Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World


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“If he’s being badass, I’m gonna plant my own crops. If he messes with me, he will not live past next year.”

Homebody Zhao Hai brought ‘QQ Farm’ along in his traversal to another world and resided within the body of a fallen noble. His fief was a black land which nothing could be planted, and more importantly, he even had a peerlessly powerful fiancee, who was actually the successor of a duchy and future Grand Duchess!

Even more importantly, he is a magical and martial cripple who could not learn magic and martial arts. His crippling was very thorough.

“I can’t learn magic, but I have the farm. You dare attack me? I’ll release bugs to eat up your rations and crops, and put pesticides and weed agents into your water sources to make your lands grow weeds. See if you dare to attack me. What? You wanna hire killers to assassinate me? Hehehe. I’ll hide inside the little house in my farm and see how you can attack me. When you leave, I’m gonna terminate your country’s crop productions, and then all of your people will revolt. See if you dare to kill me.”

Watch how this somewhat black hearted hobo uses his QQ Farm in the world of swords and magic to become a globally known nightmarish existence.

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New Neativ rated it
February 8, 2024
Status: c507-508
An interesting concept, it's a pity that the development of your domain was wasted. The next minus is errors in dates and numbers. For example, one chapter says level 20 is required, and two chapters later says level 30. 7 days turned into 10 in one chapter.

A constant reminder of the threat that they can't stand their ground, that the Buda clan will be wiped out, and in ten chapters they do it.

THE BIGGEST TWO CONS are the dragging of the action and the lack of logic. The author gets... more>> lost in the descriptions of dates, numbers and history. There were supposed to be two minuses xd?

Laura was made into a s*upid idiot in love
Meg's plot destroyed
This 3 is similar.
Green and this woman are also a tragedy, supposedly elite, and this woman, a level 8 magician, a tragedy, supposedly the elite of the continent xd <<less
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kedar080340119014 rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c86
First off this LN has 5000+ chapters. My personal opinion is that no LN should be this long. Its just gonna get repetitive with stereotypical characters appearing in different forms... sigh....

The development of story is quite slow. And in my opinion the novelty value of this new theme OP farming power wears off rather quickly. By chapter 80 it did not excite me anymore on how this farming power will evolve. But I guess its gonna be something off the charts in future (become too OP). The development of MC... more>> is too lacking in imo. This LN has probably the thickest plot armor I have seen in LN since I started reading LN. The whole world building is done by author in such a way that the MCs OP farming power in secular & CULTIVATION (later on in the story) world looks relevant. This in and of itself is a thick plot armor. I have read spoliers for later chapters till chap 1000. Let me tell u this the MCs farming power basically becomes tooooooo OP and its like one stop solution to all matters. There is not much subtle politics involved like Chu wang fei or nor is there an intricate overarching story here like transcending nine heavens. You would think that in the world where MC cannot cultivate and pretty much every other f*cker out there including kids in teens are more powerful then him he would act more humbly or be more cunning in his actions but NO. That would be asking too much. By later chapters MC just becomes a tyrant MC like usual xianxias such as ATG or MGA. He kills off millions just for going against him or standing in his way. I don't have anything against that but still he CANNOT cultivate he doesn't have any strength himself and he has balls to go against powerful sects from even the higher planes.... seriously like can this LN have any more thicker plot armor.... OP farming power... seriously LOL!

Don't get enamored by the synopsis first 100-200 chapters might bring some novelty value (to me this novelty value of OP farming power was exhausted after just ch 80 but some people might find is entertaining for more chaps) because apart from this OP farming power and its one stop solutions it does not bring ANYTHING new to the table. All the other characters are standard xianxia characters incl MC....
Worth casual read if u r awaiting chaps of ur fav LN. <<less
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Deufrau rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
So this is more of a ranting review and mostly based on what I have read so far (chapter 562). Note that I don’t have a lot to say that show the good parts of the story. Rather this is a long review about the bad things, which to me, is prominent throughout the story. The only things that I think is (was) good in the story:

– The novel plot potential with an MC having the power of a farm-simulator (that becomes God-simulator later on) which from just that, is... more>> already interesting and promising.

– MC is a lord of a territory and has the potential of making his own kingdom or bigger things, which the (ex) plot introduces at the start.

So if you don’t mind the random/illogical changes, want to kill time, and want to see the MC with the power of farm/god simulator then I recommend this since aside from all the bad things, the Farm simulator ability, with its endless potential, makes things good enough to keep on reading.

But the issue and problem I have is this is what some other people have pointed out: the author makes things redundant, inserts BS, and the story can’t stay focus or is confused about what it’s goal is or what it’s suppose to be doing. The author has made the MC’s farm simulator OP, it’s to the level thats more or the same as Tatsuya Shiba. I’m fine with that but the problem is the author either: doesn’t know how to introduce it properly to make the readers understand it, completely ignores it, or inserts more random BS to make the MC more OP or weak even though its unnecessary. Even now there are no EXP indicators to how many you can get with specific things its all random and by the will of the Author. Even the ranch he gets later can only be leveled up by collecting animals instead of actually raising them like an actual farming game. Also the consistent use of OTAKU OTAKU OTAKU to describe the MC’s shortcomings, introverted actions, or anti-social thinking/behavior.

