I Possessed a Terminally Ill Omega


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I don’t want to die. I have been reincarnated into the novel ‘The World of the Omega’. Moreover, as the unfortunate character Seo I-kyung who ends his life being abandoned by the man he loved. If I start knowing everything, can the ending be different?


“I don’t like you, Seung-jae, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

If this is still the beginning of the story, I thought it would be better to tell him clearly. He will eventually find someone else anyway. Even if that happens, I won’t be affected at all, so he doesn’t need to care about me or worry.


However, is it my imagination that Han Seung-jae’s eyebrows are slightly raised? A red alert repeatedly sounded in Seo I-kyung’s head. Han Seung-jae looked up and met his gaze with cold eyes.

“Seo I-kyung, this is the extent of my consideration for you.”

Associated Names
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I Transmigrated into a Terminal Omega
I Transmigrated into a Time-Limited Omega
시한부 오메가로 빙의했습니다
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New omgicreateanewaccounttocmt rated it
July 10, 2024
Status: Completed
The atmosphere of the story made me feel that the dystopian capitalist world was quite attractive.

With the original MC being a painter and the current MC struggling to learn how to draw. Exhibitions and auctions keep popping up, reminding me of K-dramas about chaebol.

This is an extreme world for an Omega. ML is possessive and paranoid. His behaviour is understandable. Most of the time, though, it's quite simple.

MC is still struggling to adjust to a different identity. He is pleasant, timid but quite tough. But pleasant in everything. He understands... more>> ML very well.

The writing is very detailed, vivid and not dry. The supporting characters and subplots are interesting and engaging. I like the butler Do very much. The original MC is a poor person, just like the Omegas in this world. I look forward to more updates. The translator has done a good job. 🫶 I ended it at 221. However, I don't know if there are any side stories or not, but everything is quite rushed. Because I liked some aspects of the world and MC ML, I pretty much overlooked these shortcomings.

Regarding the world as I said above, it reflects the way I see Korean society through Kdramas, depending on money, power and rank. Here, ML stands at the top. But, most of the interactions between MC and ML are sweet. ML is a person who lacks trust. MC is a timid and stuffy person. However, the social context is suitable for MC, who only functions as a spawning machine. If only the story had been a few dozen more chapters long, it might have been better than the superficiality at the end.

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New vegahime rated it
June 27, 2024
Status: c30
Not worth the paper it was written on. MC literally does nothing with his time, and that time flows exceedingly fast, like constant time slips. How does the author even write? The only parts with better writing is the smut, and even that is questionable.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
IsaacaHawke rated it
June 3, 2024
Status: c12
ML is tr*sh. ML is tr*sh. ML is tr*sh.

Has to be said three times. He sucks. There's no amount of redemption that can make me like him.

... more>>

he r*pes MC. Blatantly intimidates him. Knows that he can do whatever to him. Knows MC is scared of him yet wants to scare him even more. Is physically abusive. He literally ruined his hand his MC said he painted when he did not. This is after seeing his red eyes & knowing that MC is depressed. MC is a trapped soul who cannot rely on anything or anyone. Even when he let's his guard down a tiny bit because ML is a bit nice, ML hurts his hand. Only the devoted butler notices & tried to bandage it, yet ML doesn't even get a doctor for him. ML can see his fingertips trembling with pain & all that piece of crap says is let me see how you paint? A**hole!


Just a whole truck load of nopes for this giant red flag. <<less
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silvermoon310306 rated it
May 27, 2024
Status: c14
Hello there,

I really like this story so far. The MC currently seems to be a little lost, or rather he is still adapting to the world he reincarnated into. As for the ml, well I believe he has started to take interest in the MC, though he doesn't have a very nice personality. Though I'm glad that he takes ''care'' of mc's brother.

... more>>

The ML acually forces himself on the MC, soooooo there is still a lot of room for improvement in their relationship. (I can also understand if someone doesn't like those kind of unconsensual scenses.)



But what I'm acually currious about is, weather the MC will recover some memories of the original owner of the body, or if he will become interested in art in the future. After all the original Seo I-kyung was very interested in paintings.



Lastly, I hope that childhood friend of the ML won't become a huge obsticle in their relationship.


Thanks for translating! <<less
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