One Man Army


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Sang Hyuk, a man nearing his 40’s, was contacted by SKY Telecom to help its team, SKY, become the best in a period of 3 years. If SKY’s team members fail, they will be disbanded. After succeeding the contract in time, he was betrayed by the company that gave him everything.

Somehow, he wakes up years in the past as an 18 year old man – a year before the release of Eternal Light (EL).

Armed with knowledge of events that are yet to come, he embarks on a journey that no one has dared to tread before. His desire for revenge drives him to take this path.

He is the one-man army.

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OfficePony rated it
November 20, 2016
Status: c6
Grammar: 3/5 (Formerly 2.5 as of Chapter 3, proofreader really flexing here)
Story: 2/5 (Formerly a 2.5 as of Chapter 3... borrows from way too many other works without adding much)
Writing: 1/5

(Update as of Chapter 6: Seeing some real improvement from the translation team. The addition of a Proofreader really shines through as the syntax and grammar are slowly improving. The story is actually taking a drop in score because it seems to be cherry picking story elements from other works (namely Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and... more>> SwordArt:Online) without adding a spin on the events. Again, I attribute this to the author's style of Telling you what is happening instead of fleshing the story out. Any details given always feel like something said after the fact to cover up inconsistencies.)

A real lack of quality... The grammar is fairly poor. Throughout the work you will stumble on the awkward wording/phrasing, misspelling, and confusing syntax multiple times. The story itself is fairly bland and the genre overdone. The writing, which is something I've come to praise in most Korean series, is horribly executed. The author uses almost no descriptions, just telling you that something is this way and you'll have to believe him about it. It feels like a summary of a story rather than a story in and of itself. The "Ability" of the MC is rather bland almost feeling like a rip-off of SA:O. I have no hope for this series, since the translation group can't really improve the Author's writing style, unless they alter the story almost completely.

(Shout out to OshiroHonzo: Thanks for the mention! But I just rate and say things as based on my first impression read through. I really only rate these three things when I read a story for personal preferences. Grammar because I personally get headaches (I really do get headaches) when I read something that is just blatantly awkward. The story is rated because I like knowing if the author is bringing anything original to the table with a series. Finally, the part I feel is the most important of all, the Author's writing (or the translation groups rendition of it). Writing is one of the most important elements to a story, it can be the difference between telling someone about some amazing thing and showing it to them. A good writer will give you a story that sounds reasonable, and has some credibility. A Great Writer gives you an entirely new world that sucks you in and you can't help but feel that you know this world almost as well as the one you live in.

I always feel that a Great Writer turns it's readers into scientists. The reader ends up coming up with theories that seem to follow the story world logic. If so-and-so had done this instead of that, Then this would have happened because of that. A Great Writer gives enough details, colors, emotion, and evidence with clear consistency to make you be able to jump to these thought exercises.

All that aside, your review was still good. It's your view on the novel and just as valid as my own.) <<less
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Aoto rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: c226
To be a honest, I was a bit disappointed at the beginning of the novel, the MC was just a robot who had a sense of duty to become the best in the game with his pastlife knowledge, but as the novel goes on the MC changes and not just a bit.

... more>>

He starts to slowly trust others again, enjoys his life and not just the game, makes rational choices of making money with stocks through his knowledge of the future. As the time goes on the Value of the game becomes less and less for him as he realizes that the game is in the end just a game.


I have to give this novel 5 stars simply because I enjoyed the mix of VR and the character growth of our MC, the only minus point is that the fights are most of the time boring, because there is no suspension in them.

I can highly recommend this novel to all VR novel lovers and people who like to read characters grow up and change :3 <<less
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BrunoG rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: c24
I created an account because of this story.

One man Army is a really good story, every chapter you discover new and intersting things. It is not a simple story at all, you simply can't juge it easily. Maybe in the beginning it wasnt so good, but it keeps getting better and most importantly, it really feels real, it doesnt seem like a story but reality. I think it is better than other stories with game elements because it never gets boring and is really interesting.

