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Kaleido, a talented but unpopular boy band, shot to fame by chance because of a video shot at the airport. In the video, Pei Tingsong, the youngest and most gong member of the whole group, pinned Fang Juexia Gege against a wall as he gently patted his face with a ticket. Yet Fang Juexia just took the ticket away, biting it as he tidied up his clothes. A “bullying” incident within the group thus transformed into an intense flirting exchange, and the TingJue CP was born.

Netizen: holy sh*t that’s so gong! Kabedon AND a bayonet fight! (internet slang for lovey dovey actions between men)

And thus, the abandoned trump card burdened by rumours of having had sold his body and the legendary rich member with a strong backing were bound together. They had clearly never gotten along since their debut, yet they were now forced to embark on an endless path of selling their fake ship together.

Pei Tingsong was famous for being ‘real’ in the circle, and he had offended many people from his lyrics alone because they were overly ‘real’. But he stressed again and again that he and Fang Juexia were only providing fan service.

CP fan: [Someone who has never been fake is selling a fake ship.] May the philosophy students please explain the paradox to this young student Pei here.

Young Pei: Fine, you guys win.

Juexia: (seriously considers the logic) If B is true, then A is also true; but if A is true, then B should also be true…it really is a paradox.

Young Pei: Fang Juexia, you’re heartless.

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Doanh Nghiệp Bội Luận
Nghịch Lý “Câu Fan”
ying ye bei lun
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New Moonarchhh rated it
May 23, 2024
Status: --

First of all. Amazing!!! It became one of my favourite 😭

I love the name "juexia" so much ugh 😩💖

... more>> I had such a bad post series depression after reading this, it left a grave effect on me. I cried so much when it ended.

The music videos are available on YouTube, they are so dope and catchy!! Juexia (MC) and Tingsong's (ML) combined song "xing dong bei lun" (heart paradox) became my fav song also!!

Not a big spoiler:

The story is filled with philosophy!! I looked up plato's philosophy after finishing this and guess what. His philosophy about love is literally the same as how MC and ML's relationship evolves!, they becomes each other, filling up the things they lack.

I'm a big kaleido (band name) stan!!! And I really love miao ge (group leader) for some reasons 😭 (guess he's just my type lol) All group members are enjoyable. I loved their reactions!!! (Iyk what I mean) Their success made me so emotional 😩💗

Domino for life.

The realistic side of this industry is portrait so smartly. I love you zhichu.

Anyways, I also loved that there was no unnecessary drama and stretching in the story, everything was perfectly sync. From the growth of characters, to group of the group.

The writing style is simple and easy to understand too. It deserves more recognition tbh.

I also got a habit of solving sudoku thanks to juexia hehe. I also learnt a lot about philosophy <<less
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New Heaven00 rated it
May 15, 2024
Status: --
The reviews and star rating were too much, this novel was overrated. Totally disappointed. If you're new in bl world, then this novel is suitable (maybe) for you but for those who expecting heavy reading/plot/good writing skill, this novel is not for you. The author used repetitive and unnecessary sentences alot which turned me off. Too boring.
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YellowNoodle rated it
October 27, 2020
Status: Completed
You know what makes a good novel?

Character development.

... And hot s*x.


The author does well on writing about the dark side of the entertainment industry. The main focus is the fact that the author expands on "the dark side" and takes a bit of a deeper dive on the effects of it through the thoughts of the MC and ML. Its not a simple one liner/short summary over a few chapters (as seen in many chinese BL novels).

Additionally, readers can tell the author is educated and has well defining opinions of humans throughout the dialogue between Juexia and Tingsong.

It's very easy to understand the writing even when reading in mtl. The text of interlaced philosophical poetry and flower language relates well to both Fang Juexia and Pei Tingsong's characters.

I fell in love with the respect, youthfulness, and maturity of how two different people, who have had their fair share of sufferings, fell in love. They've come together and become inseparable.

The descriptions of their blossoming love is extremely beautiful: A Gentle Winter often referenced to Juexia and a blazing spring referenced to Tingsong.

