Shura’s Wrath


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The mysterious boy Ling Chen is saved by a little girl as he lay on the street dying. Years later, he strikes a deal to save this savior-turned sister and enters the virtual world. In a future Earth where advanced warfare has forced nations to settle issues virtually or else suffer the consequences, Ling Chen bursts into the scene and goes from unknown to legend. Yet all is not as it seems, for Ling Chen has a dark past, and there is a greater mystery at hand behind this virtual world.

To save his terminally ill little sister, Ling Chen enters the newly released virtual game world and joins a small gaming studio comprising entirely of women. From now on walking upon his path towards the pinnacle. An ancient, evil item almost forgotten by history, the “Lunar Scourge” helps forge his unsurpassable legend, and causes him to unknowingly step upon a path that is destined to be punished by the heavens, the way of the Shura.

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Wang You Zhi Tian Qian Xiu Luo
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143 Reviews

Apr 16, 2016
Status: --
The novel started of great, but then it deviated in the VR aspect, it turned into something akin to linear progression and luck that does not exist in existence type Novel, all the treasures and items that seem to be OP and make a difference are only Found in China's Area when it starts, so basically the whole entire world does not exist besides China, somehow everyone around the world is mediocre, then around chapter 600 or so the story decides to say well fck it lets go DBZ and... more>> start destroying everything without any type of sense and progression. IMO the author should have extended the novel by at least another 1000 chapters and actually explore the damn VR world not make this linear crap that was good for around 100 or so chapters, everyone besides the MC and his pets make no difference and somehow the MC luck is god like, he seems to find every OP creature in the game. Overall is a mediocre novel 2/5 <<less
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May 08, 2016
Status: --
Reviewed at ch172
A VRMMORPG novel that has a nearly non existent MMO aspect to it. The MC gets op way too early to the point that he's pretty much playing a single player game. IMO the MC is the source of most frustrating part of the series. He has a dark, mysterious past which is the reason for his strength and and intelligence. BUT, his borderline ret*rded decision making skills make him a danger to himself and everyone around him. I recommend it as a time killer. It has... more>> an interesting premise but it's glaring flaws hold it back.


There are forbidden danger zones within the VRMMORPG which provide substantial quest rewards. Given his two op pets: a dog with a threat level detector and a ridiculously op pheonix he sees no reason not to take on these areas which is fine. BUT, immediately after barely beating the undead forest (not the real name) quest he enters another forbidden zone despite his pet warning him of the danger level using 'If I don't do this I won't be me' excuse (his way of saying yolo f**** logic) and this ends up getting one of his pet's in critical condition (no surprise seeing as the boss' level was over 3 times higher than his) after which it has 2 months to live unless he can save it. Shortly after barely making it out alive he challenges an impossible class quest without even bothering to level up first (I should point out it has only been a few days since he first started playing) using the same 'If I don't do this I won't me excuse'. This all ends up with him repeating the exact same mistake he made a day ago.

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Dec 08, 2016
Status: c288
Okay, this is getting somewhat ridiculous.

Now, at first, this story (to me) was perfect. The MC gave up his life for this normal but beautiful female who happened to help him when he was at his lowest moment in life. He joins the newly opened VRMMO because he needs to repay the debt of accepting a cure that saved his 'sister' (the girl who helped him).

As the novel progresses, it becomes hinted about the MC's past which seems seriously shrouded in darkness and mystery, which heightens the intensity and interest... more>> in the novel and MC. More hints are placed that


perhaps the game isn't just a game but actually an alternate reality where humans have access to. The reason I put this in spoiler is because when reading the chapter comments, it seems no one seems to ever pick up these blatantly obvious clues and seem to never understand some plot points that make this seem viable. (Such as seeing what the 'gaming characters' are actually thinking and feeling as opposed to the actions they take. Then stuff like the "Ai's" smirking or looking at the MC with a knowing look when he expresses how "This game feels so real" or something like that.

