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Protagonist travels between different anime worlds to right wrongs and uncover his reason for being along the way.

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quán fāng wèi huàn xiǎng
Toàn Phương Vị Huyễn Tưởng
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NeNaShi rated it
April 12, 2017
Status: Completed
Basically a story about a boy, Noah, thrown into a world not knowing who he is or why he's there. He lives his life growing up in a guild with his adoptive grandfather. There he learns the importance of comrades, family, and other life teachings like power to protect, etc. After getting those basics down, he finds a feather which resonates with him. With this feather, he decides to find clues about his mysterious origin, traveling from one animu to another, stealing first kisses and mol*sting your waifus.

The book overall... more>> is good. (So long as you don't read the whole thing in one sitting). The writing (sentences, etc) flows smoothly, story is categorized properly, the author does make changes into the story/plot, some with great changes to the whole story and some with just a few changes.

However to me, this is a 'safe' book it neither does anything bad nor good, it uses things in the original story (anime/novel) as a part to make it shine but never really does much outside of that that's extravagant. If I look at the whole book, its a 3 star. If I only look at the beginning and ending while removing some parts of the things in between, its a 4-4.5.

The only 3 bad points in this book to me is:

The MC.
He is the thing that irritates me the most in this book. This hetare lil hypocrite goes off kissing and mol*sting girls in other worlds thinking its normal, even after being told/shown its not. This guy's personality from v1 is a good guy, after v2 onwards, he's mixed and turned into this chinese overbearing tyrant that's also a japanese hetare that walks into naked girls. This guy, in every world keeps being called gentle - lmao wat? is that what they call F**kboys these days? (something similar). He mol*sts and steals kisses from girls but afterwards he's like "Haha, I was just teasing you" or "Tada! It's a prank!"
This in turn makes those girls fall in love with him (wtf?plot?srsly) but he's like "I know I stole your first kiss and did stuff which I didn't mean that made you fall in love with me but... Sorz I got fiance (s)." I would be fine if this guy was a dense MC but this guy isn't does these things even after getting engaged. You know how annoying it is when someone does a something to you that causes injuries and they go "It's just a prank" or "I didn't mean to do it"? That's the MC.

Another thing, majority of the powers that the MC gets is basically thrown to him for free. The only time he actually worked hard and trained to gain a power was the first volume. After that he just gets really OP powers for free without working for them. Sure he trains in handling those powers and there are some powers he gets by his efforts (by using his OP powers to seize them) but overall he has the [Luck] and [Constitution] to spoon feed him free things.
Lastly, this bipolar MC also has a presence that is really weak in other worlds besides fairy tail.
The highlights of this book are basically just the fairy tail world and the [home] feeling that the book gives. It separates the fairy tail as a world of flowers and butterflies in a sunny meadow and places other worlds as the area outside that meadow.
Once the MC leaves this meadow, the author has to fight for presence. Most of the times where an anime world has really interesting characters that have a large presence or if the anime world itself is to your preference, majority of the times the MC will be blurred out and is really a dull character.

Which brings to a related point: The author really played it safe with this book, it's a in between not interesting and interesting. This makes it really safe but it's also dull. I like how he changed some things for other worlds but, If you already read/watched that world and know what it's about, then it's really boring.

The author did try but if it isn't your favorite anime then it's dead. This is why this is a 3star. Compared to Chinese Fanfics and similar genre of it's kind, this to me is boring. But it still has a good start, story, and end. Volume 2&20 of this book was the best because it went outside of the original story. I wanted the author to do the same but it's a shame he didn't.

This brings the last point which is when the solution to the MC's weak presence: author kills off (figuratively) characters in worlds. He introduces the characters of the world but then after 5 or so chapters they're gone. Meaning they no longer have any importance in that world they're still in that world but they no longer are showed on screen. Sure the MC is suppose to be on the spotlight but this is a fanfic that stems from an original work. When a character of that work is gone for 'reasons' then it's just like having an elephant in the room. Its noticeable. I prefer it better when the author doesn't make them disappear and just mentions them from time to time telling that they exist. Since they are what made the original world after all.


The worlds follow this order: world first entered, number of times entered, and volume its in.

