Returning from the Immortal World


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A supreme expert in the Immortal World had died, and a strand of his soul returned to its original body on Earth. Tang Xiu discovered with amazement that ten thousand years passed in the Immortal World, yet only a single year passed on Earth.

Ruthlessly betrayed by his lover and trusted friends, Tang Xiu found that his soul went back to his previous body on Earth, and, despite he spent 10,000 years in the Immortal World, just a year has passed on Earth and many things have changed. Having an unsurpassed knowledge, Tang Xiu will protect his loved ones and go back to the Immortal World to take his revenge.

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Xian Jie Gui Lai
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Keimichi rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: Completed
EDIT: So I read the ending, read through this whole thing. I read so you don't have to.

Dropping my ratings from 3 to 1. This is utter tr*sh. Basically no one in this story is important. People the author managed to make you care about somewhat doesn't matter at all. Each time MC gets power up, the story just throw away those characters by not ever mentioning them ever again. Including those who should technically matter: including his parents, his friends, his followers, his love interests, his entire vengeance... more>> he tries to make you think is important but just ended in such an anticlimactic way you wonder why the author bothered. The story is pointless. Nothing exciting. No tension. MC is too boringly OP that you don't really get excited for anything, even at the supposed ending of the story. Author introduce characters like it was some character factory, and the character's relevance lasts a one to two chapters at best. Ending was crap and crappier. NO ONE MATTERS. Not the throwaway villains. Not even the subjects of his vengeance. You literally just forget about everything in existence at the end because everyone's importance just completely disappears. If before this work was mediocrely acceptable or okay, then the last arc (returns to the immortal world), then the quality drops to the lowest. You stopped caring about anyone because even the story doesn't try to make you care. The plot that lasted through the majority of the story gets solved in such a eh way it makes me facepalm.

Just. Utter crap work. I mentioned in the old review (down below) that there are some "nice face slapping"; well at the end there is not even that anymore. Even the face slapping disappears in the end. Don't waste your time on this. If you think this is bad from the first few chapters, know that it can only become worst, not better. If you're a few hundred chapters in and wonder if you should drop it, but suspect it might get better, drop it immediately. There's so much better sh*t to do in life than this garbage of a novel.

The best comparison I have for this is: completely unhealthy junk food that just taste maybe alright, however that you chose to binge eat for the heck of it because you have nothing better to do and because junk food are addictive by nature. Then after consuming everything you feel sick because it was just way too bad in quality, and you ate such a huge quantity of it that you get food poisoning and makes you dry heave. You then wonder why you ate it, if it wasn't even all that good in the first place.

If you're still going for this, don't expect anything good, go in expecting the mediocrity, and only then you will be not too disappointed. Maybe. Once again, not the worse thing out there, but certainly treads real close, considering how long this is.


Here is the old review I had after reading 1k chapters:

old rating: 3/5

OK, I'll be blunt with this. Excuse the language used here but I really can't find more accurate words to describe what I felt.

It's not terrible per se, however this is definitely nothing more but a novel that squeezes your time (and money, for the Chinese readers paying for it) but gives you nothing much in return. I think the best way to describe it would be "quantity over quality". It had an attention catching premise, but that's pretty much all there is to it. The rest is just the author bullshitting through it with the same pattern of things over and over again. Our MC is so "knowledgeable" that he squashed any tension tension. The only "suspense" is seeing the arrogant rich kids getting squashed in front of him because they don't know who he is. That's it. This doesn't mean that there's no action, just that the action are so one sided that you wonder where the challenge is at all. Everything is so monotone, barely any climax and barely anything that could be considered an arc. It's like you're reading a clinical log of everything that happened. You can tell the author is just squeezing out money from the poor readers paying for it.

It went to the point that the author had pull out things out of his ass just to make it more challenging for the MC. And I say you can definitely tell those came out of nowhere because there was no sign at all that indicated the things he came up with fit into his lore:


Let's see... We are in a cultivator/Asian setting. MC goes back to Earth but that doesn't negate the fact that the world is build up on an oriental Xianxia ish background, right?

