Shura’s Wrath


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The mysterious boy Ling Chen is saved by a little girl as he lay on the street dying. Years later, he strikes a deal to save this savior-turned sister and enters the virtual world. In a future Earth where advanced warfare has forced nations to settle issues virtually or else suffer the consequences, Ling Chen bursts into the scene and goes from unknown to legend. Yet all is not as it seems, for Ling Chen has a dark past, and there is a greater mystery at hand behind this virtual world.

To save his terminally ill little sister, Ling Chen enters the newly released virtual game world and joins a small gaming studio comprising entirely of women. From now on walking upon his path towards the pinnacle. An ancient, evil item almost forgotten by history, the “Lunar Scourge” helps forge his unsurpassable legend, and causes him to unknowingly step upon a path that is destined to be punished by the heavens, the way of the Shura.

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Wang You Zhi Tian Qian Xiu Luo
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notbk rated it
July 6, 2018
Status: c830
This novel has a lot of high rated reviews giving it a one star. I disagree. The protagonist is extremely overpowered in the game and in real life, and has a random twist in personality during the 400 chapters. However, while this cannot compare to actual good novels, it is still wildly enjoyable, and should not be recieving one star reviews. It deserves at least a 3 star.
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Xire rated it
October 10, 2017
Status: c562
Overall I enjoyed the story, so I gave it a 3/5. I think that score is quite generous however, as there is plenty of things in this story that could drive people to stop reading. It is actually borderline unreadable at different points, depending on how much a reader cares about logical consistency, a MC with human-level decision making, or rampant abuse of plot armor. And last but not least, the initially moral-seeming MC becomes an outright evil sociopath towards the 300 ch. Mark.

I wrote out some of the main... more>> negatives below, and tried to cut them down, but there are so many. Most of the problems come down to MC being inconsistent, despicable, stupid or all three.


1) The MC is initially moral but is absolutely evil later on. Unfortunately the author doesn't understand his own character and other characters around the MC continue to treat him as if he's a saint, even though he has mass murdered innocents, performed economic sabotage on countries, and basically abused and disappointed a lot of people. He is also unapologetically racist against the Japanese and very patriotic towards China, which doesn't suit his backstory at all and can be seen as a reflection of the author's bias leaking through.

2) The MC is unbelievably thick (which also doesn't suit his backstory as an elite assassin). Here's one example; MC and his sister are sitting in the park one day when a meteorite almost lands on them. They dodge it and afterwards find a little girl at the crash site. She wakes up and claims to be an alien from another star who is a demon queen. MC doesn't believe her and thinks she must have brain damage. Later on he realizes her clothes are an unknown substance stronger than steel, and that the girl eats enough for 4 grown adults in every meal. MC looks for her parents in most of China and can't find anything. Despite all this, he still doesn't even consider that she might actually be telling the truth - if something isn't in his list of assumptions of things that are possible, then they are impossible in his mind. He also never investigates further or really thinks about it at all after that. And this is one of the tamer examples of his stupidity - usually if there's anything to figure out, he is the last person who will figure it out. Usually something happens, the readers figure out what's going on from a clue, the MC is totally oblivious, and 15 chapters later some other character or hint explicitly explains it to the MC, and he is always surprised as if it wasn't blatantly obvious before.

3) The MC knows he has plot armor. This is the only explanation for why he recklessly charges into situations which he is essentially 100% sure he can't win. Even when quests tell him that he WILL die if he accepts them, he still does. He uses the 'logic' that "If I didn't do it, then I wouldn't be me". He does this several times and in the process actually does lose his best pet pretty early on as a result of his arrogance. Does he learn from that? No, very shortly after he accepts the next quest which is even more impossible and only survives by plot armor again.

4) Plot armor abuse - most of the story revolves around 'luck', back in and out of the VR world. Almost everything MC does has luck play a factor, and if there's ever a situation in which he can't escape, then something will show up to save him amt the last second. 100% of the time. This kills any real tension in the story, especially seeing as MC is an idiot who doesn't know how to level up efficiently, and conversely got a penalty early on that means if he dies he goes to lvl 0. This means the reader can be assured he will never die.

