Shoujo Grand Summoning


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A novel revolving around being transported to another world with an op system. The mc spends his day chasing skirts and doing missions to level up. A standard journey to the top with lots of girls from various animes and games with a twist of that gaming feel (hunting mobs, doing missions).

Associated Names
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Maiden's Grand Summoning
Shào Nǚ Dà Zhào Huàn
Thiếu Nữ Đại Triệu Hoán
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New fightready2 rated it
March 7, 2020
Status: c310
I think no further reading is necessary to write a review.

The story is a series of generic or even ripped off arcs strung together. The romance itself is forced. The fighting makes mistakes by comparing itself with better versions of themselves as though it should be proud of itself.

This brings me to the sad irony of the story. The initial arc (s) led me to believe the author was trying to create an interesting way of telling a systematic fan fiction with character development, friendship, and actual romance.
Then came... more>> the random harem girl dropped in and the protagonist starts to degrade at a speed visible to the naked eye. While the initial version still had his flaws, he was still a human being. The trash-fire after became a character with no understanding of consequences and human decency.

If the translator wasn’t so good, I would’ve stopped by the point of [email protected]%e. New readers, do not embark. <<less
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easygoing rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: Completed

Level based inside of a cultivation world, multiple worlds, some Japanese anime characters/items and a perverted harem driven MC (huge harem, if that irks you don't read this)

i'll give this a preliminary rating in the hopes that other people give it a look, although the start seems rather generic and really similar to either an isekai novel or leveling up and becoming undefeatable (which you should never read under any circumstance)

it diverges quickly, the MC starts going to worlds to do missions kind of like terror infinity but instead of movies he's going to animes and instead of a home base he just goes back to the Xianxia world he woke up in (first world is hayate combat butler)

Edit: I finished this, it was interesting in parts and dragged a bit, it's far and away from a typical xianxia which is a plus or minus depending on your perspective

there's very little danger throughout the story, essentially the MC has an answer to most things, and the story essentially becomes going world to world collecting harem members and doing whatever he feels like, it's a good story to pass the time and what you see in the first 50-100 chapters is about what the rest of the story is like I think, except the MC gets much stronger

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Axel01 rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: --
The novel was a fanfiction with good potential, but MC is really a big bastard. The plot has some merits with interesting crossover but too many defects:
... more>>

1) he has an altruistic side but then does the minimum necessary to complete his missions and make sure that the girls have a good impression of him;

2) he has become a bit arrogant as it can easily become strong thanks to a system that develops almost an illusion of omnipotence convinced that it can do what it wants, often takes the easy road and acts more for profit that moved from ideals to the contrary of a hero, which makes him incomparable with the original MCs;

3) as the author tries to make his innocent attitude appear, he is a rather immoral individual who does not hesitate to force women with him regardless of whether they are interested in him or not, already the first scene of the bed is a r*pe (even if these novels exist, but our beloved shoujo of anime is involved here and it is a very irritating thing) ;

4) There is no realism in the story because an otaku expert might know that there are some inconsistencies in the plots, MC faces some weakened characters and take women whose personality in the nuances has been clearly altered, destroying our favorite Anime;

5) removes the heroines from their stories, ignoring the possible negative consequences that this brings to their original worlds; example: in to aru majutsu no index goes long before the world war 3 arc and god Othinus arc, in particular the second the sisters and mikoto have an important role, which the protagonist knew very well but ignored him;

6) MC is a boy of at least 20 years who has s * x with girls of 12-13 years and this attitude of lolicon is also called by another name (pedophilia)

The girls are forced with him (through the system) and manipulated (they never know that MC belongs to the world that created them, otherwise they would have seen him from a very different perspective and I doubt they would fall in love with him). In conclusion, the protagonist is a shameless and hypocritical, and for anyone with a minimum of seriousness and love for anime with the continuation of history can not help but hate him. <<less
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Casul_Reader rated it
April 27, 2017
Status: c871
Hey, you like harems?
You do?!
But do you like harems and cute anime girls?
You do as well?!

