Invincible Kungfu Healer


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In his past lifetime, he was an exceptional prodigy who practiced both medicine and martial arts. In this lifetime, on earth, he used his superb medical expertise and extreme martial arts achievements from his past lifetime to excel in the medical field and the ancient martial arts world. He moved his way towards the pinnacle!

A fine youngster, who had been frequently looked down upon due to his poverty, had gone through the cold and warmth of this world to lament laughingly that life was merely so. However, he accidentally awakened the memory of his past lifetime. Since then, for three incarnations, he enjoyed prosperity.

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New abcalltheway rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c91
Some of the earlier reviewers are indeed correct. So do think for yourselves if you wanna pick it up.

Why i've given this a 3 star is because I tihnk it has potential and is quite interesting for me at least, it's just the whole "misunderstanding" which I wont say more and youll discover on your own is getting a bit out of hand and I personally dislike it very very VERY much.


The earlier reviews about the MCs memories is very faulty. he gets all of his memories up to a certain point/ maybe first 20-30 years or so and he is already extremely strong extremely knowledgable etc. + it was more like his old and new personality/memories merged together as one. also because his last lifes memories were most likely /almost definitely longer than his modern one, the large difference in temperament etc. is reckoned for. On another note the whole bullsh*t about "how would he know about that faction/ ming?" is even qin xiaouyu knows some about them so him knowing some regular facts is normal since hes an A student + a good thing to note is he reads a diary etc. so things like a goodbye note to whoever finds the body and which faction they were, some background information and maybe even a diary of what lead this to happen. (in the novel he is even explicitly said to read such a memo) so most of what Sjackson says is utter bullsh*t. Ofcourse I have to agree to things like all the common troupes but not having an arrogant spoiled rich kid is kinda weird at this point right? I mean most novels do... even things like heavens library does... and the extra word count bullsh*t is also annoying to a certain degree. its still readable no doubt but somethigns could have been written shorter... The last note is we dont know if he got his power specifically for "sniffing" a female but either that or having to save a person (most likely the female but it kind of makes sense if you think about it) The girl he sniffed is a teacher at a school, has several students and amongst them im certain the MCs "sister" lookalike is amongst them. so by sniffing the cent of the last lifes sister (she is looks the same, smell the same, has the same disease, same personality and more) and he also only got memories then upto the point of trying to save his SISTER so theres that out of the way. well happy reading I guess.

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sjackson rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: c54
Honestly, this novel was interesting at first, then it quickly developed into a very stereotypical CN novel. It has gone through all the tropes so far, it's like they have a list for them. "Troubled past" check. "Reincarnation" check. "Past memories" check. "Arrogant young master" check. "Face slapping bullsh*t" check.

All venting aside, this novel leaves much to be desired. I'm only 54 chapters in and the story has already started doing the bullsh*t Chinese word count nonsense where the author repeats the same f**king thing for three paragraphs. If that... more>> isn't enough, there's more. Now at random times during the story, the author will launch into exposé about some random bullsh*t for no apparent reason at all.

To elaborate on the previous statement, I'm gonna put a spoiler. This is just to cover my ass though, I won't actually spoil much of anything because anyone bothering to read this review has probably already read so many of these novels that what I have to say won't surprise you in the least.


From what I understood of the story, the MC is basically the reincarnation of some guy from another world, his memories were delayed from surfacing for like 16 or 18 years or some other nonsense, but the point here is that before he got these memories he lived the typical life of a chinese student, school, studying, the works. He gets these magic memories, and that's just it, they are MEMORIES, from ANOTHER WORLD. They have absolutely nothing to do with the "earth" that he is currently living on. So now the MC falls into a "Lucky Chance" while trying to rescue a female (what a surprise) and of course, it's from some nonsense sect on earth. The problem that I have right now is that immediately after finding this sects sh*t, the author launches into this exposé about who the sect is and what time period they're from what kind of history they have and all this bullsh*t nonsense. But there is just one problem. HOW DOES THE MC KNOW ALL THIS BULLsh*t!?

This novel is completely bunk, just like all of the other Chinese novels that are currently being published nowadays. If a plot hole this big appears within 60 chapters of the story f**king starting, not a single f**k was given during the proofreading process. Hell, half the f**king plot was thrown out the window in the first 20 chapters. The MC unlocked his memories because he literally sniffed a female and she smelled nice. Now he got "SOME" of his memories back, not all of them, "SOME", what happens after that? They proceed to not mention it again, ever. (At least to the 54 chapter mark)

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zouave rated it
December 29, 2018
Status: c200
Let's just say that I am reading this cause I am bored out of my mind and nothing to read. This novel is the typical CN novels with dual cultivation and weird situations trying to lead to harem. I am just skimming chapters at this point and only looking at dialogues.

i don't even know why I am reading this lol at least Against the Gods has really great action and harem is done decently too compared to most CN's.

I wouldn't recommend this novel to anyone unless you are at a... more>> point where you have read novels like: A valiant life, I am Superstar... etc. <<less
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