The False Daughter Descends the Mountain to Marry in Another’s Stead, While the True Master Seeks Nightly Divinations


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The false heiress, Yu ning, descends the mountain to fulfill her master’s order and marry in another’s place. Rumor has it that her husband is in a vegetative state, the family is plagued with difficult elders, and four troublesome brothers-in-law are nothing but trouble. The entire elite circle waits eagerly for Yu ning’s downfall, while the true heiress laughs hysterically.

In response, Yu ning declares that this is nothing to worry about. With her expertise in metaphysics, she can easily navigate the elite world. She reads fortunes, breaks formations, and resolves feng shui issues, winning the favor of all the elders. The four handsome brothers-in-law become her die-hard fans. The true heiress’s family regrets their actions and comes to confront her, only to be scratched all over by a fierce little black cat.

Little Black Cat: Meow meow meow! (Stop pestering my wife, or I’ll bankrupt your entire family when I return to my own body!)

Yu ning picks up the little black cat: Behave, don’t make a fuss.

After months of being in a vegetative state, CEO Lin awakens, with rumors circulating that the joyous influence of his petite wife was the cause.

In response, CEO Lin sneers, “My wife is not just a petite beauty. She’s the head of metaphysics, a master fortune-teller, both beautiful and bold, with a slender waist and long legs. She can even uproot willow trees. Ning—dear wife, open the door! I genuinely seek a fortune-telling!”

Yu ning: “At midnight, I don’t believe you genuinely want a fortune-telling.”

CEO Lin: “Even seeking a child is still seeking a fortune.”

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