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Ye Zichen was just a normal university student. Or so he thought.

Upon a ‘chanced’ invitation into a deities’ chat group filled with deities from the Heavenly Court, Ye Zichen found out that there was much more to the world than what meets the eye. The Heavenly Court, the Underworld, and immortal cultivators which only exists in Chinese mythology… They are all real.

As Ye Zichen becomes more and more involved in that world filled with unworldly beings, the wheels of destiny began to turn. What sort of destiny awaits him? Will he be able to prevent the tragedies that are to unfold? Will he be able to forge a new path; or will he succumb to wills of the greater beings that guide his life?

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sinyueliang rated it
May 11, 2017
Status: c50
Ugh, I thought I would like it, but I really can't stand reading it. The premise is interesting, at the least. But that's about it. The writing is quick lackluster, there's really no nice imagery present (it's just bare bones writing imo), and I hate the main character. He's an arrogant a**hole, and lustful too. Somehow the author tries to make him out as righteous and shit, but... Well, what can we expect? He's like any other xianxia protag out there. One moment the story is like, stay faithful to... more>> girl A monogamy blah blah blah, next moment he's angry because girl B's string of fate has broken with him and when some thugs come up he's like don't touch my woman, and the moment after he's sexually harassing girl C. Like... are you serious? Rather than cultivation, fighting, or otherwise, this seems almost solely focused on flirting and getting together with girls? Who somehow just seem to magically fall in love with him. Minus the fact that he got Yue Lao himself to tie five different red strings for him... like, oh I'm flattered you broke this thug's four limbs for me (wasn't really for her). Or, you walked me back to my dorm, I feel you are different from other people *blush blush* WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK. But anyways. The premise is still interesting and translations are fairly good (as far as I can tell)... but everything else is a bit... :/... <<less
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Seregosa rated it
September 10, 2017
Status: c200
I'm giving it two stars out of respect of the enjoyment at the beginning. The first few dozen to a bit over a hundred chapters were somewhat enjoyable, even if it often annoyed me at times I got quite a few laughs.

However... This author sucks so damn hard at writing anything resembling a proper story and should put more of his effort on comedy rather than on story, it should be a story where there's almost no plot and everything is just nonsense without any serious scenes, sadly the author... more>> tries and fails.

When I started reading this, I decided that I wouldn't care about the girls nor about the story and just go with the flow, not thinking too much. I managed to do that for quite a few dozen chapters, but then it started to get worse and worse, and the longer the story continues the more you see huge flaws you can't ignore and stuff that just pisses you off until you, in the end, have to drop the novel because it sucks too much.

Let's start off with the "romance". None of the girls are of any real importance, they're pretty much side characters that just happen to have the "harem" label above their head. They appear whenever the author finds a convenient story for them, the MC just avoids them at all other times. Every interaction is way too forced and they just happen to fall in love and then accept that the MC has other girls without giving it a second thought. They're like "oh no, I don't want him to have any other girls, oh well, I guess it's okay", it solves itself without the MC having to do anything about it.

Then there's the plot, it's repeated AGAIN AND AGAIN, some ret*rd shows up and pisses the MC off by hitting on his girls, harming his friends, threatening his family or just assaulting the MC, the MC acts like an arrogant as*hole all the time and never cares about anything or anyone and pisses these people off, they try to kill or hospitalize him only to get face slapped and almost killed themselves and he just happens to make contacts with big shots everywhere. No matter how much of an ass he is to any girl, they will still love him. No matter who he pisses off, he will at most get injured and then saved.

The most glaring issue that pissed me off the most was the authors inability to write a consistent story with characters that doesn't contradict themselves 24/7. The MC wants to be loyal to one girl, no wait, he now without explanation loves several girls and chats up other girls, oh, wait again, now he wants to be loyal to one girl, but oh, he has a harem, oh well, let's accept it. Then the MC is extremely afraid of getting hurt/killed, when faced with "live" firearms such as guns that he can't defend against, he's scared shitless, shaking and not really daring to do anything yet doing it anyway because the author wants cheap sympathy points from girls or whatever, he's also sometimes scared of more "experienced" soldiers that've killed a lot, however, he has no qualm about offending all-powerful deities, cultivators, demons as well as the countless big shots in china that can send assassins or their own forces after him, so, he's playing with death but the author makes it seem as if he cares and are scared. Then he doesn't want to cultivate or get involved in "that mess", however, he has already entered that world and a few chapters later he starts cultivating for no good reason.