5) The level system and game world systems in general make no sense and tend to just revolve around what's convenient for the author's currently constructed conflict. Case in point, MC lvls 2x slower than normal due to his Lunar Scourge, yet he kills monsters at least 1, 000 to 10, 000 times faster/more efficiently than any other player. Anyone with a brain would deduce that his leveling rate should be exponentially higher than other players, even with that 2x penalty, but this apparently excludes the author who has the MC level slower than the average player. Part of this may be due to him being occupied wtih finding the god orbs, but most of it is because the MC is a moron who only ever grinds on monsters that are +10 levels higher than himself, even though he could kill level 100 stuff easily at level 40.

Worse than this however is the general hand waving of game mechanics. When MC kills the White Tiger, a mysterious god guardian beast of a city, it drops no loot. Why? Because "A gaurdian beast wasn't amde to be killed by players so it doens't drop anything". MC says this whilst being on a quest to revive his sister in the game world that he knows ins't actually a game world. In other words this guardian beast is a real creature and who decides whether something was meant to be killed by players? We never saw this logic until that moment & probably never will see it again after. Likewise, Li Xing his former pet can't defend the new city being created because "attacking players would make it an evil beast" - more logic never mentioned before. And the fairies and dwarves can't defend the new city being built by MC & Co. Because "NPCs can't defend a city against players until it is completely constructed", this is despite the fact that the new city is on fairy territory and it is *their* city that is being constructed. The Author just continuously pulls out BS like this to create conflicts. In fact that entire 'new city' conflict is a farce, almost every element of it, which is going on at my most recently read chapter, 556. This is what you call an idiot plot - when the plot advances purely due to all of the characters involved being idiots.

I could say a lot more but this has gotten pretty long. Suffice to say there's a LOT of frustrating elements in the story and the author has a very cavalier disregard for maintaining logical consistency or believable chain of events.

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tellmewhy rated it
September 7, 2017
Status: --
Gaming novel with one of the worst gaming system (game that didnt have any balance at all *BROKEN*) and typical hareem where beauties keep spourting from everywhere without limit and all of them fall in love with MC. All of handshome characters nomatter how kind he seems to be, turn out to be evil vilains except for beauties family members and MC ofcourse. Story with overdosage hate toward japanese (after he got scorpion bead). If the genre not vrmmo maybe this is still readable but with vrmmo as theme this... more>> is truly absurd story <<less
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Ruckkus rated it
March 15, 2017
Status: c350
This isn't just about an MMORPG. The game and real life are both equal parts in this story and are related. -RPG menus
-OP MC, about as OP as it gets
-Loli characters
-Dark elements
-Brutal killing (real world)
-MC has extremely dark past

Really if you like RPG-esque dark novels with OP MC's, you can't go wrong reading this. As long as you stop reading after ch. 300-350

Here are some cons that are also found in the first 300 chapters:

-It tends to be this way for all... more>> Chinese novels, but the author talks about the beauty of EVERY SINGLE female character. I mean entire pages with nothing but in depth descriptions of peerless beauty. And it is every single female character. Every one is the most beautiful in the world. You can't help but think "How much does this author love beautiful women?", with how much endless ranting and raving about their beauty is in every introduction.
-Related to the beauty problem, the MC tends to look around a lot at other girls and isn't very loyal in personality.
-Though it starts off with a single romance, this is definitely 100% harem. Every girl that he meets falls in love with him, even if they can't see his face. Just being within 10 feet, their panties hit the floor. Edit: This novel goes waaaaay down hill in the later chapters (after 350-400) The MC's personality just becomes flat out unbearable. I was a little disgusted while reading it.


Unbelievably arrogant in every sense of the word. While swearing how much he loves the girl he is with, and progressing on a journey to revive her, he lounges around in an expensive house, starts taking joy rides in expensive cars, lives with two of his disciples (fangirls) and has very open sexual relationships with both of them almost any time they see each other. I mean it gets to the point where he is getting blow jobs while walking down the hallway from room A to B. He starts straight up harassing people left and right, acts extremely petty in every situation he finds himself in, and is vulgar and perverted in every interaction he has with any girl he meets regardless of if he is meeting them for the first time or knows them (which is perfectly fine because every girl is automatically head over heels for him the second they lay eyes on him). Honestly you can see the pathetic inferiority complex of the author quite literally written in black and white while reading this worthless garbage.