Yes the MC is an otaku (derogatory and degenerate type), as the author has wrote: the MC is very lazy (he doesn’t manage his territory into an actual territory with a government/would rather wait for his enemies to come to him rather than clean up the problem), a scumbag (doesn’t write this but his actions make him one), introvert (would rather stay in his room than socialize with real people/go to aristocratic parties), is an unproductive person who does useless/unnecessary things (too many to list), and opinion based social justice mr nice guy, etc. Basically a Otaku. But the author’s lack of vocabulary and his emphasis of the MC’s moral and good chinese traditional values, contradict and sugarcoat the real things going on or what the MC has done. Instead of just completely going along with the MC’s developments, the author ignores the changes and keeps the MC as Nice guy Otaku who isn’t a push over.

the MC spends around 3 weeks doing some trading while doing farming/leveling up his ranch and farm in the background. Even after 3 weeks the ranch and farm still haven’t leveled up. However by introducing 1 new animal and 3 new plants/seeds the ranch levels up 6 times and the farm 8 times respectively. Later on MC gets the power to get sea animals, a machine that can make anything (weapons, potions, etc), and all sorts of metal – and the author doesn’t know what to do with this. It’s really obvious since he doesn’t it at all or just gives a vague explanation and he makes the MC completely forget about it or forces him to never mention those abilities ever again until the author finds a illogical moment to re-mention it even if it creates plot holes.


Other than that, there’s also the characters who are bland, dumb, and forcibly degraded down so that the Adam (later named Zhao Hai, his original name) looks smart or is peerless/someone that can’t be messed with. The characters don’t really give me any emotional attachment for them since they all are dry/monotonous and are ‘forced’ into they’re characters or are changed into personalities that conflict with their original personalities when they were introduced/developed. Majority of the characters are really uninteresting and robotic – for me, even Adumb’s fiancee (s), family, and servant members who get frequent screen time and travel with the Adumb for 100+ chapters have NO personality or a unique trait that draws readers to them and are just there for dialogue purposes. Even later on in the story, if Adumb says he needs to meet and get advice from Grandpa Grimm/Green, after he meets with Grimm, or anyone else he meets their opinions and advice don’t matter. They’re just there to reiterate and reinforce what Adumb already decided or idiotically came up with. Personally, the only part of the story that I’ve read so far that has brought any emotion to me was when they raised up the Buda family flag and let the whole continent know that they are OP AF, even though it was a sloppy transition, it was epic to see that the MC finally got something useful done. Since so far he has been giving the impression of being an idiot, doesn’t know what he’s doing, and other instances similar that give confusion in why this is happening when it shouldn’t.

Here’s a couple of examples to these:


The MC tries to solve the poison issue in the swamp near his territory and encounters a blood mosquito that’s a level 9 (only term used for the peak level in the continent even though there were the demons/flower girl that are higher) magic beast, and note that the MC is in the farm space so he’s safe. But the issue is that his farm management staff, which lets him us magic and some farm features like space/teleportation (which is how he traveled through the poisonous swamp), is now in front of the beast. Here the MC gets paranoid that the mosquito will take it and the MC won’t be able to use the staff as a coordinate point so he can use it to travel quicker (he can use birds to hold the staff to travel to some far away place, stay in his space, and save 1 month worth of travel) so, to prevent this, he decides to go outside and confront it because he assumes that insect is intelligent and can talk. Seems legit right? Even Grandpa Grimm/Green and the other people that came with him are bawling and crying since it’s apparently the only choice they have – to let the MC, of all people, confront that magic beast that can kill a human practitioner of the same level. He couldn’t just summon more eagles/animals, his undead army, or have Grimm go outside the space to ‘communicate’ with it to test waters or use his farm ability to try and capture, kill, or something else entirely. No. The only choice he had was to go outside, confront it, and make peace like civil people instead of the other smarter choices that the MC’s cronies could have told him instead of bawling like he’s doing the most honorable and logical thing. The lvl 9 mosquito then gets brainwashed, thanks to the farm’s power to tame animal (s), into being servile to the MC. This also happens to the higher-than-level-9 demon flower girl. Then after some time MC gets in trouble with some families and has to run away because he apparently doesn’t have the power to confront them. When in reality he doesn’t have to run away and can just brainwash the other 10+ level 9 magic beasts mentioned and are in the swamp and get the problem solved. But nope author doesn’t mention that and the characters who know about this don’t even think of that solution. And guess what? Everyone is depressed and crying because they were forced to run away since they didn’t have the power to go up against a family with five level 9s. Even though there were plenty to brainwash back at the swamp. Wow.

^This development is the starting point of completely destroying the potential of the Adumb having an epic moment of having his territory’s problems fixed, getting s*aves which could have been the territory’s people, and any plot devices mentioned like the Buda family secret techniques, revenge, and the original setting information that was telling you where this story was initially going to go. Now we don’t know what the MC is trying to do and we get no developments in the original territory wastelands other than farming, making alcohol, and merchandise related things instead of government management/services.

Also, the MC is a hypocrite, has double standards, and instead of his depiction of being a nice, loyal, and friendly guy he’s portrayed the opposite. The MC, who has destroyed thousands of acres of agriculture which will starve millions of people so that he can oppose a family and who has brainwashed intelligent magic beast to be loyal/serve him think that what the people who do things on the same level are horrible and unmoral. His father’s friend Evan who lost political power in order saved Adumb’s life, gets treated as a useless side character and unimportant in Adumbs eyes, even though Evan has a great personality being honorable, treating friends well, and the only person so far who is actually SMART and has REASONING skills. But for some reason Evan gets treated poorly by Adumb. I mean Adumb who meets total strangers he just met or are in the same loose organization tells them all his secrets, trades with them more than what Evan gets, and are overall treated better than Evan. This is also a problem the Adumb has: He has a big mouth he keeps spilling all his secrets and identity when he says he isn’t doing on purpose (lol) and doesn’t lay low when he says to lay low; he’s going covert to pass into other territories so he can go to another country. He says they have to lay low even though they F’ing don’t – they go through the same territory that he was wanted (by the big family first mentioned) in and come out as flashy suspicious person since he did the same thing before he was wanted.

