Castle of Black Iron


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After the Catastrophe, every rule in the world was rewritten.

In the Age of Black Iron, steel, iron, steam engines and fighting force became the crux in which human beings depended on to survive.

A commoner boy by the name Zhang Tie was selected by the gods of fortune and was gifted a small tree which could constantly produce various marvelous fruits. At the same time, Zhang Tie was thrown into the flames of war, a three-hundred-year war between the humans and monsters on the vacant continent. Using crystals to tap into the potentials of the human body, one must cultivate to become stronger.

The thrilling legends of mysterious clans, secrets of Oriental fantasies, numerous treasures and legacies in the underground world — All in the Castle of Black Iron!

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Citadel of Black Iron
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pentadrian rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: --
This novel is one of those that has a mediocre start, but manages to get into a good pace only to be ruined by the author peddling an agenda. At the face of it, this is a post apocalyptic steampunk novel, but it's not all science. There's some mysterious acupuncture point that can be unlocked to cultivate. And here's the biggest deal breaker - extreme patriotism.

While unlike certain other novels out there there's isn't much, if any, racism, the novel keeps praising China to the extent that you'd think it... more>> was sponsored by the PRC. According to the novel, the Chinese are at the forefront of technology, military strength, culture, world dominance, yelling "I your father" and pretty much everything else. It's fine for a while, be when you see this agenda being pushed over hundreds of chapters it will get on your nerves even if you're all for the PRC. Also the MC has no idea of a family unit and literally goes around spraying his seed all over the place, to any woman willing (and there are a few hundreds) <<less
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lawrsun rated it
May 25, 2017
Status: Completed

TLDR: Human spirit and sacrifice clash against the greed and self serving nature of humanity. Great and progressive story building, character building, with few to no unanswered questions at the conclusion. Most Chinese novels i've read up till now have ridiculous endings that read like a poor copy of a dragonballz episode (coiling dragon was good, but lets be real the ending s**ked.)


This story completely blew my mind. Moral men and Pedantic preachers stand opposite a thin line, more so in a story pieced together chapter chapter by chapter in such a web novel format. And so, the character building in this story becomes all the more surprising.

Spoiler from here on out.

A child at the beginning of the novel, the MC is naive, his pursuits and choices simple crude; a true country bumpkin. Pe*verted, small minded, but with his own bottom line. Many novels start like this and thats all fine and dandy, but what destroys the depth of those novels is one huge 'story event flag' which from then forth decides the characters choices, all personality traits and plot directions derive from this singular event and the main characters actions thus lack depth because of the singular nature in his environmental influences. CBI avoids this, which makes for a slow start, but like the tree in the castle of black iron, our MC grows LIKE A BELIEVABLE REAL PERSON. Every stage in his life has different influences, and in every stage we can see his choices and his level of vision change in response to these influences.

Cultivation in this novel is super unique, and the MC's 'cheat item' doesnt block or cover over his character. Most novels with a cheat like item make you feel that if someone else had the same item as the MC, they would be the exact same person. MC isnt a unique person. But in the case of castle of black iron, the space and his best tree buddy grow and change along with his choices, the castle acts as a support, a best friend, a resting place, and not an all conquering god weapon that makes resistance against the MC futile.

Instead conflict in this novel ends up varied, believable, dangerous, and all the more enticing for the reader. The MC has gains and losses, wins and defeats, and his growth occurs in this journey because of the challenges and conflicts present in this unique era he is in instead of the presence of a deus ex machina type item.

The one and only minor short board is the depth of female interactions. Note I say interactions instead of characters, because these females are each unique and have their own thoughts and do conflict decision wise with the MC even after together. Further, this shortboard is made up to some extent by his interactions with his family (brother mother father). Further, the lack of depth in exploration in the relationships with his female partners can be explained and feels reasonable to an extent because of the huge weight of the increasing burden on his shoulders, he wouldlove to spend more time with his family but the never ending war blocks him from being the father and husband he wants to be. Its reasonable, and therefore doesn't detract from the story so much as make a reasonable and natural cover for the inherent flaws in any novel with a harem.