Well then, it's a no brainer then, you should probably read this novel. The way the author integrates different characters from different animes is quite unique, in that they are stages/sequences where the MC goes into their world to complete quests.

This way of doing things instead of dumping all of the girls one by one as he got stronger (as the synopsis made me believe to be, maybe you too?) made... more>> things very fun to read, so much so that you may find yourself excited as you wait for him to visit the next world.

The girls are also well written, they more or less follow how they originally were which is a job well done by the author (Though I may be wrong on this one, but from what I remember from the anime they are.) .

If you're also the type of guy to enjoy cool abilities then you'll like this one. Though the shameless MC might put you off, he's quite lovable in his own way, ended up laughing a few times along the way.

Also, if you didn't like a single thing about what I just said about novel then you're probably not gonna like it. <<less
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Azazelx rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: c56
I didn't want to leave a review when I haven't even finished 10% of the story but I just have to say what made me drop this.

The guy's a total freak, really weird and unlikable, he sees a cute little girl and first thing he does is scream to the top of his lungs "LOLIII!" Who does that? Seriously. I mean, it's established at the beginning that he was an otaku but come on. Would someone really do that? How can girls fall for this kind of person? He's done... more>> that kind of thing quite a few times so far.

Also, so far the guy seems to have a thing for tsunderes, lolis, and beatings. The girls beat him up often because he really crosses the line.

This one time he undressed and bathed these two girls while they were sleeping -.-


Also, the fights so far take way more time than they need to. For starters, he has a high level summon that should be able to finish all fights fast. But sometimes he wants to fight because he's a "man" and whatnot, and then he just talks too much, and he's so cheesy.

Long story short, the only good thing about the novel is its premise. I really couldn't like anything else. <<less
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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: Completed

This is a pretty good read.... an otaku having his delusion of 8th grader syndrome fulfilled what would he be like? Find in this story. Lmao basically a perverted harem seeking cheat leveling system.


I'm at around 500 chapter and he has visited 4 worlds including the starting point silvaria world and got himself 10 wives and is conquering 4 more as of moment! If harem isn't your type of thing then leave this alone coz its basic purpose was harem! ANd its unexpectedly good harem. At least unlike other novels which coz of reasons of plot of main heroine this one gives focus to each heroine and they're not forgotten. There are many s*x scenes so if you dislike that you should leave that too they can reach as long as 4 chapters at one time and sometimes they're forced too so that might turn you off.

Author have done his all the homework all the anime's used in this novel are researched upon and used in good way you dont feel bored if you have watched the anime then it can have you some more insights in it. This is basically a fanfic collection of multiple anime in one but its very good I must say.

To all those harem lovers, read it!

To all anime lovers who dont mind harems, read it!

Its really good even without that much of a plot itself because at many times it uses plot of anime so no worries of plot holes.


Update (completed)

Well later on series is mostly plot armor with hilarious moments here and there... well MC was a harem seeking one at the beginning but later on he acts like a hypocrite.. even tho he will accept the girls later on but he will still act shy and all when girls try to close on him. Overall I still enjoyed it.

Harem was basically focused over 12 girls who are given most of the screentime and there are total of 30 women in harem.

He slept with quite a lot of them but there are still remaining in the end who he have to do so if you were looking for that sorry. (I liked it better when there were no bed scenes tho, more focused on continuing plot rather than filling chapters up).

For rating it will be 4/5 now... personally I liked the ending even though it was rushed and not that much satisfactory but over all it was the most suitable one!

If you're not fine with bed scenes its best to skip them they don't contribute much to the story besides telling us this girl got conquered and this one's not...

