Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World


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The world’s largest VRMMO, Conviction, was almost like a second world for humanity. It had integrated itself into the real world’s economy, with both corporations and individuals seeking their fortunes through the game.

In this game, Nie Yan prided himself in his Level 180 Thief. He could barely be considered among the top experts in the game. Though, that was the only thing he could take pride in. He was penniless and unable to advance in life; a situation he was forced into by the enemy of his father. If it weren’t for the little money he made by selling off items in Conviction, he would’ve barely been able to eat. In the end, he chose to settle his matters once and for all. He assassinated his father’s enemy. He lay dying shortly after being shot in the pursuit.

However, that wasn’t the end of his story. Instead, he awoke moments later to find that he had reincarnated into his past self. Armed with his experience and knowledge of future events, he sets out to live his life anew.

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Chong Sheng Zhi Zei Xing Tian Xia
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jacobpaige rated it
April 17, 2016
Status: --
Written at chapter 13:

If you liked TDG, then you'll probably like this. Its basically the same story with a smaller cast, a (so far) more likable MC, a different setting and the BS luck meter turned up a few notches. That said, its poorly written. The author clearly has no idea if the people are playing a full immersion VRMMO or a standard point and click MMO with a VR headset. No matter which one you try to pretend he's describing, you'll find gaping plot holes to prove you wrong.

The... more>> MC never really has to work for anything and I doubt he ever will. If something doesn't seem to be going his way, wait a few paragraphs, it'll turn into a fortuitous event that would cause others to spit up blood and writhe with envy. The author likes to handwave this with "destiny" and "luck" even though the readers know its just poor writing and the kind of laziness that causes him to think that building foundations in his story is unnecessary.

Honestly, I can't recommend this series to anyone other than TDG fans. <<less
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Lillienna rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: c719
I'm a pretty young reader; I'm in my mid teens. Because of this, I know I haven't read or taken apart near as many stories as those who are older than me, despite me being a voracious reader. Despite that, I believe that I get a much more riveting and enjoyable reading experience than my older counterparts.

I believe that the most important thing in reading is to be forgiving; forgiving to the author's mistakes, to the protagonist's mistakes, and to all technical mistakes. If you're constantly picking apart and criticizing... more>> a story, you don't enjoy it. At all. If anything, it makes you resent the story. You might as well not read it, right?

That's why I don't like looking at the comments after every chapter; there's always a few that ruin my mood. I'd become excited about future machinations or events, then accidentally glance at the comment section, only to find at least a few detailing how ridiculous the plan is, how Nie Yan messed up, how Mad Snail failed to fix a plot hole, etc.

I'm getting sick of it. There's no fun in reading a story if there's always negative people crushing its potential fun. What's it called, when you're watching a movie and certain things just don't add up, yet you just ignore it for the sake of enjoying the movie? Movie magic? No... ah, right, it's "suspend all disbelief".

In conclusion, I love this novel to bits. It's fantastic; it's a lovely mixture of VRMMORG (Chinese-Style), army/guild/business building, action, exciting plans, making lot and LOTS of money (a personal favorite of mine :>), and a little bit of (somewhat shallow, tbh, loyal at least) romance. Yes, there are also many inconsistencies and faults to be found throughout, but where's the fun in reading if you only focus on those?

I have a mission for new readers, if you decide to read Rebirth of the Thief who Roamed the World because of this comment: Suspend all disbelief and enjoy it as much as you realistically can, okay?

Have fun and I hope you enjoy ROTTWRTW as much as I have (and still do; I'm about to binge up to the most recent update right after I post this review ;>) ! <<less
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null rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: c100
To sum this story up : MC wish fulfillment bullsht every chapter (at least up to raw ch 100 that I read).

Need money ? He got 1001 ways to get money. Need skill books ? 1:10000 drop rate lets bend it to 100% drop rate. No drop no problem, other people gonna sell it on auction house or vending stall. Or wait, he gonna get it for free because he is MC. Need people for raid ? Boom, everyone wants to party with MC. People PK him or his friend... more>> ? Here comes free gears.