Then there's the thing where he wants to, reasonably, hide his secret that he can chat with deities and ghosts, however, he reveals it all the time when the author makes him mentally ret*rded. He uses it in front of people so they can see, makes stuff disappear when he's pointing the camera at the stuff, taking stuff out of the phone and then he uses pills and stuff like that to save people, clearly having no intent at all to hide it. Later on it becomes even more ridiculous, like sitting with one of his girlfriends and using that app when talking to her and somehow showing what he's doing and then directly taking stuff out of it and even showing the healing effects of a pill and then he's like "oh, did she see? oh well, it would've been found out sooner or later"... Like, what the fck, you did it right in front of her, obviously knowing she was there, are you even trying? Or the times when he admits it even when he could've lied to someone that wasn't even in a deep relationship with him yet.

He acts like a big shot yet he can't really back it up and then wonders "how could this happen, why are all these people after me?". He's one of the most fake/forced and ret*rded characters I have ever seen, there's no consistency at all, as long as it's for a gag (or random story), he becomes a completely different character with different personality and ideals. There's also so many characters introduced, often one to five each chapter, that you can't keep track of half of them. The story doesn't feel connected at all.

The straw that broke the camels back was when one of his girlfriends (by the way, none of the girls are likeable, all of them are boring, shallow, plain and often even annoying) that was a sexy mother type character before turned into a money hungry sl*t after one chapter, one of the character stereotypes I hate the most. He shows the girl the healing pill after telling her about the deities and all and becomes mesmerized and attacks him with questions such as "can they be obtained in bulk"... the MC responds "yes" even though it isn't true because he needs to use the cultivation experience to get techniques and stuff that really helps him and cultivation experience as well as pills aren't endless even if he rips off deities. So, the girl goes on a rampage about how they will get rich and how the MC is s*upid for not doing it before, somehow the MC actually gets in on it and accepts her reasoning and going on about bullsh*t and how they will sell the pills to rich people for ridiculous sums and get ridiculous amounts of money. So then they start up some weird business and start to sell celestial pills. That's when I couldn't take it anymore and stopped reading, because it was so ret*rded I couldn't even believe it, even everyone in the comments commented about how bad of a decision it was, usually there's at least a few that thinks something is good, but everyone thought it was just ret*rded.

I mean... Shit... First of all he doesn't have endless pills or cultivation experience and sorely needs it to buy techniques and other stuff to empower himself. Then if he does sell it, what do they think will happen? People are greedy, it will invite no small amount of huge issues. There's reasons why the immortal realm ("that place") are not selling stuff themselves and want to be cut off from the "modern world", now some jackass is going around selling celestial pills and showing the existence of cultivators, deities etc for money, but I guess he'll just unbelievable get through that with luck too. He was also just earlier warned about revealing the existence of the supernatural and stuff by some super powerful top rogue immortal, yet it seems he goes ahead anyway. Last of all and probably one of the biggest reasons why this is such a fcking horrible idea in all ways... IT'S MORTAL MONEY. He can earn however much he wants to, easily. He can just use his bullsh*t super eyes and buy stuff worth millions of yuans everywhere, because he can see stuff of value even if it's hidden, like being a 100% accurate in stone auctions. Then he can use his superhuman power to do dangerous stuff and earn a lot, he also has friends that he can get money from easily, he can save people from super powerful families and get money... Money is the thing he is least lacking, especially since mortal money, as we all know, is pretty much worthless and easy to earn for a cultivator.

I wanted to like this even though it had a crappy rating. I didn't go in with unrealistic expectations even though I read cultivation chat group, this is a novel that was fundamentally different and I knew that when I started reading. I was thinking that people were just overreacting and took it too seriously when it was supposed to just be comedy. Little did I know that this author is so utterly horrible at writing anything resembling a story that it gets unreadable after a while, to the point that he'd be better off just writing nonsensical comedy stuff without any real story, at least that'd be readable. I usually don't think that an authors intelligence matters that much, that even if they're not that smart they can write a good story with characters that are good and seems smart because they can decide everything that happens, but this author really manages to show that an authors intelligence does matter a lot, because when an author is s*upid enough, you get crap like this that contradicts itself all the time, repeats and characters that tend to act so ret*rded that they'd be sent to an asylum in a normal world, or just euthanized out of mercy. If you can't even keep track of your MCs personality or keep characters consistent, then you shouldn't write a novel at all.

