Kill the Hero


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In a game-like world where dungeons, monsters, and players appear.

In that world, only I knew the truth.

“Let’s save the world together. Let’s put an end to this game.”

The secret that the man who’s idolized as the “Messiah who will save the world” is actually trying to rule it as its emperor.

Only I, who experienced his betrayal. I, who was mu*dered by him and returned to the past, know the truth.

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Godgrid rated it
December 6, 2018
Status: Completed
Mediocre. That's the only way I can describe this novel. It's just basically wish fulfillment. The MC never experiences any hardships or anything like that. From the very beginning to the end, it's just smooth sailing for the MC. Need a skill? MC gets it the next chapter. Need a weapon? Next chapter. Enemy? Enemy's gonna die or be defeated without any struggle.

That said, it's good for reading when you have nothing else to read. Just don't have any expectations for this novel because you'll be disappointed.
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yutakim rated it
October 29, 2018
Status: Completed
I was so excited to read this novel from the beginning, because the story is a bit similar to EER, SSN, etc. But one thing that made this novel different is that the MC isn't your typical betrayed hero but MC is a loyal subordinate to hero yet betrayed by the hero. I enjoyed this a lot, but ofc just like another KR novels this novel also get boring in the later chapter (i mean around 150+) the story become so boring as the plot armor really play a great... more>> role for MC. The 'luck' MC possessed is just too much.

everytime he needs a certain skill or item MC will get it in a few chapters


And for the last, this is a major spoiler that maybe will change your idea to read this novel.

The MC struggled so much to kill LSJ and ending the game, even though the MC managed to kill LSJ and PSH he still hasn't clear the game yet. The story ended 1 week before MC and all star player go to 9th floor dungeon (last dungeon)

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Pokemini rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: --
Ok truth to be told I read the manhwa before the novel so it might have helped.

Personally I quite liked the story.

The MC is ruthless, cold, smart, practical and rational (big plus for me). He's definitely a grey character.

I thought him being OP makes sense. I mean he is living a second time.

... more>>

And we were told that he was the top hunting dog in the top organisation meaning he was well trained and he knew a lot of things.


The side characters are hmm.... likeable (easy to get attached to, I like Lee Jin Ah already) but not that well developed (or perhaps I haven't reached the arc of their character development yet). Doesn't really matter to me for this novel since I think the description emphasized that the focus of the story is more on the plot/revenge rather than character development. This also means no harem to detract from the plot (another plus for me).

Overall well written plot. Not worth losing sleep over it but definitely a good read. <<less
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Pixeldrum rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: c150
Does this novel stand out at all compared to any other KR dungeon novel? Honestly, not at all. It's your bread and butter, seen a million times, typical revenge plot with an MC that gets to travel back in time in order to achieve his revenge.

Honestly, I really like these sorts of revenge time travel novels, even if they aren't the most creative things in the world, so you definitely have a pretty big flaw for me to give it a 2/5. It's not to say that it's unreadable. It... more>> definitely is something you can read if you want to just pass some time. It's a turn your brain off novel and read to pass time. That's all. But I had to give it a 2/5 just because objectively, how bad it is.

There needs to be something that stands out in a novel like this. Something. There wasn't really anything that caught my eye at all. There was a lack of an attention to detail at all. While the author makes you believe that the plot is multi-faceted and the MC is scheming behind the scenes, manipulating the world, what the plot really made me think was how badly developed it was and how shallow it was. And it really grinds my gears that the MC manages to do his investigating without any much help. A lot of novels have MC's have to plot in order to get minute amounts of information in order to figure out what the big plan is, what his enemies are doing, etc. In this novel, everything is solved by plot device called "skills." What results is that the MC manages to collect free information essentially, because he has the most broken abilities in the novel, and that makes it extremely boring to read. Ok, he solves this situation because of this unique legendary skill that he happened to come across. This is not fun to read at all. As a result, any obstacle he faces is honestly, brute forced through with his OP abilities.