I rate this 3/10 or early stage brain cancer inducing novel. Rounded down to 1/5 because no positive review from few other people that read this till the end. <<less
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shuiko rated it
July 22, 2016
Status: c32
The series is actually ridiculously troll and funny all at the same time. Plus the combat and characters interactions are top notch.

As a add-on, MC is on the OP side of things, but he's not like a god, he just maximizes what he has.

If you're waiting for English TL well... I pray for your soul.
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pandicorn rated it
December 8, 2016
Status: c100
I don't really get the hate around here tho. Sure MC is lucky, Sure his love interest has as much personality as a toenail. Sure he pretty much gets almost everything that he wants and because of that I for one would rate the originality and plot 2/5 but story wise its quite fun. Story telling is a solid 4 I think. Decent descriptions and interactions that will keep you entertained throughout the read lest you be sherlock. What I like about mad snail is that his flow is good.... more>> The transition between mini arcs of what the MC needs to do is smooth and the mini arcs are interesting as well. Is he a cheat, of course he is. Just like any other xianxia or CN MC out there. If that's your reason to diss the novel than maybe you're in the wrong place. <<less
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Liesmith rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: c65
This is a pretty terrible book. Positive first: I don't think there's any problem with the translation; the English is fine, reads like a native speaker. if I was just measuring the translation it'd be around 3 stars, I think.

Unfortunately, that's it. That's the positive. The book is really quite bad. The main character seems to always get his way, minor early setbacks to demonstrate that he's not invincible aside. he's poor, but he has exactly enough money to buy a VR headset and he's gonna be rich almost immediately.... more>> he needs a new dagger, he gets a new dagger. He needs to escape a dragon, a pack of powerful NPC knights are rolling through town at just the right time. He also makes little sense: the book starts with him thrown back in time ten years, after dying while murdering the man who ruined his father, and he chooses to take this opportunity to... devote himself to getting really really good at world of warcraft. His father, who he died avenging, has so far not been introduced in this story.

The other characters are shallowly written. We've met the girl in the game who is clearly the same as the pretty girl he knows in real life, the other pretty girl who is rude to him who is revealed to be a sl*t and therefore worthless (unlike our cool dude! He's strong, and cool, and not a tremendous loser at all), the friend who exists to suck up to him, the enemies and rivals who exist to say 'wow, this guy's the real deal!' all the time. the action isn't interesting, the videogame crap isn't interesting, the cosmology and worldbuilding are painted on. If you're obsessed with MMOs and your answer to the question of what you'd do if you had 10 years of your life back was 'i'd cheat at MMOs' then maybe this is the book for you. although you'd probably have more fun actually playing a game. It's impossible for me to sustain any interest in this book. <<less
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chillyk rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: c22
Gosh! This novel was amusing to read. Kept on reading until I realized that not many chapters were out... It also kind of reminds me of The King's Avatar because the main character has knowledge and skills that exceed others.
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Potatos rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: c123
3/5, not bad.
To me at least, it was honestly very immersing and I binge read it until the latest chapter at the time which was about chapter 80-ish. However, it all went downhill from there...... not so bad that it would be a cliff fall, but a pretty steep hill.
Before I get on to that though, first what made the earlier chapters great:
- May partially be because I've only read 1 vr novel before this, but it was refreshing and new
- Main character is reasonable and... more>> doesn't behave like a lunatic for no real reason (sighs, you know you've read too many bad novels when you can say this)
- MC has realistic interactions with others, girls and guys do not fall head over heels for him at first sight
- NO HAREM!!!! :) not that they're bad, but they are very rarely written well,
- MC is not EXTREMELY lucky (still lucky though, but that's the expected plot armor)

What killed it for me:
- MC starts to forget about reality. I think it was about chapter 95 or something that I realized he hadn't been out of the vr world in a really long time. He's left like once in the past 40 chapters...
- MC used to have real life goals like studying and becoming strong, but at this point I'm pretty sure he has forgotten all about them
- MC and presumed love interest have seen each other ONCE throughout the translated chapters
- MC does not eat or sleep.
- Too much stuff is crammed in at once. It's sort of similar to Reincarnator where the MC doesn't get a break and there is way too much action crammed in at once. Not that I like filler chapters, but at this point the MC's mental health is going to plummet.

