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In the online game Glory, Ye Xiu is regarded as a textbook and a top-tier pro-player. However, due to a myriad reasons, he is kicked from the team. After leaving the professional scene, he finds work in an Internet Cafe as a manager. When Glory launches its tenth server, he who possesses ten years of gaming experience once again throws himself into the game. Bringing with him the memories of his past and an incomplete, self-made weapon, his return along the road to the summit begins!

After fighting and scheming, who snatched away my glory? Under the tossing of the wind and rain, my dreams shall still appear as though they had never been shattered. In all its splendor, the path shall never be lost. Before the gazes of millions, this is where I return!

*Under the Gaming category, The King’s Avatar received the title for Best Work in 2013 and is the first and only 1000 Pledged Work (千盟作品). It has 23 million hits on Qidian and has the 2nd most recommendations in its category with 4.6 million recommendations.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Quan Zhi Gao Shou
Toàn chức cao thủ
マスターオブスキル [Masutāobusukiru] [master of skill]
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earlgreyt rated it
October 7, 2018
Status: c1100
It's far from perfect, but it is really really really good.

I started reading this after watching the anime, which I have recommended to countless people. I generally dislike super long 1000+ chapter stories because they tend to suffer from pacing issues, many details about nothing, etc. The anime helped me gain a quick understanding of the story and skim past a lot of the more boring parts (especially in the beginning when the author goes overboard with the descriptions of every class/every move).

The novel does suffer from pacing issues up... more>> to a certain point. The first time I read this, I quit during the Deception arc because it felt like 100 chapters of describing a couple hours of in-game events, which was dragging on and on. However, I couldn't stop thinking about this story and returned to it a couple months later. After making it past that section, the rest of the novel, especially the Returning League arc, has much better pacing and much less grinding.

Despite all of it's flaws, I haven't regretted reading this. The characters are all 3-dimensional, the world feels very real, and the reasoning for the game is pretty logical. (The complaints about APM and other mechanics described are true only towards the level of modern games we have right now; it absolutely has no bearing on the game in the story, which is more similar to Blade&Soul with more advanced mechanics. It's not like League or Overwatch.) It's completely worth the awards it won.

P.S. Everytime I read this, I get hit so hard with MMORPG nostalgia. Makes me want to pick one up again. <<less
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IOnlyReadGoodNovels rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: c1188
Well written. Well translated. Strong plot; original, flows nicely, and not riddled with holes. Realistic and interesting character growth and interaction. Subtle comedy. Occasionally pulls at your heartstrings.

One of the best reading experiences I've ever had. I only wish that I had a few thousand more chapters of this...

A real gem hidden among thousands of novels written for (and probably by) kids.
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urbanscrappy rated it
April 19, 2018
Status: Completed
I finished this a few days ago and can't stop thinking about it. This book sucked me in and wouldn't let go. I barely slept or ate and just kept reading until I finished.

I love sports! The drama, the anguish, the joy, the success, the failure, the hope, the determination, the pain of both athletes and fans. All of this was captured throughout this story. I lived it and breathed it. The attention to detail was amazing. The details of matches and fights were so intricate and descriptive. I know... more>> the world of Glory. I know the guilds, their strenghts and weaknesses as well as those of the Pro Alliance.

Bravo for a truly compelling story that left me wanting more. It had humour, action, suspense, drama but for me it was all underlined by a sense of loss. We started with a protagonist who lost his place and was betrayed.


What really bedded in the sesnse of loss was learning about Su Muqiu (sp?) and realising that we never got to meet this genius who died so young.


Watching players sacrifice friends, their names, their pride all to win was so realistic and also really depressing, particularly for those who were running out of time.

I have lived and breathed sport all my life both as a player and as a fan but nothing has made me understand (or care to understand) the players, fans, owners, press as much as this. There were no villains here, everyone had their own struggle and reasons.

Ye Xui was our protagonist but there was only one time right afyer the final match where the reader was allowed into his emotions. We read his thoughts on planning, on players, on many things throughout the story but his emotions were closed off to us. He was as enigmatic to the readers as he was to the fans. We could only guess how he felt about his betrayal, his resurrection, his family, his future. I would have liked to learn more. The author did that so well with characters like Qiao Yifan and Chen Guo and even Zhang Jiale and Liu Hao but we got nothing from Steamed Bun (that would have been a riot) and barely anything from our protagonist. I would also bave loved to meet his father and see more of his family situation. Anyway, these are minor quibbles in the greater scheme of things. Regardless of any problems, this story left suvh a big mark on me that anything less than 5 stars woukd do it a diservice. <<less
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yumesonata rated it
February 13, 2018
Status: c803
Just a genuinely enjoyable novel. I love how even the side characters are fleshed out and have personality, with understandable motivations. Some are hilarious! Even if you don't like the "villains" of this story, you can still somewhat see where they're coming from and they're not completely unreasonable. Not to mention many of the antagonists end up being quite likable and not really antagonists as you read more.