The dungeons he clears with the help of his knowledge are not really fun to read, and it doesn't save the novel with how bad the overarching plot is and how trivial it is for our MC to overcome his obstacles outside the dungeons. And as you might expect from a novel like this, the characters are not developed at all. There are exactly two characters in this novel that have any sort of characterization at all, and even then, these characters are pretty boring and add little to the plot other than overused comedic relief or plot development. It's a pretty big leap in logic that the MC trusts one of these two characters despite his whole shticks being that he doesn't trust anybody. Other characters have extremely limited personalities and serve either to make our MC's life harder, or to make his life easier. That's it. They are all a foil to our MC regardless of anything. And that brings me to another point. Unlike other novels like reincarnater and reverend insanity, it seems that Kim Woojin never loses. He's never on the back foot. Everything is within his control, and he's ALWAYS able to come back on top, regardless of how the circumstances evolve, and that makes it very boring to read as well. What's the point of reading if I already know that Woojin is somehow going to reverse the situation relatively easily, leaving his enemies in defeat? Plus, it's the biggest joke that Woojin talks about how his past life was filled with unlucky drop rates, because our MC here wins the RNG lottery time and time again. Legendary after legendary that are useful to him come successfully one after the other, there is no such thing as not high rolling a great skill or item.

Worldbuilding: Haha.

A Gary Sue that never loses, a plot that is extremely linear and predictable, dungeons that are not very interesting to read about, and terrible characters that only serve as a foil to our MC. There is absolutely nothing that stands out about this novel. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c50
Gave it a read and well, it's okey, my biggest issue is that it's about a necromancer who as many of these korean novels is more of a fighter with necro skills then an actual necromancer.

Small spoilers from the first few chapters about his choice of class and progress.

... more>>

The MC is from the beginning an Immortal Swordsman so not even the big bad Hero can defeat him without resorting to use a sword that lowers his powers by 90% so that a poison that killed everyone else can start to effect him. So when he regresses he decides to pick the necromancer class cause he can't defeat the Hero with his last class. But he still decides to invest all his stats into physical (it's never really explained outside that there are likely two stats magic and physical) because by investing everything into physical stat he will have a chance to fight vs the Hero cause the Hero has so high physical stats that he's a litteral tank. But he still goes with the necro class that has all it's skills based on and boosted by magic. Then he goes on to use the skills and realizes that his summons fighting experience and skills are based on his own fighting style so the weakness of the previous king of necromancer is now gone since he is a fighting expert, every single summon of his is a copy of himself.

He say's he'll revise his build because of this but, still continues to invest all his stats into the physical stat even though magic would make him able to summon more summons and make them stronger he still only trusts in himself. Then the author starts giving him a bunch of high end skills from the start that boosts his summons by a % so the higher their base stats the stronger they get.

To be honest the author seems to want to make a copy out of Solo Leveling but pretty much just makes the MC look s*upid because he focuses only on the physical stat while going with a magic class and over and over highlightning how good the magic stat would be for himself but instead goes with the physical stat which pretty much does nothing for him outside of making him physical strong. Sure being physical strong is good, but being able to summon 100 skeletons that are probably even stronger and has the same fighting skills as yourself is probably even better. But yeah pretty much author wants his MC to be a necromancer while still being a melee fighter and justifies it by having MC invest everything into physical stat cause all the skills, passives what not the other classes have don't matter at all cause the MC has the same physical stat as them and good gear.


The story overall is "okey" I would say it's pretty standard at this point, the pacing is kinda weird with plot jumping forward quite a bit at times, probably to just skip things the author thought would be boring to explain/go into.

Character development? There is not much as far as I've read it's all about the MC and his power creeping while characters are introduced left and right only to be killed of within a few chapters after meeting the MC.

The world building is not really there since the only explanation is "it's this real life area and a dungeon appeared there", "he fights an orc" etc.

In short the only focus of the story is the MC leveling up, gaining new loot, getting more skills, growing stronger and fighting/being badass (while everyone else is an idiot most of the time or just weak). While the author tries to hint at an overreaching plot and a lot of behind the scene happenings it is poorly delivered.

It also doesn't help that the author seems to have something against Japanese ppl and portrays them in a negative light, the author seems to have a beef with the Japanese occupation of Korea from a hundred + years ago.

Lastly the author also seemingly likes to contradict whats been written or just make some parts super weird. Like telling us how a dungeon has appeared for the first time or no one has cleared the dungeon and once you enter you have to clear it or your dead. But for whatever reason their still able to hold a meeting before the dungeon raid and give out all the info you'd need to raid the dungeon. Like having mapped the dungeons interior, what monsters/bosses you'll face or what the objective to clear the dungeon is and so on. It's never explained how this is and instead the readers are seemingly expected to just guess that they have some kind of sonar, divination powers or something that let's them grasp all the knowledge you need to clear a dungeon.