He also decides to kill a bunch of bull beastmen because they used the Cattle beastmen family as a bait in order to kill them the remnant Cattle family whom the Bull family is now enemies with and want to get rid of. Even though its a normal thing that humans do and they need to do it so the cattle family can’t grow to take revenge later on, because the MC says it’s dishonorable, it’s the most vile act and which results in him killing off the bull beastmen he was just trading food, eating together, and being friends with. After that mess, he acts like he didn’t do that mess and later on kill the rest of them, who later found out that the human ‘friend’ they had (Adumb) was a spy who tricked them. To add more, the MC, later on develops the thought of wanting to brainwash the future s*aves (which he could have had earlier to develop his territory instead of wasting more than 1 year doing useless things which becomes useless later on for the story) and instill perfect loyalty into them – the adults, the beastmen, and the children. Even though he said that the light church which has been doing the same thing are inhumane, he still wants to do the same thing along with World War II propaganda.

Another situation is when Adumb goes and has trouble again with the prominent old aristocratic family that he was suppose to have some relationship/friendship with, which originates again from the issue of his good merchandise and the family wanting to control the black magicians and him being in the way of it. So Smith, who is the 2nd heir of the family and who Adumb has friendships with, tells him that his family will send a level 9 practitioner to kill him and what solution does he have to offer? To have his Megan Fox look-a-like daughter to marry him. You have to note, Megan and Zhao Hai/Adumb have never met more than 5 times prior to this and 3 of which were them greeting to each other other or small conversations. Also Megan said that Adumb was a really boring person, uninteresting, and never understood why his other 2 fiances Taylor Swift and Meg even fell in love/like the creep. But after this situation comes to play and her mother asks Megan what she thinks about Adumb and if she was okay with marrying him, she f*cking blushes and suddenly falls in love with him. I kid you not. Even her mother is surprised and doesn’t know how she fell in love or how Adumb got her to fall in love with him AND even Adumb is confused how she fell in love with him and confesses in his mind that they never interacted much or had moments to get to know each other to have the chances for love. Yeah. That. Happens. And you know what Adumb does about this situation? He accepts the damn marriage. Even when he had stated and did this said with dignity that he shall only marry those he loves and those that love him back and that he doesn’t like political marriages. First he says that he only want’s to marry Meg and only her, but then when chemistry with Laura (Taylor Swift) developed smoothly, and not BS like with Megan, he was still a romantic guy telling her all that lovey riajuu lines of I love both you and Meg, will treat you equally, and you can have freedom in our marriage. But with Megan, where no developments or any signs of the flag popping up, Adumb becomes an even bigger hypocrite and is now a full-on-ret*rd for choosing a political marriage so solve the issue even though he could have chosen other good choices like having the Shelly family (which is really powerful) or prince Charlie back him up. It doesn’t even have to be anyone backing him up, he could just use the same methods he used with the Prucell family by sabotaging or assassinating important businesses/people. But no. We get a marriage. And you know the funny part? The clan leader of the Carchi after having a face to face talk with Smith finally realizes he is wrong, even though the author has been telling you that Smith has been sending many letters to the family and reasons with why what they’re doing is bad, but he still says he won’t stop with the kill order because now his angel granddaughter, Megan, has now been betrothed to Adumb even though it all happened because he wanted to kill Adumb. Ok.


So really, this whole story has a lot of useless information, destroys its own potential, and has unnecessary developments. The author dumps a bunch of info to you that look important but never mentions it, doesn’t use plot device that has been introduced, and inserts bullsh*t that shouldn’t have happened giving the story too many plot holes.

And what I see from another reviewer is that even at 700+ chapters, that same BS from the author is still there. I’m still at chapters 562 and I already decided to drop this because of it’s repetitive inconsistency and other factors where the MC is randomly doing useless things things


like being an wuxia protagonist, merchant, adventurer, etc while making relationships/friendship/money/harem members/development he doesn’t instead even need instead of an actual goal of being a lord who rules the world with his armies and people rather than OP farm. I mean he STILL hasn’t completely fixed his territory’s, enemy and family (clan) problems that was mentioned in the beginning he just let things sit there with no progress.


I mean even after 700+ chapters, the author still does the same unnecessary things which, to me, are pretty annoying. 562 chapters with no progress in the original plot/revenge and no clue as to what the MC’s goals are other than traveling around, making money (which is already useless since he has too much and doesn’t even use it even though he said something like if you have money you control the world – which doesn’t even get processed because author logic), and getting into wuxia situations with families offending MC and families befriending him – even though it was unnecessary and didn’t help the story in any way other than a repetition of the same exact thing that happened 80 chapters ago.

To me, the only good thing about this web novel, besides its potential (which keeps getting bashed on by the author), is the maid character Nier.

The interesting thing about Nier, who is the maid and sister (non-blood related/not adopted) of Taylor Swift (Laura), is her character development that happens later on in the story. She is first introduced and shown as an innocent and social girl that liked to talk to people. She was especially cheerful and talked to Laura every time they were together. She even talked to the MC sociably and gave the MC the impression that she was a sweet and innocent-lovely girl. But after the Laura arc ended, this girl, for some reason, no longer existed. She was the most interesting character because: at first she was this naughty child who was naive/innocent that like to tease Laura about developing love interest that is growing between the two and that she showed an actual personality with emotion was really nice. Also the main reason why I think she’s interesting is that she randomly pops up once in every few random chapters and is never mentioned again until another random sentence in a random chapter shows her name.

