Ultimate Assassin System


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Regardless on how developed a society becomes, assassins and prostitutes will never cease to exist. There’s no need to think of the former as anything mysterious, and there’s no need to look down on the latter. They are simply doing their jobs.

When Tang En crossed over planes, he was forced into this murderous and hopeless profession.

“You have great talent for assassination.”

Tang En: “Huh, I have this kind of talent?”

“That’s right, your looks are exceedingly plain, this is very useful to assassins.”

“……” Tang En, “But I haven’t even managed to kill a chicken.”

“Irrelevant, assassins don’t need to kill chickens, only people.”


The story is about a plain college graduate crossing over worlds after dying in an awkward situation. Inheriting the game-like Assassin System and a badass butler from the transition, he now has to adapt to survive in this dangerous, new world. Set in a Western Fantasy Universe.

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Date Group Release
06/17/16 AmeryEdge v1c9
06/15/16 AmeryEdge v1c8
06/12/16 AmeryEdge v1c7
06/05/16 AmeryEdge v1c6
05/26/16 AmeryEdge v1c5
05/22/16 AmeryEdge v1c4
05/22/16 AmeryEdge v1c3
05/22/16 AmeryEdge v1c2
05/22/16 AmeryEdge v1c1
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HesheFell rated it
June 16, 2016
Status: c88
The plot is forced for no rhyme or reason. It's like the author didn't know how to start the story but had the middle plotted out already. Which is why you have to stick in there past the initial dozen chapters for a proper story to start coming together.
90 chapters in right now, and I like the character interactions most. Especially law enforcement division and the other seedy professionals. If I had any complaints, it would be that the MC. Other than one villain, he's the only character I... more>> don't particularly like. He is too wishy washy and not very well characterized. <<less
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Fathom rated it
June 7, 2016
Status: c6
MC gets transported to a different world w/ game elements. Plot is a bit overused and slow to build up any tension. The comedy is not that prevalent either. MC is an average looking guy with average skills who doesn't want to be an assassin. However, he's been forced to trained as an assassin by his game butler system. Overall, the MC wasn't that interesting, nor was the plot. If this series ever completely translates, I may come back and read it then.
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May 1, 2018
Status: v2c3
interesting enough that I would keep reading if I could, but not interesting enough to suffer through MT. There are some problems with the start, as others have mentioned, and some pacing problems, but I would read more if someone else bothers to pick it up in the future. Mostly because I like assassin stories and this could be entertaining further on.
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