Its a deep exploration to the two seasons aka the people and their different approaches to their dreams. But in the end, pride and prejudice is cast aside, unveiling the complexity of the two, forever binding them together.

"Why do all the things I like have a short shelf life?"

"I promise you that I will give him a spring that will not wither"

Too good/5

Enjoi and Adieu.

P.s. a top favorite, especially with this show business type of genre that isn't related to acting/modeling but an idol group. I wish I could say more but my review would be too long.


Edit 2/7/2021: Hi all! Here's the link for the papapa! Also, since the format is weird you will have to scroll down for the start ch 76! The spice is a few pages next. Happy reading :D

https://www.52shuku. vip/xiandaidushi/hzIa_228. html <<less
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elvira12 rated it
December 7, 2020
Status: Completed

This book is the very essence of its boy band name, Kaleidoscope. This novel is funny, philosophical, mathematical theories, serious, not so serious.

I love it!!!

And the character growth is amazing!!!

Such a great author.

And the lines, my gosh.. So so sweet...

“It’s not surprising. We are two ships of Theseus sailing on the sea. We met accidentally and were afraid of separation. So you exchanged your parts for me, and I exchanged mine for you. We are no longer in the past. Of us.”
“We became each other.”
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Roro97 rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel could be summarized as Two different people with separate views brought together by the imagination/ wishes of fans and discover that they might not be as different as they thought and that both are looking or are gearing toward the same Line!

This author wrote the story so poetic, it melt my heart sometimes! Also it was so descriptive I thought sometimes that I was there when they on stage, or during their Struggle, their endors**ent activities or daily life, or feel the joy after the group gained the... more>> netizens recognition, or their emotions when rumors arose! *_* Very Beautiful narration ! I learned few things about life with this novel.

Now the MC Fangjuexia was so misunderstood in the beginning by ML because he's mostly expressionless. ML describe him as Snow- Ice, Wood! He don't talk that much and a bit socially awkward but he's very straightforward in own way, some people just can't capture it very well. Also I like that MC is very hardworking and persistent toward his dreams but all that and with the fact that he's a bit introvert is due to []Past traumas.
ML Pei is sassy, outgoing and straightforward ! He says what he think and don't hold back! He is endearing as he should and soft when needed! I like him.

The relationship was well-paced and fluffy afterwards, The side characters are well written too, the plot is a one of fave (a fake Idol ship that actually sailed) and the description and narration is so poetic and theoretical! Light and yet deep novel.. Definitely Recommend <<less
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Devrai rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: c114
Did we read different novels? It sure feels overrated a lot.

This novel isn't written bad. The craftsmanship is there and the translation and editing is pretty good but it allways feels short of something.

The writer emphasizes continued that this ML is no mature man but a bit childish... it's shown through his"temper tantrums" and sometimes unstable behavior BUT on the other side he is throwing around poetic/psychological/humanitarian/philosophy thesises, quotes and excerpts like a 60 year old professor that never studied anything else. This feels just wrong for a 20 year... more>> old and gives off a wannabe pseudo intellectual image forced on this character. What's philosophy for ML is mathematics for MC. Trying to enforce romance through logical math is somewhat.... it kinda works but not too well.

Only looking on the flow between MC and ML is rather good but without real up and downs or real communication and exchange of their own thoughts. Nothing special or surprising there. The supposed fluff is buried too deep under all the pseudo intelligent rambling. Even the weibo comments and internet barrage was astoundingly boring. Nothing really happened or stood out.

Foreshadowing was like one chapter ahead of the happening and solutions. Everything came rather abrupt. Felt like the writer had a checklist what needed to be written but instead of weaving it together all along, they just put it one after the other.

I started to feel bored with this novel when I not even reached the 50% maker. I kept on reading just hoping it would get better later but I got disappointed.

This novel held nothing special, no surprises, no depth not even the promised fluff. It felt stale to me. Maybe I came with too high expectations and that's the reason I see this novel as overrated but I know this writer could be better.

So I would recommend it if you like the psychological path and when you like that the MC and ML over analyze their own behavior every moment. For me this stomped the mood and flow.

