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Similar to that of a Phoenix, a martial arts expert who was from the Song Dynasty had reincarnated after his death. The body he now possessed belonged to a bullied Japanese high schooler, one that had complicated family issues.

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Juexing - Fangru Zuori
觉醒 - 仿如昨日
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sufod01 rated it
May 7, 2016
Status: --
Reading until Chapter 50,

At first it’s good but later it’s become really annoying, each time a random bad guy will appears to make the plot keep going, the first potential heroine is MC’s teacher, author spends many chapter to show she loves MC but later she suddenly change her job and go somewhere else after what she just disappears.. By the way another potential heroine is a "kendo girl", I pretty liked her "respectful" attitude until the sudden chara change to a cliché attitude.. Next is MC wants a... more>> normal life but he put his nose in some troubling matters (some murder cases)..

This novel is just overrated. <<less
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HadeFade rated it
May 11, 2016
Status: --
From someone who’s been reading the raws pretty much (100 chapters+), I could say that this novel is definitely worth the read. The characters develop along the way, no characters are left to dust, and though the plot might not be easily understood the story makes you curious. Besides the MC is OP but reasonably OP. The harem is not forced. The action is pretty solid and it shows the difference between modern a modern setting xianxia and a fantasy like xianxia. So far 5 stars for me
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Betaxx rated it
September 7, 2016
Status: c316
I don't understand why this novel ranking is so low. The story is really good with a smart calm OP MC, what I like about him is that he knew how to deal with beautiful women and he rejected a lot of them (not like "My beautiful teacher" and "My Wife is a Beautiful CEO" MCs who can't say NO). The story is definitely not a harem, the MC is loyal to his fiancee and he love her dearly also the romance scene is really heart warming. My only complaint... more>> about him is that he just disappear suddenly for days or even months making his family and fiancee really worried, I mean can't he just make a call and notice them, some times is really irritating like when his fiancee was going to die because of him if he didn't appear at the last moment. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
October 18, 2016
Status: c200
Typical power-trip reincarnation story: an all-powerful person takes over for a weak teenager and resolves all his problems with a few handwaves, leaving everyone in awe.

Story: The part introducing the side characters is pretty good, but after that there's just a series of abrupt transitions reminiscent of a whack-a-mole game: the main character just spends time with his toy - I mean, wife - and then some girl says "please help me" and he resolves her problems in less time than it usually takes for the author to describe... more>> her appearance.

Characters: The main character is a mess: the only constant is his condescension toward literally everyone else in the story. Every other aspect is whatever the author thinks is convenient at the moment. This includes everything related to his reincarnation as well as his personality. Other characters are just cardboard cutouts: The men are inept, the villains are cartoonishly evil (also men, therefore incompetent), the women are all beauties who fall in love with the protagonist, etc. Main character being loyal to his love interest in spite of beauties throwing themselves at him every arc would be more touching if his reason wasn't "they're all kids" and if he didn't treat his wife as a toy he could leave at home to play with whenever he got bored.

Setting: This is the part that's most messy. Way too many things are going on in this setting. You have werewolves, espers, intelligence organizations using drugs to control people, also random serial killers... but because of the whack-a-mole plot, none of these things have a real impact on the story past the arc involving them. You can have aliens or gods descend to Earth and as soon as a damsel in distress appears, the protagonist will whack them and everything will be instantly resolved.

In short, this is fine if all you want is an all-powerful main character, but if you care about anything else in a story you should probably skip it. <<less
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shuiko rated it
March 31, 2016
Status: --
Fun story, short though (300+ or so chapters) around only 500k words total in the series. This is clearly being machine translated so a lot of the deeper meaning and stuff is gone/missing. Also the grammar is horrible in a lot of places.

Actual raw work is really good and fun, could've used more love overseas, it's a shame. Translator/TLer needs to learn English, or actually edit his work. Using the excuse "it's mtl so its going to suck" doesn't stop anyone competent in sentence strutuce in adding a proper verb/noun... more>> or correct plural word. You can literally read it out and it sounds wrong.

Hope for better stuff in the future <<less
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craBebe rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: c32
I was very disappointed in this series. The premise was fantastic since I love immortality/reincarnation stories, but this is really about as slice-of-life as it gets. He does the most mundane things and a thousand year old immortal hanging out with a bunch of middle school/high school students just makes for very boring interactions. The ease with which he solves any and all conflicts remove any sense of drama in the story, I'm all for an OP MC but it doesn't really work in this case. Maybe it gets better... more>> at some point, I would be interested to find out the reason behind his immortality and specifically what his purpose is. But having the ultimate grand-master in human history solving the problems of high school students made for a very boring read.

Check out Genius Sword Immortal if you're interested in the same concept with more action (although I'm not entirely sold on this series either.) <<less
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RarestProGamer rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: Completed
To be honest, I was ready to give this novel 5 stars, it was used to be darn good. I really dig the whole "underdog, badass when needs to be and proving everyone wrong MC", but the thing where author truly dropped the ball is that the story invests too much time on side female characters and the way they develop their love for MC, but only ends up getting rejected by the main protagonist.

