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In the online game Glory, Ye Xiu is regarded as a textbook and a top-tier pro-player. However, due to a myriad reasons, he is kicked from the team. After leaving the professional scene, he finds work in an Internet Cafe as a manager. When Glory launches its tenth server, he who possesses ten years of gaming experience once again throws himself into the game. Bringing with him the memories of his past and an incomplete, self-made weapon, his return along the road to the summit begins!

After fighting and scheming, who snatched away my glory? Under the tossing of the wind and rain, my dreams shall still appear as though they had never been shattered. In all its splendor, the path shall never be lost. Before the gazes of millions, this is where I return!

*Under the Gaming category, The King’s Avatar received the title for Best Work in 2013 and is the first and only 1000 Pledged Work (千盟作品). It has 23 million hits on Qidian and has the 2nd most recommendations in its category with 4.6 million recommendations.

Associated Names
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Quan Zhi Gao Shou
Quanzhi Gaoshou
Toàn chức cao thủ
マスターオブスキル [Masutāobusukiru] [master of skill]
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rdawv rated it
February 20, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Ch. 261.

Finally, a refreshing change from the likes of Shi Luo Ye’s stories (Zhan Long, Legendary Thief) or Korean gaming novels (Ark, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor) or Japanese ones (Sword Art Online) which are more about one MC’s goal to get rich/be the best by grinding mindlessly/tripping over good luck and collecting the affection of poorly developed women along the way.

QZGS has none of that. For a start, it isn’t a VR game, but your current or near-future World of Warcraft type of game setting. In short, a... more>> novel about MMORPG games you and I can play now with keyboard and mouse. The MC and his background is far more believable than any of the above mentioned titles. Just imagine your local internet cafe’s near 30-ish manager/supervisor is actually one of the best player of World of Warcraft in the world. He knows he is good, and he has no need to show off. If anything, his self-depreciating sense of worth is a change from stories which have MCs who are supremely confident in themselves. He knows that after all it is still a game, and while being good at it (perhaps even the best) it is still nothing to shout about in the 'real world'.

A gaming novel can’t escape all of the usual tropes. Yes, the MC is god-like (he is a pro-player after all), and he has a cheat weapon nobody has. He is also seemingly the only one who is willing to try and push limitations towards a direction that nobody has ever considered. Most gaming novels focus about their MC powering through the game and surviving with incredible luck, able to PK anyone because of their OPness. Such stories don’t feel “fair”. You don’t get that feeling with this story.

What makes this story stand out is the characters and dialogue. Characters like Steamed Bun Invasion provide the direct laughs, while the MC himself has pithy one-liners that can give you a smirk. Other stories try to dazzle you with the MC and his gang of friends having the best skills and equipment, throwing stat windows and numbers in your face, drowning you in trivial nonsense that you probably don’t care about or remember after you cl**ked “Next Chapter”.

You’re not going to read about statistics here, you’re getting actual prose. <<less
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Caroleee rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: Completed
As a Chinese fan of TKA, it is exciting to see so many positive comments on TKA. Here I would like to explain to some of the questions or negative comments about TKA.
... more>>

I see that the latest translated release is almost 600 chapters. There is one thing absolutely right--this novel is really in slow pace, even in later chapters. However, it is not all about PVE and kill bosses/monsters. Approximately, after chapter 800, the story mainly transits from PVE to PVP. Then you can see all the pro players in Glory!

Like some comments said, this novel not only has an interesting MC but also has many excellent side characters. Here comes to the greatest point of TKA! All pro players that you have seen so far will have much more scenes and depictions after the story goes into PVP stage (chapter 800). Actually, after this novel finished, each pro player in TKA owned numerous fans in China. (BTW Huang shaotian and Ye xiu are my bias) And this is the reason why TKA becomes so popular in China. I started to follow this novel in 2012, during the time this novel was still in PVE stage. It has not been very famous on Qidian (the website for this novel) until it finished about 1000 chapters. Some of side characters even have equal or higher popularity than MC in China. (depends on preference). Also, later in the PVP stage, you will see more professional battles and esport spirit in TKA.
Here are some spoiler, if you dont like it, ignore this paragraph. Ye xiu will establish his own team and come back the pro gaming stage. There are about 10-15 pro teams. Each of these teams has its own characteristic. Eg. there are several strategic makers (smart people, Ye xiu is one of them), they may have different strategy focuses in professional league. Also, there are some strong pro player on gaming techniques or operate. Interestingly, some team only has strategic makers while some of the other only has strong operating players. Based on the unique situation of the team, they will have different policies and performance in professional league. (also change of club is possible for Glory pro players just like in any other sports). It increases more possibilities for this esport novel. Furthermore, they are adults and have many considerations towards Glory and championship. In my personal opinion, this novel becomes a truly esports story after 1000 chapters.