In the end, although I just about never say so myself, I can't see this as anything but a convenient self-insert power/money fantasy wankfest story. It's one of the worst cases I've ever seen, the author clearly aren't thinking about anything and the inconsistency in the personalities are probably because he feels different every day, wanting to experience a different wankstory. I mean, shit. I can't even begin to mention how clear it is that the author doesn't care about writing a proper story. It's fine to write about stuff you find awesome, but keep it good and following the basic rules of character consistency and other parts of story writing. If you just write whatever you want without caring or thinking about what you've already written, you end up with crap like this. <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
May 12, 2017
Status: c51
Very exciting at first but quickly nose dived in quality. A story with a TON of wasted potential - the author has no concept of pacing, he just keeps throwing out plot points without developing them. Everything feels flat, especially since he just keeps adding harem members when we know next to nothing about the existing ones. When you compare this to cultivation chat group... it just fails in every way. I thought that the red packet mechanic was fun and interesting at first, but the author ends up doing... more>> very little with it. Boring. <<less
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keklel rated it
May 12, 2017
Status: c24
The idea of the cultivation chat group composed of actual ancient Gods is just so ridiculous, that it can only be a joke. There's no way anyone can take it seriously. And yet it's played out for serious, as the story progresses, moving on to serious life-or-death events. I kept hoping that the chat group was just a trap and he would learn the hard way not to trust random strangers online but it turned out to be a ridiculous power fantasy instead.

The MC commits assault in broad daylight in... more>> modern society and gets away with it. Random girls fall in love with him. He goes from being sh*t at League of Legends to a Challenger-tier pro after eating a pill that only improves his strength and reaction speed. I was just like "wtf?". There is so much more to being good at League than just reaction speed. Not even considering the need to know build order (what to buy and when, what to build in what situation), when to push and when to roam, vision control, when to go for objectives, playing around your team and the enemy team's strengths, weaknesses, keeping track of spell cooldowns, etc. Just mastering mechanics is something that is much more than just reaction time. You need to know how to do combos, in what order, what combo to use in what situation, other things like animation cancelling etc. Stuff that has nothing to do with reaction time. So basically it is just a power fantasy after all. <<less
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chencking rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: c67
Very repetitive and boring. The author throws mini-arc after mini-arc, and for every one somebody makes trouble for the MC, at which point he, one of his new harem members or one of his brothers-to-be-abused-for-life uses how rich they are to slap the villain's face.

The MC starts poor, but within a few chapters he becomes rich so conveniently that I can't help but consider this a get rich quick fantasy for middle/working class Chinese readers. There have been signs the currency of focus may shift to years of cultivation what... more>> with the packet group, but even so I doubt the plotline will undergo any significant change.

Furthermore, the romance is terrible, even for those stories such as MGA. In other similarly shitty stories, the author will contrive ways to get rid off old harem members while the MC runs around collecting new ones. In Red Packet Server, it's as if except for some predetermined very small cliques, they will never meet each other. The MC might as well be living multiple lives. To give an example, I was extremely annoyed that after

getting a lover, the MC and his lover went to their respective homes. And then they forgot about each other. A few dozen chapters and much flirting on the MC's part later, they stumble across each other and finally remember "oh yeah, we're in a relationship! Let's go on a date." Neither cared to pick up a phone and call for the last week or something.


Furthermore, the story isn't all that funny! At first, the red packets gave some laughs, but now the deities are too dumb and the packets too convenient to be funny. I mean seriously! The deities can use a Chinese phone app from Earth but can't find said Earth? Furthermore, MC needs some random Deus ex Machina? No worries! He can send a gofer for some cigarettes and the deities will bow at his feet. And do so next time as well. And the time after that. And so on. I picked up Red Packet Server because of the setting's striking similarities to the stellar Cultivation Chat Group. It fell far short. I do not recommend this novel, though no doubt I will be reading a few chapters every blue moon or two (boredom does that).