Fairy tail (4) (Volume 1, 5, 11, 16)
Black Bullet (2) (Volume 2, Volume 20)
Absolute Duo (1) (Volume 3)
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (1) (Volume 4)
Campione (2) (Volume 6, 14)
High School DxD (2) (Volume 7, 18)
Fate Stay night (1) (Volume 8)
DungeonDeai (Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon) (2) (Volume 9, 19)
Blade Dancers (Serei Tsukai no Blade Dance) (2) (Volume 10, 17)
Overlord (1) (Volume 12)
Mondaiji (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?) (2) (Volume 13, 15)


Recommended order of how to read:

Read volume 1 -> v2 -> all fairy tail worlds -> v6 -> v20. A note: You can choose which animu/world/volume you want to read depending on your preference.

Reading the whole book like I did is really a waste of time. DONT. I MEAN DONT Read the whole book. Read the order above and you wont be wasting time in your life. Unless you want to read the whole thing then you do you.

A summary of why I recommend this order. Counting the good and bad parts, I would say: v1-5 were good, until volume 6 came in and f***ed everything up. Basically, until volume 6, he was pretty normal. The MC had learned life and built relationships in v1. He learned the darkness in v2, finding hope in people, and I suppose a woman waiting for him (love). In v3 He got weapons and power plus some significance in learning about friends behind him. In v4... I dont know this volume was kind of useless since he didn't do anything important; all he got was writing runes and typemoon magic. v5 was revisiting Fairy tail, basically a relax volume. He was pretty normal here. He was OP, but not stomp curb op.

Then in v6. Volume 6. This is where he gets god powers. This is the campione chapter where he gets GOD POWERS. The same ones Godou Kusanagi got (Verethragna's Authorities) + the thunder giant god, but without restrictions aside from only being able to use 1 of the 10 incarnations instead of being able to use all 10 freely. This thing, was what ruined the whole book for me.

It basically made the MC reaallllllyyy OP. So OP that all the powers, weapons, magic he got were insignificant and basically didn't exist. Sure those weapons 'mended' together with his new godpower, but as volumes pass they're gone and the godpower is his whole staple throughout the series. You might ask: "why is that important? The MC is OP" well, its important to me because it just told me that I read 2 volumes (v3-4) that were going to have no significance later on.

This happens to every other world out there where MC gets something but is gone or sometimes/never talked about again. This is the simple cycle: MC gets a power, item, etc from a world -> MC goes to another world and replaces powers from previous world -> repeat.

The bad thing which I mentioned before is he didn't even earn MAJORITY of the powers he gets, there are some he gets by his effort and hard work but compared to the rest of the power, he just gets spoon fed.


Things that happened in worlds: (Basic summary/importance)

[Fairy tail]
The major part of this whole book. In this world he actually has friends, a family, lovers, and a world that he can say is his home. This world is what got readers interested. The way we're told of how he grew and made those connections as a child and not a teen/adult gives a closer connection to the MC because we saw his life. This world is basically what made this book so good. It's a place where you can relax and be at [home] after the travel of unknown worlds. Medium-ish changes, still follows the story but some arcs are changed greatly. The MC's relationship is with Mirajane and Lisanna Strauss. Sisters whom he marries later. Most of the important girls in fairy tail have a crush on him or love him. But it is never gone further other than being implied that they do like him.

[Black Bullet]
This is a VEERY important world. It teaches the MC the dark side of the world. This is another volume where the story does not categorically and orderly follow the anime plot but goes at it's own pace, using things in the anime to build itself. Like here the MC builds an orphanage for the cursed children and has an organization that can run by itself and can choose promoters for the cursed children. In this world the MC actually got stuff done in this world. He had influence and power, politically, financially, and personally. Great changes compared to original story. Seitenshi loves the MC and is willing to wait 2 years for him, which he promised her to wait 2 years and if she still loves him then he'll think about it. This is the only volume of the book (and v20) where it was really good because it went outside the box. It did things differently and placed the original setting into something that fits the time, MC, and events going on. It's too bad the author didn't do the same with the other volumes.

[Absolute Duo]
Somewhat significant world. Importance was to get the blaze power which will 'somewhat' help him get the god powers in campione. Minor changes, followed original story. Yeah original harem members and their original intimacy points (love) with the MC.

[Mahou Tsukai no Yoru]
Useless world nothing of importance happened. The thing that gets me the most in this world was how the author didn't take advance of the MC's [immune to everything] properties to make some love relationship with Alice. Now Alice is a witch, and in typemoon worlds, If you fall in love with a witch both partners are cursed die. Noah is immune to this curse. But author didn't make use of plot device and this world was really boring since it followed the story/plot settings of the original with some minor changes. Both Aoko and Alice are implied to have romantic feelings for him.

