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Zhang Siyi comes back from his overseas studies in architecture and is looking for work. His girlfriend, however, is full of complaints, for Zhang Siyi never has time for her. She breaks up with him in a fit of rage while throwing coffee over him.

Zhang Siyi manages to dodge the coffee, but unfortunately, it hits the guy behind him instead. Just when he is about to do something about it, the guy dismisses him and leaves.

Zhang Siyi thought that would be the end of it, but who would’ve thought that the very next day, he will meet the man again… in a job interview. And being hired by him will be just the beginning.

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New damnmei rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Despite the translation, let it be known that ML's name is actually Gu Xiao! Not Gu Yu! Not that it really affects the story, but I do like his real name more. Anyways.

Wow. This novel was really just everything I needed. The characters are all so three dimensional, the romance is an amazing slow burn, and the couple growth is honestly one of the best I've read. Both Gu Xiao and Zhang Siyi grow so much throughout the course of the novel, and their relationship is seriously one of my... more>> favorites in all danmei. Neither are perfect by any means, but that just makes them more realistic and relatable, going through the same conflicts that any couple would go through and managing to make it out stronger together.

The story does a great job of introducing flawed characters, and having them experience tremendous character growth in a very realistic way. Pretty much every character has something that makes them either unlikable or difficult to get along with, but throughout the novel, their motivations are revealed and we as readers are able to both empathize with and cheer for them. I was honestly surprised at how much I could relate to almost every character, not just the main leads.

The character development is very subtle and really well done, especially for the Zhang Siyi! His growth both professionally and interpersonally is very natural, and I loved seeing him mature over the course of the novel. His emotions sometimes do still get the better of him, but that's so normal! I'm personally tired of perfect OP characters, and having a MC with flaws is so refreshing. Similarly, though Gu Xiao starts off quite mature in mentality, his emotional intelligence is quite lacking in the beginning, and it really was amazing to see him express himself, open up to, and actively care for Zhang Siyi as their relationship progressed.

At its core, this is a novel about the struggles of early adulthood as Zhang Siyi tries to find meaning in his life and work, while also finding love in the most unexpected place. There's also some really great life lessons in this novel, like finding one's place in the world, figuring out what truly matters, determining the true value of money, dealing with jealousy and comparison, and choosing who and what to invest time into. Gu Xiao in particular had a lot of very insightful words of wisdom, and I really do appreciate how the author balanced his character with a good amount of flaws to his seeming perfection.

Even in moments where ML picked at other characters, he never took things too far, and he would always stop if MC got upset, communicating clearly and listening closely to MC. He may be black bellied, but he's not actually mean spirited, which makes him much more likeable despite the teasing and sarcasm. If you're tired of perfect MLs who always react perfectly and have no visible flaws, Gu Xiao is the man for you. He's supportive and loving, while also being strict and almost overly rational, trying his best to balance between his roles as a boyfriend and a boss, sometimes failing, but never with cruel intent.

The ending of the extras was so satisfying, bringing the plot full circle. What an absolutely beautiful story. Rarely do I feel I want more after finishing such a long novel, but these two really made me wish for endless extras. I have so much love for this novel, some favorite parts being:

  • Gu Xiao's black belly nature had me cackling like this man is such an as*hole sometimes hahaha
  • Zhang Siyi's crush being completely out of control, his thoughts were just Gu Xiao Gu Xiao Gu Xiao I like you I like you I like you
  • ML's POV chapters! He was down so bad
  • The ambiguous period with all the flirting made me scream ngl
  • The s*x scenes??? Gu Xiao really unleashed the beast after their first time, prayers for Zhang Siyi's ass.
  • Also gotta love how much research he must have done to make things good for Zhang Siyi's first time.
  • Healthy communication and conflict resolution!! They may argue a lot but at the end of it all they're both always willing to speak frankly and treat each other with kindness and empathy. Every argument was a chance for them to better understand each other.
  • The trust between Gu Xiao and Zhang Siyi was beautiful, and I loved the way they would reassure one another in moments of jealousy. Very realistic for a relationship that has just started.
  • The way these two can not keep their hands off each other...
And the more spoiler-y favorite moments:

  • Fujoshi mom?! I died laughing, I think this is the first time I've seen it?!
  • Wingman little sister! And then also Tao Fei being the unfortunate witness to way too much PDA lmaoo
  • Gu Xiao keeping the pumpkin preserved!! Also the childhood story with the pumpkin baby, he's too cute!
  • Truth or dare... but the dares are just stripping... while they're in bed together...
  • The confession scene was beautiful. Gu Xiao truly has a way with words, he's so eloquent.
  • The relationship reveal to Gu Xiao's parents, perfection. I love when parents are just like "we knew you were gay since you were X years old" lol
  • Fujoshi mom accusing herself for turning her son gay with her novels like I can't hahaha. It's an unfortunate reality though that even some fujoshis are not as tolerant of actual gay people and prefer it only in fiction.
  • I do love how she said she would approve if they were still together after 6 years though. Shows that she's just worried about her son facing societal pressure and wants them to be certain.
  • Going to study abroad together!! Love how both of them made plans on their own to stay together. And now they can be open with their relationship!
  • The fact that Zhang Siyi and Heartless Han are basically brothers in law by Gu Xiao's sister marrying Fu Xinhui's girlfriend's brother haha! I love all the couples.
  • The poor oblivious father Zhang oh my god he's so unintentionally hilarious?! "Let him believe he was the first to know" oh my god
  • Also the fujoshi mom lowkey shipping them kills me lol she's trying to not support it but she can't help herself. I am in tears.
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OceanMagix rated it
February 20, 2020
Status: Completed
My own feelings

... more>>

I first saw this novel months ago but I wasn't ready to read it then. The first few chapters of how Gu Yu and Zhang SiYi met... I can't remember why I didn't continue on back then.