As of around chapter 260, a new character got introduced from outer space who came to Earth and the MC saves her. She expresses she's from outer space, she's got evidence she's from outer space (clothes more durable than steel but light to the touch) and appeared mysteriously when the meteorite landed. Then even with the MC's group going through intense background checks to find her Earthly parents but still coming up empty handed, he still doesn't believe her.

Wouldn't be such a big deal if the MC's experience in life makes believing this more simple than other people would have.


But then it all takes a weird turn. As of chapter 288, the level progression is all but non-existent, with all the players still being low-levelled. The MC's task is to gather all the dragonballs (not really dragonballs, but close enough) for his God item. He gets 1/4th within 20 days. Anyone who watched dragonball knows this is OP gathering speed (without no Dragon radar) and entirely unrealistic since he needs to go only in the most sealed down, unconventional places to get it. Which is surprising how easy he does this considering almost 300 chapters in and his level is only


20. With the highest levelled character in the game being 23.


Okay, fine. What about the MC? Well, the MC started off as the kind of guy who was mysterious and his past was being uncovered, hint by hint, peel by peel. Until nth chapters ago, the author was like "Ah, f*ck it." And made the MC reveal his whole history to the girl. Why? Because he was upset at a bad memory. So we all know his story, but even then, the MC doesn't really fit the description.

The MC is one of the most impulsive, adrenaline-filled junkie character you'll ever meet. As Fluffybunz explored in his spoiler how s*upid the MC can get, I'll go a bit more indepth so you know what he meant and how bad it can be.


The MC accepts an exceptionally difficult quest. The game system explicitly states that the quest is difficult. Due to MC's God item, if he dies once, his level resets to zero. So, what does the MC do? You guessed it. Fine, all he has to do is go to the center of the forest, see what's there, go back. The MC is OP enough, so why the hell not right?

Wait, he completes it? That's awesome! Now, all he has to do is turn back and nothing will happen. Whatever you do, DO NOT go into this ominous looking castle, where your God-level threat detecting pet has just given one of his most severe warnings yet, since the beginning of the novel, where the only time he gave a warning like this, the enemy was so strong, you didn't even have the right to consider yourself the privilege of calling them an enemy.

Now, the MC for all intents and purposes was born and bred as an assassin. He picks warrior in this game due to reasons, but even in real life, he's an ex-top notch assassin which you'll hear referenced many times. As a leader of said assassins, you'd expect some caution, sense and intellect. HA! WUT?!

"Hmm, my pet has just warned me that the enemy WILL be out of my league, so shall I go in or not?" When I read this, I thought it was the author using sarcasm and actually laughed for a good 5 minutes, until I continued reading and then saw the lines of "Danger excites me, and if I didn't go in, then I wouldn't be me!" (Quotations are obviously referenced loosely but they keep the essence of what was said) This line made me cough up blood as I debated whether to laugh or cry.

For someone who knows one death is all it takes to reset his level, he's awfully nonchalant about taking risks that have absolutely NO need to be taken.

What's even more disgusting, is that immediately after, the MC takes on ANOTHER quest, which even the system explicitly states "YOU WILL DIE. DO NOT TAKE ME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. FAIL OR COMPLETE THIS QUEST AND YOU'LL DIE REGARDLESS" Wasn't said exactly like that, but it may as well have been. Does he take it? Duh, who wouldn't?...*raises hand*


Story wise, as of chapter 288, the original plot still seems to be in play, however loosely, but it's nothing to complain about.

The world building isn't anything special, but it's also nothing to find fault about. The author gives you barely enough, but enough is enough amiright?

Side characters? The MC is interacting with the top brass of China on a daily basis. The underworld and the legal one. So every character is pretty important in general, just not to the story. They're all placed there to give the readers a sense of pride in the MC but for more detailed readers, you'll realise how pointless most of these characters are or how they're personalities/intelligence doesn't suit the position they hold. They don't have anything special about them, except what the MC forces.