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ejemss rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: --
The novel is good unlike those novels which has a nerdy or childish plot. The mystery behind the character is satisfying. Don't mind the comment of Fluffybunz who said the MC is op too early (he just didn't read the tags before starting the novel). I recommend you guys read the tags first before starting to read the novel. Don't rate too low because you don't like the novel's elements which is clearly written on tags. That is the most stupid thing to do.
The mystery about the MC's identity... more>> as well as the reason why he is super strong in RL and VW is slowly being unveiled.

I'm assuming that he is one of the lab rat from the early chapter's mad scientist character who can sustain 17 levels of spiritual or soul burden or whatnot. He has also been taken by a super strong fighter which is the friend or partner of the Mad Scientist where he got his battle capability. Be aware that I'm just assuming as I'm not at the ending chapters but this is very possible so you can also think the same reasoning for why he is so strong.

Edit: Around chapter 195 there was a chapter where the MC and Qi Yue is talking to each other and LC revealed that he was the boy who was contaminated with Isrock disease and was buried alive, later on discovered by the martial artist and brought to the place called 'Heaven' by the Mad Scientist.


There are lots of flaws which can be polished like character's traits as well as the indestructible plot armor but all in all the story is above average. That's why 4 for me. <<less
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barren rated it
May 31, 2017
Status: c417
As far as lit RPGs go, it's relatively satisfying. The writing is decent-ish. As long as you're comfortable with an MC who is blessed with unfathomable amounts of luck, who starts overpowered and never ceases to be, then the power-level escalator rises at a fairly exciting pace.

Personally, my main issue has been with what I perceive to be the author's moral view. I don't know if it's a cultural difference created by my not being a Chinese national, but many of the plot developments and actions of the MC seem... more>> absolutely reprehensible to me, while being portrayed in a favourable light by the author.

The MC has a creepy parent-brother-lover relationship with his underage (non-biological) sister. Every female the MC encounters instantly falls in love with him, and not only do they vie for his affection, they even beg to join his harem. The MC is brash, obnoxious, impulsive, has zero risk-assessment ability (and yet is always rewarded for this), and he constantly escalates conflicts. He carelessly discards the lives of subordinates when he's angry or when someone he loves is in danger. Not giving him face can serve as full justification for him robbing someone. Where I'm presently reading, in the 5th volume, the MC

has traveled over to virtual Japan and appears to be enacting what I can only assume is the author's revenge fantasy for their war crimes


By no means does this issue make the novel unreadable, but it does create multiple, often-long sections where it can be difficult to empathize with the MC, or want him to succeed. Without it, I'd have rated it a 4. <<less
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Fan2zz rated it
August 12, 2016
Status: c244
A very good read. Interesting characters and above average battles which perfectly include game elements. The only reason I'm not giving it five out of five is because of my own bias towards OP protagonist. ... more>>

The MC after 50 chapters gets so powerful that other Players can't hope to defeat him, and by 200 he becomes number 1 in China with ease. Later on there should be at least two people who are his equal or better than the MC according to the story, but for now his existence breaks the balance of the game.

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JE_Reddcliffe rated it
August 28, 2018
Status: c159
Okay, this is a typical Chinese VRMMO Dogshitt story attempt about a conceited hypocrytical MC with placebo drama and huge background telling about a scifi 23rd century Earth who's war is done online to prevent earth from collapsing.

Suddenly, the story goes haywire into aliens crash landing to earth and MC starts hypocritycal harem, racist author dump all LUCK on china server and all other servers (countries, especially Japan) doesn't have Dwarf survivors, Godly Mountain Peak, Lucky Players with Hidden Class, and special bosses that drops high-end items....... more>> all of these are only available in China server.

The entire story is fitted to MC's needs and circumstances to emphasize just how LUCKY and strong he was and that because one of his harem died, he should become king to revive her.

Author dumped all his racist dogsh*t mindset in this story and this title has everything fitted to describe author's conceited thinking that China is always d best.

Do not read this.