I'd give this 2, 5 stars for trying but being generous I'll give it 3. <<less
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pyramidhead rated it
August 1, 2019
Status: c42
Your typical Korean novel in terms of quality and the translation is good too. Reminds me a lot of emperor of solo play and what it would be if it were reality instead of a vrmmo. Definitely read if you love necromancer protags or K novels like me.
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millaauri rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: c251
If you liked novels with overpowered, extremely lucky protagonist... This is for you. Seriously, 250 chapters in and the MC experienced 0 hardships, all we readers enjoy is his cunning plots in order to get his revenge... which is very satisfying. Sometimes its great to just sit back and relax, you know, knowing our MC will ended up winning anyway lol. Really liked how skills after skills just pop out for the MC to use, and the comedy from his sidekicks were very amusing. Though, if you prefer your novel's... more>> MC to suffer and went through hoops you might hate this novel. <<less
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sleed rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a complete art piece. But the defining characteristic its the way it deals with politics.

But I like the determination of MC, and some how it ends up feeling true, as if they were really in a corrupt place were good manifest in a very limited fashion and evil is simply more resourceful.

... more>>

Some times it feels over complicated and too evil because it's like there's only very few people doing the good.

And just adding a few elements would turn it into an exemptional novel but still I feel the way this was executed it's very very satisfying.


One of the things I'm sorry for it's it lacks romance.. Even like a third party romance that's not with food hehe

The reason who I say it's complete it's because it feels very credible, like the reason MC doesn't find love it's simply because of his character, he was always a crazy person right etc.. Ofc it would be better if something dramatic would change him but what I love is that MC regardless has one ideal say any cost and pursues it without rest.

And the author always always respects that's

That's some thing I admire the capacity to stay true to your values and knowing what it takes to stay firm.


I'd recommend this if you want to see someone special pursue a special unique goal..

This is not the best novel but it's a very special inspiring novel. It's like watching a true solitary warrior that has choses his destiny.

Also they way he plans things is awesome, very good it's not like everything it's prepared to him in a crude way.

And the enemies may be too evil but for this novel I think they make a good feeling if you want to see that kind of struggle.

Honestly this novel I wouldn't recommend easily because the thing that makes it special it's for a kind of taste really. And for example it honestly lacks romance and could use some more comedy.

But really I like it, there's to few novels with this feeling

And the author really good I think he's definitely capable of more I'll look for what other novels he's made. He's very capable of improving and I take look forward for his other works. In fact I'm a fan now. <<less
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Kanana rated it
April 21, 2019
Status: c28
This novel could be described mediocre at its best. It reads as if it is a rpg grind log with some padding thrown in. Main character is extremely one dimensional and can only think of revenge, being a cheap f*ck, and how he is the best hunting dog there was and will ever be! Side "characters" are extremely unremarkable and unmemorable. I see almost no redeeming qualities of this novel except for its extreme blandness.

I recommend reading it only to pass time when you have nothing to do.
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tomthegreatest rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: Completed
A surprisingly good read. MC's plot armor was so strong that even a nuclear missile wouldn't be able to get through it which meant that there was very little tension in the novel. However, once you view the novel in a more lighthearted way, you'll realize that the novel was surprisingly well-made. Schemes actually made sense, nothing felt too unrealistic, and best of all, the MC's regression was actually explained at the end of the novel, unlike most others. While the novel had an open ending, I felt like the... more>> open ending actually made the novel better as even if the author kept writing, the novel would have only become worst instead of better. The last chapter was what made me bump the review from a 4-star to a 5-star.

As someone who had read a ton of other Korean dungeon novels, I can say that there is absolutely nothing about this novel that sets it apart from the rest. However, it was still very very entertaining to read. Highly recommended if you enjoy novels that have a comedic undertone. <<less
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ConsiderableWave rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Pure, unabashed revenge.

Calling the MC cunning doesn't do him justice. He's a manipulative, Machiavellian, treacherous b@stard. There's no goal for him other than ruining those who betrayed him and he'll use whatever means necessary. He's straight up evil and without being so heartless wouldn't have the ability to become so freakishy overpowered. You want to feel good reading a story? Too bad. The only thing fueling you to read this will be the gripping realization that he's slowly but surely clawing his way towards his goal. He doesn't blink to... more>> make people a casualty to reach it, so if you're looking for a good guy to win I'm sorry since closest you'll get to a 'good guy' is someone morally shadowed light grey.

