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The most precious things in the world are free, but ordinary people tend to turn a blind eye to them. Apart from air, sunlight, and familial love, there is still one more thing that’s extremely valuable. It’s right beside you and can be easily obtained.

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ZachB rated it
January 5, 2019
Status: c64
Story was better than average xianxia but if you dont want to know the greatness of china and the demon foreigners that keep on opressing the chinese then DONT READ this.


I really want to keep on reading this but the deep rooted propaganda of the greatness of chinese and the evil foreigners pour a cold water on my enthusiasm.

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kkgoh rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: c545
A marginally better version of "The Human Emperor" (2016) , which isn't a compliment. Written in 2017 and complete with similar poor plot developments. Slightly less Chinese nationalism and prejudice. At least it's slightly more cohesively written and objectively there's no "racism".

A mature level-headed Chinese man Yan Liqiang gets hit by a meteor (Chinese truck-kun) and is transmigrated into an alternate history/dimension of Earth during ancient Chinese (Han?) dynasty period.
In this new cultivation-based world, our hero gains powers of a magical/sci-fi? trans-dimensional/simulation system. He must strengthen himself all... more>> while racing against time to avert an apocalyptic future.

(1) Illogical, retconned plot development
This is my first triple retcon CN novel. You can tell because the plot development was nonsensical, carried on for dozens of chapters, abandoned and author tried to shoehorn various explanations for why those plot developments got cancelled.

Retcon (1) MC progressing along typical cultivation path as per most CN wuxia/xianxia novels. We're told MC's insight into gunpowder and industry can't progress like modern Earth since physics are entirely different.
MC suddenly dies in a random span of 5 chapters (Chapter 50-60?). His spirit randomly travels for a couple of years before being born again. Then it's revealed he somehow accessed a virtual 1-life future (Heavenly Realm). No idea how he transited from real cultivation world to Heavenly Realm initially. Seems like author just wanted to gift MC powers of foresight in a ridiculously contrived way.

Retcon (2) MC gains to ability to travel back and forth between real world and Heavenly Realm, just to gain extra cheat powers along with foresight. He discovers there's an apocalyptic future (Chapter 100+?).
Then author gets tired of writing MC traveling back and forth between dimensions, so he randomly kills off the MC in Heavenly Realm, and MC loses access to Heavenly Realm and foresight.

Retcon (3) Author clearly got jelly of "Release that Witch" (2016) and decided to copy kingdom/sci-fi building elements. MC starts using his modern knowledge and physics (that we were initially told wasn't similar) to build new industries in preparation to avert the apocalyptic future.


(2) Same Chinese nationalism and politicism... minus the racism
Much like "The Human Emperor", Han dynasty China is THE BEST! Most other bigger kingdoms/empires around it are marauders, preying on weak, innocent Chinese people. The Chinese are the only ones who really deserve to hold weapons of mass destruction since they are better able to manage it (Chapter 57).
Thankfully author only has a few random rants like these, which automatically makes it better than "The Human Emperor".

Unlike "The Human Emperor", at least the author doesn't deliberately identify too many real-world civilizations as aggressors (Korea, Arabs, Tibetans, etc). Some original aggressors are left in place (Xiongnu).
No idea what the the Chaman empire to the north is supposed to be, there are lots of random pseudo names used in place of real world civilizations. The Han IRL was 200BC-200AD. The Tang dynasty was 600AD-900AD. The whole dispute with the Uighurs happened around 800+AD. So author's mish-mash of dynasties and timelines is confusing.

Unfortunately it seems apparent that author is deadset on making an example out of the Uighurs and other NW ethnic minorities (Shatu Seven Tribes) . It's pretty clear who this allegory refers to. The tribes are labeled as ungrateful b*tches whom the Chinese empire protected after the tribes were defeated by other kingdoms, and then turned around to prey on the Chinese.
History spoiler alert, the NW regions were always contested by different civilizations.
The Xiongnu dominated the region first, then got displaced by the Han dynasty, then lost to various Turkic civs, then retaken by the Chinese, then lost to the Uighurs, then lost to more Turkic civs, then converted back to Chinese rule, then lost to the Manchurians, then lost to the Mongolians and then retaken by the Chinese (Qing dynasty).

It's ALWAYS one conqueror replacing another, any real claims of historical ownership/sovereignty would be disingenuous. It's even more hypocritical when the Han Empire (in novel) claims they "saved" the Shatu Seven Tribes, when author even wrote that they gave them a piece of land in exchange for using them as a military buffer to other aggressors. How did Quid Pro Quo (using them as mercenaries) become Saving (refugee status) someone?
Not sure why CN authors just can't be honest about Chinese history of conquest. I'd be totally fine with that.

The additional rights given to the tribal peoples as refugees/protectorate apparently allows the tribes to abuse REAL chinese people. They forgot their roots and who protected them! Wow! I didn't know you could close the gap of 1200 years and make allegories of real world civilizations. I'm not an expert in Chinese history, but you get the sense author is commingling Xiongnu historical acts of betrayal during the Han dynasty with modern political events.

