Cāi Cāi


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Voice Actor gong x Musical Actor shou

This is a story about ‘learning how to fly again after the wings of your dreams are broken.’

This is also a story about ‘how to love others and also love yourself.’

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jellyen rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: --
Translator from rosy here~

First, I saw this series was taken by someone else, so I won't be translating it anymore Second, I'l here to give my (biased) commentary.

So, now, if the summary wasn't enough (I know it wasn't), I'll give you a run down of what this story is about.

This is about Xiang Cai, our protagonist, who dreamed of being a dancer. However, he suffered from an accident and after hurting his feet, was unable to dance anymore. In order to continue dancing, he started doing musical theater, still, it's... more>> like the original version of the Little Mermaid, where she feels like she's stepping on glass everytime she takes a step. As for our lead, we have Tan Yiming, a voice actor who, for spoiler reasons I won't say, have met Xiang Cai in the past. The story is divided in two parts, the first one it's how they met in the past and the second one is about their reencounter.

This is a very sweet story that follows its own pace. There's many aspects I like about this novel, like how each act is based on a musical (as a musical fan, I found that very appealing) or how the characters grow with time. The growth, oh, if you read this, you will see this is about chasing dreams so, more than the romance between the main characters, you also follow the protagonist on his journey in a realistic and touching way. <<less
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Neollle rated it
June 12, 2020
Status: c02
Im gonna set a tent here and wait for updates. Hehe

This story pique my interests because of their work (?) Since TY is a VA while XC is a MA.

Why does it feel like they haven't met each other face to face before? But they've been able to recognise each other through their voice. WHICH MAKES ME CRAVING FOR MORE.
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dogs.and.cats.are.equally.cute rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Well, what do I say, whatever I want to say has been summed up by periperi's review lmao?

The first half before the time skip deserves 110/100 IMO. It was so painfully raw and realistic. Imagine being so passionate about something to the point of obsession and it's suddenly snatched away from you, that's Cai Cai's story for you. That intense pain is vividly and beautifully conveyed. I can only hope to love something as much as Cai Cai loves dancing. The plot development, the characters and the progress of the... more>> story are wonderful! Truly!!

My problem is with the second half. There is no clarity, and the story progresses at a pace I find extremely weird. Oh also, drop this novel if you truly can't read people being in a relationship before meeting their s/o. I was vaguely uncomfortable but got over it soon. I love the boyfriend and how he's not painted as a villain here. I'm extremely glad. Till here, I was sighing at how good and realistic this story is. Then the romance of our OTP was so fast-paced, I just couldn't accept it. Don't mistake me, I love Cai Cai and Yun Da but.... their development truly didn't add up for me. My only consolation was the good wrapping up the author provided. I wish the story would have dragged on. I think the story would be a true masterpiece if it was just 30 chapters longer. I wish those 30 chapters contained more details about the

5 years they spent apart after losing touch and more details on why Cai Cai unanimously blocked Yun Da after confessing.

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glitteryjoon rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I needed to take a deep breath and stabilize my emotions before reviewing this.. I’m not sure why anyone would rate this with anything below a 4 star unless they just can’t understand this story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. What started off as me just trying to find something to read to pass the time, turned into such a heart wrenching favorite. The development of the MC is so well done. His thoughts at his young age, his change in his later life. The difficulties he faced. All of it was... more>> just so beautifully painful but understandably necessary.

I saw a poster say they didn’t like how the MC blacked out the ML from his life, but if you think about it. He was going through a difficult time and the person that helped brought him out of it was such a confusing existence for him. A lot of times, we idolize people that are famous without knowing who they really are, but if we ever have that chance to befriend them, it would be really hard to come to terms with our emotions if we realized that we actually love them more than just that distance admiration. Not to mention, he had the struggles with self as he boldly lied about who he was, the struggle with coming to terms with his new life goals, and now add on top of all that him realizing he was gay in a conservative society where only the niche group of artsy types are open about their sexuality without concern for who knows.

When all that is added together, and you’re slowly coming to terms with it but desperate to keep that to yourself because who knows how the other person would take it, then your friend is leaving and your crush is about to seemingly disappear from your sight? I’d rather disappear first before suffering the pain of watching the others back as they fade away and because I’ve been in a similar situation (not so much his difficulties but moreso having someone leave me behind so to speak) I can understand why he’d do it. Even so, it gives him a chance to mature and to come into himself more.