I've never been one for going around the 5 point scale, but while I don't think this novel is a 1/5, 2/5 feels too generous. 1.5/5. Be happy Red Packet Server; I am starting to use decimals in my ratings mainly because of you. <<less
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NerdExpress rated it
May 21, 2017
Status: c54
The thing I hate most about this story is the main character (Which is usually supposed to be the major impactful aspect in novels and probably any another piece of literature). He's floating to woman left and right. Even though the writer says that he 'likes' only one girl over the others, it's bull. For example, a beautiful lady shows up. Then, he forgets about his "love" and he falls in love with this new girl, and then he starts pursuing her. After they establish a relationship I guess, he... more>> continues onward on his bad harem journey. The bad part is that the girls in the 'harem' don't contain any type of depth in them, they fall in love with the main lead too easily. It barely takes more than a couple chapters for them to get wooed by the MC thanks to his generous god friends and their gifts. The women that are introduced never have any depth. Nothing like if the girls have any siblings or what they enjoy doing other than looking pretty. Also, because of the group chat, he easily gets most things he wants

He gives a CIGARETTE to a God, and the god's all like, wow, this guy is such a nice "god", what is this new magical thing? Let's give him something really good that he happens to need to show my appreciation.

, and things he wants done, are easily done with the help of the red packets and his followers. There's many more things I can probably list of things that I don't like about this novel, but I feel like it'll be dragged out longer than need be, so I'll stop it here.

[My bottom line here is to avoid reading this novel as much you can. Please spare your poor brain cells from this torment, they don't deserve it.] <<less
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
warlokid rated it
May 7, 2017
Status: c20
I like it. First of all its well translated. Slight to no editing needed. It's like Cultivation Chat Group, but the main character has less involvement in the martial world, at least for now. The main character, like it says in the synopsis, joins a chat group of the many deities that dominate the martial world. This chat group is one where you can send gifts into the chat group where the recipients compete to receive the gift first. The MC, a mortal, gains benefits and trades modern goods for... more>> cultivation treasures. With a good balance of realism and the mystical part of this story; the story holds a sense of RomCom within it that makes it all the more appealing. It might be too early to decide whether or not this story will continue being this good, but so far, reading the novel is a pleasurable process. A very light novel with more slice of life than fights to the death, its not for those who want the MC to become super OP with enemies that are always way stronger. Personally recommended. <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oberon06 rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: c50
I started to read this story, because it is suppose to be a comedy with a similar premise as cultivator chat group. However the main character is arrogant without been able to back it up, for what I have read so far he should still be a weak mortal (The plot armor is really thick here). To my understanding he is nothing but a foolish mortal pursuing the pleasures of the mortal world, rather than taking the full advantage of the opportunity given to him to reach the path of... more>> immortality, and as for comedy I am yet to be amuse.

Sadly this story it also has a harem tag, one which I failed to see before starting reading this. I have yet to read a harem that would really impress me. <<less
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legend143 rated it
June 30, 2017
Status: c125
I don't post reviews that often but this one deserved it, I guess?! Lol. The story started out quite well but as the other reviewers already mentioned went downhill soon after. Comparing it to CCG is like comparing an authentic Prada bag to a Class B imitation, and that is putting it nicely already. The story does not have a plot, period. It is like a story a teenager who is horny AF would write in his notebook detailing all the things he would like to experience, A MILF, a... more>> loli ghost, etc. It is painful. Though there are a few things that made me laugh like his interaction with the Deities and Mythical Heroes, those still were not enough to glaze over the glaring fact that the story is severely lacking in the character depth and development.

I still gave it a two since it gave me a couple laughs but nothing else could salvage this story unless the author tries and gives the MC some more depth and not all horny-ness. If that is even a word. <<less
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Kerbouchard rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c37
To begin with, the translation is high-quality, so no points lost there. As to the story, I felt like it started out okay. It fairly quickly went downhill, however. Good fortune, for no discernible reason, constantly falls in the MC's lap. He doesn't have to make any effort to suddenly have anything he wants. He doesn't have to come up with clever plans or overcome any meaningful adversity (beyond his girlfriend issues in the first chapter).