It’s like she encountered a monster and was trapped into a field where she then gets attacked by said monster but gets saved by someone with special powers. But now because of the event, her power of existence became nearly obsolete because of the monster, and only has a few moments left before her flame of existence burns out and no one will ever remember or know that she existed. But apparently Nier has found some sort of treasure or help because, although she still has a weak presence, she hasn’t disappeared and is still mentioned every now and then. But now, due to the recurring encounters, she has become entangled with other forces and powers therefore forcing her to create a new identity in order to accommodate the change.
Thus Nier turned into a torch who is treated like a ghost that pops up randomly in the story because she now fights to make a new world where people won’t be victims of monsters and become Torches/Ghosts who [do not exist in this world] be. And even though she is constantly ignored by other people since she has no longer has any presence, she still serves her master/sister Laura watching her from a distance. No really, she is actually traveling together when the MC, it is shown that she doesn’t talk anymore/no dialogues and can only be spotted at random chapters when her name is mentioned – like really she pops out of nowhere and gets mentioned that she has been in the MC’s party the whole time. Her being mentioned like that actually gives the most tension, epic, and interests to the story since I am actually being drawn to this Character who has the most amazing character development and background story.

See this is interesting because I really want to know what happened to this girl and if she became involved in something. I would like to know what her secret life outside her maid form that made her turn non-existent and anti-social. If the author were to ever make another book called Shakugan no Nier, I would read and follow that 5 star plot novel and see the story Nier the replicant.

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Mike777ac rated it
March 4, 2017
Status: c267
Okay, first of all, I love the story. Not sure why there are so many bad reviews, but whatever. The only problem with the story is the fact that it's over 5000 chapters long and the translation speed is nonexistent lol. If someone seriously decides to translate this series, like someone on Gravity Tales or Wuxiaworld, then I think it could be a huge success... However, with the rate of translation, it's not surprising that there aren't that many 5 star ratings.

On another note... Wtf is up with people on... more>> Novelupdates rating stories based on what they read in the raws? This is a site devoted to English translations of Chinese, Japanese and Korean novels. The moment I see someone say they've read the raws, I usually ignore their review immediately. Unless they can legitimately read in that other language and aren't trying to push through total gibberish, then their review is invalid. <<less
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nextorpheus rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
At first I liked the way the story was going but as the story continued it slowly became the generic MC becomes op for no reason. Another issue I have is there is so much repetition and pointless filler chapters that it gets boring to read.
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kainee rated it
July 3, 2016
Status: --
Disclaimer: I read 1000+ chapters of the Chinese raws before dropping the novel. I haven't read the translations.

I really liked the premise of the novel which is why I began reading it in the first place. I tend to like RPGs and sim games so a novel where the MC's cheat ability was a farming sim? I was in.

I liked the concept so much that I ignored several things that normally set off alarm bells in my head. The random celebrity look-alikes were distracting but I only paused and moved... more>> along. I did make the mistake of emotionally investing a bit in the Taylor Swift clone because she did appear to have her own personality as a smart businesswomen that is trying to establish a trade empire with the MCs help. But my s*upidity in doing that was thrown in my face soon enough. But as long as I treated the female MCs as walking and talking blowup dolls for the MC and the "relationships" as bad roleplaying before the crappy s*x, I was fine just skimming those parts.

However, after a while, this novel basically morphs into a generic xianxia or gaming novel where the MC trains/goes on an adventure to grind levels, then kicks the asses of the current arc's villain with ever increasingly meaningless numbers.

When I realized that the novel was never going to fully develop the farming sim to its full potential, I dropped it.


The MC does develop the farming sim a bit, which is why I stuck around with the novel for so long, but then he just randomly decides to become a god and expand the farming sim into a world, which I was on board for except he then just forgets about it. He basically just ends up using his farming sim as a bag of holding or something though he sometimes uses the miscellaneous functions like the auto-brainwashing s*ave maker aspect of the sim. Also, the celebrity look alikes got super distracting after a while to the point where I was "Oh, another on**ole for the harem" whenever any woman is described as looking like a specific celebrity (it's a coincidence, the author insists) even when the MC doesn't show any overt interest or exchange any words with them.

Plus, at one point, the MC disguises himself with a mask to look like his previous self but I don't think the author kept track of whether the MC maintained the disguise so it was a bit weird for me to believe that women would fall in love with this dude when he couldn't even keep track of what face he was literally wearing. And c'mon, an European looking dude with decent looks versus a Chinese bloke who's plain looking to Asian eyes but exotic in the eyes of another world? It just enforces how bimbo-ish the women that he was collecting became. Plus, the Taylor Swift clone basically became the head wife and the author just describes the MC's growing collection of women as Laura and company instead of naming them individually because there's too many and they are all fembots.

What's worse is that even if you ignore the problematic harem that is a black hole sucking up all of the female characters of a certain age range, the side characters that the author seemed to have taken care setting up like the MC's faithful retainers all fall on the wayside. They showed up once or twice as an afterthought as if the author remembered, "Oh, they're there." The novel's been going on for so long yet the only character that you end up knowing is the MC and he's not even fully fleshed out. He's pretty much like the farming sim itself, all 1s and 0s.

The rip offs also increase too much later on. At one point, the Saint Seiya divine cloths literally make their appearance and there is a boss fight that looks like it could be ripped out of some Saint Seiya fanfiction. Really distracting and lazy writing at this point.


Just read this novel without expecting anything much out of the characters. If you read novels for the vicarious thrill of a barely disguised self insertion, then this novel is for you. It is better to treat this as a really long-winded litany recounting the MC constantly winning because after the initial goals are reached, nothing really matters. <<less
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Mizura rated it
October 4, 2016
Status: --
I've read several hundred chapters into the raws before dropping it in disgust. Let's ignore the fact that the Chinese raws themselves are grammatically horrible and full of repetitions.

I was initially drawn-in by the concept of a farming story. But in the end, this isn't about farming at all. The 'farm' he brings over is more of an all-purpose brainwashing-machine, self-enhancer, poison and pest producer, you-name-it. The farming aspects become comparatively negligible, and soon enough the MC is more focused on being a necromancer/magician/whatever/God. Whenever he encounters some challenge, instead... more>> of facing it in a clever way, he does some asspull from his farm and that's it.