3 🌟, nothing more. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: Completed
this was surprisingly good. I was expecting fluff with a bit of boy band thrown in with the usual naive MC/ overbearing ML dynamic but I was wrong. The MC and ML are both flawed but interesting people and their relationship and past unfold at a steady pace. No instant falling in love here. There is a ton of character growth for both of them and everyone has a normal IQ.

on the entertainment side, it covers some of the light as well as the dark side of being an idol... more>> and a little of what goes on behind the scenes in a boy group, from the hours of practice and the thrill of the performance to the sasaeng fans and long working hours where the only sleep gotten for days at a time is in the car running from one gig to the next. It's covered fairly realistically, though some of the machinations behind the scenes might not be. the group dynamics of the team are fun and the way they grow closer as the story progresses and get along like bickering brothers without caring about being filmed, as well as their excellent variety sense, reminded me of a couple of different kpop groups. I also like that the boys are more than just their defining characteristic (dancer, adorable one, variety MC, actor, rebel, and cold beauty). <<less
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xiaxiqing rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: Completed
CAUTION! CAUTION! I might edit this later but let me post what is on my mind right now.

Disclaimer: I have read this last year using MTL so that I can relax my mind instead of processing hanzi. Now, I am rereading it on the native language and let me tell you one thing: it is a total disaster.

I can still remember that there are countless times where FJX's birthmark has been described in the whole novel and while it gives you poetic vibes, I think that the dialogue has been... more>> set aside. As stated by one of the reviewers here, there is narration>dialogue pattern in every paragraph. Every sentence, statement, or action of the characters is explained by the author and while it is good, it way too excessive. While some of you may disagree, the author's voice is way too strong that it feels synthetic.

There are also instances that the tacit understanding between the characters are overused that you cannot help but to wonder if there is really a 'booming' chemistry between them or exaggerations made by the author through the narrations?

Characters: *stares*

Everyone: *shocked*

Normal person: Is everyone prone to heart attack these days?

The original text also has a lot of unnecessary 'commas' and you have no room to breathe. There are also too much metaphors emphasizing aesthetics, how the protagonists look good and all. While I really enjoyed PTS and FJX's narratives about philosophy and mathematics kaboom before, guess what? I also need more of the characters' interactions. Going back, I felt like I am reading a Baidu entry mushed together. Apparently, other people in the forums also have the same thoughts as me.

I am also not going to delve into this one but the entertainment industry set-up, while it is different from what we are used to, is also faulty when you placed it in the Chinese context. In China, arrogant idols will be out of the industry for their rude remarks. This is also why some c-fans disliked the set-up of this novel a lot because aside from its technicalities. Well, for everyone's sake, let's just say that the K-Pop industry is the prototype of this one (well, it really is).

This is also why I dropped it in the middle only to pick it up again. I'm sorry to disappoint Chuchu but I did not enjoy it as much as her other works. Kudos to the translators! I think that the translation has done a good job. Even the MTL translation is good.

I also enjoyed the plot because it offers something 'new', at least that is what I felt the first time I have read it. For 'English' text readers, you are free to like it, to each of their own. I admit that I very impressed with it at first because the English flows naturally. Although, I think that learning Mandarin and reading it in that manner will really give you a new perspective.

However, for readers and aspiring learners of Mandarin, for the sake of your sanity, do not try to read it in the native language or you will feel frustrated and nitpick the faulty narrations and allusions. Digging deeper and immersing yourself in the Chinese culture, you may feel that this novel is hypocritical and you may realize that it is not really as awesome as you think it is.

Overall, it is a fun read. Happy reading to everyone! <<less
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AneeChan rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: c49

Recommended? Absolutely. But there are few things you gotta know.


... more>> I'm doing this because nobody (not even the ones who completed reading it) gave any kind of fore warning before I plunged into it.

Don't get me wrong; The story is sumptuous. Rich. Full of knowledge and flamboyantly done. REGARDLESS, this story is not perfection- It has its flaws and people need to know this before they step into the Fanservice Paradox Universe.