But guess what appears on earth? Vampires. Werewolves. People with psychic powers. And now? Aliens. It's not bad if it was in the lore of that world, except prior to their appearance there was no indication that they existed. However MC then claims he knew they existed. MC claims that he has seen all the hyper technology and all that stuff. But there was no previous sign of him bein aware of it, or any sort of foreshadowing. It just fit in so badly with the story that you can tell the author did not plan ahead at all.


I keep wondering what the heck is with the harem? The few intersting female characters get overridden fast by other female characters you don't give any fcks about and you wonder how the heck does it even happen. Like once again, they just randomly appeared out of nowhere and suddenly interest in MC. Also:

I'm sorry, but just because "you" are considered "excellent" doesn't mean that all women are willing to degrade themselves to become your mistress. I wouldn't care if it was in a xianxia setting, because polygamy was part of the culture in ancient China. But you can't convince me that modern day women share the same value, especially if they are as proud as the author described them to be. It's just. Not. Logical. And the more these relationships appear, the more you are just wondering "Why. Would you. Even. Pair them. Up together??????" No but really, my disbelief is so huge at some of the most random pairings that came out of nowhere. They are more relationships of circumstances with no chemistry between MC and girl at all.

The relationships are definitely following the "quantity over quality" ideology to a Tee. And the few relationships you would actually (relatively) care about are just drowned.

I'm not convinced either that billionaires here just jeep bowing their heads to the MC. Like no matter how strong your MC is, these are people who are able to fight against the current and amass a great fortune using their skills. They should be much smarter than what the author's making them out to be. Come on. Right now they are either brainless followers kissing MC's feet, or brainless antagonists about to kiss MC's feet once they realize who they are. There's not one shred of personality in there; it's just the exact same character, cloned and given different names. It just makes me feel that other than a backstory, the author is not capable to give any character any kind of character depth. So when the author doesn't know what to write to make the story more interesting, he just copy paste another character from his template and give the new guy a name.

The MC is a hypocrite too not the worse out of the CN novels, but honestly I don't like people praising him for his generosity (which people do) because he is NOT a good guy, or a selfless guy. People praise him for it because he is a "generous" doctor, and yet he barely cures anyone if he doesn't have anything to gain from it (it's either money, or loyalty... or some kind of business relationship).

He gets praised because he donated money, maybe like a million YUAN, but he's like a multi billionaire! Like we're talking about tens to hundreds of billions here. A few million to him is like NOTHING, literally. Yet he's being hailed as "so generous omg!!" He is praised for patriotism but honestly he is only doing it because it benefits him and he has no problem abusing power as he fit if it benefits him. He is said to be righteous but he has no problem forgiving people who have slaughtered thousands of innocent people just because they become "useful" to him. He said his promises are worth its value in gold and he always follows them through if he promise something. But honestly I noticed half of the times he doesn't really follow through if it stops benefiting him. Especially if they are with his enemies. He only follows through because he really doesn't care about some things (ex: promising to let evil-doers aka mass murders go, because he doesn't actually really care that they are killing people despite what he claims).

I'm not saying he's horrible. He's just a normally selfish guy. And even if he was evil, I'd be fine with it in fiction. I just find it extremely hypocritical of him to criticise others for things he does as well. I just roll my eyes really hard, because he's wearing the hat of a saint but he isn't anything the author claims he is. The author just want to add a MC aura and make him all perfect because, hey, it's the MC.


But alas, I'm being generous and giving it a 3, simply because I've seen really horrible stuff before and this is at least better than those stories. It's just enough to keep me reading for 1000+ chapters, but bad enough for me to curse in a review of it. It does have some highlights, or perhaps I just somewhat like seeing MC tr*shing everyone else. But either way, in the end, it really doesn't have much of a substance. I've given this other novel a three out of five too (Souverain of the Three Realms) , however if I would compare these two... Well, they are not comparable at all the other story at least had a direction and had great ideas (that were poorly executed), but this story just feels like it only tried as hard as it tried making money out of readers. Here, you can't even tell the difference between the fillers and the non-fillers (that's just how bland most of it is). Perhaps read if you absolutely do not have anything else to read and just want to waste your time. Like I said, this kind of story is just written to grab the reader's money. A big "TL;DR". Nothing else.