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akhdanp1234 rated it
September 29, 2018
Status: c600
MC = Cringy, retarded, stupid

Romance = forced

R18 scene = most the time is MC raping the girls

Power level = MC level up slowly while his harem member level up unreasonably fast

Pace = after the first anime world the plot becomes snail-pace

Plot = full of plot holes

Worst part is the author writing. I can't believe I read 600 chapter of this trash.
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DemonKIngArata rated it
April 1, 2017
Status: c41
Novel is recommended for those who likes overpowered systems to assist the MC and MC gets a whole bunch of overpowered abilities from the anime world. The MC starts off as a newbie then rises to higher levels each fight and missions. The MC was a security guard otaku then transferred to another world with "System". He starts off weak and then becoming stronger and stronger to complete more missions from other worlds and such. Now the only thing I want the MC to have is a sharingan then life... more>> would be perfect. (Personal Opinion) <<less
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theaceoffire rated it
February 22, 2019
Status: c113

  • Interesting system for 'leveling', and converting things into points is done manually and in an interesting way.
  • Pretty good world building/representation.
  • Able to keep track of characters... mostly.
  • Battles were mostly done right, had some good plot stuff in the background that could have been a story on its own.

  • Girls are TOO YOUNG. VERY too young.
  • Rape.
  • After Rape, he is literally CONFUSED on why they are upset. This almost bothered me MORE than him abusing the girls in the first place, his utter lack of EMPATHY combined with how he is supposedly representing all anime nuts out there feels like a direct insult to the target audience.
  • Sometimes he spends points like water (No danger? Spend 100, 000!), other times he is arbitrarily stingy (Life threat? Must I spend 1000?). I also get a strong feeling that he has an unlimited list of abilities/skills/items/etc, and he refuses to take a week to read it because he is lazy. It's constant shock: "Oh!? I can instantly learn an awesome spell with a cheep item!? Meh, why buy two of those. Should I look for similar permanent boosts? Nah. Maybe my (girlfriend?) with no skills could use one? Why check.
  • I really hate some of the side comments, but I forced myself to ignore them in an effort to give it a good chance to get better. That said, he randomly screams offensive things because he believes that otakus do that, thus it must be funny. Also, he may be brain damaged, as he will routinely ignore life to fantasize about random things, even in important situations.
... more>>

Honestly, it was the r*pe that made me finally give up. He spent so long supposedly caring for these girls, only to give up all together because they got sad when they found him with another girl. Even after assaulting both of them, he was STUNNED that they were angry! Worse, a few days later, he was CURSING them mentally because they didn't offer up s*x freely after being raped. Considered it being tortured.

Honestly, not getting s*x after in a committed relationship? Sounds like marriage. Hey Oh! But yeah, you still are a jerk rapist pedo, fyi MC.

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poporia rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: --
I write this as one of the victims who was mislead to read this novel by the good reviews.

This is a trainwreack of a novel. Too many stupid cliches. The MC is the personification of cringe. The MC makes stupid decisions all of the time.

There was an interesting idea of summoning character from other worlds. But it was soon made irrelevant by the desire of the Main character of just using those girls as ornaments. He summons a Nuclear Bomb and decides to protect the Bomb.
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Bubbletehh rated it
April 17, 2017
Status: c42
I was quite reluctant at first to try this novel out, but based on other reviewers I took the plunge. Pleasantly surprised by a decent integration of a cheat system. It quite openly states that the MC has plot armour so I didn't expect anything less and treated it more as a harem novel which it does quite well in. I actually do enjoy the lightheartedness in this novel as compared to many others and I think that other authors aiming to incorporate "anime" into their novels should go along... more>> this route, nothing too serious and mostly focused on interactions between characters. If there is a complaint its that the plot progression is quite fast, a potential future complaint would likely be forgotten harem characters which I hope doesn't happen. <<less
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Kreuz rated it
April 10, 2017
Status: c33
I honestly went into this expecting to cringe. I mean, known anime characters in a harem setting? To my surprise this is actually a well written novel so far, the anime characters personality wasn't changed and the plot is not a copy of the original works either.

