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Ning Yixiao thought he would never see Su Hui ever again.

Until the hotel room card mix-up, and he came into the room, seeing Su Hui lying on the bed with an eye mask on, calling out another person’s name, “You’re back so soon…?”

Impulsiveness made him pull off Su Hui’s eye mask, but the moment their gazes met, he regretted it.

It had been six years of separation. Their reunion should have been a more presentable one.

”At least on the skybridge on 42nd Street, the us who have nothing at all once had the sight of Manhanttanhenge — even if it was only for 15 minutes and 20 seconds.”

Ambitious top x sickly beautiful bottom

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Xuán rì
Điểm Chí Manhattan
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keichii rated it
October 18, 2022
Status: Completed
edit: I read the novel while the extras were still ongoing, and I read it via mtl. For some unclear parts, I had help from cn-speaking friends.

it's a novel about the past, separation, and reunion of su hui and ning yixiao. More than just their relationship, it also tackles how their mental illnesses affect themselves, other people's perception and treatment of them, and each other. Furthermore, it also shows ways how love can hurt or heal you. But in this case, love can heal you

but it's not love itself... more>> that heals you. Rather, this novel shows that while love itself isn't enough, love can help you move forward and give you the encouragement you need in order to face the path of healing. It has a lot of scenes that may be trigerring for some, so be sure to read the content warnings before proceeding.

as for my personal review, I find this novel (hereafter will be referred to as xuanri) to be a novel that gives you a sense of satisfaction and relief. It's because xuanri, in my opinion, is a novel that's focused on healing and growth. The experience of reading it makes you feel as if you're witnessing the growth of the characters both individually and together. But healing and growing doesn't necessarily mean pure happiness, these processes also bring a huge bout of pain. So please don't expect that xuanri will be a completely sweet novel.

some rants:

about the mc


su hui is someone who started suffering from bipolar disorder at a very young age, and grew up in a family that sees his illness as something unspeakable. He's gone through a lot, to the point that he eventually relied on hallucinations to keep himself upward. Both his illness, background, and experience affected him a lot, so please be a little kinder to the little kitten and understand from his point of view.


about the ml


ning yixiao, from the get-go, was revealed to be a utilitarian. This is the result of his past and his own ambitions. He can be cold, he can be sharp, but he's much kinder and affectionate to su hui than he originally appears. Just as su hui suffered, ning yixiao suffered as well. It's a two-way suffering, with both of them having conflicting feelings of their own. So please be a little patient with our little puppy.


from other titles

    • ning yixiao is xia zhixu's senior from the same department, and the latter would be mentioned a few times (and have a brief scene too).
    • ning yixiao and su hui eventually becomes pei tingsong's neighbor (zhichu also wrote a mini scene featuring kaleido + yihui!)
    • ning yixiao and su hui would also eventually meet xia xiqing and zhou ziheng, with su hui and xia xiqing collaborating in a way! (Available in the fanwai collection)

anyway, all in all, xuanri is a great novel and I hope you guys can give it a try. It might not end up as everyone's cup of tea, but I hope you also views things beyond an omniscient perspective of a reader.

still waiting for the car, these two are very dom-sub hehe <<less
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Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan rated it
October 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I've just finished this yesterday. It left me quite unwilling to part with it. The story, the characters and their lives continue to linger in my mind. I would say that this is one of the best contemporary love story I've read this year. It's engaging, absorbing, profound and is just simply exquisite. 💕

Over here, we do not have a fixed perspective. Some parts were from the Gong's pov and some were from Shou's. It's like a jigsaw puzzle in which together, we the readers as well as the leads... more>> eventually complete the picture of what happened post their breakup 6 years ago to where they are now. The author also clearly notes which chapters are about the past and which are of now. In this way, it helps in preparing the readers for the oncoming pain train that the readers are about to embark on. I have to say, it really does help in mitigating the pain but it still hurts nonetheless. Our main leads suffered way too much. 😢

Despite the pain I've felt alongside the characters in the Past chapters, I'm glad that by the end of the story I was left with much hope for life.

Coming from Zhichu, it's no surprise that we're once again filled with many trivia and theories on art, religion, philosophy, physics and language in this story.

The one about tuna having to swim to breathe and never resting is really... connecting it to Gong's growing up experience... made me cry. Also on the physics of touch - that atoms never touch... how people no matter how intimate are still suspended from each other... connecting it to the title of the story... damn... this is soooo good.


Also, what I like about this story is that it's not about love is the solution to all mental illnesses but that love helps in the coping and living with mental illnesses. It depicts mental illness sufferers' life (family's reaction, society's prejudice, surviving in general) and here, the Shou has bipolar disorder while the Gong has OCD. It's really not easy for them to come thus far and they're both very strong and deserves each other very much.

Glad to see this being translated. This is a story worth sharing. <<less
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Corazon_Salvaje rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Edit: Finished the novel relying on MTL.

A bittersweet story with a lingering aftertaste. It's about the separation (past) and reunion (present) of two broken mirror characters. Dual POV, which allows the reader to take a glimpse into the minds of both protagonists. Not an easy read, the author describes the different expressions and thoughts of people who are in a period of depression. At first it looks grey everywhere, with heavy feelings of heart. But, as they say, after the rain, the sun will reappear.

The two MCs met in the... more>> summer, broke up in the winter, met again in the winter, and ended the story in the summer, which makes the symbolism evident.

There were some minor issues I had while reading, but overall, it's a wonderfull story worth reading. There is something compelling about the author's way with words. It's my thrid read by Zhi Chu and it definitely won't be the last. <<less
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