I Came Back And Conquered It All


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“It’s finally here,” the man with the sword said in an echoing whisper.

“The Tower of Choice, the last floor!” the band of five exclaimed together in response.

Angelica came down from the altar, her expression drowsy as if she found it very annoying. Then, she looked us over.

“I’ll tell you again, but you’ve been working hard so far. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to go up to the hundredth floor by myself”

[Dominating Touch (Rank: SSS, Active)] “All of you die.”


One by one, they fall to the floor.

Angelica’s dagger pierced my neck, and I felt a roaring pain and darkness well up in front of my eyes. I was drifting away from my senses and from everything else. After that, I was engulfed by deep darkness.

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Regress and Take It All
회귀해서 다해먹음
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69 Reviews

May 24, 2020
Status: c2
The concept seems great: everyone has unique skills, betrayal, mysteries.

Buuuuut the translation is bad, just bad, I can't find the exact fault if I can't understand the meaning of the sentance.

Anyway from what I understood from the genearal meaning is going to be a great story.
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Greg Skillman
Greg Skillma
Mar 04, 2021
Status: c129
So, before I start explaining anything about why this novel is great I want to correct one common misconception about this story based on the summary posted above. This is NOT a basic "go back in time revenge story" like Kill The Hero.


That plot thread is taken care of in like 50 chapters and then the story keeps progressing and improving


So moving on to why this is a great story. We have the following points:

  • An Overpowered Intelligent Main Character
  • Back to the Past time travel and thereby knowledge of the future
  • MC discovers new things that completely changes his perspective on past events
  • An expanding world, such that the scope of the story changes as the story progresses and puts into question whether the MC is actually overpowered when compared to his antagonists without the MC just being immediately scaled up to meet the threat
  • Incredibly shocking twists that put into question everything you previously took for granted based on what the MC and thereby the reader were previously aware of before the twist.
  • Its is not a terribly long story: In case you didn't check the novel only has 200 chapters which means that it doesn't pointlessly go on and on.
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Mar 18, 2021
Status: c79

Translation is iffy with lots of sentences without meaning.

The MC goes back in time but instead of chasing strength he becomes the ultimate Mary Sue at chap 2: Photographic memory, can speak all languages, has an all seeing eye, absolute mental immunity, can use all magic he sees even though regular people only have 4 skill slots, can master 25 years of sword practice in days, has more magic power than anyone in the world, has unlimited growth potential while everyone else is hard capped, can see through rewards and... more>> always hand pick the greatest. The list goes on.

The Worldbuilding is nothing new: Korean soft apocalypse with monster portals, guilds and a system that distributes powers like a game. At least said system only display skill levels and mana, not bothering for usual long stat sheets. Still cliche.

The other characters are kind of flat and either follow the MC like a puppy or treat him like their mortal enemy for little to no reason. Even the ones who're supposed to be mysterious are quickly seen through and dealth with by our perfect hero.

The plot is kind of nice, surprisingly, as there are suspense elements that keep you intrigued, but believe it or not, the action/dungeon diving scenes were the borings ones due to it being random mobs appearing and being pwned by the Mary Sue, while the curse, alien and pos tutorial mysteries were the good parts that kept me going.

Go in with low expectations and you might waste some time. <<less
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Jun 24, 2020
Status: c161

I'm catching up at the latest raw chapter and I can definitely say that this is one of the best novel I've ever read according to my taste. This novel satisfied the long superb action/fantasy novel drought that I experienced for the past years. We have an MC who has an op skill but have limited capability, after being betrayed by the parasite immortal betrayal not good term tbh coz from the start, she's just toying the human race and using it for entertainment like what she did for other races), our MC was sent back in time not with his own body but with the body of the potential strongest hunter in world. The hunter who is destined to be the strongest is threatened by a psycho because she wants to control him after she learned that he will become the strongest hunter in the future. But the plan failed because our MC awakened in the body of the strongest hunter. In a fateful encounter during a dungeon exploration, our MC learned the truth about the immortal being and what happened to the strongest hunter and the psycho in his past. It was connected all along. He also discovered that the parasite is not the main antagonist. There is more powerful waiting to be challenged.

Someone should really continue this series because it's really enjoyable and the really good. I wish we have more novel like this. One of the best I've ever read so far.