Did I mention the insipid, poorly developed harem members? They're just there to worship how awesome and capable the MC is. Then the MC moves onto the next cardboard female. The MC himself is no better, as he's a huge hypocrite who'd merrily kill other people for his own purposes, which normally I'd be fine with if the story didn't keep trying to push how awesome the MC is every few paragraphs.

If you want a typical but badly-written xianxia, go ahead and read this. But don't get fooled into thinking this has anything to do with farming. <<less
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Incarneous rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: c1631
I can't take it anymore. It started really good before going down hill. At this point, I'm basically reading to see if they ever go to a magical/technological higher plane rather than a xianxia one. I should just go read a spoiler!


In any case, the MC starts good but eventually becomes a mind controlling, brain washing, self-aggrandizing psychopath with delusions of normality. Just saying.

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Exedo rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: c131
I notice nearly all the bad reviews have one thing in common. They want the story written their way whether the story be faster or slower or the MC should do this or that. If you read the story as a power fantasy with a bunch of interesting twists then you can easily enjoy it.

The author states himself that he is not a great writer. However I love to see the next way he is going to make the character more broken. Many of the complaints are inane and s*upid.... more>> However some such as how the author goes into minutiae of some things is true. However this helps to explain certain actions or why something can't be done.

I just hope that readers go into this with a mind to read the authors way of doing things instead of trying to force their own views. And really if you think you can do better why aren't you writing your own books? <<less
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cutterline rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: --
TLDR; Now I know why the translation progress is very slow. This is just self masturbatory novel by the author. I fed up after reading 9xx chapters. Imagine translating 7000 of them.

It was quite interesting in early chapters. Hell went loose when I saw this has 7000+ chapters. From just the numbers alone, I know this is author's masturbatory novel with no decent ending in sight.

Therefore, I'm gonna read this while I'm still a bit intrigued for what happens next after the translated chapters. I'll stop when story starts going... more>> to oblivion. Below has the chapters crucial or interesting points with very little to no context.

  • Ch374 - Lv 30 Farm
  • Ch399- Fixed MC cripple with 'interesting' byproduct
  • Ch401 - He became 'Magneto' (Author, what's wrong with you?)
  • Ch421-422 - Add another girl to the harem, yo
  • Ch432 - Buda Family is back on the hot R.A.D.A.R
  • Ch500 - Another girl is added to the harem
  • Ch501- and another one.... (Well, that escalated very quickly)
  • Ch551 - and another....
  • Ch578 - Superheroes? (Seriously, MC gets Marv**&D* costumes)
  • Ch688 - and another girl to the harem (now, the rate is 1-2 girls/100ch)
  • Ch756 - and viola, Xianxia cultivation system introduced
  • Ch832 - TransFormers? Author, seriously?
  • Ch900ish - I stopped here, it started to get very ridiculous. Saint Seiya suit, Telephone, etc. Probably we might even see some weird stuffs from Dragon Balls, Star Wars, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Evangelion, etc later on with this kind of trends. I mean there is another 6000++ chapters from this point. I also forgot to add another girl to harem because it wasn't really explicit as well.
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c1565
If you, the reader, want to read this novel, throw away your extreme bias first! Reason?

... more>>

The 7, 000++ 14, 000 chapters has its reason. IF there is no readers, this novel would be terminated since the 2000th chapters, right? It continues to the 7, 000+ because LOT of readers still like it.

The Real Readers. Not you who read the translated English version and try to act smat by reviewing it, but the original Chinese people.

Chinese doesn't read the novel because it's just the novel. They also read idioms, meaning of single word and words, between-the-words and between-the-lines, their cultures and heritages and norms. All these are lost in almost all translation..

So if you do not know any of Ancient Chinese's culture, heritage, literature, norm..


.. this novel is definitely not for you.

Read it (raw) to calm myself down from those action-packed novels.

I rate this one as good novel because..

.. you can drop it anytime without anything lost !

No cliff. No hidden/twist/highlight/cliche. Reading to pass the time. Drop when boring. Pickup again to pass time. You won't lost any of your brain cell to remeber anything in this novel


Can't review what this novel is because it's 7000+ 14000 chapters! (and not end yet) ! But want to warn the late comer that if you're not ready to read the MTL version, better stop now. Even if it's translated 2 ch/d, you need 3, 500 days.. Or ten years 7, 000 days or 20 years before it finishes!

It's Qidian's novel. But as you may see, Qidian does not translate this novel itself.


PS: Another notice. In this 7, 000+ chapters novel, each chapter is not short! Around 1500-2000 words/chapter! Read it at your own risk :)

Update Dec 2023, 5 years later. The novel grows to 13, 478 chapters, and keeps on growing. Six thousand new chapters in 5 years! Whoa!!! <<less
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wen13 rated it
April 11, 2016
Status: --
I was in love with this novel at the very beginning and thus I began to read the raw of this novel. I read it up to 2950+ I think before I quit. The reason I quit reading is because at the very beginning the novel was unique, it wasn’t the usual xianxia novel that is around so I liked it at the beginning, but after the second section of the novel around 2000 that’s where you see the usual pattern of a general xianxia novel (and not even a... more>> good one). Every character at the very beginning was notable, and understandable, but as the story goes on the characters that appear was just there for the heck of it. I can’t even remember some of the women that’s in the MC’s harem because the author will almost never mention them. There’s like 7-9 girls in his harem but the author will only mention 2-3 of them and the rest, well its in your imagination. Throughout the story you can see how much change the MC’s views become, you think the MC from MGA and ATG are evil well


the MC basically do genocides on almost every section of the novel. At the very beginning it was justified to some degree by authors writing but, I finally could not stand it when he wiped out a whole plane (world) of people because a sect from that plane was in league with an opponent sect to go against the sect that the MC was going to join. Note the word “going to” meaning he wasn’t even officially a part of that sect yet. The MC’s sect wanted him to prove a point to the opponents sect and guess what he wiped out the lackey sect along with the whole plane/world that the lackey sect was a part of to prove a point.

