The Loyal Abandoned Princess


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“It’s possible. The Empress is not someone to be taken lightly.”

Leonhardt, the war hero of the empire.

She served under three emperors and established an era of peace and prosperity as the Prime Minister.

“Long live Leonhardt!”

“Leonhardt, the hero of Merne!”

She dedicated her entire life to the empire without ever marrying.

But who would have thought that such an honourable loyalist would die by falling down the stairs!

The problem is that when she opened her eyes again, she found herself in the empire 200 years later, as none other than the infamous ‘Agnes.’

“…Sigh. I told you not to test my patience, Agnes Barburquet.”

Her husband constantly threatens divorce at every turn, and even her mother-in-law, the Empress, makes an attempt on her life and wants her dead.

She contemplates a peaceful divorce and spending her remaining days in a convent, but the state of the empire is too chaotic to pretend not to see.

‘I didn’t suffer through all that for this.’

Unable to suppress the loyal blood that boils within her, Leonhardt, now Agnes, begins to reform her husband, Prince Caspian!

“No matter what, you are and will always be my wife.

But this reform project… seems to be going strangely?

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충신은 버림받은 황자비
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