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Aug 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Short and simple review of this novel:

    • MC takes on the typical Korean persona of a protagonist in which a lot of people describe as "omniscient" in a sense in which the MC makes the right decisions at the right time and can disregard the idea of "too much plot armor" existing due to this omniscience that is within the MC. Also the typical male Korean-novel protagonist traits of the MC exist such as the seeming ruthlessness that is lacking in most JP-novel protagonists (including the "seinen" genre if you're excluding the extremes of the axes such as Redo of Healer or such) and calm-minded aspect of such.
    • Now here is the thing I want to talk about most regarding the reviews I've seen so far: I understand the concern that people have towards this novel regarding the anti-China mentality that exists within the novel, but let's discuss this for a bit without being bias towards any nationality. We have Korean novels that occasionally bash on China and Japan by killing off characters from their nation or antagonizing their country as a whole (this novel, Solo Leveling, Returnee's Life Report, etc.) , Japanese novels that bash on China consistently with the idea of r*pe, savagery, and the "awful reality of their Communistic ambition" (Irregular at Magic High School, Gate Thus The JDSF Fought There, etc.) , and Chinese novels that arguably are objectively the worst overall in terms of "negativity", especially in terms of propaganda as it seems that 75% of CN novels promote some sort of modern-day propaganda or the mentality of Chinese superiority as a sort of deification (promoting pseudo-science Chinese medicine, Communism, "our nation started the world's revolution", etc.) . In simpler terms, bashing another country or nation intentionally in a novel unnecessarily is definitely not the nicest thing to do, but at the end of the day, the author made the choice to incorporate these elements into the story, regardless of the novel's origin. We as the readers should keep in-mind the deep, tense history that exists between these three countries and acknowledge that we each possess a different view on what we regard as "correct" for the author (s) to do. Regardless of the sensitive topics we should observe in the novel, we should try to appreciate the novel for what it has to offer overall.
    • Now, some spoilers and discussion. This "regression" or "time-travel backwards" type of novel took a slightly unique approach to the story by incorporating the idea of aliens manipulating the characters as a sort of puppeteer (gave me Stephen King novel vibes) and it's interesting to see how the novel depicts that the betrayal wasn't as one-dimensional as most revenge/betrayal novels go, rather it introduces the idea that even an external force could influence the seemingly antagonistic people so that they are not as bad as they seem. You even feel some aspects of pity for those who have been manipulated to act a certain way as it ruins the potential they could have had as the MC's side characters. The plot twist introduced with this in the story in the climax/latter chapters of the novel allows for the reader to fill in the plot holes that initially existed and perhaps brings forth the idea that even with a time regression, not all things are they way it is (A Returner's Magic Should Be Special kind of was like that with the Saint becoming an antagonist in the second timeline) .
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Jul 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Very good. It has a complicated plotline even if it does seem generic in the beginning. The villains have interesting motives and there are a lot of plottwists. Definitely the best korean "hunter" novels Ive read up till now. Also no harem, so you dont have to go through the cringe. Always a plus!
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Feb 21, 2021
Status: Completed
This is easily top 10 in my book, can easily compare to SCOG, has a solid story with plenty of twists that will leave you craving for more.
Unlike what most may think the story isn't about just getting revenge, revenge is part of it but the MC discovers that there is more to the world than meets the eye.
the MC is very calm, smart and calculating, he acts like his age as a person who lived for 80 years before.
I can't ask for anything more in the novel as it's 1 of the best in it's genre (fantasy/action).
story wise the novel has a very deep story development with twist and turns, going other dimensions and worlds to travel to and explore.
characters are very well written with their own perks and personalities.
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Oct 21, 2020
Status: c100
it's been a fun read so far. There's some face slapping but not a whole lot and the MC doesn't just run around showing off all the time, which is nice, and he isn't hot-headed or quick tempered. He was 80 or so when he was betrayed so he's smart and calm and knows how to use his skill. There's a bit of revenge but that's not the main focus of the story. The main focus is saving humanity, getting safely past the tutorial, and trying to figure out what... more>> happened to him, whats going on with the system, and who planted that curse in the body he now inhabits. Sadly, c100 was the last free page so I can't read further. I hope this gets picked up again. <<less
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May 30, 2020
Status: c2
I like this novel. That's why I gave it 5 stars, the main character is smart and from what I see uses his Special ability quite well, and the antagonist is refreshing. Think of her as Rachel from tower of god and what is funny is that her ability reflects her personality.
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May 22, 2021
Status: c124
Don't judge it by first ch.s. There a terrible translation, but improves. Author is really smart and plot and world are great. Pace is a bit quick though and battles aren't really that interesting or often. More of a focus on mystery and plot than action.
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Apr 28, 2021
Status: c29
Literal BS!

I like second chance novels where MC stays relatively OP so that there's a lot of chance for World Building which doesn't restrict the MC's capabilities. This is not such a novel.