Important world. He gets god powers here. Second visit is making the original female members fall in love with him and getting that sword weapon thing and more OP powers. Follows the story setting but has great change compared to original. Original harem members of original story have romantic feelings for MC.

[High School DxD]
Important World. Gets the boosted gear taken off of original MC, Issei. Second visit, dragon qualities/flesh, gets more OP. MC is too much of a hetare and doesn't do much echi ecchi in this world. Follows original story/plot with minor changes to original. Original harem members have romantic feelings for MC.

[Fate Stay night]
Important world. He gets Babylon treasury key, basically Gilgamesh's weapon throwing from golden circles thing.

Change is: Sakura doesn't get her virginity taken by worms or r*ped. Shiro doesn't exist in this world. MC is the one fighting servants, he summoned Medusa. Sakura is the only one implied to liking MC.

[DungeonDeai (Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon) ]
Don't remember what the importance of this world was other than that status thing where gods inscript in people's backs. Basically follows the story timeline, minor and interpersonal changes compared to original. Original harem members (not all) have romantic feelings for MC.

[Blade Dancers (Serei Tsukai no Blade Dance) ]
Important world. Ren Ashbell (Kazehaya Kamito) is really Ren Ashbell, meaning it's a woman. Not male. The importance of this world was getting Est who follows MC from world to world. The romance is lol. Its somewhat original with Ren Ashbell being somewhat implied into it too.

Not important only for reading pleasure. I think the importance was suppose to be learning to be evil for important people and showing the MC to be really cool or something. Really failed off since the series Overlord makes anyone cool and the MC, since v2, doesn't really change. So him being showed as changing to overbearing person didn't really play off well since that WAS his image. A part of importance I suppose is getting every item in the Nazarick tomb for himself.

[Mondaiji (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?) ]
Important world. This is where he got most of his upgrades into his Authorities. As well as getting gifts which he takes with him into other worlds. loli maid. Medium changes, has elements of the story in timeline order but has some parts either missing or changed.

. <<less
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easygoing rated it
August 21, 2017
Status: c800
This is similar to shoujo grand summoning in that the MC travels from world to world builds a harem gains power etc. In some ways its a lot better in others it's a little lackluster,

other reviewers hit on this but no, this is not a "fap material" novel, almost definitely because about 1/3rd of the way through the authors previous work he started talking about having to take things down/edit them out because of censorship or site policy (which is also why earlier scenes in shojo grand summoning were... more>> more descriptive)

but the main character is very likable, he's not a summoned hero with knowledge of a billion animes, instead he's born and lives in an anime world to begin with and gradually travels to others while picking up more and more crazy powers and in a lot of cases supplanting protagonists

campione for instance he kills verethragna instead of gouto, but he also manages to use/adapt the power in a much much more satisfying way


MC is fairly likable, starts off with a few basic "cheats" that let him gain powers throughout the anime worlds pretty easily and he has a lot of satisfying relationships, even if a lot of them are left somewhat ambiguous until the end (there are however solidly defined relationships, he doesn't immediately sleep with every girl he meets but he doesn't blush and hide if a girl looks at him either, he does sleep with more than one girl throughout the novel) <<less
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dreamerhope rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: Completed
Charming story, very enjoyable. Its not rated R in my opinion. Great for those under the age of 17. This story does have mature concepts, but is often very child like. The story structure is excellent and flow was great. I suppose as someone aged 22 years old it didn't give enough stimulation. I suppose it would be appropriate to say this novel was similar to a Japanese light novel, not like a basic Chinese light novel, if you can understand what I mean by that. Conclusion, I really did... more>> enjoy this novel and wish there were more anime worlds travel light novels. <<less
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KazumaAyasaki rated it
October 25, 2018
Status: c1380
MC personality really poor, hypocrites bullshit, likes to delay to make more plot, at the event when he is really OP and can insta kill the weaker enemies, he didn't do that, just become bystander until long dialogue finished while his intuition and warning system keep telling him to do something fast.

personally I think MC's start at Fairy Tail is a mistake.

compared to SGS (MGS) and IUD, this is the worst Author's works for me.
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Eldeus rated it
December 31, 2020
Status: c1758
After reading up to here, I can say that this novel is quite good, despite some boring sections.