EDIT: there is ONE thing the author does well, though, that is "rewards". You know sometimes you find good novels with good characters fighting for something, but they aren't here to enjoy the loot and we don't get to see any first hand reactions from the side characters? Well, here, we get plenty of those first hand reactions of people marvelling at the MC's awesomeness. Almost every other chapter. Sometimes you just want to read it for the face slapping. It's a guilty pleasure. <<less
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Krist rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: 12
The MC sure is childish for someone who has supposedly lived for tens of thousands of years. He becomes deathly pale because he was getting a class transfer, he gets easily enticed and entranced by women, he even seems surprised at his own mental ability that he's lived with for thousands of years. The romance so far seems very forced and awkward, and last but not least, it's got a harem tag on it.
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Canadiant rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: c270
Officially dropped this novel at c270

Was bored, so I started this novel

At first it was nothing special, a normal novel to pass time

Even though the setting didn't really make sense and every girl MC sees wants his lil' bro, I could still bear with it



He introduced us to the Tang family...

I REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLYYYY wished this didn't go in the direction it did

... more>>


How can this author be this inconsistent

in c264 he says:

"You should still remember what I've said to you before. You have your Tang Family, where as we have ours. The Tang Family's distinguished status is not for us—the common people. Thus, you don't need to waste the time and feelings. Take me to see Tang Yunde, otherwise, my mother and I will leave immediately."



Despite Tang Xiu still having some feelings of rejection toward the Tang Family, but at this moment, he had to admit that the Tang Family had indeed treated him as a genuine family member. Now, he finally believed that everything that Tang Guosheng had said was truly true, that they had indeed attempted to find them.

"It's a pointless insistence, and no longer makes sense.

Since the Tang Family really treats mother and me as family members, then let nature take its course.

It's too short a time to tell, but I'll see it later on.

It doesn't matter what we call each other, the most important thing is to see how we get along in the future.

I shouldn't make Mom feel awkward and embarrassed."

EXCUSE ME? WTF?!?!?!?!


and in 6 chapters becomes:

They're my family.

Actually insulting my intelligence


You might think that the reason I pointed is petty

It is.

The reason I pointed might be petty and not a reason to drop the novel for you, but for me ruins the sole reason of reading

That is escaping reality <<less
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camilfabre rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: c10
filled with holes. They describe the protagonist to be cold, arrogant in the immortalworld and to not talk a lot even withe the person close to him. The problem is that he speaks too much, altough I can understand with his mother but not with other people. Moreover when he got kicked form class 5 the authors describe his feelings as "desperate". What The f*ck he came back from the immortalworld! He certainly killed a lot and at the end he stood at the summit of the immortalworld but a... more>> punny teacher humiliate him and let him feel "desperate". Trully unbelievable.

In many story we got a protagist who's 10 000 years old but act like a teen when we expect him to be a lot more mature. Act a little more like Li Qiye please.

I forgot to tell that when he can practice the more op cultivation technique he judge the he don't need it while he vowed to get revenge over the people who killed him knowing that they are almost as strong as him. Even if I believe that he will find a way to practice it his reasonning are really weird and don't fit the description of the protagonist. <<less
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Matrix101 rated it
October 6, 2016
Status: c2
This novel is really good. You know how in many fantasy novels we usually see someone summoned to a new world who's goal is to get back to their original world, but in this novel instead of it being focused his whole journey in another world; we see him back in his original world seeing how the events that occurred while he was unconscious effect him now that he's back.

you would also think that because he was in a Xianxia world he would be able to retain his special powers and be super op in the beginning (which he is, but not as much as he could be), but he isn't able to gauge his full potential as his body is too weak from there being no soul in it.

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SinsI rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c40
The story completely broke suspension of disbelief then MC started mass winning against one-armed bandits - the only way such things could work is if the machines were tempered with.