The main character is probably one of my favorites out of all of the hundreds of novels I've read. He's shameless, he's sarcastic,... more>> but also has deep motivations and a background that's naturally revealed. Some of the chapters can get a little grindy and slow, but they're easy to scroll past if you're not a fan of them and they're pretty true to the nature of MMORPGs. The translation quality is also top notch, which makes this a pleasant read.

I laughed out loud multiple times while reading, which doesn't happen all that often. 5/5 and probably my favorite so far <<less
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cutterline rated it
February 9, 2018
Status: Completed
I'm reading this after watching the donghua/anime season 1 so my review is based on the thought after experiencing both. I did a lot of MMORPG many years ago so the novel narration isn't really foreign to me. Truthfully, I wish there are more to explain some mysteries about the characters

TKA is all in all a MMORPG novel, everything is done to make the story about GLORY. This is bad and good in its own way. The author never reveal all the rules or mechanism in the first place so... more>> he can pull arse everything when needed. Fortunately, this is done in a quite polished manner so in a way, hoping that you can accept it after some trade off with your self curiousity.

IMHO, the author doesn't really dive to the characters that much or maybe doesn't have any idea for that. Just putting vague hints here and there. Again, everything is written just to make the GLORY story. Many unfinished questions like MC's family background is never revealed, no result for subtle romance scenes (that's why there is no romance tag up there) or satisfying future overview of the characters. That's why I say all in all it's a MMORPG novel.

Hence, I recommend watching the donghua over reading the battle scene in novel because the author 'made anything on the spot'. Of course, you will miss some details, stupid moments, explanation (which is boring for those who never play these kind of games) and character interactions but honestly you don't miss anything major (so far based from season 1) because the author doesn't answer all the questions in the end. The director did a very good job compacting 200++ chapters and changing some story lines into 12 episodes so future production can be written well for donghua. Just imagine 10-12 seasons of the donghua if they were to follow the novel to the dot. I reckon with these changes, hopefully they can finish with 4-5 seasons and 2-3 OAVs. <<less
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January 20, 2018
Status: c889
I think The king's avatar is not good for only 3 types of person:

1. Gamers who can't close eyes for unrealistic thing about games.

2. Impatient people.

... more>> 3. People who generally don't like ligth novels.

Rest can be sure that they'll enjoy. I haven't still finished the story but I can for sure give The king's avatar 5 -. Why minus I would explain at the end.

First coins:

Storytelling: Tempo of the story is a little slow but we know from the beginning to the end where it heads towards. I prefer stories that way because we know for sure that author would not forget about main hero's goals. Also story is very logical.

Translation: pretty good.

Setting: it's quite orginal for light novel to set up story in proffessional gaming society. It's very refreshing to read about people who can be sometimes childish but most of them are or become proffessional. They fight for real but when game ends they can shake hands. No hard feeling really. The author really well show us the world of proffesional gaming, we pretty well can get to know all of his aspects: not only sporting but also commercial, financial, technological advances, psychological.

Characters: I would say that it's the best part of story. All characters who plays bigger part are distinguished, likeable but they also have some flaws. They aren't unrealistic. Author pretty well potrayed them from psychological point of view. Ye Xiu is great main hero. He is mature, calm, expierienced player who knows his value. Everything he did in game even trash talking, has purpose. He is all-round but he knows that he can't win alone really. I love his sense of humour.

Rest of the team are just important as Ye Xiu when plot proceeds. They sometimes shine, sometimes lose but have his part in the story. We get to know rest of the teams in alliance and they aren't potrayed as villain. They are just rivals and they respect everyone's skills.

Even villains have advantages and their main purpose isn't destroying Ye Xiu but winning. If they see that their vendetta against Ye Xiu interfere with their proffessional activity, they stops immediately. Because for everyone there are only 3 important thing: Glory, clubs and their individual perfomances. And that's it.