TKA is all about esports Glory. Dont expect to know anyone's background, or esports outside Glory, or any other reality issues. In fact, Ye xiu's background is still a mystery to readers nowadays... Butterfly Blue does not like to depict anyone's background or love story. So TKA is barely a novel for game, spirit, friendship, championship, and dreams.

Overall, if you think the previous chapters are too repetitive, sorry for that, it will continue until the end of this novel. But if you can kinda tolerate it, you wont regret it after finishing reading the entire novel.

A good news is that TKA will have anime released soon! First episode will be released on April 07, 2017 on Tencent video. There is a PV on youtube already. :)

Sorry for such a long comment. Enjoy TKA!
- [ ] <<less
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meltrosz rated it
August 16, 2016
Status: c428
I would like to retort several negative comments by other people who rated the story less than 5 stars..

1) Too much grinding - yes, the story gets repetitive with the dungeons and farming. But, if you're a gamer, you know that's pretty much what any low-level account does. Even if you're a pro player, if you get a character at level 1, you don't go fight the level 99 boss. You farm equipment and levels. Also, although the grinding becomes repetitive, something new always happens to the characters. 2) MC... more>> s*upid because he's poor despite being one of the top players - I don't know if the guy who said this was really reading, but the author clearly stated the reasons why the MC became poor. Two of the main reasons were that MC has no commercials or advertis**ents like other pro players since he always hides from public (which has a legit reason explained later on), so therefore all his money comes from winning tournaments, etc; and the second reason is that MC had friends who wanted to quit their teams but needed to pay large sums of money to quit, so MC paid for these friends (why he never asked them to pay, I do not know. Maybe he's too benevolent?)

3) Its grinding is weird because it's not virtual reality - Grinding exists right now in MMORPGs but we don't have virtual realities yet. Are we weird?

4) They spend 20 hours playing a game that's not virtual reality, and it's lame - I can see that the poster is a huge fan of virtual realities (which is sci-fi/fantasy genre compared to this novel which is sports genre) so I'm not gonna retort on that, and instead on the lifespan of the game. DotA has been ongoing for more than 10 years right now (which is same number of years as Glory), and it's still popular (although it has been upgraded to Dota2 now). League of Legends, which is as popular, has been ongoing for almost the same number of years. There are many PC games ongoing for a long time. Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, Counter Strike, etc. 5) MC's backstory was revealed after a very long time - Although I do agree with this point, but is it right for any person to know another person's backstory immediately? Also, no one in the story really asked Ye Xiu's backstory (which is the right behaviour btw). They just later on asked because they got curious when they found out Ye Xiu = Ye Qiu.

6) The premise is playing a game with keyboard + mouse - Well, this is a bit discriminating. If you had a novel about a pro football player like Messi and the author's style is explaining every detail of Messi's kick, like the angle of the kick, the power, and so much shiz, then you have King's Avatar. Although, it is true these types of stories are best watched as anime rather than web novels.

7) Apparently it is possible to create your own cheat like weapon with codes outside of game - No, Ye Xiu never cheated the game. He doesn't have codes outside of the game. If you're talking about the item generators that people use to create weapons, how is this different from current "mods"? Only difference is probably most mods require the game to release the mod for it to apply, however in Glory, players can directly create mods and apply them in the game. These are not codes outside of the game. Glory provided players with the software. Glory allows them to create their own weapons, it's just that it's very difficult to do and requires research before accomplishing.

I'm not saying the novel has no downside, it has. Like it has a slow pace, and there are chapters which are so short that there are almost nothing much going on. However, some comments are just wrong. Most especially comparing King's Avatar to VMMORPGs like LMS, Ark, etc. King's Avatar's genre is sports. VMMORPGs' genre is sci-fi/fantasy. If you remove the status boxes from those VMMORPG novels, you get an MC transported to a fantasy world. Especially since the "NPCs" are self-conscious that they are just like humans. <<less
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Ars rated it
January 8, 2016
Status: --
Hands down the best MMO story I've ever read. What makes The King's Avatar stand out are:

1) the level of realism - this isn't a vague fantasy genre meshed into the form of an MMO, these are real people playing a game, and the blend of RL and game life, the player interactions, World Chat, etc. really bring out the flavor of watching an MMO.

2) The insane level of detail - this author is amazing. No other story has this much focus on the reality of pro gaming,... more>> which includes physical skill, game knowledge, the ability to strategize and use that knowledge to their fullest advantage... Either the author himself used to be a pro gamer or he has top tier researching skills, but as a casual MMO player I recognize that even imagining these situations goes way above my grade. Recognizing an actual skill gap between myself and the MC - and not just "the MC picked up some magic stuff and became amazing through vaguely described training" - stirs up a ton of admiration not only for the characters but for the author as well.

3) The amazing, lively characters. All of them have enormous personalities. There are a ton of side characters that are hilarious or awesome and that I want to see more of because I know they'll be fun to read about. This is the opposite of most LNs who have disposable, flat, just-there-to-be-puppet side characters, or LNs who have side characters with tons of potential but are never developed (CD, I love ya but you toss out amazing side characters like tissues...) My favorite part of having all these great characters is the banter and the tr*sh talk, especially in the later chapters when the big fish come out. Even the annoying characters have their charm...