-Its not like I support harem, but you know there's a problem with your story when... more>> the other harem candidates spends more time with the protagonist than your main female lead. The story never ever progress unless someone falls into a damsel in distress situation and MC miraculously comes in the nick of time. Honestly, I can still tolerate all of that, but the fact that it doesn't have a harem ending is what bothers me the most. He basically rejects everyone by the end even the best Kendo girl which is unfortunate. If it was gonna be like this, then why author invested so much in side female characters and the dumb love confessions?

P.S:- I really regret reading this if only someone has warned in the reviews like I did. I have read countless harems; more than I could count and more than I could remember. The one thing that baffles me the most is the fact that I can count the number of series that have true harem endings on two hands. What I will never understand is why the harem genre is over saturated with open-ended endings and one girl endings. The whole premise of the genre is 3 or more people falling in love with the same person. Does it not make more sense to end it the way that it began?
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ZhaWarudo rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c30
Slice of life about MC being cool, that's it. It's very fast paced, often skipping scenes and not knowing who is talking to whom. I could read it all as it is not that bad, but also it's a waste of time. I suppose if you like slice of life then you may find this interesting, for me that's way too much of a light read.
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Sauda817 rated it
August 26, 2016
Status: c100
After the first 100 I got really bored.

Cultivator Re-incarnation in modern word aren't a lot so I was hoping a good story when I started this novel.

After couple chapter, we understand MC won't have any love interest (yes there are many girl how are falling for the MC but he doesn't take any action). He wants to stay away from his previous life but in the first 20 chapter he made contact wit his previous life, why? For modern cultivation novel I was expecting some level-up or use or Art... more>> Martial but all we have are just some random line from time to time (actually it's chapter to chapter) reminding us this is a cultivation novel...

As to some who said because it's MTL so the story miss couple insight, I doubt that. <<less
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kari rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: c121
(At Ch. 65 or so)
It's well written. Story is really good as well. It's also of the genre reincarnation which is one of my favorites!

The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of personal preference. I prefer stories like DE, ATG, SOTR etc..

(at ch.121)
OK, here's an update... I've decreased my rating to 3 star. I am tired of the constant women in his life needing his help :/

Harem's can be acceptable if done well but if women are... more>> the basis of the plot progressing, I find it dumb AF! Currently, he only has harem candidates and not full fledged menage-a-trois or more. But the story seems to revolve around these women for whom he gets to show off his skills

I'm getting quite disappointed. Hopefully things will change in the future. <<less
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LombokHot rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: c91
Cute interaction between MC and his harem despite MC being a thousand year old geezer. Being a thousand years old martial arts master, peak of the peak, but failed to incapacitate or at least immobilize a single man. But this is CN, plotholes can be found everywhere, so dont think too much about it. But still, its a refreshing read for me, since this is (maybe) first OP MC in modern world that I read, so I still read it up to this point and would love to continue. Hope... more>> it wont bored me later.

Based on this, rated 3

Translator isnt as dedicated as I hope a translator should be. Not in term of the quantity of release, but rather quality. If you read ch 54 or 55 (most likely 55, you'll understand). CMIIW, it feels like MTL. Well not every translator is "Deathblade". Im not a donator so I dont really have the right to complain since theyre doing this out of their own volition, but we can at least hope or dream of it right?

But still, thanks for the translation.

Based on this, rated 2. <<less
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Shyboy rated it
May 24, 2016
Status: c79
Worth the read, not going to judge translation so far, not my mother language anyway and not like I'm going to care even it was. I liked very much the way written except some change of scenes between chapter that I dunno of the raws that really get in my nerve. About the heroine getting kidnapped and stuff I do not care, every time the conditions and solution change in a way that you can like it. The MC is a likable guy, strong, but not in a unreasonable way,... more>> not a panacea existence, like in the beginning when he just tap some points to help the Kendo girl but after the tournament he got her into the hospital.

He has a quick thinking and is 'like the wind' free and unrestrained but not free and unrestrained like the serial killer of PMG, he is very reasonable, he does thing but always thinking thoroughly and in the way that would impact. He, for now, want to live a 'ordinary' life but, like I said, he is like the wind, if pop up something like he want/should do he would not hesitate to do.

The girls are cute, even the old ones, they're not wasted and pretty developed. Something that I do not know is about characters (developed ones) going to dust, is just to little that I see what is 79 to 316 just 1/4 is not the time to judge and the read is worth enough to make me believe that the author will not disappoint me and let the old gorgeous teacher with long and beautiful legs go to dust, HE SHALL NOT. <<less
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Arafell rated it
December 6, 2016
Status: c88
Lacks focus, but not horrible.