. It was good at the beginning, but the author just had to prolong the story until it became unbearable. The story was basically strongest in one plane goes to a higher plane, strongest on the higher plane, go to a higher higher plane, and the story goes like that, I quit right at the end of section 3 of the novel where he's going to the 4th plane I think?? Read this novel at the beginning it's interesting and refreshing just don't get hype afterwards. <<less
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fact12345 rated it
July 4, 2016
Status: c700
How to say it... well its really boriNGGGGGGGG.
... more>>

This novel started good with its own strong point. Well the strong point was farm but after that, the author seems lose the direction of its own novel. Its become generic xianxia/wuxia novel where doesn't have any strong point on its own.

The bad things about this novel:

1. The combat. The battle on this novel u can say like this: "start battle" >>>>> skip>>>>> "end battle" Did u get my meaning? Yeah, the author almost totally skipped the entire battle process.

2. Too many unnecessary conversation. Well, the author totally skipped the combat visualization but the author put so many unnecessary conversation that actually CAN BE SKIPPPEDDDDDDDDDDD.

3. Romance. Don't talk about it. It doesn't exist.

4. Cultivation. Its useless talking about this. There are no true visualization progress how the character should/can increase his cultivation. Well don't worry the author create cheating fruit/medicine that can make ordinary people skipped the progression process and directly become immortal/overpowered/ or whatever it was called.

Good things on this novel:

1. The farm, but the author decide to just tr*sh it anyway.

Well I honestly VERY disappointed with this novel. If the battle or the progress seems interesting, I would be glad to recommend this novel to become a good novel but NOT. Why the author keep so many unnecessary conversation that the result already *crystal clear*. What I mean *crystal clear* was the reader can already predict it but the author skipped the entire important things that should be exist in a wuxia/xianxia novel.

25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
OverTheRanbow rated it
April 10, 2016
Status: --
This is my review after reading 2500+ chapters.

It isn’t very good. Why did I read 2500+ chapters even when I don’t think it’s good, you ask? Well, I don’t even know.

The premise starts off interesting, but the characters are insipid and dull, moreover one dimensional. Also, a lot of the new characters as the series goes on feels like they are made from the same dough. Each of the chapters are 4k+ in length, yet the story development of each chapter is basically nil, and that was especially the case... more>> later on. There seems to be very little character development of any kind later on, and it’s simply a power fantasy with really bad pacing and unnecessary actions, and a cheat dimensional farm that basically makes the MC broken. Something that bothered me a little was also how the MC is described as a shut-in, but somehow a shut-in with perfect qualities and the author tries very hard to justify them. Like somehow the bookworm air of a shut-in writer attracts loads of woman with celebrity looks, aka Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Keeley Hazell and so on. Like come on man. Still, good power fantasy I suppose.

See the spoiler if you want to know what generally happens after chapter 1000+


It turns into a bad Xianxia later on. The scale of the story is grand, the MC grows up to the tip-top of the world ascends once and once again to higher realms and different worlds, and it’s like there’s no limit to them. The MC advances with the help of the cheaty farm, which kinda transform into a universe by itself as it levels up and gets new things (also can analyze and produce almost anything he needs, and grow copies of almost whatever MC grabs into his world). Sounds interesting, yeah? Well, it’s what kept me going till now. But the author’s inability to get names correct and fix his typos, along with the HORRID pacing of the story finally caused me to go “Ah screw this”. Even the author admits himself that his writing isn’t the best but he is confident in his ability of imagination. Well, good imagination can only keep me this far, and I’m REAAALY patient with these things.

With a typo rate of more than 1/50 characters and messed up names, I pray dearly for our MTL’er. (Yes I bought some chapters on Qidian to make sure, and it wasn’t any better from non-legit sites. Author doesn’t proofread when he uploads new chapters and doesn’t really fix errors after they are uploaded) <<less
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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: c670
The premise of the cheat gave us the illusion that this could be something different where it's not just about personal strength, but a show of how abundant food, which most of us take for granted, is the real building blocks of a great civilization and how the people, the ordinary citizen, is the foundation of a great empire. Alas, we were met with nothing but disappointment.

The novel starts off great, but it soon devolves into your typical wuxia tr*sh. Like any other wuxia novel it's about a MC that... more>> starts off in a disadvantageous position, gets an OP cheat and then becomes OP himself, and like any other Chinese novel it's about showing how merchants and nobles aka. Capitalists and corporations are greedy and exploit the people. The only thing worse than them is of course religion.

The author seemingly knows that he's talking out of his ass so he introduces a power system that keeps the masses in check, something you don't see in real life, showing that he is aware that it's all bullshit, but he will still bombard you with subliminal messages.

These people (nobles) will always act based on benefits, which in turn means that they will choose to not produce enough grain in their own territory, causing an impending food crisis, but of course this is masked by the fact that since they don't have enough grain they just let their s*aves die, in which case they just turn their tax paying citizens into s*aves and it all starts all over again, for some odd reason this will not result in depopulation and the dissatisfaction of royalty even if it means driving the country into the ground. If you're the kind of person that likes wuxia novels you probably would not have noticed, but this was sarcasm, and yes, that was an insult.

But since our MC is a great hero he will of course save them since he has the power to? Nope. At first it's nothing but how great the MC is because he's humble and willing to help everyone, unless they are his enemies, he just doesn't have the power. I like the part about being ruthless to your enemies, but in the end when he has the power to save and change the life of a lot of people you'll realize that he was just talking out of his ass again.

When it comes to the female heroines in this novel it's a mixed bag, the first couple of them are very well developed and a positive addition to the novel, the later ones however only serve as plot armor and progression.