4) Finally, it has to be said that the MC himself is pretty great. He's definitely more mature and interesting than most protagonists I've read about. It's a bit hard to describe him, but the way he deals with Sleeping Moon in the early chapters is one of the greatest marks of his personality. If the character were more immature he'd be focused on getting revenge and "saving face"; if the character were colder he'd just ignore everything and go solo lone wolf. But Ye Xiu? He's self-assured, but not arrogant - forgiving because he's there's no point in getting riled - but canny enough to calmly wring out advantages for himself even in seemingly bad situations. The main point is that things don't just fall in Ye Xiu's lap, he works for it and makes things happen the way he wants through experience, knowledge, or just plain old haggling. Of course, the universe doesn't revolve around his decisions, so it's always fun to read about how he has to tunnel his way through the ever-growing mess he's accidentally created for himself.

If you enjoy the concept of MMOs, gaming, and/or esports, I definitely recommend this! <<less
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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
April 8, 2017
Status: --
The main thing that made me stop reading this is the lack of knowledge of the author in terms of gaming, which resulted in unrealistic and extremely shallow game mechanics and/or events.

For 3 slightly more detailed reason why:
First off, this was supposed to be a depiction of the highest of level of gameplay from a pro-gamer, but I didn't see any semblance of it. Most stuff shown here were mainly unrealistic, and then common to slightly uncommon strategies, techniques, and game-mechanics. The author's portrayal of the MC feels like... more>> it's coming from a "fan" point of view, not from an actual high level narration/analyst/player. For instance, let's say you ask a boxing fan and a boxing analyst about a certain boxer about what makes him good. Most fans will answer you with "he's so good because he's fast, he's super strong, and muscular", because of the lack in technical knowledge, in comparison to the analyst who will show you stats, mathmatical stueff, physiological stuff, psychological stuff, and so on. This is what it is like to me when I read this novel, it feels like it was written by a "fan-knowledge" level person, which leads me to my next point, the authors lack of knowledge.

The author doesn't seem to know how things work, and generally how games work. One thing I can think on the top of my head is the APM. The MC has unrealistically high APM (3 digits, can't remember exactly), which is only obtainable from either hacking the game, or extremely unrealistic super human level of animation canceling (provided that the game can even perform such mechanics, because you know the author didn't mention it). I don't even know why the author mentioned APM in a first / third person almost shooter type of game in the first place. These sort of stuff breaks the immersion for me. I always notice these small flaws, which makes me skip chapters just to check if the author address them, but ultimately left disappointed because of the lack of explanation, not even a mention about these certain mechanics.

Lastly, too much grinding. People keep saying that MMORPGs are supposed to be grindy, but the thing is, we are not playing a game, we are reading a novel. Sure, you can grind all you want in a game, and it can give you satisfaction once you achieve desired level, or gained your desired item. But when reading a novel, all the stuff about grinding gives no satisfaction at all. All the million chapters spent on grinding could have been spent on world building, character development, plot twists, and so on. But no, half or a little bit more than half of the novel used for grinding. You must be really bored if you really enjoy reading all of them. <<less
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April 1, 2016
Status: --
Hands down, I’ve only read the first 180 chapters and probably shouldn’t judge the story just yet, but I cannot help but share my enthusiasm for the best MMO-based novel I’ve read thus far (30 Volumes into LMS, 500 chapters into ZL, dropped ARK after.. Can’t remember).

I’ll start with listing the negative, minor details I found in this story:

1) Who the hell hires an insulting stranger, who basically just hijacked your account for a bit, to work at a Net Café? Isn’t this the same as hiring a sex-offender to... more>> babysit?

2) The game is 10 years old, shouldn’t it be dying out? Also, why isn’t there talk of any other games in this world?

3) As a master-tier player (LoL) this sort of hurts me a bit: Net Café’s mouses and headsets suck and therefore should limit the pro's performance compared to the club's computers... How can Ye Xiu also change computers whenever? Don’t they have special binds? – Like how Wang Jiexi checks Plantago Seed’s settings.

4) Can you actually hit be at the very highest tier of reaction-time, APM and team-battles without proper food and sports? – Although it is somewhat shown after a 15min concentration-period has utterly exhausted him, I still find it hard to believe he can play at a high level for 12+ hours a day. (I guess this is somewhat inbetween good and negative)

5) OT (Off Tank) doesn’t mean that you lose aggro !!!!! AAARGH... It means someone who can also tank outside of their main role (e.g. a mainspec dps/healer monk with offspec tank) – This is probably just me that screams out whenever this pops up though...

Things I like especially about this novel over other LNs’ or just in general:

1) There isn’t any stat system, purely skill-points system in which all are the same unless they have some special encounters. It removes the ‘I wonder what his stats are now’ scenario that LMS has and the ‘What were the gains compared to his old stats again?’ senario that ZL has.