This is utter crap of a translation and a novel that does nothing interesting although the curse thing goes on for a while, it's just suspense baiting and definitely plays according to the OP MC for no reason. So far there's no interesting side characters, no interesting power ups. The author literally broke his own rules many times... more>> favoring the MC. Already op stats with ridiculous living gear. The only fun part is the pet and I'm not staying for its development

The 5 stars are not deserved but literally baited by the author in one of the early chapters where the setting's relatively interesting. 1 star is a cruel & hard rating this novel as it may do better in next chapters but I did so that the 5 stars do not cheat other readers like I got baited. <<less
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Apr 27, 2021
Status: c122
Firstly, the Novel is really good. Reminds me of everyone's a returnee

It's engaging and there aren't any of those super annoying characters. Thank god it's not a romance novel too, cuz that just goes in another direction.

Also, A few ppl in the recent comments have been criticizing the MC for his selfishness/ego, the focus on Korea and lack of setbacks due to changing the future?

... more>> READ D REST IF UR DOUBTFUL DUE TO THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS (My views after reading 100+chapters)

It's a Korean novel! There will b world level events/perspective at times, but ofc it will generally revolve around the location where the MC is based which happens to b Korea.

Also, how many doomsday/alien invasion movies/stories start & end in the USA/Western nations with barely any focus on other nations?? It's d same concept. It does not detract from the story.

That being said, it's not even close to the level of many many Chinese novels which r all abt nationalism n patriotism n greatness of China. So it's not problematic at all.

The MC is also not really selfish... He does want to save d world N knows he has d power to do so... I don't find it wrong for him to work towards being more powerful n making his allies powerful...

It does heavily focus on our MC, but that doesn't mean d others r powerless... They just get lesser screen time, cuz our MC is doing way more stuff & is literally d only person with an identity (soul) which can save d earth... His identity is somewhat cleared around Ch.122

Yes there don't seem to b any particular adverse effects to him changing things... But it is something that would have happened anyways n he only hastens them. Him being OP n having made plans effectively is really d reason why things workout 4 him. <<less
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Apr 07, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel. I wish more from the epilogue to see how things progressed but this is one of the few endings from a web novel I felt satisfied from reading.

As anyone like me who reads CN, JP, ENG, KR webnovels should know how hard it can be to get a decent ending since most of them in my opinion are tr*sh.

Without spoilers the ending doesn't resolve the whole conflict going on in the novel because it can't.

Now with an example to try and not spoil to much

... more>>

It's like a conflict between ocean water getting sand wet.

The sand will get wet, then dry off then get wet again. A never ending cycle that can't be stopped


without giving massive spoilers that is why the conflict can't be resolved. Which makes sense and I'm more than happy with.

There is no romance which is a con from me but plus for those who don't want romance in their novels. But there seems to be hints about it here and there that never come to fruition, but seemed to get turned into something else.

Another con from me is that randy is never introduced. When the MC goes to the past Randy is just a baby and not enough time goes by to introduce him but I still think its a shame that he's not even introduced in the epilogue. I don't think its a spoiler for this because the character has so little mentioned about him that he cant even be considered a side character.

Translation is okay some mistakes. The only annoying parts for me was that the site seems to be made more for mobile because I had issues on my pc where sentences with people talking would get bunched into a paragraph. It bugged me but nothing deal breaking.

Story had interesting twists that aren't imaginative but even so are things I never see other novels do which is a shame because I love plots like these.

Major spoiler about the MC


A big bad destroyed his home so he went far back into the past to what can be considered to be the beginning of time to cause a butterfly effect throughout multiple different species and planets to help his home. And he just keeps regressing into multiple species to get a certain job done. If he fails he repeats that life until he succeeds. And the current mission he has is naturally to save earth.


Big thing that bugs me and other people is nationalism. Which never in the story bugged me regarding that.

-MC is Korean so Korea gets a lot of good stuff, but MC is always thinking on how to help the earth as a whole not just Korea.

-China is a big bad and that's about it.

-MC main party consists of A Japanese and American.

-The cast the MC mainly interacts with are from other countries. There are very few if no Koreans besides him and his secretary that come to mind that play a part in the story. Which I enjoyed a lot.

So yes the novel has some nationalism but pretty much any novel does when written in a earth setting about their country. But this novel nothing in it bugged me.

Really great novel, There are some plot holes but none come to mind right now so they shouldn't be that big.

And for me at least it got better the more it went on.

I read this because I love SSS class su*cide hunter and this one did not dissapoint. Though the two aren't similar at all besides the rewind time part of it in the beginning.

