Legend of the Asura


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Asura – proud, warlike, cruel, heartless.

A young adult with a mysterious background follows his father’s prophecy and enters the world of <>, somehow managing to inherit the XuanYang sword, and also unexpectedly obtaining the hidden class Asura.

Following the tracks of both virtual and reality he gradually discovers a secret hidden for the past billion years.

Asura, the class that used to shake the lands has now completely disappeared. He must now go on a journey to find the true meaning of Asura—until the day he transforms and becomes one with Asura.

Legend of the Asura average rating 4/5 - 128 user ratings
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Võng Du Chi Tu La Truyền Thuyết
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keklel rated it
May 2, 2017
Status: c11
“Ding! Player Feng Hun, your despicable fighting method has made the Snow Wolf King’s anger reach its limit. Silver Snow Wolf King being thoroughly enraged has completely absorbed the spirit energy accumulated within its body. It jumped levels and evolved to Level 30 Gold Boss Golden Snow Wolf Emperor.”

I usually don't like reading MMORPGs but this one is actually quite fun to read! Jumps into the action straight away and the MC acts realistically, going straight for the levelling up route right from the get go rather than wasting his... more>> time walking around doing pointless quests. In addition the world has potential to be developed further as it looks like there is a proper backstory that will be revealed later on, and there is some teasers but no full-on infodumps like in some other stories. In other words it's the perfect mix of action and story.

By chapter 11 there were still no significant character interactions (the talking sword shouldn't really count as a character...) but given the way the story is going hopefully more interesting characters will come into the picture later on. I have high expectations for this. <<less
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Trent rated it
May 16, 2017
Status: c11
This is by no means a serious story, but a lighthearted one that nudely and unashamedly sprints forward. Chinese nationalism from chapter one! The real world's unrealistic, and the virtual world's nonsensical. The MC's so OP and lucky, and only gets more OP every other chapter with new, unique, game-breaking abilities, that the only way you'll enjoy the story is if you enjoy watching him crap all over everything. Well, the MC admits that he has nothing better to do than to waste time all day (why is he even... more>> playing?). But there's no such thing as wasted time when the galaxy revolves around the MC.

Bothers a poor old man for half an hour? Gets secret information! Knocks on a door for fifteen minutes? Gains a unique quest! Reason doesn't matter since the MC's going to get rewarded for whatever he does. He's probably not going to have any enemies or competitors among other players, nor near-equals as allies, and he'll be off killing dragons when everyone else is struggling against goblins. <<less
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Hayate rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c33
The more correct score I'll give this one is 4.2, and that is based on the way this novel is heading. First of all, something needs to be cleared first before you read:

This is not a novel about a journey of a player going from weak to strong to OP. This is more like those novel where MC is transported to another world and gain super OP ability right from the start and then become even more OP as the story goes on. This is basically like that, ... more>> minus the transported part and plus the vrmmo, you got this novel.

MC basically get all of the good item/skills right before he even managed to job change, and the npc is really eager to give it to him. Only after that you will see him grinding (well, considering monsters 10 lvl higher than him still gets killed in 2 moves, it's pretty much a walk in a park).

The npc kind of knows that they are npc and the limitations that they had. The best thing about this novel is the funny interaction between MC and the npc, and how he managed to piss off every single boss he met to the point of evolving.

Tldr: this is not the most original novel out there, but it has its perks. This does have its serious moment and plot, but don't expect the story to go 100% serious (the real world's politics is nonsense, but you can ignore most of them for now and just know that there's a huge unknown computer/ai/hacker that created the game and somehow it is fully supported by the government for some mysterious reason that should be revealed later on) . Don't read this if you dont like MC that is op from the start. But do read it if you like op MC and a slight bit of comedy. <<less
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joelout rated it
September 5, 2017
Status: c8
Not for me, this novel.

The "mystery" and plot just sounds boring and I ended up skipping most of it as it was just alot of buddah and ancient china wanking.

The development is really poor and the MC just obtains everything without the slightest bit of effort

Might get better later but I'm not patient enough to find out.
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