The only good point is that author doesn't deliberately dehumanize other races, unlike "The Human Emperor" (where other civilizations are dirty, ugly, smelly, etc).

(3) Same useless side characters and damsels-in-distress
Side characters are all useless. They are puffed up for being impressive, and then MC proceeds to be so OP that they are just completely useless. MC is constantly saving their a*s. The only reason they exist is because MC can't trust anyone else to execute his plans.

(4) Confusion over cultivation vs kingdom building
Author really doesn't know whether he wants to write a cultivation novel, or a kingdom-building novel. The primary focus of both types of genres are entirely different. The former emphasizes the power of ONE. The latter emphasizes the power of MANY.

So you end up with an MC so focused on cultivation that his foreknowledge and technical prowess was completely ignored for the first 300 chapters. Yup, that's how long it took before MC even had an opportunity to take a step towards kingdom building (developing new industries, armies, etc). Author initially wrote that gunpowder and other physics/chemistry related functions don't work the same way as modern Earth does, therefore pushing MC to develop his fighting prowess.

Then, after author kept writing that even super-powered cultivators could be screwed over by strategy and tactics (i.e. kingdom-building related skills), author realized he wrote himself into a hole, and pivoted back to kingdom-building... <<less
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Vvibulo rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: c113
This novel really have big potential with the twist the author pulled in recently translated chapter. Without this twist maybe this novel will be the what the low rater said, a generic Chinese transmigrator. The Keypoint is really in the second chance tag. I was confused at first as how this novel got second chance tag while it was transmigrated story. But after that twist I become so invested in the story.
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muhammodalamin rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: --
Very good novel if you don't like cliche. Enemy's are reasonable. But you know what? Its 250 Chapters. But MC didn't progress in terms of cultivation much. Author is introducing people that are his enemies and has Top class cultivation, 5 to 6 realms above him while hes barely able to fight only one realm above him. He has cheats but he Doesn't use it appropriately much. I really liked when MC died and was reincarnated again with a handsome face. I thought its gonna be a new beginning. But... more>> foolish author just made that life a game. From the start till chap 250 He only progressed 3 levels in cultivation. This Novel is full of up and downs. I really like some of the things unique to only this novel. But the Weakness of MC. The slow cultivation made me think again.

And not to mention how the author was trynna indicate the ugur MUSLIM in china as evil. By using arab-chinese names "Shanto people". The racism is huge. Dude killing and torturing non-buddists in secret bases isn't enough? You also have to bring that in novel. For someone whos a muslim but a fan of chinese culture. Its really bittersweet for me. <<less
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Cute Potato
Cute Potato rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: c450

As expected from CCP and Mao's biggest fanboy. A novel with an unhealthy dose of ultra nationalism sprinkled with racism on top. This novel is written for the Han Chinese, and both the author and the MC won't make you forget that. This is such a shame since the author can actually write, and aside from the vomit inducing, flag waving blind nationalism, the story is kinda great.

It's laughable how the author describe how the villainous tribe is so evil, they would rip the baby out of pregnant Chinese women's wombs and eat them. It's so comical. Another laughable example was the author fondness of Chairman Mao's quotes and poetries, one of which recognized as a masterpiece by others during a trial.

Also, I find it kind of ironic how the MC can't shut his mouth about how the Han Chinese is the greatest while the other tribes/races are either useless or straight out evil, yet the MC couldn't stop copying and claiming other people's work (from his previous modern world), such as business schemes, technologies, social engineering, psychological theories, even culture (art, poetries) as his own. There's a joke in there somewhere about ripping off other people's intellectual properties while feeling morally, intellectually superior.

If you have no problem with all that, then this novel is is a solid 3 (four if not for all the damn retcons and the MC's s*upid cheats). Me, I would give this a 2, and that's me being generous.

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omgitsaray rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: c536
Same author as Castle of Black Iron but the translation, editing, and entertainment factor is better. Just the first 2 chapters of this novel was a solid 5 stars! But then our MC had to transmigrate which annoyed me.

MC is intelligent and a smooth talker so he's able to easily get on the good side of anyone he wishes. There's a lot of political intrigue, a special spatial-dimension inside him, and a parallel world to boot! The novel feels like it's moving slowly but the MC is actually leveling up... more>> quite fast. I'm at c500'ish and it's only been about 2 years for the MC in his new world.

Now, onto the bad part about this novel and the reason I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5. There's quite a bit of description for everything to build the environment up, which is sometimes quite tiring to read. This is also the reason why readers feel like it drags on and nothing's going on in the chapter. I also don't like the COBI MC who went around sleeping with girls all over the world and the author "almost" followed that same pattern where I'm at. I hope it doesn't continue because I lose count of names when there's too many wives involved. I also don't like it when MC pulls out inventions from our Earth to use in the new world. I can suspend my reality with supernatural stuff but when it comes to real stuff... what average joe here knows how to make a loom or refined salt? Or does all Chinese people google this stuff just in case they are reborn in another world?

