Reborn in the Seventies: Don’t Be A Cannon Fodder


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After Dong Jiaojiao’s death, she realized that her world was a book, and she was originally the female lead in the story. However, her luck was taken away by a transmigrated woman, leading to her tragic demise.

With a second chance, Dong Jiaojiao aims to change her fate against all odds. As for her husband, He Chengjun, who is the male lead of the original book, he regrets everything he did with the transmigrated woman in his past life and is willing to let it go.

He Chengjun cares about his reputation and refuses to divorce. Dong Jiaojiao decides to apply for divorce herself and spreads rumors in the military compound that He Chengjun is incompetent and not a real man.

Finally, they divorced.

He Chengjun thinks that Dong Jiaojiao, a rural woman, won’t survive without him and waits for her to beg for mercy.

However, to his surprise, he learns that Dong Jiaojiao remarried to the top executive of the adjacent research institute.

What’s more, due to their age gap, he has to call him “uncle”… Doesn’t that make Dong Jiaojiao his aunt?

On the other hand, Lu Jinzhou is extremely sensitive to smells due to his childhood experiences. He thinks he will never get married until he meets Dong Jiaojiao.

Their first encounter leaves a deep impression, and a unique fragrance immediately captivates Lu Jinzhou’s heart and soul, entangling him incessantly, never to be forgotten….

People in the military compound say that Dong Jiaojiao, a rural woman, is not worthy of Director Lu’s prestige and charm, especially as a divorced woman.

But little do they know, Lu Jinzhou is determined to cherish his hard-won wife and treat her well.

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