Even so, it might have been an okay story to read to pass the time.... more>> What ended up killing it for me was the MC's behavior. He has regular run-ins with "rich young master" side characters who are stereotypical egotistical jerks. So, of course, that's exactly what he becomes himself. Sure, he doesn't seem to have much attachment to money, as the author has him giving or frittering it away at every turn. But he never EARNS any either, just receiving it on plot-derived silver platters whenever he needs it. Then he uses his powers, financial, influential, and otherwise, to stomp all over those who offend him. In short, he becomes an a**hole. Why would I want to read a story where a guy I can't bring myself to like enjoys his power fantasies? <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c84
I give it 5 star since I love to read a novel that makes me thinks of possibilities

To many novel now a days are just to blunt and boring with the repetitive plots and predictable outcomes not to mention the never ending filler and tr*sh chapters.

1st Let's Ignore the Harem part I am not one of the hypocrite readers who denies and say they hate harem yet they still read it. What this novel have that made me interesting is the mix of god and human. Take MC for example... more>> an idea just made me think WHAT IF MC is not really a mortal? That make sense and explain why he got invited in that chat group as most reader who read novel such as this can tell that some gods tend to reincarnate and forget most of there past until they reach a certain realm. To many What IF in this novel and that is just one of the example that make this novel interesting. I also love the balance on how the author represents the girls in this novel. Not the old classic harem where all girl should reunite out of no where. The girl here has decent character build which we can enjoy reading. To little to None Filler that makes you wanna read this daily.

The plot is a big mystery? Well that is if you don't expect that the outcome is this and that still it should be good enough to manage to outlast the story.

The biggest flaw of this story is the lack proper setting, for once we have an amazing MC yet you can't help but say why the MC is amazing? The backing or support characters are a little bit not clear as MC interact with some people every now and then. And there has yet to appear a really decent enemy that can threaten the MC.

I rarely give 5 star so I can guarantee this is a good novel to look forward for.

for the readers who give below 3 star

I can't help but notice that the comment was base on the MC being arrogant and the harem part. I feel pity as to this people is reading and can only see HAREM? This shows how hypocrite of a person they are.. I mean if you don't like harem why the hell do you even mention and explain this and that like a pro. If you really HATE harem tag genre then STFU and stop reading lol.

remind of a bunch of lolicons saying that this and that are pe*ophiles and yet they are the only ones who notice the pedo part as the majority of the readers can't even tell which part is being pedo lol.

Next is MC being arrogant, This is an old and really ridiculous reason of assaulting an author. Which person is not arrogant? Wake up reality is all humans are born arrogant. Humble? Is a word use to submissive people who need to vow down like a dog to impress someone and you really think people would read a novel like that? MC should be superior he is called main character for a reason and you want him not to be arrogant? And yet when you read a lame MC with down to earth humbleness you then shout out loud! Why the hell is this MC like that? Lol such a paradox.

Sadly to rate this novel below 3 just for that Harem Tag and MC being arrogant and still have the shame to review is really pitiful, yet it can't be help.

Like I have the right to do a review this people can also say anything they want. I know since I often say my bias opinion yet I don't force people to believe in me. <<less
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dtim rated it
June 22, 2017
Status: c20
I tried this based on a recommendation in Cultivation Chat Group comments but any similarities are very superficial. This story fails in several ways, most of which have been mentioned by others. But there's one that for me is critical.

Characterization. The characterization sucks. The author is in too big a hurry to have things happen and doesn't spend any time on the characters. The people in the chat group are famous characters like the Monkey King. This sounds interesting but the author uses this as a crutch so that he... more>> doesn't have to work at the character details. They're dull and lifeless as a result. The MC is pretty much a blank slate aside from greedy about the packets.

Other people might be fine with this but I'm the type that needs a decent amount of characterization to establish any kind of rapport with the protagonist. <<less
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lament rated it
May 17, 2017
Status: c57
A mess of a story. Everytime he gets a treasure from the packets it is used up in some sort of conflict that the author makes up out of nowhere. The MC gets exploited for his treasure by those around him and he has not even established himself as a person of power, only one with powerful friends. Random women fall in love with him left and right and he doesnt even stay with one long enough to make the relationships anything meaningful.

It infuriates me how the MC just gives... more>> away priceless treasures for no reason or price just because he is asked to. He acts like a complete chump even though he has direct connections to GODS. <<less
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yinko rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: c29
It's a bit funny, sure, but there are also enough major flaws for it to be irritating. He always gets the one thing he needs right as he needs it, a lot of the plot revolves around him being poor and then getting enough money to act like he's rich, with another whole aspect of the plot being basically a dating sim mechanic to rationalize his harem.