2) It balances perfectly between keeping and dropping side characters in the story as it progresses. I believe everyone that played a mmorpg has experienced that changing parties filters the friendly/active/skilled players from the rest.

3) The story progression is very liniar, and predetermined advantages are carefully explained and compared to each other, such as Tang Rou’s APM compared to Su Mucheng experience.

4) As a former vivid mmorpg-player, I like the repetitative aspect of the story, as I feel it reflects the grindind aspect of PVE. Most mmorpg’s are (at least) 80% grind based untill the later stages, which is clearly shown here.

5) The main-characters are mostly shown through impressionism and only occassionally shown by direct statements where as side-characters are mainly are reversed; my prefered method for skilled narrators.

By the way, I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars. I don’t think it’s a perfect story, but I’ve been hooked since the beginning and couldn’t help becomming extremely nostalgic towards my former mmo days (Q.Q). <<less
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nwms8 rated it
March 8, 2016
Status: --
I really liked the story at first. It is detailed, the characters are relatable; they're human. But that is also a detraction of the novel. The premise is playing a game using a keyboard + mouse. So it is a story about a guy who plays games all day. Try to explain to a friend why they should read this story:

It is about a guy who is really good, with fast hands, playing a video game. He is better than other people at tactics, he is beating other people in... more>> the video game. So he fights using an... umbrella that designed himself. No, he doesn't have a job. No, he doesn't have a girlfriend. He lives in the Internet Café where he works... Yeah... He plays the game for like 20 hours a day... and a lot of people admire him in the game! No.. he doesn't stream, nor make money, nor advertise... he.... wants to farm a lot? He's already good at the game, it isn't really about him getting better... He's like a better FAKER. Who is FAKER? UHH....

Right. Not necessarily the most thrilling to read about his goals to farm in game. The world building is a nice read and you can see the tactics involved. I just don't happen to care about the character's goals, so I can't get into it. <<less
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Sae rated it
November 13, 2016
Status: c502
Warning: long review from a passionate gamer.

I've never been more eager to give a 5 star, this one truly deserves it. That is not to say this novel is without flaws, but regarding its genre - the MMORPG gaming - it's absolutely one of the best. I approach this novel from a gamer's perspective and it leaves me satisfied enough to ignore things like MC's shabby real life.

First is the game itself. An online adventure kind of game with 20+ classes is very complicated to completely experience through even playing,... more>> let alone just reading about it. To understand the comprehension of pro players is even harder. TKA has done everything within its allowing scope to deliver this to the readers. There should be hundred upon hundred of skills, but the noteworthy ones have been explained and used over and over for the readers to get used to it and imagine the fighting better. Also the aspect of boring questing, grinding and dungeoning to the a little more complex PvP and PKing were honestly depicted. Game world building, even though a few number of locations throughout over 500 chap is understating for how big this game should be, it prevents the readers from being overwhelmed.

Now if you say there's too many skills, or the leveling is boring and repetitive, then I'm sorry because that's just how this kind of game is. And the novel has already been merciful enough to tone it down from reality. If you are a gamer, then you would know how many more skills and how much more boring grinding there can be. The novel picked a number of skills to get familiar with, and also skipped a whole bunch of grinding and dungeoning in the later part after giving the readers enough feels of the game.

Even the real player gathering like the All Star event is investedly described, giving a more complete look of the game. Also all sorts of behind the scenes struggle are brought out, a little dramatic in my opinion but this novel is no reality and the game of ten long years is not even considered old, so the drama of this scale is fitting. The problems the pro gamers face show how harsh the pro gaming business can be. Now what's absolutely brilliant about this game is the MC. He, in my opinion, is perfect. Not as a person, but a pro gamer. With everything regarding to the game, he is level headed, practical and filled with hidden passion. Grinding is boring? Absolutely. But it's an essential aspect to any starting character. He just does what must be done. If even we are bored just reading about it, see how terrifyingly patient he is to persist through it all over again, and he makes it fun.

Ten years of loving the game and growing with it, there's nothing he hasn't experienced and it shaped his natural flares of an expert, a teacher, a leader. He effortlessly deals with all kinds of people. Grudges? Conflicts? "Face"? All holds little meaning, as long as he gets to advance in the game, he would take any chances of using the (even unfavorable) situations to his benefit. Push him out he keeps going back to it. He loves the game so he keeps at it, simple as that. As he said, there is no highest but there is always higher that he can go.

Others are busy concerning themselves about how 'righteous' a God player like him should act to their image of him, he himself does not. He schemes deep and clever. Even for the so called dirty aspects like tr*sh talk, PK, scrapping, tricky fighting, he takes them to a professional level. He runs around and unintentionally spices up everyone's gaming life. I have nothing but love and admiration for this MC.