A couple of days ago, I reread one of the author's work 'The Daily Life of Being the Campus Idol's Fake Boyfriend' Finding it entertaining I went to search for more of the author's works.

Maybe it's cause I was once interested in architecture plus the previous novel put me in a good mood. I decided to try it again.

Before I started, I saw a review describing about it being relatable to reality. Being also around that point, I'm wondering about my future *laughs*.

Reading this simulated me.

I keep listening to others talk about how it is not easy to get a job. And that makes me wonder what sort of certificate may be able to have better chances.

Reading this two days, the thing that spoke out to me was about effort.

I feel that Zhang SiYi is a good example of what I feel.

When he started working at Boundless and realised that the company had people much better than him. That each and every one has their own strong point. So what does he have?

Zhang SiYi put in his efforts. Although he had a rocky start, when he improved further, his strength showed for itself.

No matter what, I feel that effort is important if you want to further yourself. Like what others say, what you put in will be what you are cultivating.

Honestly, I'm envious that ZSY has such a good environment. My nightmare would be having a situation like Su Yuan's.


After finishing the novel, I think the BL became a backdrop for me. What I became focused on was Zhang SiYi's life. From first looking for a job, breaking up with his girlfriend and his subsequent growth.

Drawing toilets and car parks, given such things to do, if you never realised why your senior gave you such a thing to do, you will certainly complain. Well even after you know, you might still complain. *laughs*

what I admire about ZSY was that even after he realised why, he continued on with it. Although there was some grumbling he still took his work seriously.

What I like about the relationship process was that ZSY realised the difference between his current relationship and the previous one.

The attitude he had towards his ex and how he realised the difference in his feelings and attitude towards Gu Yu. It touched me when he felt apologetic when he realised the way he treated his previous relationship as compared to what depth of feeling he has to Gu Yu

And Gu Yu isn't omnipotent. Like how it was mentioned that GY is a rational person, you cannot always use rationality to treat your relationship, it is not something controllable. Gu Yu is human too. No no, he's not just a cold strict guy. Gu Yu has layers of emotions, slowly melting outwards.

When looking at the comments, I realised that there isn't perfection. Saying that Zhang SiYi's overreaction was frequent and also about how it felt like ZSY was the one who kept apologising first even though Gu Yu was also in the wrong. Maybe I'll have to read again to reflect on this part. I'm not sure why it was written so, maybe subconsciously? maybe not? Who knows but it's simulating my brain for further thoughts anyway *laughs*

Actually there's many more things but I'll not continue on...

The supporting cast:

Cactus oh cactus, what an appearance you made at the beginning and what a cameo you made at the end >.<

Looking back, while the surrounding people gave colours to their story, at the end, what I know of them was only during what now feels like a short journey they had with both Zhang SiYi and Gu Yu. While it's not an abrupt ending it felt like their lives became untold stories.

The laughter:

>_<|| I cant remember?!?!

Maybe it's the little jellies, the karma of phone numbers *hahaha*, the childhood stories and perhaps fate. It's funny thing, how fate can make people interconnected. Well, you'll have to read the novel to understand O (∩_∩) O~~ *hahaha*

As long as you are willing, give it a try ^_^ <<less
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xxBlackRabbitxx rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: c172
Its really a sweet and good slice of life yaoi/shounen ai novel. It's s never too fast or too slow, and each stage of falling inlove was corporated throughly here unlike other stories where they instantly fell in love.

I guess the only draw back here is 2 things. 1 is just at the 150's to 170's is quite boring and pretty much a stagnant point of the novel (or where I stop for now) as well as the where the ML is really never in the wrong of the... more>> situation. Its not really like he's never wrong but the way its was told made it as if, if ever MC and ML we're quarreling or something they made the dialog where 95% of the reason they fought was because of MC despite it being a 50-50. For example, communication problem of the two became mc's fault for not taking the initiative to talk to ML despite the ML himself not doing the same. In the end the one who apologized and was lectured was MC by the fking ML himself and the whole time this was happening the MC have got problems after problems piling up then some bomb of unluck was given to him by ML in a unemotional way and somehow its still MC who took the initiative to say sorry. just bc the author feels sorry for ML for thinking that he's getting hopes up... Pls... The MC was given 4-5 big problems continuously and his mentality throughly suffered by the last bad news but somehow its still acceptable to lecture him first when half the problem was bc of ML and his lack of communication (f*ck sorry for ranting still bitter about this section ruined my mood for the ff. Chapters) <<less
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Aurinne rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: Completed
An extremely rare five-star rating from me.

This suited my taste so well and was almost (almost) flawless.

I really enjoy stories that genuinely focus on the development of something (sport, acting, magic, anything), and the focus on the MC's achitectural career was extremely enjoyable and satisfying to read. I appreciated the slow building of the main couple's relationship, the realistic and (relatively) complex personalities of the characters, the measured storytelling style and the couple's balance. There was, definitely, a small power imbalance in this story - the apparently-perfect ML who is... more>> already in a position of leadership and relative influence vs the talented but immature and unfocused MC. However, this wasn't used as an excuse to make a possessive/domineering/doting ML and a cute/s*upid MC, although there is a definite mentor-learner dynamic. Instead, the story gradually brought out the strengths of the MC's character, showed how he had traits that were different from and appealing to the ML, and showed how even his traits that were initially weaknesses could become strengths with focus and maturity.