It's strange how his relatives are willing to spend hundreds of thousands yuan to hire thugs to attack and cripple him and his mother - there's just no real reason for something of THAT extent.

MC also doesn't behave like a grown up adult that has more than 10 thousands years of experience - but like a chuuni schoolboy that got... more>> his hands on a superpower... <<less
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CN Reviewer
CN Reviewer rated it
September 28, 2018
Status: Completed
Probably the worst WN I have ever read. I mean this was worse than MGA and PMG.


Don't get me wrong, it had GREAT potential, but the author f*cked it up. The novel starts off pretty good. We learn about the MC, why he's returning from the immortal world, what he needs to do to go back. The book would've been perfect if the author split each Mortal World (Earth), Immortal World, and Divine World, 400-500 chapters each, but what he DID was have 1250 chapters in Earth, 150 chapters in... more>> Immortal World, and like 16 chapters in Divine World. THIS is the main reason that destroyed this novel. Another reason why this novel sucks is because of the endless loop: MC walks randomly, someone sees him and insults him, he does nothing, they get suspicious and call their friend to investigate him, they find out MC's identity and ask for forgiveness by kowtowing. This dialogue is repeated endlessly from beginning to end.



He gets betrayed by his wife in Immortal World; she kills him at the weakest moment.



No amazing villains. Every "villain" is just either some young master that dies in a few chapters after meeting or a hyped up villain that dies instantly.


Cultivation system is basic. What makes it worse is that there's no Dao comprehension; the whole process is just closing up and energy accumulation. THIS DOESN'T MAKE YOU A GENIUS!!!! The author attempts his best at Dao, but there's like 3 sentences in the entire novel about Dao.


I like the MC's personality (he's calm and low key) until he gets into those situations where the young master investigates his identity and he extorts them like a low class. The MC is a 10, 000+ year old powerhouse and he says "mom", "dad", and "senior" to random old people. I mean, he's 10, 000 years older than them. I understand about the "filial piety", but SHOW SOME OF THAT POWERHOUSE DISPOSITION!!!!

Side Characters:

There's no development for any of them. For romance, either the girl instantly falls in love or there's some kind of aphrodisiac involved.

Final conclusion:

Stay the f*ck away from this horrendous novel. If you do want to read it, keep it in the bottom of your list and hope you keep adding novels at the top. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: c100
It tries so hard, that instead of inviting interest, it invites scorn. Usually, there shouldn't be so much distaste in a novel like this. Yet, the problem is that the author tries his very best to portray the protagonist as a supremely righteous figure, one whom any reader would like. And that's the problem, how could ruthlessness ever coexist with kindness, and compassion? The end product is that the protagonist's too weak for those who like strong protagonists (power isn't one dimensional, without emotional intelligence, what use is world-destroying capabilities?)... more>> and too schizophrenic in his cruelty for those whom like mellow protagonists.

Repaying evil with evil, and kindness with kindness is acceptable doctrine in XianXia, but in this story? Forget about it completely. Why bother when all that matters is a moment of impulse, and the narcissism of our righteous protagonist. It's pathetic how this story lacks motivation, and consistency. There's nothing to look forward to, since even early on, it's plainly obvious that the vengeance he's chasing after is never going to materialise.

Just a very long sighhh..... <<less
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mohand9821 rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: c628
Man, the synopsis was good, like really, but ffs there's juste way too much filler. In 600 chapters, only 6 months passed in the story man it's like 600 chapters of f*cking buildup. To me, this novel doesn't even seem to be about cultivation, but just like the author trying to show-off his superficial knowledge about finance. My english is not that good so I have difficulty elaborating about how much it sucks, but I swear that this novel deserve the 2 stars I gave it.
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magiclight rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: c602
Honestly, I can't say anything that hasn't been said by everyone else (of which, all of it completely explains why I dislike this "novel".)