Read it, please, because id hate for such a masterpiece novel to be buried by the glare of its mediocre early translations and its slow start.

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wolfeinstein24 rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: c169
I actually liked the story. A well planned MC. Not those flat 2 dimensional MC. It was good but the. The patriotism started and the story started getting racist.

... more>>

all the people in the novel talking about how the chinese is very superior when it comes to cultuvation then other nation. Ok I can accept that.

Then his country gets invaded and he is okay about it. Doesn't care that many leaders of his country were killed. He accepts the new rule because the new rulers are of chines lineage. Then he justifies his decision in a few chapters saying that his previous countries rulers where cowards anyway and their whole family deserved to die. But portrays himself as a good perosn who is always fillial to his parents and his country.

he gets a fist skill and he seems to be even more skilled than normal even taking into account that he has all those cheats. Then he finds out that it was because of him being chinese. Then he becomes a cult leader.

It is like the whole book was an advertis**ent of somekind to convert others to be chinese

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solareyes rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c315
Like the other reviews stated, it starts poorly. Seems like the author was trying to make it "edgy", but it just came across immature and awkward. It definitely improved later on, though there was still a weird obsession with s*x.

It's kind of a pity, because the unique cultivation and inner world were actually interesting. The plot was fine, but nothing special. Plenty of familiar tropes: arrogant bullies, a "ruthless" protagonist, etc.

I dropped it after the protagonist chased a girl, forced a kiss, and tried to r*pe her.
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Vlaeghe rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c276
The story is a post apocalyptic futuristic cultivation novel with a steampunk flavour.

Briefly summarized: The modern world as we know it 'changed' by something called 'The Star of God' and the world was set back to the early industrialized era. Meaning there's steam power, but no electricity. Tectonic plates also shifted and the world is no longer the same, countries and geography changed. The change was a Calamity, as many beasts and mutants rose up to power and devastated 'mankind's world domination'.

And the story of our protagonist is set at 889 AC (After Calamity).

The author does a nice job of building up the world, getting you into the story. Although it's a little vulgar at times, it's not offputting and it does set the tone to what kind of world... more>> Zhang Tie lives in. (Let's just say it's a 'hard' life)

The game element of the story doesn't appear until chapter 14. The cultivation system in this novel appears to be based on lighting up points in your body, a not unfamiliar system if you've read more xuanhuan novels. This is in line with traditional chinese medicine (meridians/acupuncture). The game element also has a rather familiar ring to it, as it's concept has been used often in other stories. Briefly put, the protagonist obtained a 'space' of his own wherein he can create his own world, for now filling it with plants, and he has to fulfill some conditions before he can make better use of it.

Volume 1 basically introduces the world and the cheat the protagonist gained.

So far I'm enjoying the story. It's really still in it's infant shoes (translation wise obviously). Other than thinking it's a fairly ok story so far, there's really not much else to tell. I do think you should give it a try, particularly if you like xuanhuan stories and don't mind the game element of it.

Edit: 30-9-2017 - I'm still reading. I wrote this review back when volume 2 was just about to be translated. I'm still enjoying the read. The MC continues to be a bit of a pe*vert, but it's really not highlighted that much. At least what's there doesn't really bother me. Not even the extended 'fun' he's had with numerous girls at one point. The author doesn't go into details much.

Every now and again he gets into serious trouble and manages to scamper himself out of it as well. So often there's plenty of action to keep yourself entertained and you're not bored to death by long endless cultivation details as there's often something simmering in the background and you just know something is going to happen. Granted, the author isn't very subtle about it either. Pretty straightforward really. But it's part of the fun.

The game elements so far haven't been very intrusive and it's plainly there to give the MC a cultivation/strength edge and something to work towards. Okay, I might be downplaying this a bit. It's a huge part of the MC's strength.

One of the main things of the MC's power trip is the little tree inside his 'Black Iron Castle' space, which gives him fruits to eat in return for the actions he has taken, consequently giving him substantial power-ups.

