The Vicious Female Supporting Character Gets Adored by the Kids in the Variety Show


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[Transmigration + System + Entertainment industry’s cute baby]

Yan Yueqing transmigrated into a book, becoming an eighteenth-tier cannon fodder character in a children’s variety show.

The female lead became famous through the show, while the cannon fodder attracted countless online attacks due to her “bootlicker” persona.

After the cannon fodder committed su*cide by jumping into the sea, the female lead not only lived in her house and spent her money, but also used her child to make a grand comeback!

Yan Yueqing: Thanks, but no thanks! I’ll raise my own son! The female lead can enjoy her life on her own, no need to get involved with me!

System: A “bootlicker” persona, huh? Here’s five hundred billion startup funds, take your time and lick it slowly!

Online attacks, you say? After the variety show aired, netizens all over the Internet started calling her “Mom”!

In a luxurious villa, a small ice cube face watched the live stream of the now popular Yan Yueqing and coldly said, : “Dad, from now on, this is the standard of what I expect from my mother.

A certain big shot in the business world, trying to hold back his laughter, said, “That’s your real mother, you know.”

Little Ice cube Face: ???

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