(So yeah plot??? What is plot at this point? It's straightforward as can be, just a guy climbing his way back to the top. The only thing is HOW he is gonna do it against the various types of obstacles throwing his way).

Next is the character troupe. Gosh almost everyone is fleshed out and has a distinct personality. Even though many don't have much appearance time they still leave a deep impression, we can already get a feel of their character as the novel would switch from the view and thought of a character to another in a natural way. The righteous, hot-headed boss, the stubborn and steel nerved Tang Rou, the quiet and devoting Mu Cheng, the always worrying guild leaders, etc. Some are even outright unique (and ridiculous) like Huang Shao Tian or Steamed Bun Evasion. Also their interactions is solid gold, natural with all kinds of great (good or bad) chemistry. For me no other novels so far has topped this.

A bonus, but also what I love the most is the constant humor. Dry humors are casually thrown everywhere. MC's handling of people, characters' speeches, interactions and reactions, funny dilemma of situations, just everywhere. It's so much fun and hooking to read. <<less
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ratcut3 rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: c645
I love this novel very much. I found this novel several months ago, binge read the 500-ish chapters, and now I am suffering withdrawal symptom LOL. I can't endure the suffering so I am reading the MTL now, while following the translation.

Many comments had explained its pros and cons, I would like address several of them, and also answer some negative comments.

1. The grinding is repetitive. Yes, I agree. However, there are many wonderful actions in that repetitive grinding! The battles among guilds, or you can wait until ... more>>

the pro players start entering the game

I laughed so hard until my house mate ask what happened to me, and I read that in mtl! I can't imagine how funny it will be in proper translation.

2. The battle is too descriptive. I agree. There are many battles which are too descriptive for me and I decided to skim through them (for example, the All-star battle). However, the (boring) descriptive battle will start disappearing around chapter 1000 because we enter the Pro stage! The battles are still descriptive, but it will not be boring. Why? Because our beloved characters are the main participants. Every character will face their trial in the pro league, each of them will have their moment in battle. They will grow. Descriptive? Yes. Boring? NO. You can not skim these battles, or you will lose many HOLY CRAP moments!

3. Characters and their interaction is the gold of this novel. I believe everyone agree with me. This is the only novel I ever read where a mere chat in QQ group can be so funny!


There are many such events, but I refer to the chat when Ye Xiu kicked Huang Shaotian out of Glory Pro Group by using his authority as group manager, and the only one who dare talk back to him is Han Wenqing because he is also a group manager. LOL


4. Some comments said that the game system is unrealistic, the author had no idea about MMORPG, and they gave this novel low rating. I really don't know what to say. I am a gamer, I played WoW, DotA, and Overwatch. I could easily see that the author know MUCH about online game, and he combined his knowledge with his imagination. I know that the game system is unrealistic in our CURRENT technology. However, it may be possible in 10-20 years. Imagine Glory as WoW in 20 years and the games will be realistic in your eyes. Do you guys have no imagination?

Seriously, the technology of the game is clearly much more advanced than any current MMORPG. There are many details which can affect the game result. Should we list these details? Character's inventory (weight), terrains, attacking different body part can give different effect (there are so many wonderful details, but they are mostly appear in Pro League arc and I really don't want to spoil it). It is awesome! If our technology is advanced enough to create such a detailed game, I can die as a happy gamer.


The one that impress me the most is the Tyranny vs Happy match. I did not know that you can DESTROY the terrains! Han Wenqing action, and Luo Ji's calculation, and the sand dune map are AWESOME! Oh, and don't forget Huang Shaotian tragedy, LOL


5. The spirit of a professional athlete, spirit of competition, spirit of champion. I don't want to spoil it, but they are the main themes in later arcs and they really touched your hearts. Who dare to say the eSport athletes are inferior to other athletes???

Ok, that is long enough for my review. Out and thanks! <<less
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Kerbasi rated it
May 11, 2017
Status: c592
Saw the recently aired anime, and because it was RPG themed, I gave it a go. And I was enamoured!

I couldn't help but turn to the novel, and wow, I've been binge reading this like crazy for the past few days!

Really can't wait to see how everything goes.
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Lairger rated it
February 20, 2016
Status: --
TOO much grinding repetition, MC might be good in playing games but quite s*upid in real life getting penniless without home just because someone took your gaming account? He also get job in cafe which is to sleep in day eat then play game all night lol. Apparently it is possible to create your own cheat like weapon with codes outside of game I don’t get why MC is not using anything to get money if you had select gaming career you should at least make some money from it... more>> so you can keep playing.

Most of side characters in game also keep calling him god that makes them all very same with one dimensional personality just to show off MC gaming knowledge 1st time it is fun but if they all keep doing same every time then... Many stuff get too much ridiculous for a mouse game. Author also looks like have smoking fetish it makes you look cool? ༼ つ ▀̿_▀̿ ༽つ it is so harmful he don’t even exercise xD with such a routine it is going to be hard for him to stay pro in game for long without healthy body.