The MC has powered up substantially so far, so I do hope the Author can continue to make things thrilling. We'll see. I've definitely not grown tired of reading this so far. <<less
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grenfunkel rated it
May 3, 2017
Status: v14c42
Edit: I have read ahead the raws and it's f-ing awesome. The moment the real enemies... more>>

demons and third eye group/traitor humans

. Some said that this novel is too patriotic, but at least it ain't racist. What is wrong with chinese praising themselves? Would it seem normal to insult and hate your own country? I'd rather think that only terrorists would be that ironic.

Hao! Hao! Hao!

The translation is excellent. The plot is still in its early stages but so far I am enjoying it. The main character is your typical adolescent boy always having ere*t "tent", but sometimes show great decisiveness. He is also an optimist and always aim for a better future for himself and his family. I recommend reading before judging this novel due to low rating (due to old translation). <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
January 11, 2018
Status: c30
I don't even know how and why I continued reading till chapter 30 but honestly I was disappointed... Many reviews said that MC is kind I don't see why he is kind when he only started cleaning and doing all that stuff after knowing he gets merit points from system. Whole thing feels so unnatural and cliché that it's no fun to read. His mother washed his underwear which was filled his wet dreams and what does she say to mc? My guoguo grew up... MC is just 15. Maybe... more>> in post apocalyptic world it might be normal but honestly whole thing feels weird when your mother is accepting it so easily she treats u like a little kid and she's accepting all these bad habits. Your father teaching you all dirty tricks and all. A random teacher which is sort of an idol in school and MC just stalks her everyday.

70% of the story till now is just vulgar stuff 20% description about beauties which MC would never have and 10% real plot going.... If this considered solid plot or whatever I don't know what to say it might be better later on but till now it just feels dumb to read where vulgar stuff keeps repeating as a filler. I don't find MC all that likeable too... Other reviews say MC is clever but I feel his surroundings are so dumb that he naturally turns out to be clever... Well this is just my opinion.

MC gets introduction to fight club and he is asked to follow receptionist towards the room after author takes his time describing how sexy the bu*t is and MC starts to get h**ny just by that... MC tries to naivly talk to her only to be shot down. Girls are really sensitive how you look at them I'm considering that's why she shot down MC rudely before he even got chance. But what does MC do? He grabs her shoulder tells her she will later beg for him to fk her and thurst his standing d at her stomach a few times before rudely telling her to show the way again. Author in multiple times tries to show how MC is different from those rude fellows in his school who m*sturbate at their idol teacher in classroom but in reality he is just the same. I don't see any kindness just a hypocrite in him. I'm not expecting him to be chivalrous or gentlemanly but come on at least have some bare minimum manners, this was the moment which put me off and made me quit reading.

MC finds the castle of black iron in chapter 13 but he uses it in dumb way uptil this point... He gets it and first thing he does is start running around like an idiot. Ik he doesn't have any manual or anything but I would expect a better usage of thing from someone being called 'clever' he gets in and out of castle with water only to realise it consumes energy to get inside where it is hinted in beginning when he entered that he doesn't have enough energy to stay inside after certain time in same chapter he got castle. There are many lengthy and unnecessary explanations that it turns really boring to read. Some reviews say that it teaches about business but there are many other books which teach you about business waste your time there than here! Besides business it doesn't have a single redeem feature other than boring you!

I would not recommend this novel, you can try it at your own risk. <<less
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April 1, 2017
Status: c41
Edit: Dropped due to the Chinese worship in this novel. Just too much of chinese greatness for my own taste in a post apocalyptic story.

Let me clear one thing for those who are mislead by the negative reviews: It's a good novel with good word building and a likable protagonist. The main character is a young boy who is going through the puberty. So of course he thinks what boys of his age dreams about: women and s*x. Besides it's not all about his s*xual desires. It's about achieving MC's... more>> dream of having a good life for both him and his family in the cruel world where they are at the bottom of food chain. The protagonist is likable and he uses his brains most of the times. The world building is one of the best I have seen in Chinese novels. Do give it a try. <<less
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Sigh Berian
Sigh Berian rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: c545
This novel is basically "WE WUZ KANGZ" - the Chinese Edition. I usually don't care about Chinese patriotism and I believe everyone should love their country and culture, but this author is smoking something crazy. Not only does this author steal achievements made by other peoples and cultures and just write them off as Chinese, but he basically just lumps all the white people together, and completely erases all the other Asians.

