I’ll Just Say One Thing


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As a mermaid in pursuit of romance and excitement, Xun Xun falls in love with a human.

Apart from the species issue, the only obstacle is that she can only say one sentence each year.

Xun Xun waited for fourteen years to say to her beloved:

“…Damn it, Chen Hengzhi, you bastard!”

A talkative, naive mermaid X a cold, sharp-tongued manhua artist

A whimsical story, brainless, sweet, and silly, updated daily in a laid-back manner. Enter with caution.

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Date Group Release
07/10/24 Whimsical Reads c6
06/29/24 Whimsical Reads c5
06/26/24 Whimsical Reads c4
06/22/24 Whimsical Reads c3
06/19/24 Whimsical Reads c2
06/15/24 Whimsical Reads c1
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