I just wish the main story line or goal was more interesting not just same episode every chapter even though I don’t really like possible female lead (?) some romance would be good too. <<less
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Sicarius rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c195
There's a good novel here, but it's hidden behind interminable descriptions of people grinding for levels/loot. long review to follow, skip to end for tl;dr

So there's a lot to praise about 'The King's Avatar'. First, our main character is powerful through extensive experience, research, preparation, and skill, rather than bullsh*t luck. So there's no 'so and so found the heavenly defying mcguffin of awesomeness', which makes every victory feel earned. Now, he does have a much better weapon than everyone else around him, but that's only because he built it... more>> using the game's endgame content, and he's basically slumming it with all the noobs and casuals. Experts and other pros also have similar weapons, it's just we don't directly encounter them much. It also doesn't make him invincible, only giving him more versatility and hitting power than others at the same level.

Our protagonist actually feels like a mature adult. When people are childish or annoying, he's able to laugh it off and not take it to heart, rather than getting angry and killing an entire extended family to 'tear out the roots', which is the primary excuse for xianxia protagonists to be mu*dering psychopaths. I realize that this isn't a xianxia, but there tends to be a lot of crossover between the genres in C-novels. Side characters are funny and unique. They have their own personalities and desires, and don't merely exist to exclaim 'wow, protagonist is so great' every time he finishes a sentence. This includes the antagonists and rivals that we meet throughout the story; they all feel like real people. The interactions between characters is often hilarious and clever, and is one of the highlights of the book.

The story is fairly interesting as well. This is a pro-gamer down on his luck, and he's fighting to regain his place in the competitive sphere. He lives in an internet cafe, and gradually puts together a team of misfit experts who join him on his path to greatness. Along the way they go through various trial and crises, persevering and growing as the do.

The game this world revolves around is basically an advanced first person version of WOW with an eastern flair. Players play with keyboard and mouse and use common gamer parlance to interact with each other. So the world feels much more relatable than the VRMMO's that are more often seen in litRPGs. Now, downsides. Our main character is set up as this awesome all-knowing expert. Unfortunately, his cool factor is severely lowered when you realize that he's a chain smoking shut-in who lives off instant noodles and sleep deprivation. This novel is supposed to be about near-future e-sport athletes, but it's failed to take any of the recent industry developments of the last decade into account, and just portrays every character as the stereotypical obsessive gamer. In reality, pro-gamers have strict exercise and dietary regimens, and they would absolutely not be hard smokers who appear not to have experienced this thing you call 'sunlight'. Next, the stakes are pretty low. While the pc mmo setting is fairly unique and interesting to start, you quickly come to realize that very little of what they're doing matters. Our protagonist's main drive is to fuel his addiction to competitive gaming, and there's little that gets in his way. Even should a character die during some epic, intricately described battle, they'll only loose some experience and maybe an item.

Following on from that, TKA is filled with descriptions of them grinding various dungeons and monsters. I had a professor who told me once "every scene should advance the plot or character development". This book has got to be about 70% descriptions of avatars duking it out with some boss monster or other. Most of this is just filler text that can be skipped past without any loss to the story. Early on it served to introduce us to the game world and the way that our MC uses his experience and clever tactics alongside exquisite skill to prevail. That's fine, but after a while you get to 'they went back into the dungeon for another run' and then a chapter of the slightly different and better way they killed the same monsters this time. This happens over and over again, and the banter between characters is way too sparse to make rest of the extended battles even remotely interesting. It's a chore to get through this to the interesting bits. Character development. Despite the characters being one of the highlights of TKA, we rarely get to learn anything about them. Keep in mind that I've only read to chp 195 and there are more than 570 translated of 1728, but up till now we know next to nothing about most every character that we've met. One of the main secondary characters maybe played an instrument before she lived and worked in an internet cafe. Another works as a security guard. And that's it for backstory or context for the secondary characters. Even the main character is unknown to us. His backstory is told in throwaway sentences and opaque references. He meets people from his old life and they chat and it's obvious that they've got history, but we the readers are never let in on the secret. This quickly becomes frustrating when we're so often sent back to the dungeons for more fantastically dull descriptions of MMO combat. Maybe all this is revealed as you read along, but the pay off would have to be massive to justify 195+ chapters of filler.

TL;DR -There are far too many novels out there to waste time on something that appears to view high word count as high quality. Other people have rated it quite high, and you might find it worthwhile, but I'm off to read something else. This one's going on my DNF list. <<less
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Shio rated it
December 20, 2015
Status: --
I'm too lazy to write a new one, so I'll just copy paste my review from MU

Compared to other MMO related novel that focus on fantasy, QZGS stood out as the only one with e-sport atmosphere. You really could feel that the author is knowledgeable in game mechanic. The story didn't rely on luck/cheat/op equipment/impossible game setting to made MC as the strongest *cough*Zhan Long*most MMO LN*cough*. Ye Xiu is strong because of his abundant skill and experience in glory. This is not a story about genius who strive to... more>> be the very best, but about a fallen champion who try to reclaim his rightful throne. <<less
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Mr.Jello rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: c946
Waste of time. Instead of reading it I strongly recommend to watch the netflix live action series. It has almost all the relevant stuff without the useless stuff. If you like/dont mind yaoi, I also recommend God level Summoner novel.