Good for me, bad for novel:
- MC's dedication to game and lack of life makes me feel not-so-bad about myself. At least I go out once in a while. <<less
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Trent rated it
July 19, 2016
Status: c16
At first I was impressed. Later on I wasn’t.

Viewed one way, the transition between reality and game is smooth. And then you realize that perspective doesn't give a reliable indication of the author’s skill, and he’s just writing whatever he feels like. He farts on logic and sanctifies inconsistencies.

The virtual world in this novel is a fun place when it’s making sense. But seriously, I have no idea what I’m reading by this point. The MC is a patchwork. The author isn’t picky with his clichés, and just puts one... more>> after another without shaping them to fit the story.

Eventually, I may try reading more in the hope that it improves. For now, I'd give it 2.5 stars. <<less
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SummerMascot rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a mediocre novel that you should only read if you intend to deactivate most of your higher brain functions because

    • Author is "Mad Snail". This was one of his earlier novels to experiment with the concepts of "2nd-chance", "Time-Reversal" and "Butterfly Effect".
    • "Mad Snail" is obsessed with "World of Warcraft" and basically worships the game so much that he plagiarizes plenty of lingo/jargon from it. And "Shamans are OP".
    • Because, this is Mad Snail. He always loses track of unresolved questlines/ plotlines/ romance-shippings/ game-mechanics/ numeric (equipment) / numeric (accounting and economics) and etc.
    • He keeps forgetting, contradicting and retconning his world building lore stuff.
    • Whatever "unresolved questlines/plotlines" are lazily "resolved with a failed quest due to hidden expiry conditions" or just plain forgotten.
    • Novel is full of nonsenical plotholes as a result.
    • Example, MC was said to have "died early" without experiencing much of the "VMMORPG's expansion packs content" in the earlier chapters, with author re-emphasizing on this fact because MC encounter a new /unknown expansion prelude event (MC was supposed to die before the said expansion pack was released).
    • But author decides to retcon stuff in the later chapters, when MC states he is aware of the contents of an expansion pack that was supposed to be "5th expansion pack in his 1st lifetime" which was now released as the "3rd expansion pack in this 2nd lifetime" when MC was supposed to die before the 2nd/3rd expansion pack was released in his 1st lifetime.
    • Author makes-up/cooks-up nonsensical numerical values pertaining to accounting, economics and army "out of his ass" as he deems fit.
    • As a result, you have sudden-unexplained reinforcement armies, infinite wealth turned total bankruptcy and vice-versa via "Deus-Ex Machina" or "Diabolus-Ex Machina".
    • Romance and s3x scenes were deemed so terrible and cringy that Qidian and censorship-authorities have directly [redacted] the original raw chapters via censorship.
    • Author has difficulty in managing between MC's conflicts/battles in both Real-Life and in the VMMORPG.
    • MC manages to reach the top of his class/school in his 2nd-lifetime by simply recalling all the subjects content that he has memorized from his 1st life (even though MC agreed that he wasn't a smart student) and the sniper-training from his 1st life (Mad Snail borrowed ideas from "Soldier King" genre novels) and dosing/doping on "budget/economical grade" off-the-shelf-body-enhancing-health-supplements (borderlining on typical Xuanhuan elixir pills).
    • Apparently, all the s*upid-rich-young-masters either forgot about the existence off-the-shelf-body-enhancing-health-supplements or were really too s*upid to consume them.
    • And pharmaceutical companies are too s*upid not to produce higher grade of off-the-shelf-body-enhancing-health-supplements (borderlining on typical Xuanhuan elixir pills) and market them to richer customers?
    • MC simply bulldozes through real-life enemies by consuming "budget/economical grade" off-the-shelf-body-enhancing-health-supplements and using the Basic-CN-Military-Martial-Arts-Moves? (Shameless Nationalism advertising)
    • As a result, MC is able to punch/kick 3 to 10??? Times harder than the most accomplished Super-HeavyWeight World-MMA-Champion and/or Boxing Champion in Real Life.
    • Spoiler