The reason I started reading this novel was for the domestic affairs and kingdom building tags, but you will be thoroughly disappointed, even if you wait a couple for hundred chapters for it, it will be glossed over in a single chapter and fixed by the OPness of the MCs cheat.

The initial premise of the story makes you believe it's about a MC that has to strive to change the destiny of the former owner of the body he takes over, through his modern knowledge and his own wits, but it's obvious that it's just about his cheat handling everything for him. <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bananana rated it
July 15, 2016
Status: c143
I MUST EAT THE PROFOUND PILL OF PEERLESS POWER TO AVENGE MY FAMILY, AND KILL EVERYONE WHO EVER STOOD AGAINST ME... if this line is what you're looking for i'd say pick another novel.

This is a surprising read for a CN, all the elements are there but the protagonist is different from most of the CN novels I've read.

The protagonist is a man who grew up with a peaceful life and now has to revive his fallen clan while regaining the trust of those who still serve him.... more>> and he does this..... by growing turnips..... in his magical farm simulator. and that is the most interesting plot device I've read in quite a while.

It is quite interesting to see the whole infrastructure of his clan being built from scratch while looking out for elements that could topple their fragile existence.

I do find that some characters are... forgettable. with their introduction you get bombarded with them, and as time progresses you don't really see them doing much in the story even when they are close by which is a bit sad.

but I will stick with my rating. if in 100 chapters it's still the same I might change it :P

If you like clan building, farming simulators and a little bit of action every now and than, this could be for you. as of yet the romance seems far away. It is touched upon a bit every now and than, but nothing major so far sadly enough : ( <<less
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KiroYakushi rated it
December 29, 2021
Status: c6000
I hate to make negative comments, especially when there is someone who translates the work in such a dedicated way... But I need to do this...
I would say that this post will have a lot of spoilers, but actually, I don't really see anything as a spoiler, as there is no "plot" in this story, as it repeats itself a lot.

Now let's take a note, why I gave it a 2... Well, at first, I would give it 5 stars, but that for the first 100 chapters, then until... more>> about 500, I would change it to a 4 stars, there are some parts very boring, the protagonist going from one place to another, and nothing with much weight for the story itself, but I was still curious to know what would happen.

The story has its ups and downs, but it always bounced back, but in a moment... It just seems like the author himself gets lost, and I'll explain why.
The drop from 4 stars to 3 was the moment when the protagonist started to go up to another realm, and he does it like 5 times, it's cool at first, but basically, there's no danger for him, as you saw, I'm through chapter 6 thousand, because I read the Chinese version, and damn, it was very repetitive, another negative point, which at first I thought was cool, but I saw later that it was just the author forgetting.
There's an event where the protagonist and a friend of his are running away from a group of assassins, and this group has a reputation for never giving up on their targets, until completing the mission, and well... The protagonist was a target, but he it got very strong, it went up, and we never knew it was this group...
He finds two cities, and each one has an element, if he puts them all together, he will have an extremely strong power, and well... He finds only two, and goes up to another level, we never hear about the city again...
He finds a cave, with several golden snakes, and each one of those snakes is as strong, as any leader of a sect, and again... He gets strong, goes up to another interface, and we never hear about these golden snakes....
Do you know the beginning of the story? "If someone doesn't like it, I'll destroy their farms with pests"? Well, he never used those powers again...
Basically, there is an introduction of many things, but it seems that the author has an idea from nothing, and changes the script, in the beginning it was cool, but it becomes a mess with time, many things remain unanswered...
For example, he introduced two new characters, it looked like they would be a new romantic match for the character, and he forgot about them... One was a girl who fell into a trap, and the protagonist saved her, she leaves in awe of the power of the protagonist, and says he needs to tell her what happened to her grandfather, and well... She disappears.
The other one was a merchant or something, she was like a "daughter" to the person the protagonist considers a master, she seemed like an interesting character, and again, she was forgotten...
Up until this point, I was still giving 3 stars, as I'm curious how far the story goes, and then the event that dropped it to two stars...
Basically, we reached a point, where the author forgot about the protagonist's wives... Yes, he has 11 women? Well, the author only talks about two, Maggie and Laura, just these two, many times during the work, he said the different abilities of the other women, and they often fought together with him, each in one area, but in the current part. of the story, it boils down to Laura being the person who does it all, research, troops, governing, everything she does, and Maggie is the character who gives unusual ideas, basically they're in a dilemma, and Maggie just shows up to give the idea...
And I'm almost giving 1 star, why? Well, I want to see the end of the story, I've read all this, I have to go to the end, but dammit... I feel that if I skip 100 chapters, I won't miss anything, a lot of rubbish, and funny the dialogues, parts like "The protagonist is having a headache to solve this problem", for 2 paragraphs later to say "But he has the powers X and Y, and he is also an expert in this and that, so he managed to solve it easily", there are contradictions in the chapter itself...
Basically I feel like the author is just writing, not thinking about the story, he basically has an idea, something like "Okay, the protagonist will rise, start weak, but get strong quickly, create a sect for him, or take a sect for he, dominate this world, and the interphases of this realm, and then go to the next realm", basically that's how the last arcs...
He gains a visual power, from being the "King of the Beasts", a power that came from a higher realm, to 500 chapters later, when he rose, to fight an animal interphase... Being that at 500 chapters, he resolved the problem with visual power, now what? He needs to assemble an army to fight, forget about his powers, and remembering, he's a genius...