Some things to look out for:

1) The Surrealism: Look, the story is perfectly logical and coherent and not something beyond human capability but I somehow found the largely magical/inexplicable connection or "Tacit understanding" between the ML and MC to be kind of surreal and unordinary even beyond the explanation the author gives. I mean they are at a point where they can predict the whole state of mind and actions of the other person based on a few guesses

Especiallyin the escape room arc


2) Lack of unhindered dialogue: I thought I was used to the fact that Chinese writers go through the route of Tell don't show to honestly painstaking levels but apparently I wasn't considering how the ML and MC "NEVER" talk without the Author's interference of character explanation. ML: *Speaks something* Next paragraph: *Why he spoke, how he spoke, correlation to the past on his speech, how the impact on his psychological condition etc* Then MC: *Speaks something* Again next para: *Why, how, when etc* THAT'S THE FORMAT OF EVERY CONVERSATION. It does work as an advantage in the story, given the characters are complex and hard to understand but still why every conversation. There needs to be room for the reader's imagination. So... beware of that. You don't get flowing dialogues here.

3) And the last, the Escape room arc: I CRIED reading that arc because of how EXHAUSTED my brain was. This is a romance and not a thriller/mystery and yet they dragged it out for over 10 chapters (?) to a point where I was physically hurting from all the logical, scientific or academic theories. (No tags either) If you're not in the mood for some brain-damaging mystery plot save yourself and skip/skim the part because the area shows no development whatsoever other than the tacit understanding/unlimited trust they've established all throughout the last 40 chapters. Seriously beware. If I stopped at Chapter 49 this is one of the MAJOR REASONS why.

That being said, the novel is still despite its failings one of the mist outstanding novels in terms of entertainment and character development factors. A rarity tbh and definitely not your average fluff brokerage that has brainless mcs. The characters are intelligent, well written and the story is not boring.

This is just my personal view and to anybody who wants to read it I really do recommend it. Just be aware of the above notes. That's it. Kudos and smile a mile✌✌✌❤❤ <<less
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Boba rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: Completed
I really love this. Topped my chart instantly.

I was expecting the fluff thrilling underground relationship between them. I was expecting nothing but fluff, not the writing, the development, or even a snippet of philosophy or math theorem. And how beautiful they implement those things.

The protagonist are soooo beautifully written and developed, not to abrupt, yet not unnoticeable. And the writing... God, I really wanna meet the author, simply superb. I hope the translator could brought the nuance of the narrative, simply beautiful.

And... As a former math student turned literature I... more>> really relate to both protagonists' thinking, not all, but I see a little bit of myself within them.

Also, I do apologize for any literature nuffies that think I'm exaggerating the beauty of the narrative. I'm still on my stage of learning literature and philosophy so biases are bound to happen sometimes.

TL;DR Just read the story. It's beautiful. <<less
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dee_ism rated it
December 17, 2021
Status: --
So-so plot. So-so characters. It's way too overated (c'mon! I expect more from 4.5 stars story)

But the one I minded the most is the writing style. It's way too flowery, lengthy, attempt to be poetic but it tells nothing significant, so in nutshell it's boring. Spend some paragraph just to explain MC's birthmark or beauty, multiply it by quite often.

And maybe, just maybe, the writer want to put some weight in this story, then *boom* escape room game arc is there, out of nowhere, and without any relevance to... more>> the plot.

Already read past halfway but there's nothing interesting about it and have to drop it. Sorry <<less
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ricoerrr rated it
December 3, 2021
Status: Completed

mc: fang juexia

ml: pei tingsong

summary: ... more>>

MC and ML are part of an unknown boy group. MC was embroiled in s*x scandal rumors during his trainee days, and ML looked down upon MC when he heard the rumors. in return, MC doesnt like ml's explosive and brash personality. they gave each other the cold shoulder for almost two years into their debut, only to be photographed in a compromising situation and made into a cp. their company, seeing that this is the first time theyve even made headlines, pushed MC and ML to sell fanservice in advance of their comeback. they take part in shoots and variety shows together, and their increasing interactions allowed them to finally break the ice. they learn that the other person isnt what they originally thought to be. MC learns that ML is well-learned, a romantic, incredibly attentive, and possessing a childish naivety at heart despite his image. at some point, ML uncovers the truth behind mc's rumors, as well as his childhood abuse, and stays by his side as MC heals from the trauma. and ml, coming from old money, mobilizes his resources to protect MC during various nefarious PR fallouts.