This isn't a story about the world, this is a story about the MC's revenge

He doesn't change since this entire story isn't about him learning, it's about him winning. Character growth isn't important when the only thing that moves you is the sharp taste of betrayal on your tongue, begging you to wash it out with the blood of your enemies. Once you accept he isn't going to deviate from his path of hatred in the slightest, you can enjoy him pulling strings like a masochistic puppeteer. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
q00u rated it
February 14, 2021
Status: Completed
It's fine. It's short. It has an ending (even if it feels rushed).

I liked that the OP MC mostly resorted to schemes to achieve his goals, rather than just punching things real hard.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fangyuan rated it
February 6, 2021
Status: Completed
A novel that follows the usual Korean webnovel formula: OP MC, funny side characters, and godlike plot armors. To be honest, the novel feels kinda flat and even the final arc feels the same. The ending is okay but there are a lot of unanswered questions about the premise of the novel.

You will never know why the world became a 'game', who are the entities behind the halos and even details about MC's archenemy


Do I recommend this novel? Yes, if you are not that of a picky reader. The translation is pretty well-done too and the translator was kind enough to explain the history behind some of the items in the novel.
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nilmay rated it
November 1, 2020
Status: c190
I just love the story, MC and his friend. Some people will complain how he doesn't faces any hardship in the entire story and I agree with that but the story still remains interesting because of the way how everything falls in the mc's hand. Also the fact there isn't any woman wetting herself for our MC makes it less annoying compared to other similar dungeon and hunter novels. The MC is brutal, however he doesn't unnecessarily kills anyone but rather uses them as pawns which you'll definitely like if... more>> you are into these op mcs. <<less
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Devil Heart
Devil Heart rated it
October 31, 2020
Status: c59
I didn't finished reading this novel but for now I would just shared my thoughts so far cause idk man there was too many complaints even initially make me hesistate to read this, thankfully I ignored them and give this novel a chance. Spoiler alert.

I mean this is a rebirth story, why are peoples complaining how MC got his skills easily? Actually as to how he got the skills pretty realistic for me. Why? Because it was stated in his past life, the skills he got now is actually from... more>> the Messiah Group he got betrayed. Messiah Group planned the whole thing and give the skill to a Undead King who become a villain so that they can become hero. Since MC is a necromancer like the Undead King he hunted in from his previous life, it just can't be help. And MC got those skills from clearing the dungeon and clearly he was favour by the god backing him so getting amazing skills as reward is not really a suprise considering how he clears the dungeon alone most of the times too.

Another thing is as for how MC kept putting his points to physical stat instead of magic stat even when he is a necromancer who is relied on magic stat is because it was stated ALSO that PSJ he was trying to kill is much of a monsters that it was useless to invest in his summoned skeleton fight for him. He was planning to kill PSJ himself, he needs to kill him by his own hands. Using skeleton alone won't work. PSJ probably can kill all the skeletons easily cause he was THAT much of a monsters. Understand? MC's plan is to use the skeletons for giving him time to fight with PSJ and he already said he was going to strengthen his magic stats using items instead. And you have to remember PSJ started earlier than MC and he was backed up by his guild so compare to resources MC gotten so far, it was laughable minimal compared to PSJ his enemies.

So what even if I know it's a plot armour and luck playing? It's a revenge rebirth story. Actually I would say this is pretty low key already.

It might get boring after 100+ chapters I won't denied that but from recent chapter I read MC was slowly from initially from thinking he won't be have another colleague he can trust to I mean I guess he won't trust them completely but at least he wasn't as withdrawn compare to the beginning. Thanks to the broker. It was a nice change. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: c104
Besides the plot setting, story is very similar to other 'dungeoning' novels with the super OP MC being an one-man army as a necromancer and leveling up at a breathtaking speed and receiving legendary skills/items almost every other chapter...

The world building is not explained - in 100+ chapters I have read, I am not sure how the dungeons work in this world or how they bring out all the stuff out from the dungeons - is it they some bags or within their inventory or what... There's no decent side... more>> character - the broker could be interesting, but is so mysterious that one keeps on wondering how he gathers info/keeps tracks of things - he's more like a convenient device for MC to use when needed.

The most annoying thing is that there's no consistency in MC's abilities - it seems like the author is just keeping the name constant while changing the gist of those skills at his convenience in each chapter. There's no description of the fights at all and go something like this--> MC thinks it would a difficult fight and readies himself --break-- MC stands still and thinks 'Phew, that was a difficult fight'...

There are times, when it seems the story is getting interesting and then suddenly the scene changes, leaving the reader hanging... and the author rarely comes back to finish that interesting conversation or incident or w/e... So far, it's an OK story - nothing amazing but not too bad either... <<less
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andreyjb15 rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: Completed
I loved it. Cold-blooded, calculating and efficient to an extreme.