As typical of Eastern authors, all the females the MC meets and acquaints himself with, are out of the world beauties with an 'aura' about them that no one else has whilst of course, everyone else is second rate. Even his 'sister' is an out of the world beauty who's aura makes no one able to harbor evil thoughts and blah blah blah... even though she's as normal as it gets. But, meh. Perhaps I'm nitpicking or perhaps I'm justifiably annoyed, you can decide.

Please keep in mind, this novels MC has the same luck, plot armor, mindset and irrational thinking as Yun Che from ATG and you'll be fine. Kinda.

I give this 3 stars.
1 star = Translation quality deserves it
2 star = Editing quality deserves it
3 star = This novel isn't all that bad. Predictable in some areas, but overall it's a decent read and I've never found myself too annoyed at it to the point of thinking about dropping it. Well... maybe when he pointlessly spilled out his mysteriously powerful & dangerous background for no reason. It was being set up for so long and yet spilled SO easily.


Give it a read, just don't expect it to be the best and you'll be fine.

Edit as of chapter 510: It's getting worse. The MC is becoming increasingly pe*verted, irrational, emotional and losing intelligence. The waifu's have all received some sort of OP blessing or benefit that is completely crazy and the girls seem to all have the same thoughts and feelings, with the only difference being how shy they are in expressing it. Not worth a read imo. <<less
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Jun 26, 2017
Status: c448
I'm pretty sad to leave this review, because this was my daily read.

Like a commenter below stated, it's a pretty solid novel (around a 4.5) until the Japan arc. If it was only racist I would probly just ignore it and still be reading it, but for some reason when he goes to the current arc he just goes back on everything he ever stood for and turns into a complete tr*sh, shameless, and generic MC.

Before this arc the MC has always been a cold and collected assassin type. He... more>> never lets his emotions lead his decisions unless they actually make sense. Especially with lust. He was always hesitant to embrace that emotion, and more loyal to his devotions than embracing lust for no reason.

As soon as the MC went to Japan it feels like the author just threw the MC's character completely out the window and just started putting out his personal wet dream about b**bs and racism. It's weird too because the author doesn't even make the Japanese do anything that bad. The entire time he just makes the MC do all of the completely shameless f'd up stuff and then says the Japanese are bad. Then the MC for some reason flips on his lust switch and starts sexually harassing to the extreme with a few actual s*x scenes out of literally nowhere. This is so far out of his character. He has had a literal harem with one of the girls having looks that make men literally become idiots as soon as they see her, and he's done absolutely nothing until this point because it goes completely outside of his character.

Like I said, it isn't really the racism that bothers me. I know that China and Japan just view each other like that sometimes and I would have just ignored it and moved on. The thing that bothers me is that the story just becomes complete and utter tr*sh because the MC becomes complete and utter tr*sh for no reason. <<less
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Jun 19, 2017
Status: c460
Imagine that you're a buff man with a sledgehammer, and all around you are cute little babies crawling around. Surely you wouldn't do anything to hurt them right? They're harmless cute babies- oh don't they look cute crawling around with their little feet and hands? NOPE I'M LING TIAN SQUISH SQUISH SPLAT SPLAT.

That's basically how this novel feels like. You have a protagonist who's extremely overpowered from the start, and he gets exponentially more overpowered. It's basically a wish-fulfilment power trip. No complaints about that though, it was really fun... more>> to read... Until the Japanese arc. This is where the MC turns into a disgusting, hypocritical bully. He sexually harasses a woman, and it's justified because she has something he needs. Then he kills numerous Japanese players (with 300% pain magnified) and blatantly goes back on his promises in public, and it's justified because they're Japanese. What the fck? What year is this? Dear author, did a Japanese guy kill your parents and r*pe your wife?!

Anyway I would give this 4 stars if you ignore all the nationalism but probably 2 otherwise. *barfs* <<less
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Feb 12, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Ch. 105.