the novel spans for about a year, and during this time, their group had a lot of good and bad publicity. they used the momentum of the public's eyes on them to rise in popularity and make good show of their talents. in the end, public opinion changed for the better and their group finally gets the recognition and love they've sought since their debut.



this is a very long novel despite being only 100 or so chapters, as expected of zhichu. at first, I had some difficulty getting into it because the writing got too flowery and wordy for me. the worst culprit was the couple magazine shoot, the metaphors and descriptions dragged for almost three whole chapters, and although very pretty, it was at a time where pei tingsong's and fang juexia's relationship was still cold and had nowhere the amount of tension that the magazine scene was trying to portray. personally, it felt jarring to read, as if it was describing something that wasnt there (yet). that being said tho, it did establish the start of the ambiguity in their relationship that will go on to last until they finally get together. the novel also makes lots of references back to the spring and winter, eustoma flowers, etc, all of which began with this scene.

personal gripes aside, I can say without a sliver of doubt that zhichu's strengths truly lie in her writing style and character development. everything was romantic, everything read like it came out of rose tinted lens, you could just feel the pure unbridled first love through her words. she is just incredible at writing romance. the words and dialogue, the unspoken actions, it all just paints a beautiful love story.

and its hard to describe the romance without describing pei tingsong. he truly was the mvp of the novel for me. he does things unabashed, he wears his heart on his sleeve, he's the idealistic lover. hes the reason why the novel is just brimming with the kind of explosive but delicate love that I enjoy reading so much. the moment he realizes that he's fallen for fang juexia, the flirting and poems and serenades just. wont. stop. its like he just... unleashes his whole 20 years of love onto this one person. as if fang juexia is his muse and he made it his life mission to narrate his beauty in all the ways possible. its overbearing, but its also soft, like he really just wants to impress his first love, and make sure he does things right <3

fang juexia, on the other hand, is the slow and steady of the two. at first he was adverse to love because he was the product of a failed marriage, and saw with his own eyes how much love can hurt once it expires. it took a lot of coaxing from pei tingsong for him to finally open up, and once he did, he flew head-first into their romance without looking back. after that point, hes no longer the rational kid that distanced himself from failure and uncertainty. he'd rather take the chance, live in the moment, and work together with pei tingsong to make their love as long-lasting as they can.

its also very sweet how fang juexia and pei tingsong use each other eccentricities to communicate their love. pei tingsong uses the language of math and rational decisions to confess. fang juexia learns about the classics and philosophy to understand pei tingson's character and motivations. its incredible the lengths they would go to understand each other, because theyve had a time where their misunderstandings stood in the way for far too long, and they dont want a repeat of that ever again. <<less
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agathe rated it
March 22, 2022
Status: c46
i got curious Of the nice reviews, and wanted to read something sweet, I enjoy artists stories, but I'm rather disappointed (maybe Sora star review is the right one for me)

for a start, the pace is kind of off, and it feels long - Then, it's - again - a story about two straight guys pushed into a romance - if it was just about work and building friendship ok, but I really don't get the point of forcing BL onto uninterested males, because, no, most straight guys don't... more>> fall in love with another man- at least they would need to be a bit curious or open to the possibility - So yeah, make them drunk and kiss - not once, twice in 40 chapters, add an accident and we have three kisses (or a bit more the drunk thing might be more - but it's not like all the drunk kissing monster change their preferences when they sober up...

Also they have had a very long bad start before the story, and it's really hard to go beyond prejudice you grew for years, but then...