The setting is basically a world like Earth, but huge. The world goes through an apocalypse, the story begins... more>> after 900 years after the apocalypse. On this Earth, the Chinese are everything. Everything good, noble, smart, amazing, is Chinese. The Chinese in this world are the only ones who have bloodlines that can be awakened to give them power from ancient Chinese warriors (apparently only the Chinese came from ancient ancestors, everyone else just basically appeared out of nowhere with no bloodlines). Even if I was a Chinese nationalist, I would be ashamed by this author's thick skin.


I mean in what world would there be a business in a majority white country that can get away with creating a line specifically for the Chinese to skip waiting?


All of this is already sick to get through, but I was still enjoying the novel because it had some very cool and exciting moments. It got really good after chapter 50, and had some really exciting moments, but they were only just barely enough for me to continue reading this novel. However, chapter 525 broke the camels back and I just could not continue with the story. I mean the story was leading up to such a climax, and then the MC

gets a major power up only for the author to backtrack and nerf him and basically just make the last 150 chapters useless.

There is just no excuse for that.

Also, starting from chapter 350 it said that there was an editor for each chapter, but it really didn't feel like it. JUST an insane amount of grammar mistakes.

If I could go back in time, I would definitely NOT read this. <<less
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Outlet rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c23
If you want to know why the novel A Journy to the West is so famous in China, I really suggests you to read this novel first. I find the book Castle of Black Iron is retranslated by Qidian International and the new authorized translation is good.

The story is featured with oriental xuanhuan folklores. A story full of imaginations. After reading it, I even want to enter meditation myself to practice my own cultivation so as to be a powerful man. This book really reminds me of the significance of... more>> the Mental Arithmetic Using an Abacus that may enhance my spiritual energy.

I also consider that each fruit from the Manjusaka Karma Wanguo Tree is a wonderful experience that would make each aspect of me enhanced. Really challenging~~ <<less
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Angryfan rated it
August 9, 2017
Status: c210
The most disappointing thing about this web novel is the wasted potential. The author has great ideas but doesn't take the time to flesh them out, he just moves on with the story. The most annoying example of this is the enhanced yeast. The MC can control the yeast to do anything he wants yet instead of giving the yeast to his family to help his family's business grow. He just keeps it to himself and almost never uses it. The yeast can even be used as a healing potion... more>> but is never used as such for some reason. <<less
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R.a.m.p.a.g.e rated it
May 25, 2017
Status: --
If you can ignore some the vulgarities from starting chapters, then it is a superb novel. As of now, it has nice plot line a good system for power development and as you read along the chapters you won't get bored. Though you may find pace of the story a little slow.

As of now about our protagonist, MC seems to be a little naive sometimes but, his temperament changes as he faces some challenges. Most importantly he is not weak willed, he is not a ruthless persona or a shiny... more>> knight who justifies everything, he is the type of protagonist who is a little intelligent as to how he deals to some of his adversary shown in the recent chapters (HE IS ONLY IN HIS TEENS). As it happens with all the protagonist in Chinese novel there is a fortuitous encounter and it is not some overpowered shit, he has to tussle and fight to gain the fruits to enhance himself (you can take it literally).

Overall, there is a good (world, supporting character) building. Nice plot that keeps you going and most importantly don't mind those reviews. Give this novel a try, for me it is definitely one of the best novel that Qidian is currently translating. <<less
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May 3, 2017
Status: c7
After reading a few chapters this novel is not for me to read

First is the level of vulgarity I admit that most novel can get as vulgar as they could be but surprisingly my first impression was what a vulgar novel

... more>>

15 yrs old student M*sturbate in the classroom? MC explaining about underwear in the first chapter? A random teacher who suddenly propose in the gate in front of many student? And the worst part the setting is in an all boy school


I admit that the whole mature thing doesn't suit my reading habit and this novel I can feel a depressing atmosphere which is I want to avoid since I already have enough depressing situation in real life as reading is one of my fun habits.