Extremely racist and hypocritycal storyline. <<less
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MaceTheDon rated it
August 2, 2018
Status: c145
MC is the "too perfect" type. Every female character introduced are all heavenly beauties that are & will be apart of MC's unnecessarily humongous harem (spoiled myself), it is fkn ridiculous, especially since I'm already at the point of rolling my eyes when he's with his current harem members. Not a fan of his baby coddling relationship with his supposed sister either or any of the other harem members for that matter.

If all the current characters are like this, then I don't see much point in continuing as that's the... more>> only real reason why i'd even want to read this (character interaction/development), because lets face it there's never a sense of urgency with these MMO stories (or any other type of battle novel) where the MC gets into a pinch, but cause of plot armour MC will somehow find a way through, so I figure why should I bother wasting my time.

Surprised this is from the same author as ATG which I really enjoyed. (Granted it was one of 1st Chinese novels I've read, so my opinion maybe different now having read many others in this genre).

Dropped. <<less
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Ske1th rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: Completed
People may say whatever they want about this novel, but this is really a well planned novel. A lot of things feel like plotholes untill the last chapters. Also I really like one of the characters -

... more>>

Qi Yue. Damn for most of the novel you can't decide if you like her or hate her. Well judging by comments on the recent chapters people mostly hate her and want Ling Tian to kill her, saying she will betray him. And she does. I can already imagine these people raging like hell at those chapters. And with good reason - they way she betrays the MC is really brutal. Even I started hating her.


Until the last 10 or so chapters when you learn truth and get the "Snape" effect (although her ending is better than Snape's).

I don't want to spoil too much, but I just had to write this after knowing the truth and taking into account how hated a character she is. I really felt like a douche for hating her, although that was what the author intended, that is why I am saying she well thought character.


Also the ending gave of a completed feeling. If you want all plot holes answered you will really have to read till the last chapter. <<less
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March 28, 2018
Status: --
Its good to read not until around 700, the only reason I dropped this novel is because of an unrealistic situation. I can accept that once but twice, thrice

*you've been made up of my blood by that mad scientist and you cant survive within a year??? Dont worry there is no impossible in this world! Boom! And they are cured without explanation.

*one his harem* you are ugly as f**k, you ruined your own face ? Dont worry there is no impossible in this world! Only miracle ! Now remove that... more>> cover and let me see your face!

And boom! She is cured and beautiful like fairy. <<less
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It starts out great, but towards the end, the MC becomes the evil villain you find in hentai comics.

... more>>

The MC r*pes and mind controls 4 goddesses and makes them his s*x dolls. He makes one of them his pet mount. None of MC's harem members seem to find any of this wrong. MC also has s*x with little girls on a regular basis.

At one point MC also destroyed earth and killed everyone on it (except his harem), but his harem still supported him. Later another girl used deus ex machina to reverse time & save earth. But no one bothered to save the 4 goddesses who remain mind-controlled s*x dolls until the end.

And the goddesses were originally good people who genuinely cared about and wanted to protect the people in their world. When they were first introduced I was hoping they would end up in MC's harem after things like MC saving them (which he doesn't) and other romantic stuff (MC always tries to molest them, which is opposite of romantic), but I never expected this to happen to them. The r*pe scene is explicit and heartbreaking (he mind-controls them after raping them, not before).

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EvilGenesis666 rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c554
Explosive start as other Mars' novels, but as always, the quality deteriorates over time.

I had fun reading all about the development of the game elements - getting new gear, better skills, leveling... but near the end that gets completely forgotten and replaced by ... more>>


stuff. The harem was somewhat also good, similar to his other works, the girls at least get some screen time for their development, but later on, their life basically depends on MC and they can't exist without him.

Worst thing that comes later is when he goes to

Japan. He offends their players with almost no reason at all - just because they are Japanese. The nationalism is also heavily exploited there, MC all of a sudden feels extreme love towards his country that didn't do anything to him, and the governing body maltreated him and made first half of his life miserable.

The other bad part was at the end - tons of stuff were forgotten from the game world, and the ending was very rushed, and the authors answer to all the stuff that was forgotten was that he didn't feel like writing it.