The complexity of the characters extended to the supporting characters, too. While not all received a lot of attention, I appreciated the way many of the characters were presented with a realistic mix of positive and negative traits. No characters were perfect, and often their traits were flaws or negatives in some situations but strengths in others. The "bad" characters (and it's not a story with unnecessary scheming/jealousy etc.) were frequently revealed to primarily have different values rather than inherent meanness. I enjoyed the way we as readers learned to see other characters less biasedly (negatively or positively) as the MC matured.

(It is not a completely flawless story, but the flaws were relatively minor in the context of the whole story - mainly a few ways the relationship, when they were finally together, was written slightly ML-biased, which I'm a bit tired of, but this was mild compared to most BL.)

For some, the slow pace of the romance and attention to the details of the MC's career (which forms the primary impetus for the plot) may not be what they are looking for in a story. For me, it was a well-executed, easy-to-read, intelligent and well-translated novel that was really satisfying and exactly suited my taste. <<less
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Redroses__ rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: Completed
The novel is relatable because it presents the reality of life after graduation. The time wherein reality will smack you in the face while your expectations crumble. I especially like how the story shows the struggles of different people on how to face life. For me, as a newly graduate individual, this story serves to remind me to perservere even if I don't know what to do anymore.;)

But above all, I love Gu Yu and Zhang Si Yi. The BL was so lit :D So much fluff which had... more>> me smiling throughout the end. Like! <<less
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July 12, 2020
Status: c47
I'm trying really hard here right now to give Gu the benefit of the doubt. Our MC is flawed sure but he has a good heart and wouldn't intentionally hurt someone who didn't hurt him. Gu is a great boss who is truly a mentor but I can't imagine at this point them being together. He treats him like a child (which is fine as the boss but not in a relationship)... Also the level of teasing here is almost bullying but I'm only okay with it if they arent... more>> supposed to be a couple here. This isn't an equal relationship right now and it makes me uncomfortable if they become a couple as this unequal relationship. Gu, rightfully, is more wise and intelligent than the MC but he also doesn't treat him as nicely as he would anyone else, which again is only relatively ok if they aren't supposed to be a couple??

I mean, I really want to believe, but it's not like Gu ever apologizes... Because somehow he's always in the right? The MC maybe slightly immature but his general feelings of unfairness are justified sometimes, especially with Gu's behavior towards him. Like you have all these people around him saying, no it means he cares about you and yeah like I said, that kind of mentoring is fine as your boss but ahhh I just don't know like I don't want them to be a couple unless Gu learns some healthy communication, also it's just hard as inherently this is an unfair relationship because he is the MC's boss.

I know I'm rambling. But man the MC is immature sometimes sure but dude he's hella nice for being able to take the "teasing"/bullying he experiences.

Ahhh I'm still gonna read but ahhh <<less
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April 24, 2020
Status: c61
I can't anymore...I give up.

I can't, for the life of me, like the ML even just one bit. He's the kind of sly bastard I can't stand and of course it's because I can't find a reason to like him. I don't find the charm with his personality and if his chemistry with MC is at least good it can be ignored. But no, I can't find it in me to root for them. The MC is likeable, but ML? Hah. I root more for the best friend (though I... more>> dunno if he likes MC).

There's also no effin consequence at all for his actions. The MC might dislike him but only for a second, cuz of course he can't really hate him or else the story wouldn't move forward. This story finally irked me into hating stories where it's heavily in favor of MLs, where characters have no free will and just moving according to the author's whims. They're not even being treated as people so much so as puppets. At some works I might ignore this, but not when you hate one of the primary characters. Most of my misgivings might be caused of this forced romance. I can read a story about MC and his architecture journey and occasionally show progress with the relationship between him and besfriend and I would be content.

And of course, the romance. I don't dislike stories where the romance is secondary, I even like some of them where the life of the characters are showed. Of course, at the chapter where I'm at there's still no romance, and frankly I can't imagine how they're gonna be like when they finally got in a relationship, so I decided to skip and skimmed through the extras (cuz where else would authors shower the readers with fluff). Surprise, their behaviors are still the same (and by the same I mean their interaction with each other), and I can't sense the romantic atmosphere off them. I dunno, maybe I'm just blind or with I skimmed through that, too.

I think by the fact alone that when I was finding some completed bl works to read and saw this at first it didnt catch my attention (the reason I read this is cuz I found out its the same auhor as waiting for you online) may be because in the end it didnt really hold my attention for long.

There, finally I vented my frustrations. Read at your own risk. <<less
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batodo rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: Completed
Honestly this needs to be a webtoon, like, right now. An actual healthy relationship that develops natural. Wow. I love.
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agathe rated it
January 26, 2019
Status: c222
It’s probably one of the best novel I read so far in the web galaxy

Fisrt it’s pretty well witten; it was good enouh for me to go through excruciating google translations, and it’s good enough for me to wait for more good translation in the hope tonsee them compiled in one good file :)

i cannot relate to the « young » graduates thing, but I would guess it’s probably very good; yet as a professional in a not to far away art job, I was captivated by the inside... more>> of the architects job, and all it’s culture;

but what made this book extremely special to me was the very deep insight of china and somewhat a political culture, and social values that are very challenged by the introduction of the big power of « money » since the 80s. It is absolutely not central, but it gives a strong flavor showing contradictions of our own system, that maybe we do not perceive anymore

contrary to many text, It gave me a feel of that country, made me want to learn more, and to see more. The relationship between the MC and the ML are ok, and cute, sometimes they can even bring a big bit of depth, specially when the story converge toward realistic subjects ; but I must say I loved the professional part more than the romance

maybe it’s me, but i’d rather it would have kept the same depth, instead of being a bit gimmicky, for example including some very typical painful bu*t allusions. I would guess the intimate part, makes the genre, but the heart is not there. And maybe i’m st Dreaming to read stories where if sexuality is a subject, it does not come with abuses, even if pretendingly fun, cute and half accepted. In the same way the strict « top/bottom » script of these register seems apaling to the old me. Why should there be a « sacrifice »of pride or health, why should it « hurt ». It does not need to; but well. It’s a genre, it’s not this title in particular;.