I expected a lot more after the initial chapters. It had some semblance of a plot, emphasizing the close relationship between the non-blood siblings. The calm, stoic brother and the shy, loving sister (coughMahoukacough). Then it went downhill. Very quickly the “goal” of saving the sister was all but accomplished (postponed really) and then put on the backburner, turning the series into a Zhan Long / The Legendary Thief type of story. Even the condition for saving the sister, owing someone a favor; is continuously pushed... more>> further and further back.

What made this worse was that the MC gained an advantage so quickly in the story that he is basically playing a single-player game. He has leveled so fast that he barely sees any other players over the course of 100 chapters, because he is always the first to enter a new area, discover the secrets. This means most of the dialogue is with sentient NPCs of the game.

Which begs the question, what’s the point of framing the story around a gaming experience instead of a ‘regular’ xianxia story, like The Six Immortals or Ze Tian Ji? There is seemingly no need for a game backstory because the “real life” aspects are simply skimmed through: stopping to clean, cook, take care of the sister, hug her to sleep, talk to someone in the shadows, go back to the game. Interactions outside of the game are so limited, usually involving descriptions of the sister's love. Lets just say you wouldn't want those moments to be on your monitor if someone walks into your room.

It’s hard to believe that the author also written Against The Gods (a far superior work compared to this), because from the style I thought it was by Shi Luo Ye (author of Zhan Long). Combat is described as hugely challenging which is overcome by the MC’s sheer persistence... and OP items and unique skills that only he miraculously can get. Not to mention that the MC in “real life” has hints of a shadowy background, like the MC of Shadow Rogue.

If you enjoy Zhan Long, you will like this because it’s more of the same, including gratuitous descriptions of items and skills, statistics and numbers indicating damage done and taken. <<less
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Oct 22, 2017
Status: c570
I'm sorely disappointed by this series. It started out well and I had great expectations of it from the start but as the story progressed... Anyways, I'm probably dropping this series.

The value of suspense in the story is greatly lowered by how cliche the results are.

Here are a few more imitations (parodies?) of why I'm dropping this:

The story has no sense of plot mapping.

... more>>
  • Ling Chen wipes his arse.
  • Ling Chen takes a shit.
  • Ling Chen has an ultimate OP ability that allows him to reverse the order of his actions called 'Breaking the Laws of Causality'.

The main character depends too much on his luck rather than ability. There's no excitement at all, as a reader, I've subconsciously developed a line of thought that the MC won't die anyways. Surely there another 'miracle' again waiting just around the corner.

  • Ling Chen sees a big red button with the words 'Please don't press this button'.
  • Ling Chen will not be Ling Chen if he doesn't press the button.
  • Ling Chen presses the button which was supposed to destroy everything in a nuclear explosion within a hundred mile radius.
  • Miraculously, due to a strange virus that infected the advance system that was suppose to trigger the explosion, Ling Chen instead finds out that he gained an absurd ability called 'Main Characters Privilege'.

Another example of the above scenario?

  • Ling Chen is being chased by his landlord because he hasn't paid his rent.
  • Ling Chen tries to fight back. But the landlord is too strong. Ling Chen is about to lose.
  • Passive ability 'MC Privilege' activates.
  • The Divine Truck of Comedic Relief suddenly appears and hits the landlord.
  • The blood splattered truck disappears into the horizon, but not before dropping one of its cargo.
  • Ling Chen opens the cargo and acquires the item 'MC Plot Armor'.

There are a few glaring plot holes which have been skipped and overlook. I don't even know if the story is focused on the Virtual Reality tag or the Xinxia tag. There's a lot more I want to say but sadly, that'd be something like insulting the author? One those are the mentions of *cough cough* shameless *cough cough* pirates. (Dunno if he was being a hypocrite...)

I'd recommend this story if you're interested in overly childish scenarios that are probably unrealistic in real life. In short, it's gotten too deep into fantasy and fiction.


Bullsh*t ability of being better than anyone else in wielding different kinds of weapons, even being able to sync a spear and a sword, two completely different weapons to become an absolute killing machine.