My review is technically one sided and should not be taken seriously as this is one of those moment that I thought I found a good novel just to realize that it is not for me to read <<less
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Ixcez rated it
May 31, 2018
Status: c500
As a fair warning to anyone that will read this novel. This novel is heavy on rascism and chinese propaganda.

To give some example chinese are the rulers of the world, both before the apocalypse and after they are always the best and strongest.

The MC starting country which is showcased as westernish and ruled by buisnessmen is evil and the MC easily betrays the country and joins another cause it hasn't given him anything and he likes the more ancient chinese like country more. (Since you know free education, food and support doesn't matter, while the leaders are pretty bad the first 100ish chapter feels like serious pro china propaganda)

So if you can ignore or look past this then give it a try. The story and plot overall is well written and translated while not a top tier novel it is among the higher one's. There is a lot of s*xual parts in this which sadly again involves heavy rasicm.

In the starting part the MC is among the few chinese living in the country and is raised in a western city and culture. (This always confused me in the setting how a western chinese can be so pro china and wants to return to "china")

He is fairly early on surrounded by 3 western girls but even though they try their best to make him like them, he can't come to love them but their his possesions and pretty much tells them that they can only be his s*xual outlet.

It is heavily implied over the chapters that he looks down on the western girls and that they are all sluts that can only be used for s*xual favours and their only reason to be in the story is to be the MC's s*xual relief. It doesn't matter how pretty or hard the girls try they can at most be s*x buddies.
This is the ongoing trend for all the western girls until he goes over to the chinese side where he instantly falls in love with a proper chinese girl.
Who he then goes on to r*pe which as usual ends with the girl loving him. Now that he has started to get his first legal "wife" he becomes more open to western girls and is willing to allow them to become his concubines.

The treatment of girls is horrible to say the least here and while I've gotten numb to most of it, this story put a new twist on it by using rasicm on the MC's own partners to some degree. I'll just end this by saying the rasicm is real among the heaviest I've ever read if you read between the lines and it never really stops. Look past it and you'll really enjoy this one. 4-5* if you can look past it if not 2-3*
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Molenir rated it
May 3, 2017
Status: c67
I've read up to the latest translated chapter, and all I have to say, is that this is an amazing story. One of the other reviewers referred to it as being a slow-burn. I like that description, as its very true. Its not like a lot of the other stories where you are introduced to the MC, and a chapter or 2 in, the MC is already OP. Instead its a very slow build up, with his accidental acquisition of a cheat. Figuring what it is, and how to use... more>> it. And his incremental increase in power. Everything is very well done, told mostly from the MC pov.

The biggest negative of this story, is that because it is very slow building up, you're really better off not reading it for awhile, and accumulating chapters, then reading 1 chapter at a time. Additionally, because of how the story is told, there is not a huge amount of action, especially at the start. Which makes it all the more impactful when there is some action. All in all, I definitely recommend this story. But let it percolate for awhile longer. Pick it up at chapter 100, come back to it 50 chapters later. <<less
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DarthBlood rated it
August 3, 2018
Status: c600
It's not as racist as everyone seems to claim. The only people mentioned as of ~600 chapters are the chinese, hebrew speaking people, black people, and "the Slavs". All the races are stereotyped, but not in a bad way (no bad stereotypes about the hebrew speaking people or black people). The Chinese are superior at cultivating, which makes them the strongest people in the world. The MC's one black friend is described early on as physically bigger and stronger than him. The Slavs are described as having bearlike figures, and... more>> the interactions with them give off a Viking vibe. The hebrew speaking people are never described explicitly as white, although it was mentioned they did have lighter and fair skin.