Cultivation Chat Group did it all better.
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AkGold rated it
May 7, 2017
Status: c230
This comedic story is sure to make you laugh. It gives a similar feeling to Cultivation Chat Group with its interactions. Highly recommended and hopefully there will be a lot of releases

Edit: I do not highly recommend it anymore. It's still ok but not great.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ihateyounot rated it
May 28, 2017
Status: c53
At first I was really interested in the novel, but after a dozen or two chapters it got annoying for me to continue reading. Don't get me wrong-- I did like it enough because of the high quality translation, but the story just doesn't appeal to me anymore.

... more>>

The MC is a bit too unreasonable. First he said that he's the type of guy who's loyal to only one person, but then suddenly he's chasing other girls when he's in a lover relationship with someone who trusted him 100%? Then he goes and beats people up to near death just because they 'hurt' the girl he likes. I honestly don't really mind harem, depending on the character of the MC, but this is not a good harem story. I don't like the way the author approached the genre. The girls are basically dolls with pretty faces, they don't have depth. Sure, there is some background story, like the divorcee with an autistic child, but that's about it. We don't know the characters personally, just some shallow information that's barely skimming the surface. Heck, we don't know a lot about the other characters too, other than that they are classified as either on the MC's side or not.

Similar to the MC of IRAS, he's the type that doesn't take sh*t from nobody. I get that he's giving those who look down on him their just desserts, but he doesn't know moderateness. With the 'cheat' of the red packets, he gains money and connection so quickly, that it seems too easy. He gets strength, then suddenly he goes around beating people. A god tied a red string for him with a girl, then he asks for more and to reconnect the broken ones.

I'm glad that there are less brain-dead cannon fodder antagonists in this, but in compensation, the author gives us brain-dead sidekicks who are waaaay too eager to suck up to the MC (regardless of their extraordinary background) just because he got some good fortune from some unassuming gods (which he does not deserve). And what's more, when the 'fortune' runs out, he shamelessly asks for more, and gave back some cheap stuff to the gods, spewing a bs story to go along with it.


All in all, this is a time-waster type of story. You'll enjoy it if you don't want to think too deeply about the plot. It's light and fast-paced enough that you can finish it in a few hours. If you intend to read this story, I assure you that the translation won't be giving you a headache (but the MC will). I really appreciate the translators who went all out into giving such a high quality translation.

If you do happen to like this novel, then let's just agree-to-disagree. <<less
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Captain_Ironfoundersson rated it
October 5, 2017
Status: --
Red Packet Server is a badly written wish fulfillment novel that is full of repetitive clichés.

  1. The MC is an arrogant young master himself.
  2. The characters are dull and bland.
  3. The plot (if there is any) is a mess.
  4. To make the MC look smart, other characters being dumbed down to ret*rd level.
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Tarlos rated it
December 14, 2017
Status: --
The plot is juvenile and nonsensical and Yi Zichen (the mc) reminds me of those arrogant young masters in xianxia novels who eventually get bit*h slapped by the protagonist. He's s*upid yet very c*cky, and literally everything is given to him by plot armor. Of all the main characters I've read about, he is definitely the most distasteful. All problems he encounters are solved by the random items he is given, and when sh*t really hits the fan, his lack of planning and intelligence shows as all he can do... more>> is grunt in rage (and be saved by plot armor). This is probably the most irritating MC of this genre <<less
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Nightmares rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c210
This story is easy to read and relaxing. Don't stress too much on plot line. It is not xianxia story. MC is a troll and most of the time he lies without blinking his eyes. There are some mysteries with MC's past. He thought he just got lucky and have an ability to communicate with Gods but the truth is he is actually not a normal person. Just enjoy the ride and have fun.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shiyanth rated it
May 7, 2017
Status: c40
It seems like it will be similar to I'm really a superstar in the items that are gained and the concept of being underestimated and then proving that you are better. From what I have read so far it is interesting and has me hooked. MC exchanges modern items for items from the cultivation/god world and acts as if the items are rare like a bottle of sprite. Overall I think this novel has great potential looking forward to reading more.

Update there are some adult themes but it adds to... more>> the comedy and has to be inferred <<less
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