Basically, if you can ignore blatant nationalism, plot holes, rushed ending and if you like game elements, harem, powerups... then I would recommend this novel for you. <<less
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Reindeer rated it
March 11, 2017
Status: c315
Pretty much what the others said. It had its cool moments (always wanted to say that after watching Raphael Parable), but some things just makes you frustrated. I know that it's in the tag *cough* but I've a lot of novels do it properly, and somehow, without thinking sanely, stupid me, I thought it would be about the same. I'm talking about this Protagonist Strong from the Start tag. Now just let me defend my argument. Because of this shit, the game isn't MMO anymore. Well, I mean, MC gets... more>> to have quests and dungeons and all that sh*t for himself. Isn't that single player? So you see? The tag is there, even though I personally didn't see it at first, but it pretty much ruined it for me. Other novels did it right. This novel didn't. Heck, MC has gone to the point where author needed to make player armies go againsts him. It boggles my mind sometimes just how the hell this army got formed, but f**k it.

Main motivation, is his sister. Regarding this matter, I am a bit... conflicted. Author keeps describing her as some sort of pure and innocent sister. Well, uh, that's not a problem, just that.... when a pure and innocent sister thinks love and.. uhh... I kinda forgot if they did it, but sexual desires, are one half and the other..... it kinda makes me feel bad. I know that others might argue with me on this matter, but I see an innocent and pure maiden in love to just be cuddling and holding hands, saying sweet-somethings (get it?) to each other. Well, if an innocent and pure girl is... umm... wait, I'm lingering on this topic for too long now, moving on! *whistle*

So..... he has a special class that is too OP. I don't how he got it anymore, I dunno, who gets to be that lucky? Explaining how he got that to begin with will take up all my time.

Main antagonist... well, I don't know just how small of a chance it just happened to be, but this main antagonist somehow happened to be, if I remember correctly, the one who tried to kill him back then despite there being a lot of other people capable, and more suitable, of doing so, and the one who is the fiance of one of his harem girls. Don't ask me how that happened to be him. I mean, isn't it convenient? Despite having all the reason to do so, he doesn't kill him irl evolen though he's a topclass assassin. I mean, come on, what happens if we don't have a main antagonist anymore? Won't it get really hard to find opportunities to be a one man army? Wouldn't we more and more distant to the MMO part in the VRMMORPG? Wouldn't we be hearing of how the MC is actually a topclass assassin irl that can kill him if things go south? Well, not really, since the reason he met the sister was because the almost died trying anyway.

I haven't really explained things properly yet, but I probably still won't, don't worry.

Now the thing that ticked me off the most, I guess, is the f**king fact that the author keeps f**king saying that saving his pet will be f**king hard as going to the moon during the stone age, time and time and f**king time again, and the pet only has a few months left, but you know that MC will still f**king do it anyway. Like, f**king....f**k.

All in all, I'm only ranting. The novel still has it's cool moments. Just that once you've caught up with the translations, you gradually forget the good points and exaggerate it's flaws.

I guess that's all, peace out. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: c325
In the VR game called Mystic Moon, players begin at Novice Village. After completing quests/killing monsters to reach level 10, you go off into the first city, Azure Dragon City. The VR world for NPCs is called Forgotten Continent.

Players go from level 1-100 right now. The max level right now is only 23, so everyone in the game is still brand new. The monsters here rank from grade 1-5, and then after is Celestial, Heaven's End, Mysterious God and Saint Destroyer.

There are millions of players worldwide, but only... more>> 10 ranked in the Heaven Rankings, our MC being #1. They also have Earth rankings, which are the top 10 for each country. They rank everything from weapons, pets, guilds, levels... etc. They also have hidden professions, obtainable through rare scrolls or hidden quests. Our MC is one of them.

The MC is incredibly OP, but only amongst players. Amongst the actual strong NPCs in the world, he is at the bottom of the bottom still, even with his current power.


Of course, this all changes once he falls off of a cliff, into a hidden area on the map. He ends up going through four rooms, each stronger than the last, fighting strong foes. There is a fight with him at level 5, and a celestial toad. (10 hour fight). THERE IS A LOT OF LUCK HERE. I mean, he ends up killing this insane late game boss at such a nooby level, and gets a celestial weapon. A world announcement goes out and everyone is furious, since a level 5 just got such an OP weapon.

