Establishing the Top Aristocratic Family in the Cultivation World


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Qin Ruqing crossed over into a cultivation aristocratic family, becoming the youngest daughter of the family head, equipped with a family upgrade system.

Qin Ruqing: All the elements are here—cultivation aristocratic family, dad is the family head, older brothers above, and I’m the youngest and most favored daughter. Plus, a golden finger system—I can just lie down and relax 🙂

However, not long after, she was informed by the system—she was about to die!

It turned out that the Qin family was on the brink of collapse, with only one point of luck remaining. The day the Qin family collapsed would be the day Qin Ruqing died.

Qin Yiyi recalled her family—a mix of slackers and those obsessed with internal strife—expressionless: Forget it, I’d rather just die.

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