Yet the rest of the text shows so much maturity and interest that I could not help wanting a bit more there Too. I love deepth that can be kind to my small reader heart. It’s something that actually works pretty well with the chapters about the relationship with friends and family, they bring a lot of « closet peril » questions with smart and sometimes big emotions, but without ever becoming to harsh.

Don’t misunderstand me, it’s still very sweet and cute. It’s simply seems a bit to stereotypical when it get « intimate », and I just wish it had achieved the greatness of the professional pursuits. It’s a great read and I can only recommend it and thak deeply the very good translator that shared this great piece with us :) <<less
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holedawn rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the first Asian web novel I completed, and I loved it! It had minor flaws, but I can tolerate and forgive them because of the genuine and fluffy love between the MC and ML. Also, HUGE thanks to Snowy Notes for translating it sufficiently.

What I appreciated about the story:

    1. The personalities of the characters were consistent! The MC and ML didn't suddenly change just 'cause they got together. The author took time to show their growth: personal, career, and relationship-wise. However, this is a double-edged sword with some downsides mentioned in the next paragraph.
    2. The smut scenes were *chef's kiss*. As a gay man, I appreciate it when BL novels not only embrace the idea of physical affection between two men but also do it properly. I especially LOVED

      how the gong never came hands-free from his ass. Even though I find the concept really hot, realistically speaking very few gay men can achieve this. Assistant Architect described the gong's experience as pleasurable and just-one-dick-touch-away-from-orgasm, which is closer to real life.

    3. The supporting and side characters had just enough personality, not too much or too little. I like it when romance novel authors understand why the main couple is called the main couple.
    4. The "villains" are not necessarily villains. They felt human, and their reasons and mindset behind their actions and behavior are not black or white.
    5. The author beautifully showed the depth of their architectural and historical knowledge without making the story boring or unnecessarily wordy. I even found it very inspiring.
The minor flaws of the story, in my opinion:

    1. The MC is flawed so we can see his growth, but there are some points in the story where it's no longer adorable and makes you scratch your head thinking "Why is he doing the same mistake again? Why is he behaving like this considering his age?"
    2. The story is heavily biased towards the ML when it came to relationship issues.

      I think the ML apologized only 2 or 3 times during the story in all their misunderstandings, even in problems where he was 100% at fault. This is where the whole "perfect ML" trope went overboard. I especially hated the part where he called the MC disappointing for feeling like sh*t and wanting to quit work after experiencing life crises; ML invalidated the MC's feelings by explaining that other people had it worse. The extra chapter showing the ML's thought process during this scene didn't make it any better: to sum it up, the ML called the MC disappointing 'cause he felt "I know you feel like sh*t and wanna quit work, but what about me? If you leave, then what about me?" Pissed me off so bad.

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positiveaddictchan rated it
April 6, 2019
Status: Completed
The romance is slow burn, but totally worth it!

It depicts a realistic take on the field of Architecture--from being a student, working, and the accompanying challenges.

I love how the MC and the ML's relationship developed. It really shows that when you find the right person, you will work hard to be the best version of yourself.

I love how the story came full circle by the end.

All I can think of as I was reading the last extra chapter was: Zhang Siyi #proud.
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jellyfishies rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: Completed

If I had to give this novel a rating when I was only, like, less than 100 chapters through, it would have not been this high. I'm the type of reader that usually savors the process of the two main characters getting into a relationship the most. The secrecy! the pining! the misunderstanding (s) ! the palpitating heartbeat and the furtive glances etc etc. But while the two-sided pining in this story was also really cute, I think I honestly enjoyed reading about their post-get-together relationship the most. (and I'll... more>> get into that)

It's a little hard to pinpoint what the main appeal of this novel was, but it made me feel very warm, and sometimes very touched. It's one of the novels with the most righteous three views (三观) that I've ever read. The two main characters, Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu are thoroughly fleshed out. The supporting characters are very three-dimensional as well. There is no flat antagonist, no Mary Sue's, no holy mothers, or whatever other sort of stereotypes that are commonly seen in webnovels. The story truly depicts how every person comes from different experiences and environments, and the author allows the readers to at least understand, if not relate, to the reasons behind their actions.

Zhang Siyi: I feel like ZSY is the type of character that a lot of readers would find a tad annoying, so I would like to defend him. It's true that he's not the typical main character you would find. And by that, I just mean he's not perfect. He's not quiet and withdrawn, nor is he soft and loving, nor is he cold-hearted and vicious. It's very important for me to mention this again. No character within this novel fit into a convenient stereotype. I honestly didn't mind his character even in his earliest, most immature stage. He's starts off as a fresh graduate, newly independent from his parents' financial support, carrying his dreams of being an architect into an economy where architecture no longer has as high of a demand. He struggles in the beginning with work, has conflicts with his superior (Gu Yu), has trouble making important decisions, easily loses his temper, easily feels defeated when he runs into an obstacle. All these imperfections may make the reader dislike him but I instead felt myself empathizing greatly. Why expect someone who just entered the workforce to already be steady and matured? ZSY's immaturity is only further amplified when contrasted against GY but it's important to remember that there are SIX YEARS of an age gap. And while six years might be nothing in the long run, six years is a lot for the beginning stages of someone's career. And the novel brings us through exactly six years of ZSY's career. And we really start to see him shine. Even though he has his childish moments, you can tell that he honestly really likes architecture. And once given the right environment and role models, he willingly takes up self-improvement and sticks with it. And that's, I think, one of the most impressive things about ZSY. You'll find out throughout the novel that ZSY has always had a talent for creative designs. But I think what made him as successful as he will become is his persistence and dedication. He can make himself put aside time-wasting hobbies and make room for self-improvement, and I think that's more powerful than anything else. I feel like through those 200+ chapters I truly followed ZSY step by step as he grew and mature, and

in the last chapter, when he was 29, and interviewing someone fresh out of college, I almost cried. When he was in that seat at 23 he had looked at GY incredulously because how could someone so young be so successful. And now he's in the exact same position he once thought was impossible.