As for the ML? I really loved him. I was so happy he wasn’t one of those possessive ceo cold indifferent basic type of gong but actually had a personality to him. He was thoughtful and understanding and he didn’t try to fix everything for the MC by throwing money at it or by fixing it for him, but rather offered advice and himself if he was needed and allowed him to be the naive person he was instead of putting up a mature front because of growing up to soon.

I liked that the relationship between them was very pure and gentle and even from the very beginning they held a level of awe for the others craft and didn’t want to obstruct them.

This is one of my favorite novels. All of the characters were actually all very lovable even tho I’ll admit that Melody Yao annoyed me at times. But they were still all very present and fleshed out when they appeared.

I really love when authors liken their characters to animals and the way MC was constantly described as a swan and even when writing out his actions, used his swan body to describe it, was the cutest thing in the world. That said, I’d recommend this to anyone who can appreciate art. <<less
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periperi rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I would actually rate this 3.5 but I got a little sad and clicked 3 before I blinked (but 3 stars still means it was okay based on the rating system). This must be my most controversial rating and I think no one may agree with me.

First half of the story, I will rate 5 stars. Because I loved it, the key in with the muscials, the struggles and connection of the characters despite the physical distance, it was just so good. I loved the characters, the side characters on... more>> both sides, the individual journey, just everything was going so good, I was looking forward so much to the second half and was wondering what could possibly make the split. Ya perhaps the greater the anticipation, the greater the fall.

Spoiler has MANY plot spoilers for my rant to get this weight off my chest.


I just don't understand why MC would totally black out ML from his life at the end of the first half of the story under those circumstances. I understood him feeling upset but was it the build up? Perhaps like how my anticipation felt so high, his expectation? For ML was just as high and we both got disappointed. But I think perhaps is just I didn't fully understand the full build up to that climax so this part was still not the biggest issue. But it turned to this big emotional turmoil deep inside ML for 5 frigging years. Because I can tell ML was not in love with MC first but he fell fast and hard in second part. And then comes second part. MC was attached and he genuinely loves his BF. Okay, big hurdle there. ML knows and doesn't do anything but when they lived together, even though at that point MC had just broken up (ML DOESN'T KNOW), ML's actions are very ambiguous. It can be said to be friendly like sending him to work but under the context where you KNOW he has feelings for the other, it doesn't feel very right. Then that's just my moral 2 cents. And then even though they get together, MC just got off a relationship where it wasn't even bad, so it was a bit like a rebound situation so actually I was just feeling so bad for ML most of the time (though admittedly it wasn't like immediately too) and almost wished the whole MC had a BF he genuinely liked didn't even happen. Because I know MC genuinely likes ML at the end but haiz, the timing is just not ideal. I think I was mostly uncomfortable with the ambiguity when MC's relationship status was unclear. Didn't they kiss too when ML didn't know? Or did I read wrongly. BUT After uncomfortably reading that middle chunk, I'm going to say I did enjoy the last bit and ending and how all the characters were wrapped up. There are actually some lessons to be learnt like the summary on loving oneself.


Overall, minus-ing the points I ranted, erm I actually did like most of the story. If you disagree with everything I said (pls, no hitting), this is definitely a good read. <<less
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JuneV rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: Completed

It's an unrequited love, which once lost was found with lots of ups and downs. A little swan once flew towards the sun, but fear of getting burnt, it flew away, little did the little swan know the sun was looking for him throughout the universe, after 5 long years of longing and separation, the little swan once again met his sun.

This story is far more than word beautiful, but remember roses are born with thorns. I'm saying again roses are born with thorns. But I want to remind you... more>> keep this in mind, MC loved only ML from the start to the finish, only one person. But he liked another person but it was not love he yearned for.

When I read CaiCai saying He have a boyfriend, I felt a pain in my heart for real, I almost forgot to breathe, I think my reaction at that time must be same as Tan Yiming. The sadness, The regret, Losing something for the second time, no second chance, feeling wronged, painful f*ck it's painful. Everyone supports MC's pov, but I feel ML's more, how will ML know if MC didn't confess him? But didn't ML love MC for 5 years without even knowing if he'll find him?

Though I'm petty, I don't actually like MC having other boyfriend except ML, I endured 10 long chapters, cause I f*cking finished 50+ chapters of painful unrequited love, just to watch the MC calling out to his another boyfriend, I don't want to accept and continued reading, MC realized which love is suitable for him after that. I guess many don't like this part of having another boyfriend, you can just skip it but I explains how MC realized what love is.