The one thing I'll never understand is why all the wanking over Mothers and Daughters (or the females in general) whilst the majority of the males are either soon-to-be dead or soon-to-be-forgotten about near instantly after the chapter is over. Hell the MC even hated his Father for no other reason than, " He didn't take care of us, we never heard from him", the... more>> man was in a coma for 20 years, and the icing on the cake was that his family couldn't find him because his son (Tang Yunde) never told his father (Tang Guosheng) his Wife's actual name. He only called her Little Yun (very descriptive and totally "realistic", telling your parents a nickname you have for your loved one instead of their actual name XD.) Even when the MC figures out his Father had been in a coma for 20 years due to assassins he still hated him for a reason I don't even recall but I'm sure we all know it makes no sense, considering he should be like 10, 000+ years old Xd.

There was that one fat chick though, but she's ugly and her name wasn't mentioned all that much so obviously what happened to her was pretty much expected. There's another named female that was slapped by her and using my amazing brain powers I suspect that sometime in the future chapters she's going to run into the MC and fall in love with him for some s*upid reason.

It's amazing how quick the MC was to help his female cousin who still bad-mouthed (and wanted nothing to do) with him, but his male cousin who looked like he was on the path of redemption seemed to be forgotten about, I guess he's not beautiful enough to warrant the Author's (and the MC's) attention but who knows maybe later on, the MC will remember his Uncle who's currently in prison and his cousin who's trying to reform :). And the other dudes who hardly get mentioned unless they're either about to die or they're looking for him for help and maybe to chat (though he hardly spends the time to talk to them and seems to forget about them often.)

What I do know is I'm not reading this garbage anymore Xd so good luck to anyone who's still reading this.

My apologies if you took the time to read this and didn't get much out of it. This is just an issue I've had with the novel since the earlier chapters and thought it would be explained at some point (maybe it has and I just don't like the reason.) <<less
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Bootis rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c53
I would like this story a whole lot more if it scraped the idea of making the MC cultivate, also get rid of the useless fights that are just there to show that the MC is getting stronger. I like the whole part of him getting a brain injury and then his consciousness returning and he's smart again. But when you're trying to mix imaginary cultivation stuff into real life, it just makes the story cheesy and hard to read. I would much rather have two separate stories; one... more>> being about him cultivating in the immortal world, and another story about the MC struggling to study and getting first place on tests and his life as a student. All in all this story is tr*sh. <<less
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rdawv rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c763
See last paragraph for update.

Very early days yet, despite the long chapters. It's because the author is taking a long scenic route to show us the helplessness of the MC's immediate situation, especially the distress and problems his normal mother is facing. I can almost imagine a sad violin piece playing each time she was bullied...

The premise is quite interesting. There are stories where a powerful character transmigrated to Earth, there are stories where someone transmigrating to a cultivation world. This story throws a curve ball: the MC came from... more>> Earth, went to cultivation world for 10, 000 years, and then came back to Earth where everything he had experienced was just one year. While he was 'away', his original body was bullied due to physical and mental issues. But now he has returned and his 'soul' (for the lack of a better term) is once again complete. As a bonus, he remembers everything that he had learned during his lifetime of cultivation. Now he's back, and he's going to make everyone who made his mother cry pay...

... Or so we thought, because the early chapters might feel draggy to those who are expecting a straightforward and overwhelming progression. Like 'The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators', the antagonistic supporting cast are written in a way to absolutely annoy the reader, we are kept wondering when exactly the MC will make these lowlife characters pay for their pettiness. As of ch26, it hasn't really happen yet. Instead we get to read about the MC's somewhat believable acclimation period... he did lost a year of his Earth life and he still have grievances leftover from his cultivation world. In the meantime, he has to bide his time against gangsters, irritating relatives, biased teachers and annoying schoolmates.

Overall, the story does seem intriguing. Let's just say I'm tempted to look up MTLs to see whether the story would pick up the pace, as I feel this is one of those titles that could really benefit from fast releases.

Update: As of raws #763. The slow-build up of the story early on ramps up very quickly later on. It's like Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel and Omni Genius, wherein one of the main abilities of the MC is the POWER OF MONEY, in addition to his cultivation. It's also a story of 'connections', basically the MC gets in contact with powerful figures and the network expands larger and larger, giving him more opportunities to shame small-time bullies and make good business. The MC has no weaknesses at all, and he is pursued by an ever-growing number of beautiful women. He them off with his 'tragic' backstory, but readers will see that a few eventually worm their way into his heart. Unlike VPnA and OG, the MC is quite passive. It is the women who are aggressive. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
September 6, 2018
Status: c660
Read This:

I am not one to speak harshly about a Novel but this is the most tr*shiest story I've read as of yet.