Anyways, I think ZSY is a very inspiring character. I think the most important lesson the author is trying to tell everyone through his story is that it's okay to be at a loss, it's okay if you're currently the worst one of the bunch, because as long as you stay true to what you love, as long as you keep improving yourself, everything will turn out ok.

Gu Yu: I saw a lot of people bashing Gu Yu's character, and not going to lie, I was one of them. In the earlier chapters of the novel, especially before the two got together, I honestly didn't like his character that much. ZSY was such a realistic character, but GY was just another one of those perfect and cool tops. And even worse, he seemed to be fond of toying with ZSY. But. But!!! BUT!!!! I ended up head over heels f*cking in love with his character. One thing that I should have realized much sooner was that, if GY really was designed to be a perfect character, I wouldn't have disliked him. To dislike someone means that there is a complexity to the character. Most of the time with flat "perfect" characters, all I feel is a sort of indifference. GY's way of interacting with ZSY in the beginning is all because he didn't know how to pursue someone he likes. As we learn more and more about GY, especially as well hear more about him from the people who watched him grow up (his sister, his seniors at college, his parents), we find out that he's truly a lot more imperfect of a character than he was shown to be. He, from young, has always had a mean streak. He's respectful to his elders, and enjoys teasing his juniors. He's way too good at putting up an act, he's fond of making people choke on their own words, he's really just downright mean sometimes. Is this a good trait? Not really. But has he ever really taken it too far? No. Because you can tell that the more he teases someone, the more he feels close to them. The two people that he seems to be the most fond of bullying are his younger sister and ZSY. And he cares for them beyond anything else. There are people who think that GY might have gone too far with bullying ZSY,

like when he snuck a photo of him napping durin ga meeting, and then submitted that photo to a company-wide photography competition.


But honestly I think this is a grey area. I personally think this: He never took it too far with the jokes, and the times when he scolded him harshly, ZSY was not in the right. Does this mean that GY was always in the right? No, this was another thing that infuriated me in the beginning. In every argument, I believe that ZSY and GY always shared some parts of the blame, but it was almost always ZSY that apologized. But then I understood that it was just another point of GY's imperfections: his pride. There were a lot of this that GY didn't know how to do. He didn't know how to properly pursue ZSY, didn't know how to kindly criticize people, didn't know how to express his care, didn't know how to put down his pride and apologize. But then, look, people change. ZSY told him, hey, if you had only said things this way, then you wouldn't seem cold-hearted and a total bastard. And GY listened, he reflected, he thought about how people viewed his words, and really it was as if you could physically see him melting. He would apologize, he learned how to coax people, he learned how to not just inwardly love, but outwardly as well. And many of the things that GY did later on in the novel really moved me beyond words. You could really tell that he was more and more in love with ZSY, and also learned how to show it more and more.


I remember after thsi one argument, ZSY stood up from the couch, ready to be the one to apologize, but he found GY all crouched over sitting on the staircase, because he was sad that ZSY was mad at him, but didn't want to confront him while he was still angry. So he was just sitting there in the dark waiting for ZSY to calm down.


And this is another thing that I was really impressed by. The realism of their relationship. How often their arguments would be, but also generally how short they lasted. There was no giant misunderstanding that lasted years, but their days also weren't free of conflict. They argued, fought, but apologized, talked, and reconciled. And each time it happens they understand each other more, understand where they went wrong, and understand how to communicate better. Once GY hugged ZSY after an argument and said something along the lines of how he really doesn't like it when ZSY is mad at him. And just that little verbal admission of weakness, the confession of how his mood is tied so sturdily to ZSY, it just made me AhhHHHH (and it also made ZSY ahHHH as well, because that boy is quick to anger but also quick to forgive). Anyways, I love GY. I've talked about imperfections, so let's now talk about how perfect he is LMFAO. Like beyond just 'ZSY'S boyfriend, ' GY himself is just such a f*ckign good character. We don't have to mention how he's tall and handsome and rich and talented and smart and etc etc. But his f*cking views are so like. on point. Like whenever he guides ZSY, on both work-related and life-related matters, I just feel this sort of... awe, and at how mature he is. Even though he seemed to have a lot of trouble expressing himself, it seems as though he understands human and human behavior very well. He's cultured, he's well-read, he has good living habits, and my god he's honestly like the Perfect Husband.