Minor spoilers for the general direction:

... more>>

MC comes into a xianxia world with his system/rpg power. He doesnt need to cultivate, instead he is farming monsters and completing quests given by the system. After a set period the system offers to send him to a game/anime world to complete additional quests that grant great exp and rewards. To summon a character he needs to collect SP which is mostly given out by completing quests. There are other kinds of points for equipment and abilities. The first summon appears around chapter 30 so I'm glad the author decided to take his time and focus on worldbuilding and original characters first

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Zerzuskan rated it
December 29, 2019
Status: c386
i guess the story is okay, however the MC is a rapist.

I'm not judging you for liking it and neither am i judging you for fapping on the story, however im condemning the author for acting as if raping random people so that they fall in love in you is the normal and only way of wooing someone.
Basically what the author is doing is finding some random female he finds attractive, then find a time where she is alone, and start to assault her. He continues to fondle with her body, until she lets out "moans of pleasure" because she can't endure it anymore, then he rapes her while she does her best to push him away and continuously screams for help only to end up getting raped. Then the author basically says the deed is done and since you also "liked" it this is perfectly justified and there are no moral problems or anything. The female then just falls in love because the MC is good in bed.
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Wolfick rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: Completed
Going back in memory a bit as I've read bits and pieces over a long time until I finished it but SGS, or otherwise known as MGS over at lnmtl, is a truly good fanfiction of multiple anime. The MCs system isn't overly explained and is rather stockstandard, a usual system-chan, but the characters are fleshed out in their usual characteristics as expected from the anime.

It has both good points and bad that counterbalance each other. He goes to anime worlds where he has to complete missions and in turn... more>> is rewarded with points he can use in system-chan's store to buy anything and everything, including summoning anime characters who will share his life with him.

At the same time, some of the anime worlds are stock standard which other similar novels use but if this is your first one, that doesn't matter. Another big problem I had with some of the worlds was they were too similar to the original anime. This is especially prominent in the...


Sword Art Online world. It followed the exact plot with the exact same events as the original anime, only with the MC replacing the role of Kirito who just fell to a background character. I love SAO, I read all the novels and then watched the anime when it came out, but I'm not reading a different story just to reread what I already know and love. The only difference was that Akahiba, or whatever his name was - I'm not googling it just for reference - wasn't defeated until the 100th floor.


I did enjoy the s*x scenes, terribly so. It's perfectly fine having interspecies s*x with demons or Demi-humans or such, but people get offended if it's with a middle school girl. It's just wish fulfilment writing and doesn't harm anyone so get over it, at least they're still human. What truly made me happy was that someone finally nailed these girls from the anime that no jap MC could. No nosebleeds and passing out right before plowimg their fields, no unexpected world ending catastrophes falling from the sky for the sole purpose of cockblocking the MC. For me, it's like a scratch being itched that I haven't been able to reach for a long, long time.

the s*x scenes are explicitly descriptive, the first one happening somewhere around chapter 120, but be warned, after chapter 700 or 800, these scenes turn into "he pushed her down and.... the next morning" due to site policies or some bull. They don't make a turn around from that, so if you're waiting for the next one expecting something more, your balls will turn blue. I humorously reference this novel like a girlfriend in this sense. When the relationship is fresh your getting plenty, but later she just teases you and goes to sleep leaving you sore and wanting.

As for the rest, go read it yourself, or go look up spoilers on worlds the MC visits + girls he "pushes down" to see if it appeals to your tastes. <<less
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junignace rated it
May 28, 2017
Status: Completed
One of the best novel series I had ever read. After reading MGA, ATG, PMG, and other alike wuxia novels I somehow became tired of it. Then I watched anime still got bored cause there are no new harem anime released expect for the ones that I had read in manga and novels. I somehow thought how fun would it be to read wuxia and anime together? Then if ypure like me then you'll definitely like this.... more>>

it is a story about a world of cultivation but the MC has a unique system enabling him to level up and stole waifus from other anime MC. Traversing different anime worlds and getting as much waifu as he can that's our MC.