There's too much BS moments. The MC is too selfish and self-centered.

... more>> I thought Awakening was bad but this is just terrible..! I can't help but see Awakening in a better light now.

What bothers me the most about this Novel is that the Author tries to make the MC look good in every chapter! I'm dead serious.

The World:

Due to having little cultivators in the world, it's too convenient to MC. Earth is considered another higher cultivation realm and within the same "Universe" of the Immortal World. That's just s*upid. MC is a inferior version of Li Qye. He doesn't behave like a Old Monster. But a Teenager in puberty.

    • After 500 Chapters, all the sudden it turns out 'Immortal World' is actually a high technological world. The Sci-Fi was really forced.
The Romance was the most terrible. All the girls are pushy as heck. The mother was probably the worst.


They don't deserve to be the boss of his troops. They are just pampered princesses. And the only reason he had relation with them was to comfort his Mother & Grandmother wishes.


My problem with this novel is that Earth is insignificant, there's no point in the traversing worlds plot in the first place. All the Betrayal and drama was pointless because in the end he still forgives... It keeps going back and forth with Teacher Han. 'Should I forgive her or not forgive her?'


Because of the MC Selfishness, he hurt the Teacher mental state and she then underwent a Identity Crisis. He lives in the past too much. Teacher Han was fine the way she was. He knew this and even felt momentarily guilty about this! But he wanted to face "Xue" so much and get answers from her and if it wasn't the answers he wants, he will kill her. That's pretty f*cked up. He didn't even chose her out of love in the first place, but merely because she had the highest cultivation. He's just too selfish.


The MC behaves like any arrogant MC, if it were a Xianxia it'd be cool but in modern world he just appears to be a d*ck since he expects people to understand Xianxia terms and rebukes them for their ignorance. If people think MC crazy, the MC thinks their s*upid.

    • He killed over a Car dent and killed over a meal...
Good things about this Novel:

The best thing about this Novel is fillers. It's pretty funny and enjoyable at times. The writing quality is also very good. I don't know if it's the Translators or just how the Author wrote it but the Characters at least feel alive.

    • The best girl is probably Chen Wei. She really trolled the Readers. When I realized that, she's actually a pretty fun character. Under her wild facade she's actually a shy and pure character. But she hardly had scenes in the story! I really hate Lulu the most. Definition of a true b*tch. Gu Xuexue was also pretty good but wasted potential.
For those who rate this highly... are overly optimistic. It can be considered a Copy/Paste story if you've read other stories like "My beautiful Teacher"

Racism: I didn't mind it too much at first since it was only slightly mentioned but when there was a chapter dedicated on how traitorous Japanese people are. I felt sick to my stomach. Authors often times write what they believe. If the Author truly believes what he wrote about Japanese, then he's sick in the head... In the eyes of a neutral person, China isn't all that innocent either you know? I couldn't believe the comments where actually defending the Author. <<less
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vonggola701 rated it
June 12, 2018
Status: --
Embodiment of bad habits, you can directly see it on the way the author writes the story. Certainly you must not give 100% of your time on school but in this story the protagonist is an absolute a**hole. Also a person's EQ may be low BUT NOT LOW TO THIS EXTENT. Where you disregard everything aside from your family. I strongly NOT RECOMMEND this novel.

Protagonist is A super thick face guy who only know to get some help and does not know how to repay them.