Anyways. I really enjoyed this brand of reality that the novel offered. It offered many realistic depictions of what people are like, of what today's society is like, of how interactions and relationships between people are like. But it also offered an optimistic view. I think this is why I found the novel so heart-warming. It's not idealistic, but it's an idealistic brand of realism. It portrays a story that really could take place in today's world. Which is why all the characters feel really fortunate and inspiring. If it had taken place in a flat and idealistic world with a fine line between the good and the bad and where the good side always wins, it wouldn't have been as touching to see the characters end up happy. Yet it's because that the author wrote all the characters so meticulously, and built the world the way it really is, not black, not white, but full of moral greyzones, that it feels so heartwarming to see the characters end up with a happy ending. ZSY and GY were fortunate to have a relatively smooth coming out to their family (albeit with some struggle). They were fortunate to have friends, both from school and workplace that keep up with them even as everyone separates on their own paths of life. They were fortunate to have met, to share an ambition, to have the talent, the perseverance, and the financial conditions that allow them to pursue that ambition hand-in-hand. It wasn't as if everything they ever wanted just fell out of the sky and landed in their hands. Which is why it feels so fortunate when they do obtain what they want. Because they worked for it. And though luck plays a heavy hand, they worked hard for their relationship as well.

When GY decided to follow ZSY abroad. And when ZSY wanted to hide his admission letters so he could stay with GY. Initially, I felt frustrated, felt annoyed, because at core I'm the type of person to not like it when someone makes unrealistic decisions out of love. But then both of them revealed their thought process, they expressed how little they were willing to let the other go. Because regardless of how much they love the other, and regardless how much faith they have in the other, no one can be sure what will happen two years from now. And it just made me feel a little silly because here I was thinking --ZSY is only going to study for 2 years or so, right? How hard could it be to just wait for him to come back. And it's all because of all those novels with the "I will wait X years for you" trope. Because, really, in this world. With this limited of a lifespan. No one can tell what will happen next week, much less in 52 weeks, or in 104 weeks, etc etc. I'm not even talking about cheating. I'm just simply talking about the timezone difference, the lack of physical intimacy, the inability to be there for each other. Can video calls really replace an honest to god embrace? And, like GY and ZSY in this case, one could avoid a long-distance relationship, why risk it? Even if the chance of their relationship falling apart due to the logn distance is 1%, is that risk worth it? And to them, it wasn't. Because although GY had a high position in the industry and a stable leadership job at a good company, he also has the ability to develop in London, and then come back to China after several years to start his own place. And although ZSY had the opportunity to quickly improve his abilities by continuing his education, he can also take it step by step in China, improving, but just slower. But if by some chance, they lose this relationship, if they lose this other person from their life, there will never ever be a second chance. And aflijd;FDJ goD They just love each othe rso f*cking much

And you know what, even though they probably only said 'i love you" like 3 times throughout all 230+ chapters, this is one of the novels where I felt so f*cking deeply that they loved each other. But more importantly, I thoroughly understand why they loved each other. And that's so f*cking important because there's so many of those novels out there where one character just falls from the other straight away and then loves them enough to do anything for them and I just ??? Like ok cute I guess but like why??? But like, with this novel, I actually understood. I felt how ZSY fell for GY step by step. And while GY's process of falling in love was unclear at first, we slowly get more and more insight into that later on. And then even after they get together, we also get to see how they love and understand each other more and more and AHHHH. Ok. I'm doen. This is why too long.

(Note; I usually would comment on translation quality, but I read this entire thing in chinese so I can't this time) <<less
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Damachu rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Finished reading this 2 weeks ago but still itching to reread it again if not for the huge number of chapters. The romance is a slow burn but to compensate for that, the author managed to tell a compelling story about architecture and its workspace. The journey of the characters made a huge impact for me, a soon-to-be graduate, as it taught me the reality beyond the corners of school. It's really an enjoyable read and you won't regret spending nights on it.

Could use more pa!pa!pa! Scenes tho
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rinshi rated it
October 8, 2019
Status: c184
This novel is really a fun read. Although, admittedly, the pacing was a bit slow, and it took till chapter 107 (I think?) 'till their first kiss. But honestly, it was worth the wait. The relationship between MC and ML is thrilling, and I liked its progression. It showed how hesitant both parties were, which was completely justified, given the uncertainty and doubts they had about each other's s*xual orientation.

However, I must note that I was sometimes really put off by the MC's naive (and often very childish) personality. Nevertheless,... more>> I really liked (almost) all of the characters in the story (especially Tao Fei who kept cracking me up). <<less
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FistFullOfDillars rated it
March 13, 2019
Status: c118
I do not understand why this doesn't have a higher rating, it is one of my all-time favourites!

Very fluffy, slow-burn romance with adorable characters and just the right amount of tension. If you like modern BL with sweet misunderstandings, more romance than smut (although there is a wee bit of smut, I promise) then you've hit gold with this.

I also love the insight you're given into working in architecture, it's fascinating.

In terms of tone, I'd place it with 'The Daily Life of Being the Campus Idol's Fake Boyfriend' and 'Rebirth... more>> of a Supermodel'. READ READ READ! <<less
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May 21, 2019
Status: c19
Maybe I'm spoiled by "quick romance" stories or I'm just not all that into drawing toilets and parking lots but I'm struggling to stay interested in this story. I find myself skimming through half of each chapter since it's all about rooms and hectares and whathaveyou. Which yes, it IS about architecture but I thought it was supposed to be a romance too...

Don't get me wrong, it's well written and I DO like the MC and ML, I think I need a bit more than "so subtle you need a... more>> microscope to see them" romantic moments.

I'm going to give it a go though and not give up since the other reviews indicate fluff to come but jkfdlsja right now... I'm bored out of my mind. <<less
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Noksy rated it
July 18, 2023
Status: c227
The only good thing about this novel, besides the excellent translation, is that it made me write this review.

This is a story about the humiliation of a naive guy (MC) by his parents and boyfriend.

... more>>

Parents of MС are presented as positive characters, respected in society. But something is wrong with this, the MC's mother constantly calls him s*upid and fat, tells all his secrets to a stranger (ML) and directly states that compared to ML, he is a nonentity and they are completely on different levels. And this is exhibited by the author as harmless jokes among family members.