So why minus:

I think initial setup is a little illogical what it's strange for me because the king's avatar's story is one of the most logical which I read.

All conflict with excellent doesn't add up really.

First thing, I don't believe that Ye Xiu couldn't have commercial value. Nobody knows how he looks but everyone knows how good he is it. How many theories about him would be in the web. People would all the time wonder how he looks like, why he doesn't want to show his face etc. Some netizens could also identify with him becaue many of them support movements like anonymous. He wouldn't have to show his face in adds because his avatar could advertise things. I think author never heard about someone like Banksy.

Second thing, The excellent era' s politics. Author repeats many times that even if managers and CEO of excellent era are hostile to Ye Xiu, they are still proffessional. If they are proffessional why they didn't do anything with weak perfomance for 4 seasons. It's obvious that team needed some changes. Why excellent club couldn't buy another great player ? They have money to buy Sun Xiang or Zhang Jiaxing, why they didn't buy them earlier?

Why club which is one of the oldest have only one talent among trainies? For example blue rain could train 3 talented-god players for all this years.

I know that author mention that many players who played with Ye Xiu at the beginning retired but where are others? If excellent club was great team, they had to attract many pretty good players. I could imagine that it isn't easy to live in the shadow of Ye Xiu but still many players could come, learn and say good bye,

just like Yu Feng did with Blue Rain.


The same come with Ye Xiu's behaviour. He said himself that he loves excellent era. If he loved his club, why he couldn't compromise with them about his commercial activity. If he could make winning team from the scratch, why he couldn't make changes in his excellent era team. He said himself that he loves winning so how he could only watch when his old team was still losing. If he can find talents on the street, why he only found one big talent in excellent era?

Facts, which author give us just doesn't add up. He just took the easy way out. He made excellent era to be quite stupid villain who just threw away the best player for free and really without thoughts, halway throught the season. The proffessional clubs can be ruthless but not stupid. That's why they are proffessional. I don't get it why excellent era should be different than others clubs in the same novel.

I think more probable and logical plot would be like that. Ye Xiu won with his team 3 championship but lost in final in 4th season. Many players of the team retired and for 2 seasons team' s performance was weak. That's why club decided to buy new promising talent or maybe they took new rookie from their trainies. This young player turned out to be just good at fighting as Ye Xiu and he had more value from commercial point of view than him. But both of them had different vision of the team that's why this young player gave excellent club ultimatum: me or Ye Xiu and also he wanted his avatar. Club chose him because of money from commercial and Ye Xiu's age. But they couldn't just transfer Ye Xiu without his permission. That's why they started to sabotage him and didn't let him play. For Ye Xiu it was too much that's why he agree to terminate his contract halway throught the season but club gave him condition that he had to retire....

But overall it's really great light novel, and only one which I'm sure I' ll finish. For all people who haven't started reading it yet, I recommend to take it easy and read every day few chapters. Thanks to that they would not get tired of it. <<less
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October 28, 2017
Status: c780

Long Game Mechanics and Pro Players Discussion

... more>>

To start with, Glory is basically... World of Warcraft, game-type wise, played in first person perspective and with a skill system that is very dependent on mouse-movement.

Yeah, you read that first part right. First-person.

There are numerous mentions of possibility of getting dizzy or nauseous when your character is being juggled in the air, as well as about dead-angles and how stereo-headspeakers are actually important to guess directions.

The second part makes the game abit more harsh, for instance, since a sword attack skill actually can change direction depending on how the player moves his/her mouse, and spellcasters actually have to click on their target to cast, which is somehow independent from their character point of view...

So, it is kind of a VR-Skyrim, without the option to go third person.

And then, we go to the e-sports section, which typically about fights between pro-players. Almost like DotA or LoL championships, but with less minions and defense towers, and more about players bashing each others, whether in 1vs1, tag-team, or team deathmatch, practically more like Counter-Strike competition instead.

The pro-realm is where the APM or hand reflexes come into play, to make use of the right skills, at the right moment, at the right spot.


Talent, intuition, nerves, adrenaline, training, all of them affects their hand techniques, but familiarity with skills, of their own class or of their opponent, familiarity with terrain, strategic AND tactical thinking, these also help in using the right skills in the right way, or even when NOT to use some skills. This differentiates newcomers like the talented Tang Rou with later introduced pro-players like Yu Wenzhou, who is stated to have a crippled APM, but is called one of the Four Master Tactician.