But there are less fluff and more of musical and their painful love. I wished author wrote more fluff at the end. If you don't like much musical stuff and don't like unrequited love for 2/3 of the story, then think twice before reading this.

After all is said and done, this is a MASETERPIECE. In this story, there is unrequited love which turned mutual (MC and ML), as well as first love of 3 people (MC's friends and ML's) who didn't get them, also a mismatched pair (MC and his 1st boyfriend), everyone add more meaningful plot to the story. <<less
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StarPhia rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: c65
I have to say, this novel is amazing. (I've currently read up to chapter 65 and then MTLed the rest, I'm still planning on following the translation). I have to say that the story, characters, and everything is incredibly written. I also love how the author sets up every part of this novel! It is INCREDIBLE.

First off the characters, they are all extremely likeable and great. Our MC Cai Cai (Xiang Cai) is amazing. He has a mature personality due to the tragity of his past, but he is super... more>> childish when around the person he admires. I love how the author doesn't glorify his past. It is the stepping stone for his future and how he finds his love for acting. His past isn't made overly dramatic and pitied and the MC isn't a pathetic Mary Sue. He has to learn to make friends, step down from his prideful princely arrogance and find himself again. He meets the ML online and quickly admires him, they also support each other online and I really appreciate how various things connect subtly. I also loved the MC's two friends, the "table partner" girl and the "bully" guy (I cannot with names). They were incredibly developed with their own personalities and feelings. I like how the girl, Qi Ji (just looked it up), isn't an obnoxiously girl crazy, has no personality, and is weak and pathetic like in other BL novels. Though it does make some very obnoxious remarks of the female characters simping, it at least doesn't too much do that for Qi Ji. She is a strong woman. And the bully man (not gonna look for his name), he is also very well written, I love how they incorporated him into the trio and how they showed his reason for being their (haha it was such a classic, boys do this kinda thing in kindergarden, don't wanna spoil, but it makes sense when you read the novel). I also liked the ML's side of things. I found the ML fascinating. With what happened between the ML and MC at the end of their 5 years ago arc, I find the ML's reaction reasonable. Of course the ML will become obsessed with the MC. Its like one of those, you don't notice them until they're gone kind of things. He didn't appreciate Cai Cai enough so he got what he deserved. I also really loved how the author incorporated all these failed loves into the story because life isn't perfect, everyone feels heart break and they need to pick themselves back up. Every character falls apart, but they all bounce back and find what truly matters to them.

Like with the BOYFRIEND, the MC had a completely normal process of this relationship. He did like BOYFRIEND, but he wasn't his true self. Sometimes relationships don't work out even if you really like each other. It is about healthy relationships and not hurting yourself and doing what is right for you.


The story is also amazing! It starts off in present time for like 2 chapters and then goes BACK TO THE PAST to 5 years ago. It tells of how the MC had just lost his ballet and was getting ready and just starting to take musical stuff classes. I loved how the author protrays all of this! I don't even know how to explain but it is absolutely amazing. The characters went through so much and went through lots of growth together. The author did an incredible job at fitting all of these different stories into one interwoven journey. It is truly incredible to see all these characters grow and struggle through things. And the transition to present times WAS AMAZING. I love how it left off the childhood arc, the MC just made his final decision regarding his internet life, but it mentions no more and goes to present day. Then I LOVE how the MC had started a new life and no longer depended on the ML anymore, only by the ML taking the intiative was he able to come back into the MC's life. The MC isn't pathetic, he suffered but he doesn't need pity. He is strong enough to stand and start over, but he just wants support at the times he needs it most. The ML also found what he wants to do and was content with it. The way the author shows the MC avoiding the ML is brilliant. I like how the MC didn't want to go back to his childish past and simply wanted to move on.

Another thing I liked is the splitting up of the chapters, every few chapters (like 10), have a different theme based on a musical. Depending on what the musical is about, that is the "focus" of that portion of the novel. Honestly, I think it is brilliant. There are smooth transitions between parts and they all connect. I also love how all the parts are named after musicals, since the book is about a main character finding himself through musical theater. I especially loved the Little Prince part (I've read the book in french and english, its great). How he found a small piece of himself with every character in the book turned musical. And it isn't only the MC who experiences the themes of the musicals, the ML down in the US of A, also experiences some changes in his life based on these musicals. The two were at different points in their lives, but everything connected into a story of finding oneself.