20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 11, 2017
Status: c470
Just dropped it. As other reviewers have pointed out, from the beginning the MC is OP and the game is essentially a single-player game because he has so many broken abilities that the other players cannot keep up with him, much less threaten him. There's a lot of focus placed on his stats and abilities: every time he powers up, the author lists his abilities and goes through their descriptions in excruciating detail. Nevertheless, the story remains interesting because an interesting and unique connection between the real world and the... more>> virtual world unfolds slowly, and we learn the MC's background story in bits and pieces. Unfortunately, the MC turns into a piece of human tr*sh in the Japanese arc: s*xual harassment, mental control, torture, mass mu*der and destruction, he goes for it all. After 40+ chapters of that, I stopped holding out for the author to come back to his senses. <<less
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Jan 05, 2018
Status: Completed
First thing first, only depend on reviewers for this series if they read 400+ chapters because around that time they have read the "Japanese Discrimination Arc" and the full change of MC's personality and it does not change back.

the first 300 chapters are good so if the reviewers only read until there then you will be misled. Around chapter 400 there will be a whole arc of almost 100 chapter or over 10% of the whole novel dedicated to discriminating Japanese people. Also along with that arc the MC changes... more>> personality to a disgusting degree and unfortunately stays that way. The earlier chapters we are shown how great MC personal skills (not from game but from experience) and how he can fight stronger opponents by compensating with his skill. But later on he purely relies on "Heaven Defying" luck or aka Plot Armor. And this is for each and every time, his skill from the beginning is gone and he is as incompetent as a Noob who only relies on OP Skills, Items and Pet. Sad because I really liked how good he was. Last but not the least, If you picked this for its game element then read only until about chapter 300-400 because after that this is pretty much Xanxia with very little elements of VRMMORPG remaining. Even if you consider the remaining game elements, MC might as well be playing a Single Player game. <<less
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Dec 17, 2016
Status: --
First things first. If youre looking for an OP MC then this is for you. If you also looking for a harem then this is absolutely for you.. And if you hate plot armor then this is not for you..

The MC have a dark dark past and it will be revealed bit by bit, and thats what make this so interesting. Although the girls are keep flocking on him but this girls have their own character progression and even without saying their name you can exactly know who are who..

... more>>

Some say the Ling Chen is so OP and his level is so beyond other people and it makes this so ridiculous but you guys are wrong. Since the enter of chapter 300 Ling Chen's rank on level will no longer on top, not even on top 10. Yeah he is OP but that is given because in real life he is "superman" and in-game he have the "Lunar Scourge". And even the drops on monsters are reasonable. He kill "heaven end class" he got heaven end class items.


yeah theres a lot of plot armor but it is not so unreasonable because for example: he got this "item" and after 50 or so chapter he will fall in a pinch and he doesnt know what to do but "Qi yue" will tell him that the "item" can save him. The plot armor is not so strong that when he needed help suddenly theres a thing beside him that can help him.

The other guy said on his review that when the MC picked up a girl who is said that came from another world, the MC didnt believe even with a lot of evidence. Srsly thats a mistake, do you think Ling Chen is a 3 year old-kid? Since the first evidence he already believe it but with some questions or doubt. And about the leveling, youre so wrong. On 100-200+ chapter Ling Chen reach level 20 and he got it so fast (ofc MC) but it is his POV ! On that time the sword emperor is level 18! Or even 19! And since then Ling chen got left behind on level! now lets talk about the OPness of Ling Chen.
-he got 2 strong OP pet| one on defense and one on attack. (You can say from plot armor)
-he got the Lunar Scourge that even the 3 strongest moon god cant contends with. (Probably also from plot armor)
-hes like a "superman" in real life.
-He got op class not by luck but by finishing a chain quest.