First up, the MC. If you know Fairy Tail, you should understand that the MC's values are pretty much the same as that anime. Family triumphs all, in a sense. Those that hurt his family and loved ones are defeated, while those that respect and help him are allies. However, as a man that travels between different anime worlds, his values are slightly altered after entering the second world. Black Bullet's world is... more>> much darker, and the MC lives in that world for over a year. As one can expect, he sees that darkest side of humanity. As such, his methods of dealing with enemies become much more brutal, and his strategies and tactics are much more devious. He still retains his Fairy Tail values, but exercises them in a darker way. He has no qualms killing others that try to harm his loved ones if they show killing intent to him or them. At the same time, he does learn a good lesson here. I will say that this world is probably second best in my opinion. Danmachi is my favorite as I love that world. Don't judge me.

In terms of the worlds, my favorites are probably Fairy Tail (The most descriptive), Black Bullet (Great plot changes and lessons for the MC), Absolute Duo (Which unfortunately he only enters once from what I learned online), Danmachi (My favorite world), and Mondaiji (Quite good).

Highschool DxD was also pretty good, as the MC had one of his hardest battles ever there.

My least favorite worlds are Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Not much happened here), Campione (Caused some MAJOR issues with god powers and stuff), Fate (Aside from his summon and the Gate of Babylon, the rest kinda bored me), Overlord (Didn't have much purpose except to get some items), and by far the worst one, Blade Dance.

Blade Dance is by far the most tedious and annoying world, as literally nothing interesting happens except Est. I've reached the point where he returns to the world for the second time, and I'm already dreading the fact that I have to read it.

Campione caused a lot of problems for me, as the Authority stuff really ruined the novel's power balance. Not to mention the fact that it's use was constantly being limited and even some of his previous powers were forcibly integrated into it, making them unusable unless he activates the corresponding authority.

Story-wise it's really interesting and has some good twists and turns, and the way the world changes due to his presence is quite nice. I also like the fact that despite all his power, he's still not invincible. If the Author didn't limit him so much, however, I would have loved it even more. SGS MC was fun because he could only get stronger, and never really got limited for some BS reasons like "Needing to adapt to the World". If it were just that I'd be fine, but sometimes Holistic Fantasy MC's strength is reduced so much that it makes you just incredibly pissed off when you know that if he had all his strength he could squash certain villains like bugs.

For example, Highschool DxD was good because he was overpowered throughout the entire time he was there, until the very end when Ophis appeared. When she appeared, you know things are about to go down. What was exciting was the fact that despite all the power he had, he still may not be able to win. However, if he faces a weaker enemy but his power is limited, the excitement isn't as high because you know it's not the MC's full strength. If he had his full strength, you know he wouldn't lose, and thus the tension is lost.

The only exception I'd allow in that case is how SGS MC was limited in the Sword Art Online arc. He couldn't use most of his power because he was sent into a video game. It's not his real body, so of course he can't use all those powers. The excitement is due to the fact that the only power he can use is his weapon cheat skill, but even with just that he is still insanely OP compared to the other players. He is limited for a valid reason. Holistic Fantasy MC is limited purely for plot, and not due to the world rules.

For these reasons I can't give this novel 5 stars, but because I enjoy its strong areas very much 4 stars should do. I do wish more of these types of novels existed, as this author is one of the only ones I know that does anime world hopping novels. <<less
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cute bird of sadness
cute bird of sadness rated it
April 4, 2019
Status: Completed
I would've liked it more if Blade Dancers (Serei Tsukai no Blade Dance) hadn't wasted so many chapters of this novel, because it was really boring, it would've been way more interesting if the time/chapters wasted on this world were exchanged for more time in other worlds since the only thing worth mentioning in it is est. (also I don't understand why the the MC keeps calling every girl innocent and pure since they're clearly all perverts that can only think about lewd stuff but somehow they're all innocent and... more>> pure???I don't get it.)

Also the arc I liked the most was probably [DungeonDeai (Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon) ] because of the characters, especially Ais since she has a pretty interesting personality and it's kinda cute too.
Overall the novel is pretty good and I recommend it.

^Review from some months ago that I copy pasted here^

Now that some time has passed and I don't really have much emotional connect to it, I'll try reviewing it again.

Basically, it's a novel about a mysterious MC that came from god knows where (is explained later) to the world of fairy tail. He discovers that his body has some special qualities and knows he is different from others. Then some time passes and bla bla bla lots of fun and training and stuff and then he goes to different worlds to do stuff too.

The basic meaning is that he's a really amazing guy with mysterious origins and is trying to find his own past as he "struggles" to complete his objectives in the worlds he goes to.
Now, the reason I put struggles in "" is because I remember there were times when he did really s*upid things and also times he didn't even try his best.
But it's understandle, otherwise the novel would be finished too early and boringly, yeah? (not that I like this behaviour though I was still pretty pissed when he fooled around and did s*upid things)

But anyway, it's interesting seeing him going through different worlds and acquiring different powers.
Getting stronger, basically.
Personally, the thing I like the most are training arcs, but that's just my taste.
A protagonist that is cool and strives to improve himself is always an enjoyable read.