The story is all about farming dungeons, bosses and PVP, but it doesnt feel like progression, but rather like I'm reading the same over and over again.

I REALLY tried to like it, but it got to a point where I had to skip a lot of chapters because I was sick... more>> of the repetitive scenes. While I had hope that it would get better, it never did.

Neither the fights nor the characters nor the plot are interesting enough to compensate all the filler. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
July 3, 2017
Status: c677
This was an interesting one to review. I started off by watching the animated series which is pretty excellent but loses a bit of the logic in translation to the animation (with regards to why characters act the way they do), covers up till chapter 280 or so by the way.

The novel's setting is fairly strong, there's some logical issues (Mostly in terms of the game setting, APM mattering in an MMO is kind of interesting, it's usually used solely in Real Time Strategy games because you have more things... more>> to manage, there's a point where the novel says even the strength with which keys are pressed are considered uh... we don't have that technology as far as I know. The real world setting is slightly questionable as well, having people with high natural abilities in the games near the main character? Having backgrounds that would interfere with professional gaming?), that said, as a major fan of esports in general, I think they captured a lot of the feel of being an esports fan really well. I think the author is a major fan himself and it shows through in his passion when talking about the "scene".

Surprisingly, what really pushed me from just "liking" the series to absolutely loving the series isn't the shamelessness of the main character or how strong he is despite being old, but rather the very real "human" aspect of his side characters. Most of them aren't perfect, most of them have their own logic, most of them do suffer in their own way. I felt quite a lot of resonance with all of the side characters, from the stable but non exceptional characters, to wacky theorists, to battle maniacs.... I've had dealing with a lot of these sorts of characters on mmo's before and whilst my own experiences never went to irl, reading the novel rekindled a lot of my love for mmo's.

Moving onto the bad though, a fair amount of the plot can be easily seen through, there's always a question of "how" but rarely is there a question of the intended end result of the author. There might be a bit too much gibberish about levels and how to grind (although I think this will only upset people who casually play games xD anyone who's gotten s**ked into an mmo will (probably) understand).... and I think that's about it.

Overall, the novel is surprisingly strong. The side characters feel remarkably human and whilst more than a few readers will yell "OP MC!" He's got a fair reason to be op and it's much better than trolol I cultivated therefore I badass. Give it a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Minor edit/information? Around chapter 400, the novel gets a bit too MC/game focused for me. I personally enjoyed his interactions with the people around him moreso than the game so it more boring for me up to what's currently translated. It's not enough to change my rating, but it's definately enough to make me think maybe 5 stars is being generous. <<less
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Bloodraven2k15 rated it
February 13, 2016
Status: --
A great novel which I neglected for a long time due to my aversion to the fact that it wasn't a vrmmo novel, I deeply regret that and hope that anyone who had the same aversion will be able to pick up the novel without hesitation. The action in this actually better than most vrmmos that I have read in addition to that the novel has incredible comic timing, the fact that the novel occurs in the "real world " adds more charm to it. The best part of the... more>> novel is its brilliant character interaction both in game and in the times he is offline as well. I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking for a great read. <<less
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sakirol rated it
November 14, 2016
Status: c502
Writing: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Plot Progression: 6/10
World/Setting: 6/10

The King's Avatar is a unique novel among the MMO genre and stands on the top as my favorite MMO-related series to date. It definitely deserves a higher rating than it is currently given. From the start, the audience knows what the MC's goal is - to stand back on top of the competitive gaming scene. From then on, he embarks on a journey to create a character with which he can surprise the competitive scene with. Pros:
Character are written so... more>> well, and character interactions are impeccable. It's really the highlight point of the series and a fatal weakness of the vast, vast majority of light novels and web novels. If you want to get a taste of how well the author evokes emotion, just read the first chapter or so. The melancholy pretty much seeps through the screen. The way that the characters talk to each other is bloody hilarious but not at all forced, and conversations leave you feeling sentimental about vast majority of the support cast. I have a grin plastered on my face whenever I read through a conversation. At the same time, the author manages to create a unique, memorable persona for so many of the characters! This is the only novel in which I can name over 10 characters with distinct personality differences off the top of my head.

Likewise, the general writing is beautiful (and is aided by amazing translations from GravityTales). The action scenes are well narrated to the point that you can imagine the step-by-step sequences of attacks between players. This seems to be a con point for many readers, but I find the descriptions just the right length.