This then becomes the major attraction of the story. You have a whole set of characters, making the list very bloated, from casual to expert players, from rookie pros to retired pros, from ambitious captains to lowly subtitute players... And most feels distinct from each other.



Ah, I better start talking about the story itself.

You have Ye Qiu, the very senior (but still comparatively young), very talented, very creative, and very successful (totally Gary Stu, but that's fine for this story, no werewolves or aliens out of the game) major star-player, forced to retire from this professional team, for several reasons (yes, there are actually several reasons), as well as handing in the Godly-class player character account that he had used for a decade, the Battle Mage One Autumn Leaf, for his replacement to use...

But Ye Qiu (or Ye Xiu) still loves Glory, both the MMORPG and the pro-competition.

So he decides to fulfill the terms of his retirement (1 year before re-entering) to create a brand new character and level it up to max... Albeit, he plans to use an old character concept that he had to abandon in the past, because of how certain updates to the game makes it obsolete, but newer updates make it viable again...

This is his, and his brand new character Lord Grim, an unspecialized class (think Super Novice from Ragnarok Online), story to go back up the ranks of e-sport... And the story of the people they met along the long climb up. <<less
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Cahane rated it
October 26, 2017
Status: c662
I’m not a gamer but I love this story.. so basically all the games knowledge that I have comes from the story... In overall I enjoy reading this story a lot. I manage till chp 662 and stop because at that time I couldn’t wait to read one chapter per day after binge read it to 600++ chaps.. so I’m gonna wait till another 200++ more and binge reading again...

So as I said that I’m not a gamer, so I always skip some details plot about the fight inside the... more>> game.. honestly it’s too details for me.. but skipping them during fighting plot is okay esp 1v1 of PvP... but the group game is fun and I enjoy how they all progress...

So, since I enjoy the reading, I think others will enjoy it too.. not gamers like me think that the pro gamer world is really interesting. <<less
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kevoer rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: c731
The story is very good, the characters are well developed, is the plot is good; but I indicate to those who have knowledge and interest in online games to understand the story, how the action happens in a game without the performance of the character may seem a little monotonous, but the exchanges and dialogues are excellent, and of course packed with a good mood. Of course it is a story that you will only like if you have a sympathy for the protagonist.
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tellmewhy rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: --
Enjoyable story and interesting characters. This is the first CN novel and currently the only translated CN novels that I read that was not disapointing till the last chapter (i read the raws and finished yay~, what a nice reading experience). Maybe this is not the best gaming novels out there but this is at the very least better than most gaming novels I read up till now. With slow start and relatively slow pace the story picked up at the time when MC's team competing on pro stage. This... more>> novel is worth your times if you want to read gaming novels

for someone who feelpro and think this is not realistic at all you can read newspapers, newspapers definitely more realistic than this novel lol. <<less
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Diviana rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: c696
I started off with the anime. While waiting for the next episode, I decided to read the novel and I was definitely hooked. The amount of detail made it enjoyable. Having it be a mouse-and-keyboard MMO instead of a VRMMORPG was something I liked. It was fun seeing Ye Qiu having to juggle real life and Glory. TKA captures the spirit of an MMO and eSports well even if it mechanically seems a bit much or strange.

The King's Avatar is definitely a very slow and gradual story with over 1000... more>> chapters. The grinding definitely gets a bit monotonous, but it also allows us to get to know the personalities of the supporting characters. It also adds a bit of verisimilitude.