The MC's father is presented as a respected official with strong principles. But he's not that kind of character at all, he's not honest, he just cares about his "face". He never supported his son, just like his mother, raising him in constant criticism, reproach and humiliation.

The result was an adult version of the MC - a deeply traumatized person, constantly looking for someone else's approval and attention. He is not confident in himself, he cannot stand up for himself. He grew up among parental abuse and humiliation, so in adulthood he found himself a partner who fully met these criteria.

ML insulted and humiliated him many times, but MC always quickly forgave him and always apologized first, even where he was not at all to blame. Minimal attention was required from ML and MC immediately, like an obedient dog, ran to meet him, wagging his tail. Their relationship is not equal. ML found himself an attractive and comfortable s*x doll, not a partner. Several chapters of the novel were devoted to the fact that the MC is in pain after s*x and he is very tired. He tried to talk to ML about it, but he just got back into bed with him, gaslighting "You like s*x, you're making it up".

MC with ML only because as a child he lacked parental approval and received attention and some verbal encouragement from ML. I don't believe in this love. The author passes off terrible things that traumatize the psyche as love.


I think this story is full of substitution of concepts. She passes off black for white and gives readers the wrong idea that there is a healthy relationship. My 3 stars are only for the work of the translators.

MC needs a psychologist and roots out toxic relationships from his live. <<less
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idkbro1770 rated it
April 8, 2023
Status: c131
Great novel, I'm currently on chapter 131.

I saw a review saying "In reality, this novel didn't leave much of an impression on me other than boring architecture info with bullying ML"

and I found it interesting... lol

... more>> Of course, everyone is entitled to have their own opinions, even if it's different from mine, but having an opinion and hating on something are two different things.

Yes, they are allowed to find the novel boring, but they don't have to sh*t on it and say the writing is boring/bad just bc it wasn't what they were expecting to read.

This is a slow-burn, office-work novel. I don't know what they were expecting to read when they opened up a novel about 2 men whose job is be an architect. it wasn't just going to briefly mention what they did at work like,

"I went to work went to a meeting, then met up with my boss."

It's going to show what they talk about in the meeting and the struggles of the workplace.

Also, the ML wasn't a bully, he was a great boss, he wasn't just going to spoil the MC just bc he liked him. He treated him just like any other one of his subordinates. Although he likes to tease the MC a lot, that's just his personality and love language.

Other readers always tend to misunderstand MLS actions a lot, here's an example:

When the ML made the MC present the project at a meeting last minute, he didn't do it to bully the MC, he did it so the MC could learn and improve. Of course, its sounds like a shitty thing to do, and if that happened to any of us we would be pissed. but you guys are misunderstanding ML'S actions, he's not teasing or making the MC work really hard for fun, he's doing it for the MC. He wants the MC to improve. And he wouldn't have asked the MC to present last minute if he knew he wasn't ready. You guys also always underestimate the MC'S ability too lol. He's not some innocent wholesome office worker, he's a hard worker and knows how to adapt well.

And it's not just a thing the MC solely experiences, he also does things like this to his other subordinates too.

The people complaining about the ML should have looked at the tags before reading, bc this novel is literally described to have a black belly MC. and a realistic office work-focused plot.

I definitely recommend this novel. It shows so many realistic struggles in the workplace and also out of the workplace.

The writing is great, and the translator did a good job too.

5/5 stars.

If you are looking for a wholesome office romance slow-burn novel that you don't have to use your brain on, read this! <<less
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puregarnet rated it
October 12, 2022
Status: Completed
4.25 Stars


It’s not a full five stars because the Bai Rui plotline ended a bit anticlimactically and we don't really get to know what his deal was and what was up with the friend and him in the end. Also, I just did not like the unbalanced relationship at the beginning half and the ML’s bullying tendencies then. It's good for the story but I rate based on my enjoyment haha. Otherwise, a fantastic and engaging long ride. I wish it was longer with more architectural stuff in it because... more>> that was the most interesting part for me. I would have loved it if the author had included some images too. I love how much the MC grew throughout the story. Abit inspiring haha. It made me nostalgic for when I was post-university looking for a job and working.


The translation from C1–11 is from Blues Translation. The translation is a bit halting. Some words are wrong. Some words are missing in a sentence lol. Not too smooth a flow to read at the beginning when trying to get used to the style. It's probably because the translation is just good enough that any errors encountered are unexpected so you pause for a while to correct the sentence in your head. So my tip at least in the first few chapters is to forcefully make your reading speed fast. This will make your head automatically and quickly correct the error sentences to keep up with your speed + make you get used to the translation style more quickly. Then, just wait until chapter 5-6, there is an editor! From then onwards, the translation is pretty good XD

Next, I’ve read from Snowy Notes onwards. The translation is good! There were no errors that I could remember and the sentences were not awkward. I didn't realise that they translated from chapter 1 so you should probably just stick to them from the start.


Get through the first 4 or so chapters and then the meat of the story appears when the MC actually starts his job. And the office romance can begin lol. The pacing is pretty good and even. It is a very day-to-day story so there aren't many time skips until the end and the extras. But even then, the timeskips are so smooth and expected haha. This is like an office romance for the first 100 chapters then when they get together, it deals with how they fare after they get together.


We follow the MC, a young adult figuring out life post university, starting to work. Lots of life philosophies get worried about by the MC too. Like, can he get this job? Does he stay in this job he likes but doesn't pay as well as his old friends? Does he stick to it because it is fulfilling or make big cash so he doesn't have to worry about rent? Temptations everywhere, does he stick to his guns? He follows him, learns at his job, gets good, thinks about the ML, his sexuality, his prospects in the future, romance, friends and family. The extras will be like a year+ from the beginning to age 30.