Ling Chen doesnt really like building harem because he really love his so called sister and ofc loves him back but when


Shuirou died. No no no before she died she said she have 3 wish. 1st is for the MC to love back the other girls that loves to him. Second is Ling Chen have to always smile and dont get swallowed by revenge and the third is for him look after "tian tian"


so he is not the typical harem-chasing MC. He dont do s*xual harassment either.. For me the story is very good written but ofc theres is some occasional flaw.. But the biggest flaw or disappointment for me is when he gained his second class "wind incantation something" where he gained a skill that he can control peoples heart and even make them submit to him. For me thats a disappointment (especially when he use it on a person but all in all it is good. So comedy some fight, adventure and even feels time.

But the best thing to do is not read others review but read it yourself. GL <<less
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Oct 06, 2016
Status: c260
What an amazing story, it is very intresting and enjoyable. Only thing I dislike is how the MC can be an idot that can't put two and two together even when it is right in front of him. Other than that it is awesome. (E.g. A girl transforms into a phoenix right in front of him - "Could that that girl actually be a phoenix?")
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Feb 13, 2016
Status: --
Please remember that this novel is only up to chapter 155 at the moment. The author is really setting up a mysteriously powerful. So far only hints to his background have been revealed and new hints pop up every few chapters. I find its a wonderful read, even better than zhanlong which shares a few similarities. Minus some wierd character that pops up for fan service, the plot and character progression is interesting. I believe that the characters are the best part of this, there is great backstory for each... more>> and not many filler characters, each has a unique personality and each seems to inpact the plot in the future at least, not there for just convenience like others just put characters for a handful of moments. The MC is not s*upid and so far is NOT naive like most others. He has a great leveling process, and doesnt become strong to fast, nor too slowly, nor does he rely on others too much. He is set up to become seriously OP like other MC's but he is smart about becoming strong and how his actions impact the other characters in order to not make enemies. He doesnt run from them, but he doesn't just badmouth everyone. His background is hidden by anmesia or hidden parents, the mysterious MC is actually just introduced as the plot goes on.

The system for the VR world is well thought out, as though it were a real world with rpg elements. One might complain that he interacts with the NPC's too much, but the NPC's are more like people than dumb AI's. The set-up for the plot is dense and mysterious so far and can keep you hooked with all the people and actions that are foreshadowed. Its not all dark and there are nice bright moments like his relationship with his "sister" and his quests are interesting, not just kill this, or just go kill a boss, he actually explores the world which again- is mysteriously real and has hidden secrets. Also, there are some funny parts like when he

fights an OP money cat that throws pinapple bombs and frying pans at him

-its one of the few moments thats a little wierd but its actually a tough fight and explained why. TLDR- Great Read, some wierd things thrown in at times but plot and character developement are great and the MC is not an idiot and gets strong, but decides for himself his growth rate not just throwing caution to the wind. Dark background for the MC and he's a good antihero but really cares for only those truly close to him. Lots of mystery- good plot. Tiny bit of fanservice. <<less
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Feb 11, 2017
Status: c328
This novel is pretty good

Novel with game as mainstory is good for me, but novel with real world story is the best

But in this novel, Game and real world has mysterious story make you very curious about future plot. If you like badass MC in the game and realworld, you can try this novel.

MC is pretty good for me. He is very smart, strong, and cool. His personality is not bad, like other MC in other xianxia or xuanhuan novel, he love his Friends, Womens and Family. He very value... more>> about relationship and he hate his enemy.

Actually, MC only love one women but something happen and make MC allowed to build his harem. In modern day, polygamy is prohibited in law. But for me, polygamy is good, if women can share her love for other.

In conclusion. If you like novel with basic story in game or realworld ypu can try this novel <<less
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May 11, 2016
Status: --

This is seriously THE MOST BADASS novel I have read, especially around ch 200 where MC wrecks the alliance leader. There are some dull moments and the translations is a bit slow cause the translator is having trouble with school (hopefully he will resolve his issues) , but there are still 2 chapters per week which is pretty good. There is an awesome plot and a lot of foreshadowing has been done. Highly RECOMMENDED for all who are interested in Sci-fi!

