the MC! All my fav MCs are those who gave a lot for love! And Yu Mian, this baby takes the whole cake! He's not headstrong or anything but he just loved Yan Kongshan too much that he gave it his all, changing indifference to fondness and then love, he didn't give up even if he felt like there was no hope! It felt so pure, so real that my heart felt like it was melting into a puddle of goo! It really was beautiful, I dare say! Yan Kongshan, Our ML, was really just walking hormones lol (Thats also the reason why I felt so nervous reading it lol! Sexy guys are just tooo much for me!). He had his own reasons and worries yet he was so gentle! And just like me he had his heart slowly but surely melted by Mian Mian to the point he himself admitted that he became so clingy and he couldn't stay away from Mian Mian!!! And their relationship further melted me into just water! The attraction! The sparks! The care! The fluff! The kisses! The smexy times! I loved them all!!!! (I should stop, I'm just fangirling at this point)

Yes Ofcourse, there was really a lot of second hand embarrassment at the start especially because I've long since not read any one sided love shoujo/shounen ai and because Yu Mian's daring antics but it was worth it! He had to be daring! He had to gamble and only then did he succeed! (Because thats how love works! You gotta give it your all!) This story is really beautiful! I could see for myself how Yu Mian's efforts paid off, what a wonderful relationship he got into and how he matured with each passing incident! And since its set in an island then ofc how can we forget WHOLESOME SIDE CHARACTERS!!! A total thirsty and open best friend! A cute and wholesome, loving Grandpa.A sassy grandma and Ofcourse the cute and lovely genius child QiuQiu! They made the story worth it! The support they gave to the MC and ML. Their interactions, love and shenanigans! They all were a big family for the MC and ML and a place to which MC could return to! I loved them all!

I'm a sucker for novels that use beautiful wording and dialogues anddd the author literally dropped such beautiful dialogues and quotes every chapter (there's literally such a beautiful quote in the summary too) that I literally saved them all to use them on insta to make everyone jealous (yeah I know I'm petty lol~) and then the mixture of everything, the amazing MC and ML, beautiful plot, wholesome characters and beautiful quotes had me on the verge of tears when it ended (yup, really even tho I don't cry reading full on depressing angst)

Even tho I wanted more on MC's synesthesia and how the MC and ML will manage when MC gets a job but I don't think i'll cut any stars for it. The present novel is already great enough for me to love it!

Let me end my review with one of the beautiful quotes from this amazing novel:

"Life cannot be forever smooth sailing; there will always be times of fatigue and disappointment. But it's okay. I have Green Plum Island. A place to return, a place to rest, always waiting for me. I won't fear the future, and I won't fear the tribulations that life sends my way."

I'm really grateful to the author for writing this beautiful short piece and the translator for allowing me to read it! I love it really!! 100/10 I would recommend this to everyone! <<less
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jianguooo rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow.... I think the best way to describe this novel would be “tangible”. Everything that the characters feel is so raw and understandable, more so than I’ve seen in any other novels I’ve read. The pace is slow but because of the pace we are allowed to truly experience the slow, lethargic but comforting life that is Green Plum Island. The MCs feelings are strong and his narration will have tears prick your eyes while laughing at the same time at his perspective and naivety (esp as veteran BL readers).... more>> Everything feels real in this story, and because of that even the small details that we would usually overlook become overwhelmingly breathtaking. I never thought I would be so concerned over whether or not a stray cat came to steal fish, but because that’s the atmosphere the book creates I can’t help but be swept away in the life that Green Plum Island presents.

This novel doesn’t need to be binged to be enjoyed. Leave it, put it away for awhile, and come back because by the end you know Green Plum Island will always be waiting for your return. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Absolutely amazing.


Simple, short, and sweet.

... more>> The cast of characters are all unique and the two main leads are endearing in the way that they are relatable.

I really enjoyed the story, even when going through the second hand embarrassment.

Whenever I read how bold Yu Mian was I just couldn't help but go "My goodness! This is youth!!!" *screams internally and punches air*

Me: 19 year old first year undergrad college student

Yu Mian was so brave a full of life It inspired me to go after things I want too. Plus, after the initial embarrassment I went "Yaaas Yu Mian! Chase after the D!!!" *snaps from left to right*

As you can tell, I really adore his character.

And Yan Kongshan? Don't even get me started. The man was a full package that would only open up to the one he wants. And like Yu Mian's best friend said "Specimens like that can only be appreciated from afar"

The story is lighthearted, comedic, and mature in communication. You can definitely see their age of "experience" when the bicker before turning sweet once they get together. Age doesn't even matter at that point.


I adored this story so much. A shame the smut wasn't as detailed but it fit the tone of the story.

Enjoi and Adieu! <<less
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Ouryane00 rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Definitely a more than 5 star novel! This is just so satisfying to read. I couldn't stop binge reading this, I'm really glad I didn't sleep to read this novel!

What I love about this is that this novel is so relatable. The MC is in a slow burn (super cute slow) unrequited love with the ML and his attempts to be a part of his life is just so good to read. It wasn't a smooth sailing ride but when they finally got together it was like boom I couldn't... more>> help my smile a lot of times.

I also like that there are characters in this novel that aren't cliche. Like ML's kid, the MC's friend.

Just read this novel, you won't regret it! It will be a satisfying around 9 hours of your life! Lol I read this that long <<less
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QualiteaRose rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This is such an amazing novel! The main characters are too perfect. And really not something I've seen much of. I love how there's a hint of "fantasy" in there, it's a clever idea. Also disability and treating people normally is A+++

I've caught up in 2 days, reading non-stop. There are so many cute moments and so many moments you'll get flustered. It's a bit of a rollercoaster, but a sweet summery one.

The characters are all interesting and have depth and I love them all.

I read this after reading Heavenly... more>> Officials Blessing & GDC and I'm really not dissapointed. It's definitely a change of scenery and pace, but if you want to relive some hot summery days and relax to a slice of life, but also constantly reading more needing to know what happens next, I'd start with this one~ <<less
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Sushi rice
Sushi rice rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I can't believe I haven't written a review for this yet... Honestly, this novel is just so good. 10 out of 5 stars.

MC is 18/19, ML is 9 years older and has a child. If I had to categorize it, this is a modern summer romance story. The romance is slow and sweet. I've read the MTL of the novel at least 5 times, and then read the (amazing) translation of the chapters again. This is by far my favorite BL modern novel, and I haven't been able to find... more>> another novel better than this one.

Anyways, read the novel! it's great! you won't regret it! <<less
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