The main character is OLD and you can sort of feel it. He's not naive in the slightest, and your mileage may vary on his lack of weaknesses. He has as much money as he wants, thanks to investment over the years and the creation of several Triad-ish groups. He's a top-tier wuxia martial arts hero as well, even though his possessed body doesn't have the skills.

Sadly, there's very little character development for anyone. The MC is pretty much set in his ways, and he sort... more>> of eclipses everyone else. There are several entertaining confrontations between the MC and his enemies (read: his victims) but it gets boring after a while. <<less
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TheAzn123 rated it
June 3, 2016
Status: c169
First of all


It's not a harem he gets together and marries the teacher lady. As for the other girls, from where I've read the only people that know about their relationship is The teacher ladies family, (Her sister, father, mother, and brother) and the main characters step-dad who marries his mom but unfortunately he didn't attend their wedding. Besides them no one else knows that their getting married.


It gets boring as it goes on if you came here for the romance and harem. But if you came here for the action you'll be pleased. But like I said it feels like the authors running out of ideas and is just throwing in character after another that don't get mentioned until another ten chapters. But it's still a decent read to pass time. 4/5 (First review I've made, I know it's bad but I tried ;;, I'll edit as I read on)
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illumi rated it
May 7, 2016
Status: --
Read first 8 chapters, interesting story. Fresh and so different from the usual Chinese novel that I read (wuxia/xianxia kind) and a bit more mature.

You should try, and hopefully keep interesting as story goes.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
EmpyreanQing rated it
March 7, 2019
Status: c300
idk how to sayi t if he kindness is good care or hidden hypocrite personality, he keep being a busybody about woman affairs, the more he help many girls the more he make those girls fall in love with him especially rumi.

Even after MC know about Rumi feeling toward him and how all of Rumi efforts just so she can fullfill MC expectation but still MC still keep his relationship with his teacher secret from her and want Rumi become more hardworking with reason that Rumi can depended on herself... more>> in the future.

MC keep pulling rumi feeling toward him more and more until it became very deep and later he leave her so thats why I think MC just hypocrite cause he always think only base from his perception.

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ninthlite rated it
March 28, 2016
Status: --
The series seems ok, however the prose of the chapters are very stilted. It feels like whole chapters are “he did this, then that. Then he did something, .” Where you see little thoughts, expressions, or elaborations besides him preforming actions. Also the female characters in the harem all seem to be pretty flat. However I’m not sure if the stilted prose and flat characters are because the translators are poorly expressing the original work (its mtl).

The MC is pretty boring, he was a martial arts master but currently just... more>> living peacefully. The story would be more interesting if he was more pro active instead of just reacting to everything. <<less
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DethQi rated it
February 27, 2016
Status: --
This story is a must (Mean must to read) always Modern Days + some bad ass Martial art tag is a combination never fail to give an interesting plot and story line special this story where the MC is fcking Boss of gang only 20 chapter and it make me want to read more every day I must at least check if there a new chapter or not really learning Chinese is the solution for us reader and I really need to recommend any one liked this story plot +... more>> the tag then you well never regret reading GSI (Genius Sword Immortal) <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Purps rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: c220
is basically a walking Anime Cliché as in "MC goes on a boat, ends up on a deserted island" "MC says he definitely wont do this, does that" type stuff, plus pretty much every 2nd pretty girl falls for MC

does classic China great, everywhere else bad stuff, but you can't really get around that with these novels sadly

what really pissed me off is chapter 219

Long Story Short, MC has a lovely Fiancé, constantly making love, talking sweet blah blah all that stuff, then out of nowhere MC just sleeps with... more>> a random for absolutely no f*cking reason, literally the sentence after her talking about how many Men she has had s*x with, then the next f*cking chapter cuts to Miss Fiancé and MC being all lovey dovey, I mean what the f*ck <<less
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randomusername rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: c165
Somewhat spoiler. Nothing to specific though. Only reason im not giving it more is because personal preference.

At first it was a good read and I enjoyed reading each new chapter but then it became the same thing. MC rescues a girl from some scenario, girl likes him. Repeat x10. I think at the point of the story that I'm at theres at least 8 girls that like him. The number of dudes he's rescued so far? One and thats because the guy was part of some conspiracy. Also ever since... more>> he got a fiance out of each 5 chapters or so theres half a chapter of s*x scene. It gets annoying after the thousandth time. Didnt come here to read some dude tease his fiancee every other chapter. Think the author just wants to make this novel about some MC thats cool as fk and has lots of girls that like him without making it harem which is boring but at least better than harem. Also tiny thing that sorta bothers me is how author decides to bring nationality sh*t into the story when you can tell its just him forcing his opinions in the story such as the MC (being chinese) standing up to japanese teacher saying something against chinese ppl and MC started going off on him. Idk and idc if what was said was true but its clear that author was just trying to force some nationality sh*t in there which is fine if it actually flowed in well with the story. Besides that the action is decent and so is plot I guess. MC also has pretty decent personality except mainly extending his 'justice' to girls and not boys. <<less
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