On the topic of personalities, Ye Qiu is one of my favorite protagonists of his type. He's the moody, super skilled God-types but, where that usually irks me, Ye Qiu is quite enjoyable to watch. He is quite aware half of his problems come from his own stubborn and antiquated personality and takes responsibility for that. That he is older protagonist is also refreshing and explains his mellow reactions to the shenanigans that follow him around in the game. Most importantly, unlike other MCs of his type, Ye Qiu can be shameless. He knows he is being shameless, but he has no real other options without the support of a professional team. The other characters are also fun to read about. Tang Rou is a cool-headed, but at times (obsessively) determined. SteamBun is impulsive and hard to understand but follows directions well. Blue River is Glory veteran who is loyal, caring, and prefers to keep away from troubling matters. Most of the characters have defining characteristics that make them fun to read about. <<less
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eseul rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: c645
I originally rated this series with 4 stars, but after sticking with this story for so long I want to change my rate to 5 stars. Just stick with it until the end and you will be glad you did. The first arc might be a drag because it's similar to a lot of other novels. But, as the story builds there is a touch of magic you can't find in any other story. It's a very charming piece, I look forward to reading this until the end!
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May 9, 2017
Status: c520
Wow, it's just wow. I started watching King's avatar anime and quite love it, hence I read. And binge reading this! It's such a good novel and vary exciting one which told about gaming. Some chapter may have too many description but actually it's explaining well clearly for people who doesn't understand games. And, the character's interactions is very very funny! The MC is a pro at making people mad because he's quite blunt. And it's at 620 something, for completing this novel might take 2 years more or so... more>> (?). If you ever interested in games, online games or rpg then I think it's suits you! <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
April 28, 2017
Status: c380
Right update, dropping it, the bad points of this novel outweigh the good points aka the character interactions, the novel is too boring to continue, I dont have a clue how it is able to be no.1 on the ranking list on Gravity as it is clearly not a novel that could be read chapter by chapter, I would assume people wouldnt care unless it was in bulk otherwise its even worse to continue... my suggestion is read Way of Choices/Ze Tian Ji and vote for it to be on... more>> top of the list because TKA is not really worth it...

I have been reading this for the past week and reached c275 and thought that it was about time to write a review, I will write another one when the story reacher c850 or something along those lines and include it here.

Very well I will begin saying that the writing for this novel is really good and is well structured the characters are enjoyable and main plot is also pretty straight forward.

But I will say this, if you are not an mmorpg gamer and find those sort of games boring and you are not really interested in character interactions than avoid it as it is very boring.

The biggest redeeming point that this novel has for me are the interactions between the characters whether within the game, them talking or outside the game between the MC, the boss lady and tang rou otherwise the grinding and dungeoning or even the quests become very repetitive to the point that I started skimming the chapters for the most part and only reading the parts where they interact otherwise if a chapter doesnt have any interactions I dont read them as I find everything that this novel has to offer (mainly playing a game) really tedious to follow as I find mmorpg games really boring past the beginning where you just need to level up. <<less
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Xane rated it
April 20, 2017
Status: c605
The only problem I have with it currently is the translation rate. If it goes 1 chapter per day it's going to take over 3 years to complete.

I have no problem believing the game mechanics or the characters having ridiculous APM/reaction times as it's a story. It can be a little difficult visualizing how the fights are going both from 3rd person perspective and how apparently the game is played 100% 1st person perspective. The players use hotkeys and mouse movements for abilities and strikes, which from a practical standpoint... more>> I believe would be extremely difficult to implement into an actual game but am willing to suspend my disbeliev for. I find it very easy (and hilarious) to imagine a character (Huang Shaotian) charging at other players with a wall of word bubbles above his character, or having 2 teams in a standoff while an endless amount of word bubbles fly above one side, blocking both sides from seeing anything that's happening.

The part I like the most is the character interactions. I find it charming how the MC has this knack for getting on everyones nerves even though he has no malice against them and even helps through actions or advice people that consider him a mortal enemy. As a secondary point, I also have trouble telling when in-game conversations are happening via text or voice. The game has integrated voice communication but there are times when players are in combat with other players and conversing but sometimes the enemies hear the voice and sometimes they can't. There's also situations (like in the recent Tyranny spy arc) where the MC has conversations while in a dungeon with a person standing next to him. This happens often and has been said a few times that the people conversing with MC can be heard through the game, but when MC is dungeoning as a spy and talking to someone IRL would blow his cover but it doesn't seem to cause any reaction in-game. Not enough of a drawback for me to lower my opinion of the story.

I'm not personally bothered by a lack of romance. Just because all the women are beauties doesn't mean there needs to be erotic scenes. It's not a love story. There are some romantic undertones between MC and the first girl Su Mu Cheng (in the sense that they appear to be very close to the point that I believe they at least were at one point in a relationship), but it's not explored and I don't expect it to be. At least better than Renegade Immortal where the author adds in romantic elements and then completely forgets/intentionally disregards the characters until he's ready for the MC to get an emotion injection.