Living 10k year did not... more>> make him smart, instead it made so dumb that he becames so unfeeling. And does not know what gratitude means. <<less
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MondoX rated it
December 6, 2017
Status: c361
It started decent, with the interesting circumstances of how the MC lived in a different era. At the beginning of the story, MC tried to make a better life for his mom, and he was doing it behind the scenes. He also wanted to regain his strength from his past life to seek revenge for what happened to him. However, the mom as become irrelevant as the story progresses, the MC has become known in the rich and powerful circles, and new beauties keep appearing for the MC. Like most... more>> Chinese webnovels, the MC seems to be great at almost anything that he does, with the majority of the characters praising him. There is no plot anymore, the story has turned into how some characters doubt the MC, because of his age, and then they realize how great he is, and cannot stop from praising him. <<less
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nuubman rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: c670
Pure bulls#it, I had high hopes on this novel, I know that chinese people can be quite racist or xenophobic and im okay with that, I know that the MC has a low EQ and im also okay with that but c'mon! things got just plain ridiculous and have no sense at all anymore, the only good thing about the novel would be the world building (3.5-4 out of 5), if anything the harem screw it almost everything and the MC most of the time acted like a 15ish year... more>> old boy, maybe sometimes you could see the shade of the so called 10.000 year old monster but just the shades of it.

the author managed to build the character of the MC in a somewhat stable way, but he just destroyed everything around chapters 600-670.

The premise of the story either way was quite promising, a world similar to the earth where people believed that xianxia stuff was just fantasy and stuff, but still cultivators and martial artist existed in the shadows with other things, even more a MC that was from the earth but went to a superior world in where he was a supreme immortal that almost managed to trascend but failed at the end because he was betrayed by his friends from a life time. It seems like a good novel, quite a good novel but its not, the author had a good idea yeah but just that, the novel was tr*sh


it was around chapters 605-606 I think? when mu wanying (the girl from the college campus) went to the tang house and said she was her girlfriend even though at the end at least she tried to clarify that she was only the fake girlfriend knowing that things could go wrong if she didn't clarify that, yet the family still tried to force the relationship between her and the MC, and he was like "ok"... where the fck went the so called proud 10.000 years old supreme immortal? almost the whole novel has been about how he doesnt want to be involved in any type of relationship or whatsoever and even more, at that point the author destroyed almost the whole personality that he build of the MC, he just accepted the crap that the family was pushing into him about being involved with a character that also has almost ZERO relevance in the story until that chapter, according to the personality the he builded on the MC so far until that point the MC would either flip out because someone (even though it was his family) was forcing him to do something, or still flip out and angered at the girl for traspasing his limits but nope, nothing happened. I would be okay if the girl that showed up in his home and said she was her couple was kang xia or lulu since the story so far has given both characters way more relevance.

worst of it things still went worst.

around chapters 640-650 another harem member was forced into the story with another moron, at that point I remembered the review of kemichi who had completed the novel : "" Basically no one in this story is important. People the author managed to make you care about somewhat doesn't matter at all. Each time MC gets power up, the story just throw away those characters by not ever mentioning them ever again. Including those who should technically matter: including his parents, his friends, his followers, his love interests, his entire vengeance he tries to make you think is important but just ended in such an anticlimactic way you wonder why the author bothered."" he couldn't be more accurate about the novel


pd: sorry for my bad english <<less
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Bubbletehh rated it
January 26, 2017
Status: c870
Quite a good novel. I was very drawn in with the reversal of the typical plot. What I like about plots where a powerful character is suddenly brought back to Earth is not only that he would be powerful but also that they would often need to use intelligence over brute force. The only part of the novel I don't really like are small plot holes here and there,

... more>>

For example when he began cultivating, it was stated that he could not absorb any spiritual energy or that the Earth lacked it, later on he encounters people who can practice with spiritual energy which is pretty s*upid. I do understand that the author needed to include them or the MC would have easily become the strongest person on Earth however but he should have made a better excuse.

Next, its stated that the most precious person to him on Earth is his mother, mentioned numerous times in fact. Yet the MC barely ever visits nor talks to her later on. Understandably, parental characters die out very quickly in novels but since the author mentions this he should have included more moments between him and his mother.

Edit: So we finally know that there is in fact a story behind han qingwu's betrayal but the author is such a f*cking tease. Until now he still hasn't revealed anything outside the fact that it involves some soul grass. I'd assume it made her change in some way or get controlled.