I dont want the translator... more>> to stop translating this, neither do I want people to don't read this because of bad reviews. I want more people to enjoy this and to read more chapters.

Please, don't believe in bad reviews and just read it, this story is not simple at all.

Five stars for me.

I forgot to write something important: the story is fast, which is great, there's no filler chapters.

If the main character says that he's going to do something, he does it, there's no fooling around. Everything in this story makes sense. There's no random, godlike stuff, which is one of the reasons that I said that this story seems real. <<less
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OshiroHonzo rated it
November 19, 2016
Status: c3
Well, So far so good as I see. Still it is too early to say if it will be good or not since they don't mention his goal. Still, people who like to read about a old pro gamer being sent back in time to get rid of his regrets it be good for you. While being a bit overpowered compared to others (I think not sure for now).

Gotta say... OfficePony is a way better critic than myself so listen to him. Also OfficePony, for some people the grammar and... more>> misspelling does not even make some people flinch (like me). Still, is good to advice people that are not fluent in English so thanks for noticing that. <<less
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reddir rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c64
This has been a fun novel.

It is easy to read and the system the author presents seems a natural fit to the story.

The plot is fairly straightforward, but the in-novel scenes are nicely varied with many settings and many situations. There are also a nice variety of characters.

It is refreshingly bare of severe angst or pain or betrayal issues. Such things are there very lightly and do not weigh down the writing or make reading a chore or some sort of vicarious torture of the reader.
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Fan2zz rated it
June 10, 2018
Status: c72
No suspense. No competition. Not even a illusion of competition. MC uses his future knowledge to fully take advantage of the game and leave everyone behind very early on. It's an unbrigable gap that only widens each chapter. Only interesting thing is that the game company and AI aren't blind to the MC taking advantage of the game.
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Midnight Coffee
Midnight Coffee rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c31
I'll be honest here. It's extremely generic, full of cliches, too predictable, too easy.

If you still want to read this novel, please by all means try.

This novel is not bad, that being said it's not good either.

... more>> I skipped some parts of the story because it's boring and repetitive and still get the gist of the whole story. This novel is just that predictable.

But some aspects within this novel are quite enjoyable too, at least for me, and that's why I keep on reading this, while skipping some parts here and there.

Reincarnation to the past just can't be mixed with VR. I don't know why, or maybe it's just that I have yet to find the good one.

Last, thanks to Chamber, I enjoyed EER, but I really don't know why you picked this novel up, but hey, I'm just a reader, so I'm eternally grateful to you.

Cheers! <<less
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ZedOud rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: c74
One of the best "reincarnated/reborn/time travel MMO player uses future knowledge to his advantage".

I've come across quite a few of these stories, and the authors tend to focus too much on the MC and the benefits he gains from his foreknowledge. One Man Army doesn't have that problem. The story focuses plenty on other important parties and the impact the MC has on them.

This story avoids an annoying quirk quite a few of these types of stories have (actually, not just reincarnated ones, but most MMO and money-making stories), where... more>> the MC refuses to spend the money they have earned. (Exceptions: LMS and Emperor of Solo Play, with RL investments and investing into his game character, respectively.)

As for facing challenges despite the MC's advantages, the author has done a really job of something I rarely see in any story, MMO or otherwise: the MC sets new goals with meaningful pay offs for himself, that require strategy, not just 10, 000 more sword swings as many "meaningful challenges" tend to be in other stories.

Just like Emperor of Solo Play, the MC is trying to succeed as a solo player in a guild dominated environment, but this story is much more satisfying in the breadth of reach and depth of impact the MC has. <<less
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Citizen27 rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c69
Simple story, cautious type MC, and although author tries to avoid it there's inevitable jerking off of the MC... it gets frankly ridiculous in terms of balance - which is all gone to sh*t at this point. Well, it's a fun read, and personally very enjoyable.
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GreatZar rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: --
-1 star for being too repetitive. Same thing is state 3-4 times in the same chapter, so it's almost unbearable to read without skipping ~1/5 of sentences.