      And as a hidden side effect from playing the VMMORPG, MC has superfast reflexes and can dodge bullets in real-life. But yet MC nonsensically fails to dodge a sniper-rifle-bullet during Chapter 936?

For entire spoilers until Epilogue Chapter 995, refer to this link below:

https://forum. Novelupdates. Com/threads/rebirth-of-the-thief-who-roamed-the-world-requesting-spoiler-beyond-chap-389.64627/
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Banarok rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c249
it's a total wish fulfillment novel and it shows in the writing, it's quite bad really. I don't like that novel either but at least it's somewhat consistent read Legendary moonlight sculptor rather then this.

first to address the elephant in the room, the author have no idea how numbers work, nor MMOs, the numbers he spouts are really jarring due to being so exaggerated they are totally unbelievable hence breaking suspension of disbelief, for example skills with range of several kilometers, 70% stat reduction curses (speed is a stat in... more>> this game it's basically slowing you and reducing your attack to nothing), guilds got millions of players...., AOE of several 100 meters.

no players feel like people, they are defined by their loyalty to the main character and he've done little to deserve such undying loyalty, "oh you saved me, I'm gonna serve you forever" works better when there's no respawn mechanic. nobody questions how he knows so much, knowing player communities he would either be suspected for being a hacker or have inside sources, and nobody brings it up they're busy fanboying how awesome he is.

theres never any build up things just suddenly happen making nothing really feel like it matters or be especially memorable.

the only positive thing I can say about it really is that it's really easy to read so works for passing the time on the bus or something of the like since you'll never be so absorbed you miss your stop. <<less
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BlackHat88 rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c279
Best VRMMO story I've found despite what I could read in some comments.

The biggest problem for most of those stories is that it becomes repetitive at one point and let's face it we don't care about the bosses and the strategies MC uses to beat them at the tenth boss.

This one manages to avoid that by keeping the pvm to a minimum.

While ok, the beginning is kind of cliché, there's a bit of plot luck on the drops (although not over the top) and secondary characters might at time be... more>> a bit shallow but that's the case for every VRMMO I know of.

This story is the only one in the genre that managed to keep the story interesting and not repetitive while having no anoying characters or major / repulsive flawst at least so far. <<less
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Gafiam rated it
October 3, 2016
Status: c76
I like these stories about time travel to correct your past like TDG and Emperor of Solo Play, so I'm liking this one a lot as well. Don't know what people are expecting however after reading some of the critics, obviously at the start, before he atracts too much attention to himself, he won't face an impossible setback, since most of the setbacks can be overcome by a person who is 10 years more mature than his age, with much more knowledge about the game universe than enyone else. So,... more>> the way the author is building the novel is being really enjoyable for me, I'm anxious to see in what position all these preparations will leave him later on. Knowing that the novel is already finished and the translator liked it to the point of translating it also brings me up a lot. <<less
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14th-Noah rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: c266
I really love this story and where it's going. However, I don't think readers that hate overpowered protagonists would like this story. I, personally, find nothing wrong with it (what's the point of making a time travel story if the MC doesn't make use of their knowledge to be stronger) and think that this story has just enough setbacks for the MC that it doesn't seem unrealistic (for a time travel story).
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kungfuboy rated it
August 28, 2017
Status: c255
The best mmorpg based novel.