If translations were coming out faster I would give 5/5, at least until I can get a final assessment. <<less
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curryninja rated it
February 21, 2017
Status: c698
No romance but so many ships everyone has a ship. I really like this novel ^^ I'm currently listening to the Chinese audiobook and its great~ Favorite character is steam buns this noob who can dislike him.. XD The MC has the experience and skills in the game but I can't say he's op cuz there are some stuff that he may miss, just a few tho :P But the thing is this guy's a huge troll lol you don't wanna mess with him xD ANYWAYS this is a really... more>> popular novel in China~ read it even if its quite long its worth it some places may seem slow but its still interesting :D <<less
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grrman rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: c538
Updated this review to tell y'all: THIS IS STILL BEING UPDATED ON GRAVITY TALES! Now back to the review (didn't update anything else so these are my feelings when chapter 538 came out)


The Good: Great fight scenes and great story premise. Unlike a lot of other novels that have the MC bumbling about and randomly getting involved in important things, there is a clear goal for the MC and instead we get to enjoy in his path towards it. It's an interesting viewpoint to see a pro run circles... more>> around the amateurs. I also appreciate the recurring characters because they add a lot of flavor to the novel, kind of like WoC (although WoC does the side characters at a higher level IMO). The Bad: I talked about how I liked the diverse supporting cast, but a problem with them is how one-dimensional they can feel. Each side character has a trait that 99% of their interactions are based around. An OP main character can also be a turn-off for some. It's hard making a main character be OP without making the rest of the world not seem dumb/incompetent (although I guess most people are compared to a top-level pro). All-in-all I consider this a pretty good novel: I appreciate how it has a high emphasis for the outside the game interactions and politics. That's not to say characters spend most of their time outside the game, but because the game isn't VR necessarily (it's a mouse and keyboard game), characters aren't going to transport themselves into the game. If you enjoy an OP MC running circles around everyone, or a very long-term revenge plot this is for you. I think it's a refreshing read compared to the typical xianxia/wuxia fare. It's also getting an anime soon if that affects your decision. <<less
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Gluttony rated it
October 17, 2016
Status: --
A very clever protagonist within a typical gaming plot-- the downtrodden and betrayed genius Gamer rising to reclaim his throne. And considering the novel's title 'King's Avatar' this throne is actually somewhat literal now.

What makes this such a wonderful read are the fleshed out characters-- no skimping even to the female characters who are actually wonderfully plentiful-- and the seriously kickass, hilarious, deadpan, conniving, and somewhat mysterious protagonist. Seriously, he is a bae. Ridiculously intelligent and gifted at gaming (with a bizarre backstory that was unfolded quite randomly and I... more>> am still puzzled at), the protagonist's characterisation has a biting sense of deadpan humour and absolutely self serving motives. Almost an anti hero to be honest. He isn't on some righteous tragic crusade to avenge himself: he's climbing back from the bottom to reclaim his throne because he loves what he does and he's good at it. It's a great read, and a stand out one because the protagonist actually, god forbid, has character. The OP moments are also nothing to scoff at. The recent chapters have been lagging a bit though, so I'll have to see what happens next. <<less
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Boon rated it
September 6, 2016
Status: c462
4.5/5 I've read and dropped LMS, Ark, and Zhan Long. I decided that I didn't like the genre, and that I wouldn't ever read an mmorpg novel again. Luckily after reading every decent chinese and korean action novel available, I still picked this up. I can only say that so far this beats the other vrmmo novels hands down.

It's a gary stu story, but I happen to really like gary stu stories if they are done well and not too cliche. There really isn't any part that is lacking in... more>> this novel; I just give it half a star less because I'm not very into mmorpg games. But, as a competitive fps player I can still relate to a lot of the novel.

This novel has revived the genre for me. <<less
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Losdrac rated it
August 3, 2016
Status: c414
A good read, a really good read.

It's the story of the best player of Glory, a fantasy MMO PvP oriented game, who is fired from his team (or club here) and forced to retire, because he didn't want to be involved in business. The MC, with nothing else since the club kept his 10 year old account, decide to start anew in a freshly opened server to regain what he just lost.

There's no VR here, no martial skill transposed from real (or past) life, no tremendous luck, no stat/skill table... more>> full of numbers.

It's just plain old writing that actually lets you follow what's happening, skill (with a normal computer), 10 years of experience and knowledge from the MC that let him find solutions to each issue encountered. And that's what makes it so good.

The story is a little on the slow side, but I didn't mind at all, the world building is pretty nice and the characters are enjoyable. Yes, enjoyable. Every named side characters have their own personality, motivations and purpose (they aren't just here to mindlessly feed the MC). The interactions between the characters, in real life or in game, are interesting and make the novel believable.

There are funny situations as well, from time to time, and they don't feel forced which is nice.

That "OT" translation will haunt me till the end of the world, though. <<less
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