No romance, no filler, no wasted words, just pure action all the time, until the end.
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Aytise rated it
December 3, 2020
Status: c224
TOP TOP TOP one of the best korean novels in this genre that i've ever read, the author repeats himself a bit but the story is really great and the MC is absolutely ruthless and strong! He's not some s*upid hero who recklessly suffers losses because of allies etc in fact he always makes others suffer and he's a great actor! A good read, definitely gonna read it a second time when completed tl
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Chatshire rated it
September 19, 2020
Status: c36
Meh, it’s medicore I guess. Okay at best.

You know the saying “show don’t tell”? Well, the author here pretty much never does that. The author tells us lots of things, and that’s it. It feels like they’re listing off a bunch of plot points, MC’s capabilities, etc, etc. Worldbuilding is stale, as far as I’ve read, so are the characters and not many - if there are any at all - relationships for you to care about.

It’s pretty much a power fantasy which is cool and all cause I do... more>> like my power fantasies and have nothing against them. But damn, nothing feels satisfying cause nothing feels earned. Having plot armour is one thing, but spending paragraphs talking about how tough or expensive or rare a skill/item is and suddenly *ding* system randomly decides to bestow you said thing. It happening one time, okay meh. Easy to ignore and write off. Suspension of disbelief still intack. But this repeatedly happens again and again at rapid fire speed, chapter after chapter. There’s no tension or satisfaction. MC is OP, but it’s just words on a page and you don’t feel anything. It’s like a speed run of all the cliches in a power fantasy. (And because it’s a speed run, you can’t even feel properly satisfied.)

Honestly, the Webtoon adaptation is a better read. I feel like I care more reading the webcomic than the webnovel. The illustrations lend to the story, and idk. At least I don’t have to constantly read MC parroting “My luck is good” lines after being whacked over the head with exposition reminding us how MC is usually never lucky. Like one other reviewer said, “The protagonist is the luckiest unlucky person.”

I’m still gonna continue reading this. Just so I can get a gist of the overarching plot while sitting tight for Webtoon updates. It’s pretty much a webnovel to read on autopilot if you’re into power fantasies. No need for too much thinking. Just enjoy the tropes as the zoom past. <<less
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apa rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Although I have given the novel a poor star score of 2.5, I by no means mean that the story in itself is inherently bad...

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have any bones to pick at it as there are some problems with the story and I do understand that there is a limit as to how much you can write in 275 chapters / ~1500 pages...

One of the biggest problems I have with the novel is how incredibly fast everything happens, and a glaring side effect of that is... more>> the lack of world-building. We never really come to see how the world is affected, we never really do anything outside the dungeons as we spend 95% of the novel's time in one. The main character who was once betrayed by the man whom he had absolute trust in causes Kim Woo-jin to be an untrusting, cautious man.

Kim Woo-jin is not unafraid to kill other people to get his way and to get one step closer to his revenge which I found quite intriguing as there are not that many novels that can do such a character, a man who kills for his benefit. The speed we get legendary items because we kill all whom we see as a potential threat, of course, the author makes a lot of these situations that cause Kim Woo-jin to do something as drastic as to kill others. But about the legendary items, we collect from these people's corpses and find in dungeons, and possibly even trade for is too fast as Kim Woo-jin’s whole inventory is filled with legendary items to the point he has to give them away so he can make more space. Everything just happens so just to push the story forward, there is no need to be cautious of the butterfly effect as it never caused a single problem, as if he was in a dream thinking how the world and everything that happened would have, if he had a second chance. The main character is so incredibly lucky and everything that happens favorably to him

So. The story goes fast not a lot of explaining happens during the scenes of the novel we just pretty much rush through the novel to the end, which reminds me of the end... Ooooh boy was it anticlimactic the novel suddenly and left me feeling and wondering is there a sequel to this, is there any side stories? Anything, I’ll take anything. For naught, I looked nothing to be found. Turned out the novel ended at the 275 mark.

Now to the translator, the quality was good but there's something I disagree with what the translator did.. Censoring words and changing their meaning because the author's writing was offensive.

I firmly believe the translator's job is to do the translation as faithfully to the raw material as possible, no matter what it is about. Not taking out, not adding anything, not changing anything.

Other than that I do recommend the book, I found it quite interesting overall even tho I had a lot I don’t agree with. <<less
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