  1. Most mmorpg novels I read has shallow story case. The story (case and plot) in ROTTWRW is really interesting.
  2. MC is smart and not too OP, certainly not dumb reckless person with YOLO attitude.
  3. The team play (with different character classes) story in this novel is the best. MC realised that he can't do solo play no matter OP he is, so he creates a guild and put the best effort to make the guild the strongest.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
porkbuns rated it
February 28, 2017
Status: c150
So... to start off... we're supposedly in some sort of a futuristic world where businesses invest tons of money into VMMORPGs... and I'm not talking about the video game developer or the publisher, but into the actual game itself; to be more specific, they're backing guilds (providing funds for them using real money?... so much pay to win O.o) and investing into the economy within the game (apparently opening up stores, auction houses, etc.). To be honest, I'm not sure I understand how they're suppose to earn a profit in... more>> real world money by investing into virtual economy inside of a game (it's never really explained, but hey... maybe I've just never personally delved deep enough into the gaming world to experience this aspect of it).


- the main character's parents strike it rich some how by helping the government smuggle (I don't get why it's smuggling when the government is paying them O.o) this rare and super revolutionary metal (that we're never going to know or hear anything about again) into the country and then starting up some sort of a metal smelting factory/company
- using the money they earn, they invest in this new VMMORPG that just came out they start up this big guild and do a bunch of stuff in the game (not really explain in detail either, but the main character said by doing this, it supposedly would have provided money for the family for years to come)
- then comes this other big bad businessman that starts another guild. using that guild, he demolishes everything that the main character's dad invested in (causing the main character's dad a big loss)
- unable to take the loss, main character's dad suicides and mom dies soon after
- pissed off, the main character somehow turns into some sort of a vigilante assassin by reading some magical training manual online and decides to go kill the businessman that ruined his dad
- he ends up killing the guy with a sniper rifle bullet to the head, but somehow ends up getting shot in the back while making his escape (worst assassin ever (I mean he did use a sniper, which means he should have been pretty far away, and I just don't see bodyguards carrying around high power rifles, especially not in Asia) ? or just plain bad luck?)
- our MC ends up getting revived and somehow gets sent back in time, while he's at it
- having been given another chance, our MC decides to build up his power inside of a game in order to oppose the businessman that f*cked over his dad (after reading 150 chapters...i still think this whole investing real life capital into a VMMORPG economy in order to make bank is just utterly ridiculous...)


Romance: complete and utter crap, might as well completely take it all out so I don't have to cringe every time the main character see a female character (the author describes and sexualizes the f*ck out of every female entity we meet)

Now I'm just nitpicking a bit too much, but:

- the game's server seems to go down on almost a daily basis for maintenance right after it launches (the author seems to use this as an excuse to add in some crappy real life chapters here and there)
- BS OP items where there's apparently 1 of in the game and the main character just happens to get it (talk about being imbalanced)
- seems like a lot of skills have 30 sec cool down times (author mentions it for the 1st few skill he learns and just completely stops later on)
- the idea of forcing the player to create a character based on their real life appearance...I mean, what designer thought this was a good idea
- abysmal drop rate of items (even regular crafting items that cost 2 copper a pop seem to have a drop rate of 0.5%), but the main character seems to be able to miraculously get whatever he needs (most of the time)
- the fact that you have guilds full of a**holes (literally tens of thousands of players) that go around kill stealing and player killing
- the fact that guilds would spend the effect to send out hundreds of people at the same time to hunt down 2 people