-1 star for poor reasoning (on author side, not MC side). Ex: Double xp requirement for being op, and that's with typical exponential growth of xp per lvl? Only casual player won't take that deal. Waiting in orphanage to be tested by slavers just to fake that test and run from orphanage after that? He should run from orphanage before that test.

-1 star for... more>> being too abstract. Author states "MC is very good at pvp, so he easily wins" instead of describing scenes that shows how MC is good at pvp. Basically, it's at the level of a draft. <<less
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Keima-kun rated it
December 22, 2017
Status: c45
One word: boring!

It had what it takes for MMORPG/VR novel but it somehow lacking.

The tedious grinding, making money endlessly. Although I keep reading it, I just feel like progressing through the story seems like a drag. No anticipation, full of cliches and plot holes everywhere.

The MC is bland and has no character at all, other than being money obsessed. Even though this is supposed to be a revenge/reincarnation, we have yet to see the revenge part. Other characters are basically nonexistent, except for few NPC's which are there periodically.... more>> No interactions at all.

Other than that, there's nothing worth reading. You can find better novels of similar genres out there. Though, for it's potential, I will still put this in my reading list so that I can read later and see wether it worths it. <<less
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He rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c32
It's average. That's what I can say. It doesn't have any strong point against other vrmmo novels here. There is nothing that makes you instantly put off here. I'd say that it is worth a little bit less than 4.0 rating if it is based solely on the story itself.

The story is using the usual trope of second chance. A man is returned to the past after some kind of bad incident. Having the power of foreknowledge, he tries to make a better life in his second chance. You can... more>> find this kind of story in emperor of solo play, rebirth of the thief who roamed the world (am I writing the title right?), and many others. That's why, when you see the protagonist, there's nothing that stands up compared to the others. He gains some kind of advantage against the others due to foreknowledge, become the first in accomplishing things (and gain advantage due to that), repeat until he's nauseous. If that's your choice of story, go ahead. This kind of story is my guilty pleasure too. If anything, this story feels like it lack plot other than, "Go to the past, become a professional level gamer". There is no subplot introduced as of ch32 (or maybe it is too subtle for me to discern). <<less
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tyes77 rated it
January 10, 2017
Status: c9
Premise, a gamer goes back in time to do better. Weepy backstory of being an orphan as well as him living on scraps to save for later. Alright that seems normal and he just builds up by practicing before jumping into time capsule. Ugh why not give us a montage but oh well it isn't so long. He jumps in and gets some unique stuff and fights his first opponent. Oh he defeats nameless mob and continues on. Well that's pretty much 9 chapters and to be honest it isn't... more>> anything new that others haven't done. Three stars despite it probably being two just because I like gaming novels and cheapskate MCs. <<less
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August 2, 2018
Status: c7
It makes no sense the premise of the story, the background of the protagonist states that the path (card master) he had choosen is not bound by limits and all kinds of trial, errors, possibilities are all in stake so that the chances to converge into the same path, same way with another charscters is close to none and the chances of failute or death risk was present at the same time the person choose to follow this path.

¿What is this?, obviously the path filled with potential and glory... more>> if get reached to the cone of the hill, then why he is the only left and the single pioneer in this field, just because it is hard to come by, ¿it is the reason?, who said he has to be the only person in the world who strives hard to earn a hard roadand no tries hard as well, it is said that he was focued on this project and dedicated 7 years of research on it, but what, ¿do you pretend to be some kind of major to get the pity of other?, this is literally imposible to become the single one, this is not how reality supposes to work.

Let's put down aside this for a momemnt and let's say this comes to be posible, the product you try to sell *author* must be the least credible even if this is your fantasy. 1 single pattern and no one in the world figured out the recipy of the said to thing that is worth of all the research by the protagonism, it is a single card out of deck, but the result of this hardship recipy is a pebble, sulfur, and 2 other components that acts like gunpowder and fire core, all with the ultimate goal to get a miserable fire stone, but ¿ no one else ever tried this pattern as well?