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Alfha Robby
Alfha Robby rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c200
honestly I think this mockbuster ruin the character from other series since this is just another typical wish fulfillment story with copy paste development from other story like typical xianxia plot with their annoying arrogant young master including revenge from their brother, father, teacher etcetera with the only difference from them and the other villain in this story is just their name.

oh and there's barely world development and explanation about the MC's system which in truth is just a parody from other Japanese novel and chinese xuanhua and xianxia story... more>> cultivation.

if you're the type that care about plot hole and logic then don't even bother to read this novel since this is just your typical hentai harem including s*x with Middle age schooler etcetera.

only those who love fan service with repeated storyline like womanizing mage and MMorpg: rebirth of the legendary guardian would rate this novel 4 or 5 stars. <<less
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Arbiten rated it
July 25, 2017
Status: c96
I was very surprised at this novel. I generally shy away from CN novels. They're usually extremely long and follow very similar plots. However, this one was on a completely different level.

There's a lot of references to many different anime and it's very well done. The author has clearly watched a lot of anime and researched the characters as you can "feel" that the summoned girls are pretty much exactly like the originals.

I look forward to every new release!
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mitre27 rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: c171
Novel is super cringey, the MC is the worst, realism isn't there, nobody acts like a real person, so many weeb terms and add on top of it all, a sh*t MTL translator, I just can't recommend this to anyone.
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seaners23 rated it
November 20, 2018
Status: c37
This story is... not that good. With the way it's written, it gives off the vibe that the author is only in middle school. A lot of things just aren't thought out that well. The main character is 'supposed to be' an otaku/neet/whatever, a person who is into all sorts of anime/games/ect and has never left his house, but he doesn't act like one. He's too confident and outgoing to everyone, whether they be 3D or 2D.

The MC was given an incredible system that basically lets him get whatever he... more>> wants if he has the points, but he tends to do really sketchy choices in how he uses those points. Eventually he amasses hundreds of thousands of points that can be used to buy incredibly useful things/powerups/ect, complains about how expensive items that cost 1k are, but then he wastes almost all of them on 2 potions for his summons. One didn't even need it because she is immensely more powerful than the MC and the other one is so weak that it was stupid of him to even let her tag along to an area that was said to be unbelievably dangerous.

Just... ugh!

I guess you might want to read this if you are 12 and super into anime, but for everyone else... just pass on it. Even if you really love novels with summons, this just isn't worth your time. <<less
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readholic rated it
August 4, 2017
Status: Completed
It's good, the MC is kind of good guy and responsible person, but don't expect too much from his decision making ability (what do you expect from a home security guy) . The story flow quite seamlessly, the interactions between characters are lighthearted and funny. There are many interesting and funny dialog IMO like : ... more>>

"Ara, Tokisaki student" "Ara, Shokuhou student" when Tokisaki Kurumi and Shokuhou Misaki doing faceoff


Although there's few boring sub-arc like

22nd floor of Aincrad

if you want to read how interesting a Xuanhuan combined with Japanese otaku culture can be, then try this one! <<less
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nobelvampire1071 rated it
April 26, 2017
Status: c153
Ever wish for a Xianxia MC in a Japanese novel when those stupid dense protagonist make you cringe every moment. Ever wish that Xianxia was not only about slaughter this and slaughter that. Well look no further. This is actually a very good blend between Xianxia and anime and the author has done a pretty well job with the characters. It is a light hearted novel which you will definitely enjoy while reading. As for the MC. He is living the dream of every otaku by being summoned in a... more>> different world, given cheat powers show off power in xianxia world while going to diffrent anime worlds and banging the 2D chicks. Try the novel out. Better than most novels. <<less
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