Why do I get so upset about all this? It's a story with a lot of potential, but because the author wants to keep messing around, putting more and more unnecessary chapters, it ended up being a boring and pointless story... I sincerely hope that the next time the protagonist goes up to a realm, the author will see that, and better organize the next arc, this is the only hope I'm still reading, because personally... I feel like I'm reading nothing... The last 900 chapters I read of the current arc I'm in could have been solved in about 300 chapters easily...
If that happens, which I personally find difficult, I can change my grade, but currently I'll get only two stars, I deserved 1, but as the start was very good, I'll keep these two stars, and I'll also sacrifice and try to read until the end... But dammit... Horrible to read so many chapters, and get stuck, because I've read so many, and I want to see where it goes, but with each new arc it gets worse...

Edit 1: I read a few hundred more chapters, I'm still on the same arc, and I sincerely hope it gets better in the next arc, because it gets worse and worse...
Basically, he has an army of 7 billion, that's right, 7 billion, and he's playing with less than 1 million enemy soldiers...
He does things slowly, and there's a reason for that, but in the case, if he takes 50 chapters, and just makes a summary of the events, you basically don't miss anything of the story, it seems that it got to the point, that the character is very strong, and instead of putting strong enemies, or even trying to create a story, it just rolls around, with a weak plot, if you can call it a plot... Because it doesn't have a villain, it doesn't have a goal, basically just the story of the protagonist training, getting stronger, this looks like those IDLE games, where at first it's cool, but there comes a time, it's just the same thing...
And again, I'm surprised by the author, basically the protagonist says "We need to dominate this kingdom fast, because there are other kingdoms", for 3 chapters later, one of the protagonist's soldiers appears and says "Boss, let's teach them a lesson, let's use all the troops and dominate this kingdom", and you know what the protagonist says? "We don't need to have prey, let's do it slowly, so we don't lose too many soldiers"... WTF! It really happens, and it's not the worst, up to this point, using few soldiers, going slow, dominating, he fights at most 150 million soldiers, he using this strategy of attacking slowly, not to lose soldiers...
But calm down, then this kingdom appears with 750 million soldiers, and you know what it does? He has a shield, which can kill most of these soldiers, so as not to lose too many of his soldiers, and well... He says he is tired of all this, and calls over 4 billion soldiers, who will fight head on, to show their strength...
Basically, there were almost 200 chapters, showing soldiers entering this other realm, gathering intelligence, he using few soldiers, and in the end, contradicting himself again, and using brute force...
To be honest, I am outraged by this, hey, the story has great potential, but he takes all that, and throws it in the tr*sh, the differential, his "farm", makes thousands of chapters that we don't see her levels, damn, I liked it when he had to plant, raise money, buy more things, and thus evolve, that was the differential, now the season is nothing more than "something that solves problems, without having to explain"... This makes the story stay even more annoying, he finds something, sends it to space, has a problem, sends it to space, everything is solved there, but the cool thing about space, it just doesn't exist anymore...
Again, I hope that this is a bad arc, and that the author sees this, and a "reset" in the story when the protagonist goes up, but if that doesn't happen, even though I've read more than six thousand chapters, I'm going to abandon this story, because as I said, it got to the point that it is ridiculous. <<less
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hero rated it
April 12, 2016
Status: --
I honestly wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless they are desperate just to have something to read while waiting for the updates of their followed novels to be released.

First, let me start by saying that this novel probably has one of the the most “unique” synopsis I’ve read. It’s a splash of fresh water among all the cliche / overused story lines most novels have. The problem is the repetitiveness and the uselessness of the contents of most chapters. At first it’s not really that evident but as you... more>> get to understand the “farm”, the world, the characters, etc. it becomes more and more evident. The simplest things are explained once or twice, then given one or two examples, and then repeated again. It gets annoying since there are entire chapters where nothing happens, and then you get to the next chapter and it’s not yet done explaining / repeating the same thing. I’ve read and dropped tons of repetitive novels and unless the repetitiveness of those said novels has just been blurred from my memories, this has got to take the crown.

Another thing is that when I read the reviews (I only do when I myself am about to write one), it was said by multiple people that at one point, it just transforms into the typical cultivation route most Xianxias go. Which pretty much means that the uniqueness factor is pretty much removed from the novel entirely. That’s pretty bad considering uniqueness is one of the two factors which made me read this novel up to a certain point, the other being that the MC is pretty smart / cautious and isn’t really bloodthirsty (at least until the last chapter I read).

To the Taylor Swift fans though, you might be interested in reading it. There’s a character introduced that is said to be a carbon copy of Taylor Swift, who has a more fit body. I kid you not. In my mind there was just “.....” the moment the character was described.

On a serious note, one interesting thing to note though is that this novel is translated extremely well despite it only being MTL’d. It’s actually better and smoother to read than some truly TL’d novels with no editors. It might be possible that it’s because very basic words are used but it doesn’t change the fact that for a MTL’d novel, the quality is pretty good. (Wouldn’t know if there are omitted details though since I don’t know a single Chinese character) <<less
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Boredgasm rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c300
I don’t know how this story is rated so highly. The cons (several) heavily outweigh the pros (few). The premise wasn’t bad, but the execution was poor.

Starts off well with typical OP CN main character, but quickly devolves into beta Japanese protagonist with a harem. As someone who was originally from Earth, he makes a lot of questionable decisions that just don’t follow his personality. The further I read, the more I wanted to drop the story (which I did).
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
October 26, 2016
Status: c211
Well, it is a good read but like many reads, once the harem starts to get realized, it goes downhill. Also I understand op but I feel like the main character has no CHARACTER. He just goes along with everything which irks me. I would recommend tbh though. But it's a bit sad that there is close to nil character progression in this story (for the sides). It would have been spectacular
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lantis rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: c98
It was an awesome story in the beginning, and I loved the concept where the MC is hindered and powerless from the get go. Each chapter is quite short and unfortunately, the majority of it is just talking about why one item or choice was the absolute best decision he could have made. Bottom line: it's too repetitive. I'm bored

The upside is the translator is quite quick, so if you're looking for a light and frequent read give it a go.
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