The characters dynamic is also terribly redundant, the beautiful pretty flower with issues meet anew the op boy (rich +talent+Powerful), add lonely because he wouldn't be there if not for some weird family situation obviously - there's not much equity, but it's not to bad, at least in their work field -

i also have very little understanding about the flower boy character who is an artist, a singer and a dancer, but defined barely capable of expressing his emotions (???) That is as contradictory as it gets : so you add that he is a math nerd too, and hope it will work better ? duh not all math nerds are autistic, and I know no professional dancer/musician who can't express themselves : at least shouldn't they be expressive through their art ?
Also how can you pursue the carrier of a pro artist and manage to get a university degree in math ? Where the heck does he have the time to pile all that stuff ??

- I'm also tired of the need for a flower/ girly boy, going with the male female (or 0/1) stereotypes of a relationship that has no need for these limits, after all, what's the point of these stories, if not to see what love can be without gender bias ? (should I read some yuri ? Or did they manage to bring that heavy luggage in there too ?)

luckily, the flower is not too useless and there's some other teammates (that you see too little) and a bit of show biz, in which there are some interesting episodes. Sadly those can also be limited by the language (for exemple, there's a lot of poetry, or they participate in a game in which the play on words, and Chinese characters is impossible to translate)

In the end, I get it's cute, there's no baddies so far (or nearly ?), and I actually enjoyed the work part, I really wish there were more!

Then, it's so full of stereotypes you know what you're going to get, and it's probably not the worst if it's what you're looking for ? For me, it's a bit sad that these type of stories feels like they've been written with a common bucket list as a start point, but I guess it will please those who have the same wish list :)

Lastly, it might allow be the first time where I found the literary ambition of a writer to be so hard on the translation, despite its good quality - too much seems lost - Maybe it would need some extra time to explain the meaning and sometime the graphics of the Chinese characters, as some parts would obviously be impossible to translate, due to the very nature of the ideograms <<less
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katsudone rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: Completed
EDIT + ADDED: [ 23/05/21 | 25/05/21 ]

pls open this for TW!!! (some event will occur in the future chapter and contain 'the truth', hence SPOILER.)


; TW // mentions of stalking, su*cide (NOT REAL BCS THIS IS THE PLOT OF A DRAMA, BUT IT STILL DESCRIBED), su*cide attempts, s*xual abuse/assault and drugs. (pls note these do not happened toward MC but A CERTAIN CHARA and some more.)


I felt so fu cking reluctant finishing this novel T ____ T I didnt even realize I procrastinated to finish it, until I saw the date T ___ T

This novel gave me everything. I repeat, EVERYTHING, what I have been looking for in showbiz tag. Some showbiz novel I've read rarely talking about sisheng fans (aka "fanatic" / "lunatic" fans.) fansite and fan meeting, when those are pretty much existed in this entertainment (SKR/CHN) but this novel has those!!!! which made me went "!!!!" and what's more, Zhichu (the author) wrote about what sisheng fans could do their idol. for ex: installing gps, which, had happened in real life. She also wrote about the existence of fansite acc, fanacc, fan meet and music station thingy (the latter is like mubank/mucore/mcountdown/inkigayo, but these kind of platform actually doesn't exist in chn industry), eventho it was just a hint (about fs/fa), this already satisfied me greatly! T _ T All in all, I personally love the interpretation Zhichu wrote about showbiz (◍•ᴗ•◍)

The more I read this novel, the more I fell deep into it and I was afraid once I finished this, I canT bring myself to look another novel and apparently what I was thinking..... semi-correct. [NERVOUS LAUGHS.] [clown music intensified.] now, lets leave behind my emotional turmoil and lets talk about the character development because that THING was amazing asf! Fang Juexia and Pei Tingsong went from can't stand each other (misunderstood by their first impression of each other. Thats why you shouldnt judge someome by its cover @ PTS LMAO.) to sticky as glue and cant be separated. AND!!!!!!!! THEIR!!!!! TEAMMATES!!! GOSH!!!! (´ ▽`).。o♡

Reading this novel brought me so much joy and even tears (happy tears!) I used to stan a bg (and still am but it leans toward gg now and causal listener n_n;;) so I know how it feels like to stan a group and ship a member of bg. Oh, THE fanwars. It was chaos, hun. And also I'm glad Zhichu didnt focus much on those negative things ^^;;