Like every other MMO novel, The King's Avatar has a large, [LARGE] dose of grinding. If you are sick of reading about grinding from bottom up, maybe you should put The King's Avatar down until you are in that mood again. To give you an idea, 500 chapters in and the MC is still only level 5X. World development is mediocre because this novel strays from the standard VRMMO world set up. World development is not a focus at all. If you are looking for a fleshed out, creative world, The King's Avatar is not where you should look. The described world is a very standard MMO map. The author spends little time fleshing out the details of the map. <<less
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Em_Rez rated it
January 22, 2016
Status: --
Wow, tons of good reviews. Well, personally I differ in opinion.

First of all, it feels very realistic and intense... but it gets very repetitive. Like the same thing happens over and over, and there is tons of grinding. It also feels a bit weird since it isn’t even virtual reality, just a guy sitting in front of a computer, and it’s literally describing what happens in the game.

It kind of gives an awesome feel, but then you realize it’s literally a video game, like league of legends or something, inside... more>> of a novel. Literally a guy pressing his fingers on the keyboard and mouse, and you're supposed to feel awesome because he's good at it.

I was also peeved by the fact that they spend like 20 hours a day playing this game... like cmon, this game is pretty much their lives. It's not even virtual reality either. Feels kind of lame. (btw, once the cycle of that game ends and it loses its popularity, they're screwed LOL)

After a hundred and fifty chapters, I just got really tired of it.

It’s still good though... so you should read it. <<less
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Zackarotto rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c500
I was a little baffled by the premise of The King's Avatar. An MMO novel that isn't even a VRMMO, but is instead about people clicking their mice and keyboards? It didn't exactly seem romantic to me. I'll tell you what, though: it nails the experience of playing an MMO. For example, nobody cares about the main story questline at all -- it's really about grinding, and pressuring friends to keep up with your level. It lacks the human drama of a (better) series like Sword Art Online, but I... more>> would consider this a smartly-written story for what it is. The ever-shifting motives of the various guilds and their secret alliances and other forms of treachery are very well planned.

So I don't think it's bad, but I lost interest in continuing. I usually don't go in for series that put a high emphasis on fight descriptions. For people who can keep reading that forever, the series does a pretty decent job of it, and creative wrenches are sometimes thrown into fights -- since it's all just an online game, sometimes there will just be a power outage or a character logging out of the game just when it's starting to seem like a fight will really drag on for too long. It's because of that that I stuck around for 500 chapters. I found the pro-gamer tournament fights especially boring, but even when Ye Xiu is involved, you kind of need to be freakishly invested to read hundreds and hundreds of chapters of skills being chained together while expertly managing cooldowns. That's not to say it's all exactly the same -- Lord Grim and Deception going on a massive PK campaign together is a bit different from, say, the hunting of guild members at Thousand Waves Lake -- but it's still dozens of chapters with minor variations on the same theme: combat skills being used, and opposing players wanting to cough up blood. Needless to say, the out-of-combat scenes are more clever. I liked to see Ye Xiu scheme against and outmaneuver his rivals, but I decided it wasn't enough to keep me interested.

I also felt that some of the author's gameplay ideas for his MMO were bad or unfeasible. I don't mind this sort of thing too much, as I'm willing to overlook it for the sake of a higher-stakes story when the control schemes or drop rates don't really make sense, but the rules should be consistent. It goes from saying that Chasing Haze doesn't bind her weapon to her account because she's hoping to sell it when she gets an orange-tier weapon, to saying that Heavenly Domain equipment can't be bound. It also brushes off some common problems with MMOs without really explaining how it's any better about these things. I think if your series revolves around a game world, you should be more particular about how that world works, or I lose immersion.

The translation is also often poorly edited. Right in the opening chapters, there are some big errors. Putting aside grammatical mistakes, I saw "seventy spiders" become "seven spiders" from one chapter to the next, completely changing my understanding of the scene. Many names are inconsistently translated (is it Sobbing Ghost or Crying Devil? Ice of Dawn or Icy Dawn?) and I even saw the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella briefly become the "Thousand Chance Umbrella", probably because different translators come onto the project interchangeably and there's nobody on the team who cares enough to keep it straight. If the translators don't even care, why should I? <<less
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styricum rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: c617
Author spouts bs through whole novel. I think he read some vrmmo and decided to be more realistic by adapting them to comp. mmorpg games but he clearly has no idea what he s doing.

-No gaming experience (i think he watched someone playing WoW for a bit most of the

game mechanics from there but sadly mixing couple of games together doesnt make it...)

-No logic (players can see others expressions in-game :o, and they have so much rpm they can type anything they want while playing intensly and game has... more>> so much bugs to exploit that only MC knows, players uses their keyboards and mouses to move like they are inside cmon just make it vr game why push it that far)

-Yes legendary plot armor (MC literally god in game, he doesnt die, he doesnt get abused with his 20 lvl gap, he has ultimate class only he can use, he s the only one that can transfer character with crafted item!!!, he can solo everything boesses players guilds npcs)

If you are looking for a MC that dominates wherever he goes withouth any logic or

anything to back his OPness its just perfect for it. <<less
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