Not yet over, the said path you choose also by coincidencely entangles with another path, these path the story reffers to as knowledge of anciemt, it acts the same way the jobs or classes the usual mmorpg does, not mencioning the story, in other games when the multiple classes selection is possible, the golden rule of it is the research on the strategy to overlap the best job combination is ever possible the story is not the exception, even if the author is magnanimous to offer thousands of path (job) just like this in his own imaginary game, so this way players can set free and play to heart content, not saying that it is not insanely hard to come to a same option and the same researches, just happens that the protagonist come by another cheaty selection with the same path I mentioned above, and again when thousands of path are supposes to exist but yet to be discoverd, why it happens that no one ever pay attention to that cheaty path (card master) specially if this is in one of the choices inthe early game when everyone is bound to be curious and explore possibilies of class selection?!, ¿resign and just dropped a character because they didnt ever yet to begin researching? The author is again letting his imagination fly beyond the novel, if you still don't know the end of the path it is not possible that the entire world gives path to only the protagonist, specially the people who just happened to come with this selection.

Down here is my previous review, it tells the rest of the details concerning the story, just make sure to ignore all praises I did before because I'm now dissapointed

When say of a MMORPG, the elements of the virtual story is important to have a coherence plus having explanation that explains the function of each new elements you keep poping with no background of gming terminology, otherwise no one else will understand.

What lacks this novel is in this aspect, the story is Interesting, and I am truely motivated to look until the end, but be it grammar, story, game elements, all is full of misstakes!, putting examples of this, The dates of the calendary: The author keeps making wrong in dating of calendary not mentioning days but months!, he says from 9 on something will happen, later a speech, and it is 8 month, and next chapter not time skip incluiding 7 month....

From the gaming point of view this is even more frustrating, inside the story there is something call the soul stamp, it is kind a potential in the growth experience, supposely it has no limits in the growth and restriction is proporcional more one posses, the description keeps pouring out, but no explanation is giving, it is really frustrating coming to this point, I already read 7 chapters but I had to bring back and forth to keep making my own guesses and correction of the graammar, or misstakes, not counting later on this same element is changed by another more confussing name one soul, double soul etc...

In my opinion until now this novel deserves to be rated no more than 2.5, and my exact rating for this is 2.2, it never ever had come to my mind giving this review, because this is more of a complain than anything else nearing my bottom limit to drop it straight, I don't say it is not worthy but I neither recommend. <<less
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divinti rated it
May 9, 2018
Status: c60
Overall it's an average novel, nothing to rave about.

The story starts off interesting with his background story and whatnot but so far in to the story it doesn't really play much of a role, besides that he gets his slight revenge whenever he meets that certain party, but majority of the story is just him solo speed grinding, get op titles, and stream/post videos. Just a rinse and repeat novel. He literally makes no friends at all, so not much else besides npc chatting and a few dialogues here and... more>> there from people he does come across (You know he has no friends and barely interacts with anything when his lover is an npc lmao). He skips through game content like it's nothing so its pretty boring and lackluster. Not really sure what his motivation is anymore? He's super rich and at this point just wants to be popular?? Not sure if this is his version of fun? Also I feel like the settings skip way too quickly, jumping from one thing to another, and very little detail are given besides the op items and titles he receives (maybe that's why the novel finishes at 226 chapters?). The ancient knowledge thing is kinda stupid too, gives them multiple jobs but having them makes it harder to level. It's one of those features that only the MC can fully utilize but no one in the game actually does because it makes it too hard for them. Like, what's the point of it when only the MC can utilize it, pretty much a feature the author created for MC intended purposes (another example would be his Card job thing, where no one could utilize the job because the creation of them is almost impossibly difficult)

Anyways, ending my rant. Read if you want, it's an ok VR novel. <<less
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