Give it a try one of the best novels I read in a long time and I've been dropping books like mad due to shear boredom of all the novels on this site.

This one however kept me to the end and I'm glad it did Thank you Author! <<less
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Aug 24, 2021
Status: --
This was a very satisfying novel, I recommend it.


  • MC is a good guy, and you feel him getting more powerful as chapters go on.
  • Characters are kept through the whole story.
  • Interesting twist of the "system" setting.
  • Long chapters.
  • I enjoyed the ending, it closed the story well.

  • Zero romance, but it makes sense in the setting.
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Aug 16, 2021
Status: Completed
That was awesome, thank you translators! It was a nice ride, I will miss Seo Jin-Wook, albeit the novel was a little shorter than I expected. It made me feel a lot of things and now I feel empty. I wish there could be more epilogue sides, mainly of Hibiki, Nate and Secretary Kim, maybe also the Senator.

The good ones first, I really like the plot and it was all rising action (which is good but bad for my health since I can't sleep) that made me binge read this... more>> novel. MC was definitely OP but deservingly so. Unlike Chinese or Japanese novels they have that continuous plot building that wrapped up well in the end. Some characters were fleshed out but some were not, maybe because the novel was fairly short. I was happy I got to know this novel though, it potentially could be better than Solo-levelling in many aspects if not for some problematic things I've noticed while reading.

Next, the problems other people might encounter.

First, the novel was not that badly translated at first, this is coming from a person who had read a lot of webnovels and resorted to MTL-ing stories because of cliff-hangers. It got better! But in general I think the novel itself was wordy.

On the other hand, compared to others it was a little short and straight forward. Plot devices that could take 100+ chapters or so were shortened in 1 or 2 chapters like how they do in western novels. It's also openly racist to China. Maybe I endured because I've read Chinese webnovels doing the same against Japanese and Korean ones, but if you are the kind of person who would find those things not ideal, stay away from this (the context was when tragedy comes, China would become extremely nationalistic and selfish that they can't decide for the well-being of other neighboring countries too).

The story and plot placements were astounding. I would appreciate it more if this story was made to be longer. But overall, I like it very much. I like how it ended compared to Solo-levelling lmao <<less
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Aug 13, 2021
Status: c198
Very good. The story takes on the levelup troupe but without the braindead level grinding. There is an actual interesting story with unexpected twists, that tie directly to the system.
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Aug 09, 2021
Status: c69
Very good Apocalypse novel. The MC is smart and not HORNI. The side characters are also amazing! The world-building is stable. And lastly, the plot is THICC!
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Jun 13, 2022
Status: Completed
It was somewhat typical of a korean web novel; OP MC, high functioning plot armor, etc.

One thing I liked here that was different from other korean novels is that there is no harem, and there is no misogyny or very small amount.
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Jan 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I honestly wasn't expecting much from this but the story and the twists kept me going. I was even reluctant to finish the novel, I was enjoying it too much!

Yes there were the cliche tropes of Awakening, Hunters, Dungeons, System, God's and so on but

... more>>

Author did a great job with outlining and foreshadowing, the plot twists were surprising and kept me on the edge of my seat.



Author also made their own mythology in the story in a way; most novels just borrow from existing pantheons like Greek and Norse. The gods in the novel felt more inspired from Lovecraft and Cthulhu mythos which I'm very much a fan of.



My huge disappointment in novels like this are the ENDINGS. Mostly since they often feel very rushed and there's too many plot holes left. But the author tied it up nicely though there's still some plot HOLES, the ending doesn't feel rushed and more open-ended. Heck I even felt hopeful for the future of the universe lol.


ALSO the translators did an AMAZING job! The translation was great and there weren't a lot of errors or typos! Kudos to them, I really felt the dedication of the translators and if I could have contributed while this novel was still in the middle of being translated I would

Overall one of the most enjoyable reads I've had so far! I'm only sad that it's so short, only 200 chapters. And sadly the author didn't write any side stories but do give it a try! Though it's not revolutionary by any means it still makes great use of current tropes while the writing and translation is so good!

Oh no! I messed up the star rating!!! It is supposed to be 5 Star QAQ

It is my first time leaving a long review for a novel. How can I change it <<less
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May 10, 2021
Status: --
I really appreciate that this was translated for free but sometimes it feels that it's just a watered down version of mtl and that should say a lot about the translation quality. We're not really asking for stellar translations as we're not paying for it but really hoped it was readable at best.

The prompt is interesting though but I can't really appreciate all of its charm with the wording botching the whole story. Truly regretful.
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