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Great Cultivator Chen Fan had failed his Tribulation period, but after a dream, he had returned to Earth, when he was young, five hundred years ago.

“In my past life, I reached the peak in the universe. I looked down upon the myriad of worlds, but with no one accompanying me. In this life, I wish for both.”

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Rebirth of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
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GinMagi rated it
December 15, 2016
Status: c350
The novel is pretty similar to other modern day novels, it is similar to the ones where the MC reincarnates and gets revenge for every bad thing that ever happened to him.

There is also some racism such as the MC killing Japanese martial arts masters easily and enslaving Japanese women.
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fredd rated it
September 22, 2019
Status: c1000
The MC in this novel is arrogant, self-centered and way too ruthless.

He wipes out five generations of entire families and that's only because his power is limited if he could he would wipe out their bloodline right till their founding ancestor. He uses a spell of sorts with the persons blood which tracks down anyone that carries the same bloodline as his enemy even if they are a saint living a pious life, it doesn't matter as long as they are related by the same blood, cousins included, he even killed unborn children using this method. The spell kills anyone men, women and including children.

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seanba rated it
October 13, 2019
Status: c1200
This novel had a lot of potential but it gets repetitive with limitless face smacking and MC playing pig eat tiger.

Killing indiscriminately in modern society with little regard for the law, going around bullying natives of other countries, planning to destroy and rob their shrines.

For a novel that's listed under harem genre, it's also an absolute and utter waste of time.

... more>>

After hundreds of chapters one of the closest females to being a second love interest of the MC is one of the girl's that showed concern and didn't look down on him before his fame even when she had a higher status than him. That girl's father was killed by someone because he refused to bow down to that person and let him take over the MC's turf when the MC was missing. Later the MC returns and after finding out about the incident is said to feel guilty because the girl's father wouldn't have died if he weren't loyal to the MC.

MC vows to himself that he would take care of the girl. Apparently the girl is considered a goddess everywhere she goes. In this novel the females that are considered goddesses are pretty much always harassed by pursuers such as lecherous young masters. Anyway MC inquirers about her whereabouts and finds out that she moved to the capital. MC apparently he care so much about her but only visits her well after a year or two. Simply ridiculous he doesn't know if she has been harassed as she no longer has her father's backing so many bad things could have happened to her during the time that MC neglected to check up on her.

Anyways he visits her well after a year or two without knowing about her safety beforehand then before visiting her he makes sure to use his best physical appearance (he cultivated his body which makes him otherworldly handsome, he can switch between "ordinary" and handsome appearance) when going to visit her because he doesn't want her to lose face. MC finally reunites with her at her college, MC makes peoples heads turn how attractive his heavenly appearance is. The girl is ecstatic to see the MC.

Of-course she hasn't dated or entertained any male despite have many outstanding pursuers because she only has eyes for the MC, it's been obvious for a long time that she likes him. MC is well aware even with his supposedly "ordinary" appearance before his cultivation. Her friend is something like "SO THAT'S THE MAN YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR". Later MC brings her home and tells his mother what happened then makes her his SISTER LOLOL. You've got to be kidding.

MC says to another girl, "I'll give you a life of freedom so I'll just pretend to be your boyfriend to give you a status. When you find someone you like just let me know." Everyone believes that girl is his girlfriend now so they show her great respect and even make her their Patriarch of her clan - keep in mind that this girl and her parents had very low status within the clan before she was thought to be the girlfriend of the MC. Now everyone believes that she is the MC's 'woman'. MC to their clan is well respected for his strength and influence after he killed a few strong people. Anyway if the girl finds herself a person she likes then the well-respected MC will be wearing a Green-hat. This kind mentality from the MC is rather pathetic.

Another garbage thing happened. The MC used some technique that might've altered the lives of people he knows. He had a glimpse of his mother in a distance place walking around with young kids which should be her new birth children and after seeing that he hopes that his biological father is the father of his mother's children. In other word's there's a possibility that his father might've been cucked because of him. WOW and I wonder what might've happened to those high quality females that the author likes to dangle around the MC and pretend like the MC is gonna have a harem when in fact it's not the case and doesn't seem like that will ever happened. It's more like dangling a carrot without any intention of following through.


MC has no problem killing indiscriminately and can be rather petty. The plot is pretty average and the 99% percent of the close recruits of the MC are females despite him not having a harem which make's it rather pointless and puzzling as to why he has little to no male friends.

Wouldn't recommend this novel as it's story is pretty flat and MC's attitude and interaction with people makes it quiet a bore. This novel is also currently incomplete and the authors hasn't released new chapters but after more than 1200 chapter's it doesn't look like it will get any better so might as well give this a miss. <<less
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jal rated it
September 16, 2019
Status: c1208
MC is a total OP badass when dealing with enemies, absolutely dominating them, however it's too bad that the MC's arrogance make him too bland and boring outside of fights.

If you wanna read this with the expectation of a harem don't waste your time because it's not which is even more disappointing since the author constantly keeps adding new female character's to interact with the MC for long periods of time.

Author keeps introducing outstanding female characters which ends up wasteful since the MC has no intention of having more than one love interest, additionally some of the writing is unreliable eg. we've got one female character that was heavily implied to have feelings for MC, going so far as not following her best friends from her school to a prominent university but instead went to the same inferior university that the MC went to, she also didn't go to their high school class reunion when her friends invited her because the MC didn't go, then she also spent years frequently cleaning the villa that MC used to live in, She cried when MC was being outnumbered by martial experts, She's enamored by MC's attractiveness, etc... Later the author says that she doesn't like him which is complete BS and makes the words in this novel unreliable as the author could give character's a complete 180 without any reasonable explanation.

