Summoner of Miracles


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Talented in magic but useless in physical combat?

Can summon 10,000 servants, but can he defend the rear by himself?

I will say just one line in reply:

“That will not be a problem!”

This is the tale of a young man who obtained an enshrined miracle.

“As long as I have my servant, I am undefeatable!”

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New hajiko rated it
April 11, 2021
Status: c2576
a good novel but just like those other novels from Ruqing Rusu he loves SAO to much


one of the female MCs Asuna is pregnant around the end


also like in those first few novels from him he is also having a crystal palace again
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gemberforces rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: Completed
There are some chinese animefic novel in novelupdate that I already read such as: shoujo grand summoning, illimitable until death, unlimited anime works, holistic fantasy, and reincarnation paradise, but this novel had at least one superior point that can't be denied compared to others above, that is decent MC that had a moral.

Shoujo Grand Summoning's MC: Rapist and disgusting otaku

Unlimited Anime Work's MC: Lolicon, Hypocrite, and Racist

... more>> Illimitable Until Death's MC: distorted man whom had limited emotional expression

Reincarnation Paradise: Callous man who will do anything ro achieved his goal and revenge.

As for this novel's MC: He is a decent man whom didn't think with his lower body (as the consequences: he was still a virgin even upto 2000 chapters, even though he has lovers), moreover he was quite merciful and able to separated his targets, thus he can even able to forgive his enemies (with some guarantee of course, such as geass oath).

MC's name (Lorelei Agnesen or nickname: Rozen) was also a plus in my opinion since it fit Japan anime setting compare to chinese name like in other animefic such as UAW: Feng Yuchen, SGM: Wu Yan, IUD: Fang Li.

It kind of break the reading immersion when the story using chinese name in japan anime setting, even western name was preferable in my opinion.

Overall I'll give this novel 3 star rating, but since the MC was quite a moral guy compared to other chinese novel's MC (whom able to impregnated women left and right, or kill people right and left without battling their eyes), I give this novel 4 star rating.

Edit (Completed chapters)

Well, how should I put it?

The author completely screw up at the ending.

I will not spoiled too much, just I feel regret since this novel had much potential compared to other works.

Also author put too much emphasize and useless drama on Asuna.

Honestly of all the arcs in this novel, SAO was the most pointless arc since this world didn't give MC any major power up unlike other worlds.

Even the most unpopular world such as Kushen Madoushi give Rozen ridiculous power up such High grade magic power and Foreign magic power.

SAO arc in my opinion is no different from useless filler, since MC's power will not have any fluctuations regardless wether MC goes to SAO or not.

Nonetheless, this story worth read and interesting, at least until arc 14, before the last arc so don't get discourage and give it a try.

Also, most likely this author (Ruqing Rusu) will not continue to write fanfic novel again in the near future because he plan to write original novel.

So Illimitable Until Death, Holistic Fantasy, Shoujo Grand Summoning, and Summoner of Miracle will be this author's last works (in fanfic genre at least). <<less
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tides rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: c5
honestly, SGS is the author's best work because he could write whatever he wanted back then and had become better at writing since his first work.

this one, while following the same "plot" as the other novels are missing several things (you know what I mean) due to the new laws.

one thing that is also more difficult for new readers to like this novel is due to the fact that it's fanfic. Unlike SGS and his previous works where the MC starts off or ends up in an original world, this... more>> one has the MC based in Chaldea.

if you have no idea what Chaldea is or which anime-verse it comes from, you're going to get lost and don't like it very much sadly, unlike his previous novels where you could jump in and enjoy the story as it introduces the animes the MC visit. <<less
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June 18, 2020
Status: --
The name of the novels has a similar name to the sequence 2 "miracle invoker" of the "fool" path, from "Lord of the Mysteries"
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Casul_Reader rated it
July 25, 2019
Status: c1500
It's an alright novel, you can see how far the author has progressed in terms of plot and MCs, where the first 3 MCs he's made can almost seamlessly blend into each other if you blur your eyes, this MC is able to *slightly* stand out in terms of development. Kinda?
Without venturing into spoilers, the MC has changed little in terms of attitude through the many world's he's in. He grew in a sense that he went from Generic Dense Japanese MC to MC who is able to face the people who love him. It seems like he's changed much but trust me, through nearly 200 chapters after his change, he's shown this development once, and it was at the early part of said 200 chapters.