This is a decent read if you want to quickly flip through it real quick, but don't expect anything amazing :P <<less
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clowred rated it
November 13, 2016
Status: c101
Its completely all over the place. The entire story divides in thousands of pieces and then trows half of them outside the window hoping the reads will forget about them. We get a beginning where the protagonist is more of an modern wuxia hero who became some sort of vigilante, after which we get a nerd with too much self esteem. The main love interest appears in one chapter and then the MC completely forgets about her, unless he is comparing her with some other woman. The game elements are... more>> decent and enjoyable, but that's only because I'm comparing it to Zhan Long, from which this story steals a lot of elements. At least its not as long as Zhan Long and the conclusion will arrive faster. Still, considering 1/9 of the story is translated and the MC has barely done anything outstanding the story will most likely get a boost a little later and a lot of elements will be skipped so the MC could mingle both in RL and inside the game <<less
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Zelgadis rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: c925
The writing is so bad. There's nothing realistic, nothing believable here. The author's hangups are all in full view. The protagonist who is supposedly fighting to prevent a bad future with all of his future knowledge enjoys an easy mode ride to victory, even when his future knowledge should be of no use to him.

I could write a book about how bad the game design is and how s*upidly bad the class balancing is. This is in spite of blatantly ripping off WoW with a mix of established features from... more>> other MMOs.

What's more absurd though is the way the protagonist keeps getting super powers and forgetting they even exist, even within the same chapter he got them in. He has gained and mysteriously forgot about even ridiculously powerful passives like excessive cleave damage and the ability to raise a super powered army of undead from every foe he defeats. What's exceedingly funny is how he has actually gained and mysteriously forgot about the cleave damage on at least two occasions from two different sources. Some of these forgotten abilities aren't even equipment bound but permanent skills he gained from titles and such. The utter lack of consistency in that regard is appalling. It gets so bad even the author decided to lampshade the protagonist's forgetfulness by having him berate himself for forgetting about an ability he had just gotten, which is quite novel considering how difficult it is to forget about an always active passive ability.

With his skills, the protagonist should be able to easily sweep the entire game world with an army of undead without any hope of resistance, since he can effectively one shot basically anyone and turn them and anyone near them instantly into his powered up undead servants. What's more, it's looking like the protagonist will be a literal god by the time the story finishes, not that there is much preventing him from becoming one before then.

The plot holes and loose plot threads are endless.

I don't even want to mention how cringey a lot of his relationships and social interactions are, what with the protagonist being old enough to have had kids and still acting as childish as a 12 year old.

I think the only reason I read this far is because of what a magnificent train wreck the whole thing is but reading it has challenged my will to live more than a few times. I'm tempted to say it reached so-bad-it's-good territory but that's really more than this novel deserves. <<less
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Veresta rated it
January 5, 2020
Status: Completed
The only good thing about this novel is it started good until it went downhill so here are the reasons why you shouln't read this

• It's made by Mad Snail, the same author who wrote Tales of Demons and Gods. You know what they say "Read his work once, shame on him. Read his work twice, shame on you".

•The author feels like he hasn't played an MMMORPG so how can he write a decent MMO story?

• The author is so horny he just can't stop talking about the body of... more>> the leading lady. Fan service is supposed to be enjoyable but this is downright irritating

•The author pumped up the MC so hard. Now to create tension, he makes the MC go full ret*rd mode when he's supposed to be a godly character or he prop up "strong" enemies out of nowhere

•For an asian, the author is so horrible at math. Add on the fact that he writes items and skills only to be forgotten later on.

•The game strengthens the body IRL. A bullsht concept that only added more sht

•The MC is as forgetful as the author. The MC is portrayed as someone who can remember accurately the memories of his past life to the point that he is even sharing the good things to his guildmates but he also goes like " Oh right. I have a skill like this".

•Even with all the times that MC went ret*rd mode, the author always bring out the thickest plot armor and the biggest asspull.

This novel is not the worst since I didnt drop it and rode the tiger till the end but may God bless your soul if you still tried to read after all my warning. <<less
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HappyToaster rated it
June 15, 2017
Status: c204
It's basically enteftaining, but the MC gets handed so much on in a platter that it's hard to believe he's struggling.

Feels a bit too much like the author never played an online game. The game seems to require no patches to add content, no bugs exist (minus some exploits to kill enemies), and the administrators are strangely unconcerned that our MC clearly has insider knowledge.
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