Of course, it can't stop there lol he goes through room 5 and there is this Mysterious God level beast, sleeping. He manages to sneak past it, and enters this garden like room. In the center of this room, is some black ring (Lunar Scourge), which when touching, tries to mentally possess him. However, he is so strong mentally, that he conquers this evil ring, thus becoming its master. There is a woman's spirit, bound to the ring (she is this sexual girl). She can only come out of the ring for about 10-20 minutes a day. We learn that this ring was forged from humans, dragons, demons, Gods, beasts, through war and blood, resulting in this OP OP OP OP God killing power lol.

There are 15 slots in the ring. He learns he has to equip these 12 zodiac orbs & 3 god orbs, each orb having various attributes and skills, making him able to destroy the Gods one day, if he completes it. Of course, these orbs (dragon balls) are scattered throughout the continent. The spirit tells him it could take 100 if not 1000 years to find them all. Due to his incredible luck stats, he ends up finding one after another, some in easy, safe places, others in hell like places, within a few months lol. Right now, he has four orbs, so 11 are left.

The battles are very good. Right now, he has a celestial pet (Xia Hau) who is like a puppy with a horn. It's a support type, capable of finding treasures, & its special abilities are being able to not draw aggro from a beast, and such. He has a Heaven's End pet, a phoenix like creature, which can even turn into its human form. The story right now has him out of the VR world, fighting off against a guy he's fighting in the VR world, this powerful, rich young kid who he has a hidden history with.

You'll end up finding all about it, and it gets pretty sci-fi crazy-ish, but it is still very good.

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Deathlord rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: c618
A very good quasi-VRMMO novel. Really recommended to read for those who love OPMC.
... more>>

Harem included so please beware

There is less grinding like other novels of the same genre, the story development is stable in both game world and IRL.

Although some battles looks exaggerated but with the abilities explained its easier to understand. The MC is not 'no brains only brawn' type of guy. He is impulsive when it comes to his loved ones, otherwise very composed. Once he routed more than 3 million player army just by using the words (he used his mind control incantation technique from his second class) instead of just brandishing the weapons which is of course hopeless for a melee class

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ark-End rated it
August 15, 2016
Status: c245
Inside the game, you can just enjoy the MC being OP. Outside the game, I feel like there have been some downright dumb developments recently. There are too many weird supernatural events going on.
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ScionofLight rated it
May 2, 2016
Status: --
Well, it’s your typical xianxia MC with op skills and heaven defying luck, just in an mmorpg setting. He has op real life skills (Much like Xiao Yao in Zhan Long), and there is an air of mystery around his background. For people who don’t know, this is written by the same author of Against the Gods (ATG). It is similar in the respect that the characters have that op xianxia thing. So yeah, for people who like Zhan Long + Against the Gods.

By the way, the spoiler below is... more>> my inference on whats probably gonna happen. So please don’t read it if you don’t want me to spoil it all (there are huge hints that its actually gonna happen)


This is my inference/hypothesis, but there is a tragedy tag here, if you read up to here, its hinted that the lil sis might die (scene where doctor views video and tells you about the reality of the drug) and the MC might take the path of a shura (killer) as a result (in the description and scene where the spirit inside the lunar scourge hints that the game might affect real life too.) because his sis is his life... Perhaps a little like Duoluo Dalu here? So yea, just my inference and warning for those who read this.

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Cose rated it
April 18, 2016
Status: --
I’m loving this story. I can feel the struggle. Reveling in every victory, and cursing every defeat... not that there’s too many of those yet.

MC has to think his way out of death, but the tools necessary to do so are within his reach. a very solid highly recommended read. The surprises and twists keep you on the edge of your seat...

Has a lot of potential. The plot is moving at the right speed, does not feel rushed or dragged.
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readingdigest rated it
March 11, 2016
Status: --
I gave this novel a try because it was so highly rated but was slightly disappointed when it turned out to be just your run-of-the-mill vrmmorpg storyline. It’s not a bad story at all but nothing that really makes it stand out either. The game world itself was well fleshed out but the characters development outside of the game is pretty lacking. Not a lot of depth to the characters (very one dimensional) except for the MC with his mysterious past. Anyways, props to all the translators who did an... more>> excellent job. <<less
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