Themes/What Story Tried to Achieve

Man, at the beginning, the imagery of offices and starting work, the fancy iMacs on designing tables really brought me back to university (we had the architectural courses and their fancy classes right next door) and then the feeling of actually starting a job and earning so much money all of my own, wow brings me back. The excitement and nervousness XD. I’ve been working for five years and 3 of those years were affected by COVID, so it wasn't strictly 9-6 anymore lol.

The genre of this story is romance, plus young adult just starting work. The story explores their romance and charaygrowth for 2 years. How our young adult MC deals with his career in a depressed industry, if he will stick with it and his dreams or quit to make better money elsewhere, romance, sexuality, just adult life after college.

To be honest, my favourite part was all the architectural work. I felt like it was cool and I learnt a lot. I barely have any such knowledge so how it all works in the working world and what needs to be done was pretty interesting. I wish the author had added more cases with the same level of detail in the first half for the MC later on when he got good and experienced. Show us how good he is instead of telling. Working life is just so relatable and interesting.

For the romance, it feels like a typical romance book from a normal bookstore for the part before they officially get together. There were lots of does he like me? Does he not? Am I imagining it? Is he gay? The fact that the ML is a superior creates an unequal dynamic for ¾ths of the story so be warned about that. There were a couple of times where the ML kinda abused his status as the MC’s boss to get what he wanted with the MC like saying deduct 500 if you don't do this, at a time when the MC was silently super stressed about his finances. The ML didn't know that but he still used his power over the MC. Also, a lot of the sexy scenes had the MC going "noo, stop, I can't take it", but the ML was "I have calculated and tested your bottom line gradually over these months, so you CAN take it", was just ugh =.=. No means no, or at least pause to confirm the other’s comfort level. Consent is super sexy. I was getting worried there because I was reading the story for its touted healthy relationship but for a lot of the story, the ML just loved to bully the MC which was, uhh, kiiiinda frustrating. Once they actually get together and have been together for a bit longer, only then does it gets more communicative and healthy. They go through lots of small fights and we see them cool down, reconcile, be vulnerable and discuss what happened on their end. But before this part, ugh, the ML really kept bullying the MC because he likes to see him cry. Yeah, that part was kiiinda frustrating to me. Because the MC was stressed enough man. -.- So I guess, be warned that the healthy relationship tag takes a good while to get started in this long 200+ chapters story.


We follow the MC in his thoughts and in his head the entire story. The writing was such that I really feel whatever the MC was feeling haha. That made me super invested in his life and his goals, his worries and anxieties. It was a joy to follow him, a just out of university young adult figuring out money, his future, his life, etc. Very relatable. I was reminded of myself when I just started working. Also, the character is very good. Sometimes, you can't really tell that he's grown until the story shows it to you and ahh, he really did grow. The MC really struggles to get his life and his beliefs together.

I didn't like the ML much at the beginning because he caused so much grief for the MC and the MC's head was the one I was in most of the time haha. So objectively, I understand but emotionally, nghhhh haha. He's also an interesting character and since we are in the MC’s POV, you can feel the charisma of the ML. He's so good at architecture, which the MC likes, that you can really feel the attraction there.

The character growth of the MC and how we really get to know the ML is so good! The process was a bit frustrating but at the end, ahh, it was so nice to see how they had grown. We also see how the ML opens up and changes from the beginning.

All the supporting characters are so good, varied and distinct! There are no placeholder friends and family to prop up the story here XD Everyone has their own lives and troubles as young adults, parents and siblings. We get to see part of their story with how the MC intersects with them.

My Created Lists (I include my rating and review in the list itself XD)

  • All Novels I've Read Sorted By Rating - Where I ranked every single novel I read on novelupdates.
  • Heartwarming or Feel Good or Wholesome Stories I Liked - As stated haha
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Mogure.v rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Man, I'm simply in love with this book.

To be frank, I came here for the yaoi tag, but I stayed for the slice of life part. This novel really helps in giving glimpses to what it's like to live after graduating, and as an undergraduate student, it's very mind opening. The novel shows the varying struggles of adulthood through a diverse set of characters, albeit most of them have something to do with architecture/construction. Aside from that, the MC and ML are very likeable, too, though some may find tbemselves... more>> unable to stand either of them at the beginning parts of the novel. But I assure you, they will wonderfully undergo significant growth as individuals.

If you're here for the romance, go read it. If you're here for the slice of life, absolutely go flipping read it. It's that great. I hereby thank the person who created a recommendation list with this novel placed at the very top. <<less
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Lyska3303 rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: Completed
I didn't intend to write a review, but I want to input my view on the topic about Siyi apologizing first whenever they have arguments. Personally, I think it's because this novel is heavily written in Siyi's point of view. Even if there are some 3rd point of views, it's written neutrally. Siyi has always regarded Gu Yu as someone superior to him. When you're in love, especially when you think the other party is financially more stable, older, and more mature than you, it's natural that you tend to... more>> think it's your fault. Of course, argument is there because of two parties, and it has been a while since I read this, but I remember that Gu Yu is not totally unapologetic, he feels bad sometimes. And who knows, maybe if there were his POV, he would be blaming himself. I just think it's normal for a person to introspect their fault first in a relationship. Since this is mostly written with Siyi's view, and we rarely see Gu Yu's view, of course it's more apparent that Siyi's blaming himself.

This is a great novel with a steady pace and a meaningful story about pursuing your dreams and gaining success in life. The characters and plot are also enjoyable. I recommend this story very much, and if there are people hesitating to read it because of some comments regarding the previous topic I reviewed, I hope you can reconsider. <<less
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