There's a sense of Chinese the best, other's no good in this novel except the author is giving the races different names. Stay away if stuff like that annoys you. But personally, I think this is a great and entertaining novel that should be ranked Top 20 in webnovel instead of always being in the 100+. <<less
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dimgam rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c34
Even though I've read an innumerable amount of Xianxia's, they keep exciting something within me. The MC has the usual transmigration, goal to improve his strength, and a cheat (Doesn't seem too OP yet, nice), with just a few twists in it. He seems to actually use his brain sometimes, a good thing of course.


I really enjoyed the fact that the MC actually tried making gunpowder, unlike other MC's who don't even use any of the knowledge from their previous world at all.

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June 6, 2019
Status: Completed
Just finished this novel, it's better compared to Castle of Black Iron, especially the MC. The end is regular, open, I guess that's why it's shorter. About the relationships... they were good but too superficial. I give it 5 stars because this ending was not as bad as CoBI.
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CookieMonster rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: c50
I don't really get the 1-star ratings. The first few chapters got me hooked right away, and though the rest of the novel had a pretty different feel from those chaps, it's quite good. There are a few tropes (like the cheat cultivation manual that he finds out of the blue), but what the MC does with them is different.

He's smart, mature, not arrogant, doesn't get pe*verted over every girl he sees, doesn't get into a fight with every random guy on the street, and actually cares about people and... more>> considers their feelings. The characters and setting really get fleshed out. Plus, you don't get random words like Spring Lotus Jade Ring or Divine Heavenly Pill or whatever thrown at you every chapter. This MC is what some xianxia MCs could look like if they transmigrated with their brains and maturity, and if their worlds weren't so ridiculous. Great read, imo!

Oh, and just to add info to another review,


He failed to make gunpowder using the Earth formula because the way this world works is different. That means no OP cannons or weapons here. :)

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Sircus rated it
October 11, 2019
Status: Completed
Would I recommend this story? No

Would I diss the story to all my friends? No

I enjoyed it but there are several things that I didn't like. The writer's love of cheats just feels silly. The MC has like 5-6 cheats that will make him the big boss. Like the cheat "see the future". Then the writer is like oops too powerful best remove it and so on. If you ignore these things there is a solid and good storyline woven together by the writer. If you have read CoBi then... more>> you see the same symptoms in this story. This writer is one of those people who can spit out a good story but in a desperate need of rewrite at the end. Like cutting useless or superfluous parts and making it more compact and removing all the ass-pulls that he uses to push the story forward. <<less
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QI_PR rated it
January 3, 2019
Status: Completed
Hi guys... I am excited to write a review about this.

First of all, good news for readers of Castle of Black Iron. Yes, same franchise. ... more>>

The old MC will appear at some point, hopefully, it will continue and finish the old enemy of CoBI.


Overall, the story is moving in a quite slow pace if we compare to CoBI.

The genre is more to kingdom building later on.


Ahh.. so much spoiler I want to throw but no no no I can't do that or I will get my ass kick by the evil company. (see my name) bwuahhahhaha...

Another to add, the kingdom setting is typical of Chinese kingdom style. So it will be frustrating for western reader to accept the logical thinking of MC and the bureaucrats.

The very annoying point is the s*upid reviving drowning corpse by mobuxistion (i even forget the exact name), coz I need to forget this part to continue reading. The story is worthy to google translate reading. Ahh like CoBI, the romance suck... hahhahaha

New review after finished the story: the rating go down to 3 stars.


Damn the author.. he decided to end the story before picking up CoBI. The rush at the end of the story, that's why you should choose a good title. He could not continue the story because of the title name silver overlord.

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silman rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: c618
Doesn't seem like it will be fully translated which sucks but I really like the pace of this story. I understand why people think it's slow paced but I just really hate the crazy fast pace cultivation novels where, in a week MC goes from 'total tr*sh' to stronger than this grandparents. The story feels like it moves forward a lot more logically than most with, arguably, heavy cheats/plot armor. But I think mostly it's just a good MC with interesting developments in the story.

Without a personal connection to the... more>> whole racism/China is the greatest thing I don't think it's very heavy handed. I never got a really strong China is the best vibe from reading it, but it is a normal amount of nationalistic. I'm of the opinion that if it's well written and interesting I won't care if my opinion is different than the author's, including any prejudice that becomes prevalent. That might mean I'm not enlightened but I don't like judging people or judging people for judging people. Especially through their stories, written for entertainment. Having said that, if stories with similar agendas are personally offensive to you, this might be included in the list of things you don't want to read. <<less
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selweron rated it
February 13, 2019
Status: c793
I totally recommend the novel, it is amazing and so different from others! Just ignore tha nationalism stuff and ur up for a good read. At around chapter 80-86 you will know what I mean. Then you can proceed to around chapter 120 for a big surprise. Tip: check the novel tags hehe

... more>>

First, at chapter 3, it is Reincarnated into Another World. Around c90 it is Reincarnation. At chapter 120, Second chance and Time travel. 10/10 I'm impressed.




Later on in the new realm of his VR life, there's a plot twist again - the whole Han Empire gets wiped off the planet with some meteors and chaos descends. The sight made him think on a different new level and I guess he will now try to power up asap. Hahahah amazing, he has 4 years to.. Prevent the destruction :P

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