So read that first paragraph again. Racist? Nah. Plays into stereotypes? Yea you can say that. Later on there is a lot of self praise for the Chinese though. Still, the author has done a good job of not actually insulting other races.

Unfortunately, s*upid math plagues this story.

  1. The eastern continent in the story is 20, 000 miles north to south and 20, 000 miles east to west. That's 400 million miles squared. The earth is 200 million miles squared (in comparison, the USA is 4 million miles squared). Earth's population is ~8billion, while the eastern continent's population is 6.7 billion.
  2. To travel north to south in this continent (20, 000 miles), it would take a train going 100 km/h (60 mph) "at least half a year" if travelling 22 hrs/day. In the same paragraph he then says "it would take a person at least 20 months". Now if you do the math, to travel 20, 000 miles at 60 mph for 22 hours a day (2 hrs for break/refuelling the train), it should be 15 days. Soooo where'd the 6 month estimation and 20 month estimation come from??? S*upid af.
  3. Early on, we find out about the world's currency. 100 bronze coins = 1 silver, and 100 silver = 1 gold. Therefore 1 gold = 10, 000 bronze (a typical economic system). The MC's dad has a 10 gold yearly salary. That's 100, 000 bronze salary. So why is the MC constantly mentioning how poor his family is and how paying a 2-3 bronze extra for food is devastating???
Another unfortunate problem has nothing to do with the story, but the absolutely horrendous editor. What is the point of an editor when every chapter is plagued with dozens of errors (mostly grammatical and syntax). It makes the story very hard to read. The first 100 or so chapters didn't seem to have as much of a problem. It's later on when the editor is complete crap.

Overall, the bad math doesn't hurt the story, but the poor editor is an issue. If you can ignore this, plotwise, this is a solid story. The MC starts out very vulgar, as can be expected of a boy going through puberty, but as he grows, he becomes much more mature and his perversions are toned down a lot. And honestly, I'd rather see a pe*vert MC than a beta male MC like Japanese novels tend to prefer. <<less
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jlkc rated it
April 20, 2017
Status: c55
Really unlikeable MC who thinks with his d*ck and is naive, boring, predictable, s*upid and kind. He has two positive traits at most. The story is super slow paced and so far has been decent. The rest of the characters are pretty one dimensional, as you'd expect from a xuanhuan. Can't give this more than 3 stars when I dislike the MC and there are no interesting side characters. The story is okay but isn't strong enough to carry the characters.
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Ignus rated it
April 20, 2017
Status: c79
Ignore the low score rating as it comes from previous translation.

This story is really good. Good pacing, vivid fantasy world, great characters...

I pride myself on scoring a story based upon the skill of the author, and not if genre/tags don't agree with me. This story as of chapter 79 is really well written.

The only thing that could turn a few people off is the crude humor. after the first 20 chapters, there is less of it. Even though I am not a fan of the humor, this is still... more>> one of my favorite stories right now.

Also, even though crude humor is treated as a running gag, at least it stands out, and does give the feeling of how virg*n immature boys may behave. <<less
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kingtape rated it
May 9, 2018
Status: --
This is not a masterpiece, like one reviewer said. Not even close. This is garbage.

The only reason I would read this is because the first 250 chapters are fine for killing time. They aren't good at all, but they're kind of like popcorn, you can just consume them and it won't be painful.

Sadly it gets REALLY sh*t after 250.

... more>>

He meets a girl who doesn't want anything to do with him. This author clearly has never met a girl before because he makes every girl some dandy flower who is incapable of fighting back against anything or anyone. The MC literally runs after her and tries to r*pe her. She could easily beat him up, but she chooses not to because she's this dainty girl, apparently. She just keeps running. Then the MC eventually somehow catches up and forces a kiss on her.


This author clearly has not met a girl before.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TheHawkk rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: c1
The first chapter is a giant info dump. Couldn't even be bothered to read it. I don't understand authors that do this, they throw a bunch of information at you about a world you're not invested in yet. No-one will remember it.

Don't bother reading it, if the author doesn't even have enough common sense to not make his first chapter an info dump, then his writing skill is certainly subpar.
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