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May 29, 2018
Status: c432
It was enjoyable at first, a standard VR MMO novel with an overpowered protagonist from the start, and interesting plot twists. After c400 or so it starts to go downhill, with several chapters spent humiliating Japanese characters (which is a bit of a trope in these kinds of novels). Dropped it at 432 because of a solid ten chapters of peeping, blackmail, mol*station, and physical abuse. No bueno.
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Feb 04, 2018
Status: --
The most dissapointing story I have ever read. The most senseless story I have ever read. It was like the autor decided to a story with as much nonsense as posible in order to see if people still read it.

The story starts quite good if you don't mind much the fact that the MC somehow get's a too much OP item. I didn't have much to complain when it was just in the bundaries of a game. Unfortunally the autor couldn't just keep the genre and story like that.

The story... more>> start about a virtual reality game, but then it mix super humans, fantasy that mix worlds and even alliens like it was nothing strange.

The MC that say to have iron will make promises that you would think he'll hold even if it kills him just to actually break them when things don't go his way. Also thought he should be smart and cool head since somehow since his past he does absolutly reckless things no matter the warnings or if he has the worse penalty posible for losing a life in the game just for the heck of it.

All the several heroines which he betray and abandoned before are still crazy for the MC and what is even more nonsense is that all of them become something like a chosen ones, meaning, that they become something that no one but them in particular could be like it was a normal thing. Even worse, often even when the MC has better ways to do things he decide to do reckless and meaningless that could kill inocent people just for a miracle to happen in the right moment in order to fix everything for him, so the story is less about ability and more about be reckless since you have heavenly luck. <<less
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Apr 27, 2017
Status: c231
I put this novel on hold for a while after seeing a note from the translator that said the upcoming chapters would be tough to get through, but that it would pick up in about 30-50 chapters. I have stocked up about 160 chapters to read. As the chapters kept building and building, I found myself not wanting to get back into this story due to reading reviews of the novel. Today I took the plunge and 3 chapters in I have realized that reading reviews before restarting or starting... more>> a story is bulls*** and I will not be using it anymore as a deterrent. Form your own opinions about a novel and always try it before you quit.

Overpowered MC? check!

Relationships? Check!

Sort of in*est? Che<cough, cough>ck.

Anyways... I really like this story. <<less
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Jun 14, 2016
Status: Completed
DO NOT treat this one as a typical VRMMORPG novel. Sure the plot is based on a game but from about ch 300 that tag can just be thrown out of the room. A pretty good read. You will never get bored with it and the plot is not repetitive. All the characters have their own importance till MC gets strong enough to be treated as a god. Bear in mind, the novel is not just limited to the game world. You wont even feel that it is a game.

... more>>

Unfortunately the novel sort of ends in a sore tone but the journey to the end will be a satisfying read.

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Jan 29, 2016
Status: c480
I had initially given this story five stars. I expected a more mature and dark story. A story where the characters personalities won't drop into the abyss known as cliche. But I was wrong. I don't understand why it had to happen, but the author decided so. The story creates a deux es machina out of the protagonist and makes him capable of doing absolutely everything by himself. He is also surrounded by a large number of extremely beautiful female characters that have more or less some connection to him.... more>> The prince on the white horse, this is the best description I can give to this protagonist. At least, in my opinion the redeeming factor is how the battles are presented. They are quite entertaining and give a nice feeling. <<less
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Scarlet Reaper
Jan 18, 2016
Status: --
A great virtual reality novel. The NPC interaction is really great. The MC has a dark and mysterious past that slowly unravels as the story goes on. He is super strong in the game with an explanation for his strengths. He also holds disadvantages because of great strength. The MC is strong willed and when battling a boss he fights using his all and using skills and speed that are shocking. Even without a power-up to his speed and strength his innate skills and movements are precise. Overall there is... more>> great detail and the MC's abilities are top-notch. It's one of the few novels I keep up with everyday. <<less
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