It's an okay novel... more>> all in all, the MC is not exactly my cup of tea but he's fine. The worlds he visits and how he changes them are why I read these kinds of novels and the MC is able to change them in a way that severely shifts the plot of the original world, most of the time. The author has grown in world building, and by that I mean he's put in a lot more effort into the worlds, his knowledge is not based on the animes but the novels themselves which is great.

If you've read all his works from before, like me, then you ought to read it. If not then I'd say its worth a read if you got nothing else to. <<less
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cute bird of sadness
cute bird of sadness rated it
April 22, 2019
Status: v8c1188
As expected from the authors previous novels, this novel is also about a MC travelling to various different worlds.
The mc's base is in Chaldea this time and he goes to different worlds to get stronger so that he can protect his friends and complete his goals.
The MC is intelligent and knows how to fight and make strategies, he is a genius at manipulation and control and is also an overall cool guy.
There's a clear objective to achieve so that's nice as well.
He also learns to make... more>> up for his weakness and even without his summons he becomes super strong too.
I'm following the raws and up to this point I've been enjoying it and there were no disappointments.
I recommend this very much, please read it if you can read the raws.


He also got Altera as a summon recently and I got goosebumps when he fought Solomon, it was really awesome.
There's also the fight agaisnt the fourth ancestor in the strike the blood world, that was also pretty interesting.


Ah, I just remembered that the fights in this novel are pretty awesome and detailed as well.
They're exciting and well-written, basically.
10/10 would re-read after I finish it. <<less
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April 4, 2020
Status: c28
There's an awful lack of FGO fanfics and I'm glad that I found this. Not the best but not the worst, It's somewhere along the average line. What I really like it that it's an FGO fanfic. And as a player that's already good to me.
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Redsnowball rated it
February 22, 2020
Status: c2445
Veyr fun novel to read, it's nearing the end though.

The MC is super intelligent, he plays games often, hence is very good at tacticals, although he is not very good with human interactions (love etc), just immersing himself in miracles.

Through the beginning worlds, he amasses knowledge and magic from different worlds, (puppet arts, group tactics and 9 steps of magic from unbreakable machine doll etc) .

Unlike the other novels the author wrote, the MC doesn't know anything about the worlds he goes to, and his body often reverts back... more>> to a baby/child, hence he is adopted by various families (akabane, tsuchimikado, kirigaya).

Although he becomes strong in the first couple of worlds, he only begins to mature in worlds like Strike the blood, Rakudai kishi and Kuusen Madoushi.

The worlds he travels to are Unbreakable machine doll, SAO, Tokyo Ravens, Strike the blood, Rakudai kishi and Kuusen Madoushi.

My only downside I have is that the author tended to skip the beginning interactions in the last couple of worlds, just putting in 14 year timeskips etc. <<less
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February 11, 2021
Status: --
Straight up while I do enjoy this story, this author is someone who does fanfics. However compared to many others his fanfics compared to many others that only use the world created in the original stories can be said to be 60-80% copy pastes of the original stories with the original part being a self inserted character. In this story the MC is the nameless male lead of fate grand order. Just here he is given a name we then follow his adventure in FGO for a bit and then... more>> he starts to visit anime/novel worlds of other popular japanese franchises.

For example he join Sword Arts Online and it follows the story of SAO pretty much entirely except for the selfinserted extra main characters who is the adopted brother of SAO's Kirito then he follows Kirito into the game and they lvl up and clear floors together. Then this goes on and repeats itself so if this was made in most countries outside of china it would most likely have a slew of copyrights infringements filled against it. Still because it builds itself on many different popular animes and novels much of it is a fairly good read but again I can't stress enough how much of the story is just a rip of from other stories.

While I enjoy the MC and the story for the most time I just can't get over the fact that this author just keeps pumping out these stories which are pretty much complete infringement violations. <<less
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