This novel is definitely worth re-reading, in my opinion n__n

"Summer is the rain you didnt let me in." Oh! There are so much quotes I fell in love with in this novel, but this one always made my heart ache and forever engraved in my brain T w T And also because of this book, I fell in love with Zhichus writing ; w ;

PSSS: I cant believe SSR (he also made appearance in renshe/LYCS), once again, became a lightbulb XDDDD
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taestykookie rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: Completed
After reading all these reviews here and seeing so many 5 stars I had really high expectation. But I was thoroughly disappointed. The chapters were extremely lengthy with lots of repetitive sentences (?) like "how beautiful mc's pink mole were". And those few chapters with random intellectual program was so boring. Also some scenes in the book were so corny. Not a bad book but definitely not worth my time. This book was just below average.
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Moraxella rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: Completed
This is actually really good. The writing is stellar. The characters development, especially ML’s, is done well. The romance between the two leads is logical and didn’t come out of the blue. The rapport between the boy group members is great, and the novel shows a glimpse into how the idol industry works. Definitely one of my favorites!
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glitteryjoon rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: c1
I'll rescind my conjectures about this novel. After getting pass the beginning and skipping over what I deem as unnecessary descriptions I came to really enjoy this. i enjoyed how clingy the MC actually was. Usually when making a cold and indifferent MC authors take the shy route where even in a relationship they're unlikely to be touchy and soft because they're shy and thin skinned. But I loved that not only was the MC developed to slowly become less and less indifferent, but he was also fairly forward in... more>> his relationship. my most favorite aspect in stories is when the couples are clingy with each other when they're alone. Where they're not just sitting shoulder to shoulder but instead stuck close without the prelude of smut. The scene where they were lounging in the water in that resort was very beautiful. While they had just finished being intimate, I liked that the ML was still able to be naked and stuck close to the MC and touching him without any sign of lustful desire, but instead was focused on his comfort and daydreaming about their future. that scene was just so gentle and beautiful to me because it seems like every novel the dominant characters are more about s*x than anything else. And would have taken that time for another round rather than just a calm intimate moment to hold one another. It was very soft. i loved that the main characters weren't the only ones with real fleshed out characters the band members were very real and I found myself favoring Ling Yi even a tad bit more than the MC and ML lol I loved that soft baby so much. He made me want to cuddle him

also, just as a side note, I'm an army I love my boys and reading this my army brain kept making me think of my boys with a lot of the situations they were going through. Just saying this because idk I guess I wonder if I'm the only one that thought of their own faves or the only army reading this and thinking of them. anyway, I'm changing my rating and I'd recommend that if anyone reads this and finds the first couple chapters boring or hard to get through to push through to at least the 15th chapter before deciding to drop or not cause by then it definitely kicks off and the flowery descriptions become less exaggerated and more easily ignored.

that's not to say that this was the best novel because there are still parts that got to me, but based on my first opinion on this after reading the first 11 chapters, I'd say I'm pretty happy I decided to finish this. So I'm rating it a 4.5 <<less
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This person is dying
This person is dying
October 29, 2021
Status: c7
bad review here.

I don't care about future reward, when I'm reading a webnovel I want to enjoy EVERY chapter or even every moment. I prioritize writing style over character development, plot, and even smut (I can just read bl p*rn)

but dam-, the writing style feel so juvenile, not only wordy, it's also too corny for me. As if the book are written from a braindead fan's perspective.

I only read 7 chapters, but I can't help myself to drop this again and again. (Yeah I reread the first chapters several... more>> times just to get into this again but the writing style just too off for me)

my second priority after writing style is character. Who cares about character development, their basic personality not only boring/overdone - but their attitude/feeling make me roll my eyes.

the ML disliked the MC for rumour is okay, but he still has the gall to prank and then describe him with poetry?? Normal people would just avoid such person or even feel disgusted by him. Who do you want to trick that you're straight and dislike the MC? Is it not being called greasy? (Honest question)

then, despite being disliked and often taunted, the MC can still feel a bit of 'excitement' from being treated like that by the ML. Hello, are you an M? I thought you have bigger pride than that. That you are cold but also timid toward toward poeple who want to have hidden rules with you is understandable and even cool. But maybe you just don't like the "hidden rules" part.