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Oukis Lips
Oukis Lips
May 3, 2018
Status: c125
The first 50 chapters or so started off really great, but then the author veers off of the cultivation/modern-society contrast and the story just becomes a standard xuanhuan/xianxia. What do I mean by standard? Well, in the beginning there are no cultivators, and nobody knows about them, but suddenly once he visits a popular tourist destination cultivators become a dime a dozen. So the author loses the whole cultivator vs. Reality motif. Then there's the typical cycle of internal family struggle to the point that the MC's family members want... more>> to kill him for no reason at all. Then there's the cliche that the MC could easily solve a problem, but because he can't be contacted for days or weeks on end, troubles inevitably pop up. Remember, this is modern society, with cell phones, email and facetime, but somehow our MC is incapable of keeping in contact with people for several days. Then there's the old-values system, such as polygamy and the feeling that if someone is physically stronger than you they must be treated with deference. This is not how modern society works. Even more so that to the MC, if someone doesn't respect him as if he's their ancestor, the MC will automatically treat that person as an enemy. Keep in mind that the MC is a teenager, he's poor, and he's not even all that strong compared to even the weak Earth cultivators, but he never gives anybody any face, even people who more than deserve it. He only helps someone if they get on their knees and beg him, and then he'll still take their money. Speaking of face-slapping, there's also that perpetual crowd who have nothing better to do than follow the MC around, underestimate and scorn him, and then act surprised when he turns the tables. Every damn aspect of the series is portrayed in this way. Also, like a lot of people have already said, the 10, 000 year old MC is more immature than your average high school student, and the author's sense of money is just not realistic.

TL;DR, This novel was extremely disappointing for me. It's not awful, but you probably won't enjoy it unless you have an inextinguishable, violent hatred for rich people like this author apparently does. Seriously, every rich person in this novel can only take one of two routes: either become the MC's dog, or become the MC's enemy, even if they're perfectly upstanding, reasonable people. <<less
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Khaossaga rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: c414
The premise of the series was very interesting. However, as I read it, the more unbelievable the story becomes (I know it's about cultivation and I'm not even counting that). First of all, the MC makes millions right away without any problems and then it goes to billions... the author seems to think money is like air.

Keep in mind that he's supposedly been alive for 10k+ years and could distinguish a person's behavior like reading the news paper but he couldn't even tell which girl likes him. Now, please take... more>> into account what era we're living in, girls don't throw themselves at you like that, especially the capable ones. Another annoying thing is that the girls who are attracted to hi re all virgins and never had a boyfriend... for reals bro?

Now, for a person that's supposed to be enlightened, he's awfully racist against the Japanese. Basically almost all modern Chinese xianxia have that problem and believe it or not, this series isn't that bad but it's kinda annoying at times. At least the racism isn't as bad and blatant as that fishing series.

I'm only talking about the non-fighting/cultivation parts of the novel because this would turn into an essay if I riff on that. Anyways... as a modern xianxia goes, it's better than that red packet tr*sh (both of them) but it's still not good at all. However, if you guys want to read a good one then go read Cultivation Chat Group and Pursuing Immortality (they're both really good right now and at least not racist from what I've read so far but only time will tell). <<less
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tides rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: c348
The starting is good but later on the novel becomes really boring. I don't know what I am reading for as the MC only does things to get revenge, but he obviously doesn't care about anyone and anything.

The further you read, the less things matter and the MC is literally just killing everyone who blocks his way with a kick.

His parents and family is forgotten, his harem doesn't matter and they only appear once in awhile to remind you that they are still clinging on to him, but the majority... more>> of them are also forgotten and doesn't matter. Not to mention that his entire 'revenge' is a joke at the end.

All the interesting bits about cultivating in modern society is gone the second he enters university.

The story is basically

1- best part, high school student struggling to fit in with society and get out of poverty

2- university and developing his island - he literally stops caring and kills people for annoying him

3- everyone in 1&2 is forgotten, including his family, everyone who he doesn't like is killed becuz lulz he can.

4- why are you still reading this novel? <<less
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