About his personality...I won't really comment about that.
It's a matter of personal opinion basically.
If you dislike what he does, then that's that.
If you don't really mind (like me), then that's that.

Seeing the different characters from various worlds and their interactions is also a plus, I guess.
I didn't really find it special, but there's probably people out there who liked it, so, yeah.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read mostly and I recommend this. <<less
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SchwarzVoid rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: Completed
Very Enjoyable and definitely an upgrade from GSS. The ambiguity of some of the relationships left me a bit lackluster since I wanted to see more of them play out like, Campione and High School DxD, a bit more since they are literally Harem worlds and I wanted the MC to let loose for a bit but I guess you take what you can. The only relationship that left me a bit confused was the one he had with Erza since he doesn't specifically say her name at the end... more>> even though it was as clear as the sun that she had a very serious thing for him since she was literally the 1st woman he literally began to romance. The author really dropped the ball with that relationship which seemed to me the best out of all relationships. Other than that read most of the above comments for more info regarding worlds and that he was born in the world rather than being a transgressor which is a very great plot twist. No Racism either which is like a godsend since most of the Anime inspired Chinese novels have to squeeze it in somewhere to promote their patriotism to China which is usually forced and breaks the immersion of being in all these anime worlds. I mean you have transgressed into a higher realm, you can go to different worlds, is the ideology of your old world truly necessary?! HELL NO!! Sorry for the rant, just mad that this insane patriotism is all over similar novels and simply breaks immersion to promote blatant patriotism, I mean there are great writing techniques to show this but not break immersion and not sound like a douche, or simply do not write it it will make the story smoother to read and many times more enjoyable. Reading these novels should be an escape from reality and all the politics that sh*t on us daily and the reason to cross to other worlds is to experience something new and ESCAPE REALITY. Thus this is yet still my favorite anime inspired novel and thus you should give it a read. No political BS, No Racism, No nationalism, just pure escapism fun, it does its job and thus it is perfect. <<less
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serokun rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: v20
This is more enjoyable to read than Grand Shoujo Summoning if you don't have any appetite for too much ecchi. Basically the story flows as Noah (MC) travels from anime world to another which follows the plot of the anime but will have some changes due to MC.
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ehtataw rated it
August 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I’m writing this after few years of finishing the novel. Memo is fuzzy on most part but I remember enjoying it.

I was wonder why I seem to know this novel. Finish the whole novel and forgot the whole novel. Thanks to @NeNaShi review, I was able to figure it out. I overlap ‘Shoujo Grand Summoning’ with this novel. I skipped the whole Overlord Volume. I skip so chapters for the Blade Dancer cuz can’t bare to read it. Most the most part after finishing this novel, I agree with @NeNaShi... more>> review. I enjoy the read and this novel was pretty good. As @NeNaShi said the author played it safe. Even if you skip some Volume, you won’t miss much detail. <<less
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emielcerejo91 rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c1630
To be honest the novel is very good and I enjoyed it very much at least till volume 15. This novel could have been a masterpiece to be honest but just like all authors he f*cked up in the end. So since I cant find this bastard and bash his head for ruining the novel for me. I will just write my views.

Good part-

When the novel starts the story is very interesting and you will get hooked up immediately. And you will be unable to put it down at least... more>> until you reach volume 15. I mean of course there are bad moments in this 15 volumes but when you consider the whole plot it can be neglected. And I would go so far as to say I would give it 4/5

Bad part-

It starts at end of volume 15 around chapter 1630 and it is so frustrating that you want to literately f*cking beat up the author. For 15 volumes he went into each world to get power ups. His main powers include God authority power, sun authority and level up system form worlds. But in end of volume 15 because of plot he has to give up his powers so that it can be upgraded and strengthen them to beat the main villan. As well as the Gate of Babylon from fate stay has to be sacrificed so that MC can escape.

So now the only powers he has left is his physic and 2 contracted sword spirit. And the worst part is the powers we saw him accumulate for 15 volume gets taken from him in an instant and are returned to him at end of volume 20 which is the last volume. The moment I realised this I dropped the novel because you should not give MC powers and make him so OP, which in turn wont let you write decent chapters.

I was really pissed at the way the author handled the the volumes after volume 15. <<less
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