anyway if you are also like me who prioritize writing style and character (especially beliavability) don't bother with this story.

but if it's your style anyway, and you are patient enough and have a lot time, then perhaps you will be rewarded just like what other reviewers say.

my enjoyment is 1 star, but I won't rate below 3 star for the sake of this genre. <<less
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lilkaleidos rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I really like showbiz novel and this one undoubtedly would be my fav! Since im into cpop as well I could imagine the world-building well. The description about mc's beauty maybe feel like too over the place but it's ok because juexia is an angel after all *cough*. What I like the most (beside the cp love story ofc) was the fact that the other side characters got their spotlight as well, so I could understand the reason why kaleido could get popular later. sometimes idol group themed novel only emphasize that their members are talented without trying to show it so.. maybe if they were real idols then I would stan their group hard and promote them nonstop!

the talks between MC and ML are really interesting! Each has their... more>> own views about the world and they try to understand and respect each other. The implementation of math and philosophy theory that they use to utter their ideas were really interesting to see (bcs I like that kind of naration lol)

character!!developments!!! You could sense the character developments even the side characters!! Both MC and ML were flawed but it couldnt stop me from falling in love with them (especially juexia, an angel, beautiful inside and outside *sob*), instead it made me fall harder for all of them. ALSO!! There's no such an as*hole celebrities with 0 IQ and EQ like I usually meet at showbiz novel.

The antagonist is kind of people with power


Somehow I can get what zhichu wants to say and what zhichu hopes about the entertainment industry through this novel

I even saw some comments from people that said, after finishing this novel they finally understand that eating melons, cyberbullying etc are really bad. One irresponsible word from our finger could ruin the other's life. AND I AGREE

anywat it's 5/5. I enjoy every chapter. <<less
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JeNdeukie_NiNi rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: Completed
I can't believed I skipped over this masterpiece multiple times before, I feel really s*upid lmao. But on serious note if you're skipping out on this novel you're missing out a lot.

I liked every single thing about this novel and trust me when I say when reading this it will make you feel a lot of emotions. The part I liked the most about this was probably how Pei Tingsong and Fang Juexia changed overtime in a good way with each others company.

This novel also touches on quite a lot... more>> of topics even saesangs (which I don't think is talked about much in showbiz novels) so I loved that. You'll never get bored while reading this as nothing is being dragged on, no misunderstanding (well except for the beginning) but it will not turn you off because the way that misunderstanding is solved is so amazing.

Also, other thing I wanna talk about is the chemistry between Kaleido lmao they are such crackheads its funny, their interactions are very entertaining and fun to read. They all have such a good understanding of each other specially when performing. The fans are cute as well their comments during live broadcast are well...... entertaining.

Lastly, This is hands down one of the best novels out there it makes me proud to see both Pei Tingsong and Fang Juexia's character development, their growth its very touching. Thank You Author (s) for making this masterpiece <<less
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ludagad rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: --
Well, I'll be damned~ Just after recently finding out Chanbaek was a thing that existed on this Earth, and got really into it, and started wanting to read an idol shipping novel (I don't like real people shipping fics), and searched for a while and didn't find anything, and finally wondered 'should I just write it myself?', this here novel comes out. Is it fate or what? Furthermore, it strikes a bull's eye for all my preferences, exactly the character settings I would've written myself - rich younger gong and... more>> older shou. I have yet to see what MC's character is like, but the synopsis leaves me hopeful.

Yes, I'm writing this before even reading the novel. I'm just so pleasantly surprised by this providence-like thing. I might edit in more comments later. <<less
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Pavetta rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: c1
This story looks great! The translator did a flawless job editing this and made something really enjoyable to read.

This looks like it's going to be one of those 'fake relationship for the sake of fame' stories where eventually the two fall in love for real.

We don't see much about the dynamic between the two yet, but the hints there are show they don't have a good relationship and the MC has to make an effort to remain cordial. I can't wait to see how things change!
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