Over all, this novel is absolutely incredible. The characters and story is absolutely amazing. There are some things I didn't like though, obviously I wasn't to happy that the novel ended, how dare it. Haha, but seriously, there wasn't much to complain about. Maybe that not every knot was tied in the end, I wish MC's parents were involved in some way, but I guess it is refreshing to not have that need for validation and that the MC doesn't need some pathetic support from neglegent parents. I wish that our friend, the bully dude from MC's school got a girlfriend. I just feel bad for him. Uh, I wish we could go see Qi Ji's wedding. I wanna know how Ms Teacher lady and the online friends like the second son are doing. But I guess it wasn't completely necissary to have that... But I really like this novel, it may not be action packed, but the story is AMAZING. It got me to read something not super intense so of course it is amazing. I highly suggest it if anyone wants to read a more chill and theme, character, or story based novel. But you have to be ready to cry, because gosh darn it can be depressing at times. It shows the lowest and highest point in our MCs lives, of COURSE IT CAN BE SAD ;-;

I hope our precious MC and ML do well <3 this novel is great. 10/10

Its not my favorite, because I'm more action driven, but it is honestly one of the best written and structured books I've ever read. <<less
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xiaqinger rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: Completed

I love everything in this novel. Truly hidden gem. Hope everyone start to appreciate this novel.

Ps. High quality translations.

Pss. Worth to mtl, bcs I can't wait! But def will reread when the trans is all done!
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Cocole rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: c39
I’m riding their every dream, their every dance, hopes and desires. I cry and laugh with them. Highly recommend. Translation is fabulous. ❤️🌹🌻🙏
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pink_cat112 rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow. I thought it's simple story with healing attributes, who knows it's more than that?! Their connection Is voice at first, but it grows more than that..... much much later. Ok in first two chapter, we got present time, but after that it changed into flash back and you got to see little swan growth! This story is too complicated for me to describe, so read it yourself, but know that this story Is well written. (it had about 8 part if I'm not mistaken, each part has musical reference... more>> and it's.. really accurate descriptions.) it made you laugh, cry, cried anxiously, many more and after all that... you got a FINALLY and dog food. It described growth, life coice, basically about life it's so touching :') its pretty realistic too (beside some coincidence revolves around our MC that brings them together) So the cp, I.... the gong is my cup of tea, he's mature, calm, gentle... though sometimes in flashback you want to scream at him, but overall, this guy is really good. (The gong is Tan yiming) as for the shou.. duck! I never saw a strong chara that I like so much! Really, this guy is freaking strong emotionally, he's just so... bright. And I'm proud seeing his growth in each arc/act. Cute little swan! He's basically so likeable, he is mature because his experience but! But! Tan Yiming is mature too? How could that work?! Well, you'll find out later. I like their dynamic the most :3 this book is full twist and turn, the rollercoaster... man (:3 <) anyway, age! In present situation, Gong is 30 and shou is 23, in flash back shou only 17 and gong is 25....... all I want to say was thank god the 2 beginning chapter exists, otherwise I'll bawling. Still cried a little though...

Warning: the romance is start Much much later, it's freaking slowburn, so...:)

Anyway, this book touched me, and it's pretty easy to mtl too! Definitely one of my favorite I LOVE THIS CP! PS: the reason I didn't type shou name, despite how much I like him (there's two name and I don't know which one the correct one is QAQ)

Edit: nvm I know now

Gong: Tan Yiming

shou: Xing Cai <<less
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Infinitymidnight rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c84
Beautiful. I’m a sucker for entertainment circle novels but this one is the moon among stars. It really showcases the ups and downs of first love and separation. I’ve cried along with them a little bit. The pacing is perfect for this style of novel and the characters are 3 dimensional. While some of the actual entertainment parts are inaccurate to real life, it fits with the level of detail needed here. (Props to author about the care for blue tongue skinks even if it’s slightly old school husbandry)

Thank... more>> you to the author and thank you to the translator. This is a gem and I wish I could go back in time to read it again for the first time. <<less
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ChelseaViolita rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: Completed

I loved everything from this novel, from the way the story is brought, to the plot and character.

... more>>

The story started with the encounter between MC and ML after being separated for years, and resumed with a flashback of what exactly had happened between them. It really made me anticipate every chapter while waiting for their reunion.


Character development is great too! There is depth to the character, and I can really relate to each of their struggles and emotions. It felt very realisic and relatable. Caicai (our MC) was so lovable that I adore him so much! Yiming (ML) was also not the typical OP and overbearing ML. He has his own struggles in life too. But he and MC supported each other well throughout their struggles. You will definitely fell in love with these two characters!