Then there's another female character that has good relationship with the MC and MC knows that she likes him, she may even love him and then she told the MC's enemy that was going to kill her because of him that MC was her husband to which MC didn't refute but even asked the enemy " You said a moment ago that you were going to kill my wife?" Well, he doesn't even consider her a girlfriend as he only care's about his childhood love interest so this is misleading.

There's plenty of other wasted opportunities.


The novel uses a repetitive formula. MC travels around hiding his identity which usually results with other arrogant characters trying to bully the MC throwing around their status unbeknownst to them that the MC is a powerful martial powerhouse that could wipe out their entire family/clan until it's too late so MC beats up and humiliates or kills them.

MC arrogance is through the roof.

After a duel with a Japanese sword master, the Japanese sword master's disciple was worried about his master and asked the MC "what happened to his master?" concerned if his master is alive or dead, the MC doesn't answer instead scolds and attacks the disciple. Another Japanese martial artist politely tell's the MC that the disciple is only concerned about his master, well MC scolds her too and even threatens and attacks her despite her not being hostile towards him. That's just one of many examples.


The only positive of this novel is that the MC is Overpowered and his ability to completely dominate his enemies. The rest of story is pretty much similar to most other reincarnation novels which usually about MC's past life being a "talent-less loser" then getting a lucky chance to become one of the strongest in their previous world.

MC wasn't recruited by his previous life master Immortal Cang Qing, he was a "drunken loser" about to commit suicide at the age of 30 but was only saved and taken to cultivation world because his childhood love interest request Immortal Cang Qing to take him with her. Yup that's right, Fang Qiong was the one with the real talent. MC was still a "talent-less loser" like most other cultivation novels who struggled to cultivate even to the lowest realms of cultivation. It's only after Fang Qiong saved the MC's life that she was mortally wounded and before dying she transferred her godly talent to the MC then he was able to stand on top of the cultivation world thereby allowing him to become the dignified "Northern Profound Immortal Venerable". Since the beginning of the novel the MC uses all the knowledge and superior martial techniques that he acquired in his previous future life to make up for his lack of inborn martial talent.

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MondoX rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c391
It started like a decent return to modern Earth, second chance story. However, after a while some of the actions of the MC made no sense, especially during the Japan arc. First, MC mentioned that he missed his relationships from his previous life, like his family, and main love interest. Yet, MC spends a few weeks with each of them, and spends most of his time with different women. Then, he has no problem killing men that offend him, but does not kill women, even if they threaten his family,... more>> except for a Japanese girl. Now, the Japan arc made no sense, the MC did not have a reason to be involve. I think the author added the Japan arc to have a Chinese kill all the Japanese experts and destroy their defense force as a type of wish fulfillment. <<less
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February 6, 2019
Status: --
I would've continued reading this if it wasn't because of MC being too arrogant, seeing himself as already successful just because he knew more than others and his talent is too good or because he's sure he'll be successful because of he knew it as a fact according to his past.

I would've read this since the plot seems really interesting, I like powerful hidden MC's that aren't as arrogant. I rather the humble, truly trying their best to HIDE their strength and sincere to others instead of pretending. Moreover isn't cultivation suppose to be like that. I read a BL once with a Xian xia mixed with apocalypse. MC's character there was really refreshing. The MC their doesn't brag, is sincere, and is really like a cultivator that doesn't care for petty dispute.

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anon anon anon
anon anon anon rated it
October 2, 2019
Status: --
ultimate trash of the novel. I was not surprised that it was dropped.

arcs are repetitive. Arrogant people go against him cause he is trash/ant/whatever, he kills them, levels up and then story repeats itself. Totally one dimensional storyline without any flavor.

author didnt even bother trying to write a decent novel. Dialogues even seem like copy paste cause he didnt want to bother.

recommendation: avoid.
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April 9, 2018
Status: --
Average book, MC way too arrogant and even forgive his enemies if this can bring him benefits. Light harem because MC didn't care about females except first one.


And only because she caused him to have Heart Demon. In later chapters he will visit 'space' but still return to earth to face new dangers and save whole world.

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fir537 rated it
May 23, 2017
Status: c938
I consider this novel a good read. Bad points would be MC's arrogance at times.

MC is considered among the strongest in the universe. Unlike his master who stopped at the 8th stage of cultivation, he decides to breakthrough to the final stage and accept Tribulation (the thing where cultivators gets hit by Heavenly Thunder and upgrades a realm). During Tribulation, he was haunted by his Heart Demon due to a past mistake, and was turned to ashes. At this point he should have died, but for some reason he was... more>> returned to years past when he was still a common mortal boy, about 30 years before stepping into the road of cultivation. Deciding this to be his ultimate chance to redo his life, he started cultivating with the memories he has.

MC is rather arrogant at times, mainly due to him having been considered and respected among the strongest in the universe. He just cant seem to forget at times that he is a common cultivator without his previous identity and powers. Novel follows his journey to cultivate in the modern era on Earth, since in his previous lifetime he followed his master away from the planet to cultivate, thus there are many things new to him about Earth. While cultivating he learnt new stuff he didnt knew previously about Earth, and deals with things as they come. As common xianxia style, he gets in fights and slaughters a lot, have a pseudo harem (ie girls liking him) while loyal to one girl, and gets OP a lot. <<less
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zekund rated it
September 5, 2019
Status: c1000
Decent rebirth/modern world novel. Similar to Returning from the Immortal World with cycle of arrogance enemies and MC's killing. MC's ruthlessness is going global here with MC crushing modern world's arrogance and confidence. Racism is there like most Chinese novels, so just skip those parts if you don't like and you won't miss much of the plot. Google translate does a pretty good job if you want to read ahead.
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