The storyline and the way the story is brought was done very well too. It pained me so much when I see the characters struggling, and I cried a lot reading this. Rest assured that this is a HE and heartwarming story <3

Overall, this story deserves more love and support! You won't regret reading this! <<less
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CaisAngelsPearl rated it
July 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Gorgeous story!

Was apprehensive about the bit where they are not together and doing their own thing but it was beautifully put, the pain was so so good!

Highly recommended, go on you know u wanna!!
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Tutubitter rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Very beautiful.

I wanted to write a review that would justify how captivating the story is but I have no words. Just beautiful. Their passion for their dreams. Their love. Their bravery. Their strength. Their growth. Just wonderful.
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bunnydesuuu rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: Completed
5/5 One of my favourites! This is a heart breaking and equally heart warming story. Even without proper knowledge of the ballet/dancing, CV or musical industry, you would gain a new found respect for it after reading this. The relationship was built very well from the start, and the first part of the novel honestly broke my heart and I cried so hard. To be supported by someone, and to love someone, to view them as your salvation and then to let them go is really something equally beautiful and... more>> painful. The first half portrayed a youthful love that started during one of MC's and ML's toughest point in their lives. The second half showed a mature outlook of love between adults, and the sweetness of a returning first love that you never quite forgotten. Overall, a touching and impactful story. Highly highly recommend. <<less
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shuulys rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Mainly talks about the characters' dreams. The title doesn't seem much but the story was truly beautiful. The characters are well depicted, whether it's the main or side characters. It really felt like I was reading about 'art' in art.

... more>>

There is one part that I really hate though in the story. It's the part where Cen Man Chuan (MC ex) faked his injury on the ankle making the MC think about his past again (and when you know the MC had like serious injuries on his feet it just hurts so bad because I felt like the MC was truly living through the pain again and thought that it might be the same for his 'bf'). Then the ex proceeded to show him the apartment keys he got even though the MC already said to discuss at a later date. The ex does not seem to understand that the MC is insecure and needs stability the most in a relationship. Though the ex is a good person, he is not suitable for the MC.


But the ML was really good and sweet to the MC. Despite still liking the MC when they finally met each other after 5 years, knowing that the MC has a 'current' boyfriend already he decided to not barge into his new life and disrupt them. I think he was very considerate and not forceful at all, which made me like him more as a ML.


Though I did not like their 5 years of separation, I think it was necessary for them to grow and become more mature. Without those years, even if they got together 5 years ago, they would still have faced problems when dating

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MagBlueRoses rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Cai Cai. The name might sound just cute. But the book is much more than just that. It is absolutely beautiful.

To start off with, I began reading this book because I just wanted some romance so I can pass my time. I was looking for books so I could choke on dog food (cause I recently read some really intense stuff) and this didn't really stand up to my expectations in that sense. Instead, what I found in this book is the meaning of passion and dreams. It was filled... more>> with life and I wasn't the least bit disappointed for not finding what I came for.

Yes, there is romance, Cai Cai deals with the beauty and pain of first love, dreams, and friendships, but the tone of the book is quite plain. It felt a bit too plain at the start. But as it progressed, I couldn't put the book down. We read the life of various people (mainly the MC and ML) on the way and each of them leaves a footprint on you that doesn't really fade for a while. It was cute, it was sad, it was inspirational, it was uplifting, and it put a smile on my face.

What more does one need in a book for them to call it 'good'? This is a good book through and through and everyone deserved to read it! <<less
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Evesneon rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: Completed
If I were to compare this with music, each word brings its notes crescendo-ing upwards. A coming of age, coming of love music score that belongs to their world.

The more I read, the more I'm immersed in this world, where if there was really a music score, it would go from pp before it surges brightly into hope and first love, before turning heavy with the passage of life.

But nevertheless, hope will connect, and because of the past, the future can be treasured.

... more>> This, I'll definitely recommend.

ps. I love the ending. It was on point ;) <<less
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Aurin rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This is my first time writting a review although I have read many novels already. This time I had to give a review because this novel is simply just amazing!!!

The story has just the right amount of angst and fluff, so sweet and cute, I just loved it 💖💖💖

And I also want to thank the translator for doing such a great job❣
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Ramoria rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: Completed
So sweet, and so lovely, it's truly worth the read.

A genuine journey of a youth at his highest peak, sinking to the darkest depths before rising back up again, higher than ever before. Beautiful isn't enough to describe it, but it also suits it perfectly.

I recommend it.

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