Illimitable Until Death


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“From today onwards, you will become the Envoy of one of the Main Gods in the Dimensions of Gods. You will travel from one world to another and through that, you will attain what others will never obtain in their entire life.”

The moment these words echoed in Fang Li’s head, Fang Li’s life was destined to be extraordinary…

Associated Names
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Trực Tử Vô Hạn
Unlimited Death Perception
Zhi Si Wu Xian
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sakyuya rated it
April 4, 2017
Status: c9
I'm the current translator, I'm bad at writing review so I'll just write what I want xD.

This is a story about someone that didn't have any emotion regarding death (only towards Death! He still have other emotion but he's indifferent whether he, his family, friend, or other people died or not)

Basically he's dead, got send to the Dimension of the Main God where he need to do some task (mission) in a duplicate world (anime world). If the task failed then he'll get penalty that leads his exchange point... more>> to decrease and if it's turn to 0 than he'll be erased (Of course he didn't care about it). He's weak but he got skill that can be considered OP but not too OP.

I may not be able to translate it to top quality translation and I may be slow (because RL). So thanks for reading. <<less
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rainx rated it
May 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Ok, I read in Chinese. I'm Chinese and this is why I am stating this first.

Then, let's talk about this story then, what could I say? This novel's setting is better than previous two works but sucks compared to his newest&ongoing work.

... more>>

A story about a man that doesn't fear death/no emotion that gets <Mystic Eye of Death Perception>and thrown into different worlds with mission and all. Thing is, it's all animated worlds so you might consider it a fan fiction you know? Still, it amazes me how Qidian is charging money for this type of novel (?). Welp, not my business.

Then, you see him advancing in each world while knowing the plot of anime world/forgetting but remembers a little. Then, you see him power up and the battles aren't that bad actually. Worlds included are Kabaneri, God Eater, Hidan no Aria, Gakuen Toshi Asterisk, Shakugan no Shana, Konosuba, To Aru Majutsu. The part I do not like is simple, he does not end the arcs and left it open for the future. This made it weird. Say, you are pumped up seeing him kill through the battlefield for one part and then he went off doing nothing when entering another world and the power balance are off the rockers.


Welp, that's one part and the other one I need to mention is that this is a harem novel. Alright, a fricking harem tag is tagged so for those who are complaining girls here and there are idiots that don't even know what the tags are for. So, if I was to rate this book for its harem, I would say average, slanting towards below average though.

In my mind, it does not matter if its a harem or single-winner ending. I hate it when the MC approach females and do this and that, making them fall in love with him and did nothing. That's worse. Next, I hate it more when the MC basically did nothing and became a moving s*x machine or chick magnet. I puke at that. Taking these two into consideration, yeah harem ending like this is on the better side. Note: harem is not equal to stallion type.

As for those people that complain about something like being hypocrite and taking girls from the original MC or something along the line, you suck. If you care to complain, it meant you read the book. If you read the book knowing this would happen, and you still complain about it being hypocritical, you are the biggest hypocrite of all. Even the author is better than those hypocrites that complain but keep reading on and on; he literally wrote out his embarrassing fantasy for you guys and you guys complain he's a hypocrite? Even if he is a hypocrite, he is one hella level above you bottom-dwellers.

Just admit it, you are seeking this type of book out for these type of element. And for those who complain about having one waifu at the end is enough, this genre of books will never have one girl ending. So, piss off if you really want that.

All in all, this is a book with enough action and well, ok romance. Oh, harem too. MC's personality could be a turn off though, depending on your own taste. <<less
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October 13, 2019
Status: c1
This isnt a review. Its a depressing fact.

46years. Thats how long it will take to translate all the complete chapters (side stories included)... give or take a few months (I rounded chapter count to 2400 when its a tad less) and thats if the translator stays at 1 chapter a week never missing a chapter from insertreasonhere.

Im not even gonna start this :| ill be dead before its done being translated.
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iron rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c10
it's not a good novel, in the meaning that it can't be read alone, you'll need to know the universes the author is talking aboult other wise you'll just be bored as hell and won't understand most of the plots.

so not a good "NOVEL" maybe a good "STORY" but not a novel.

and btw I find MC so boring, it probably didn't help....
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slimyslime rated it
June 8, 2017
Status: --
i rate this 5 because this is prob the best in it's genre for now. MC is always cool headed, not a harem seeker but not refuse when it comes.

MC in this novel is very different from another MC from this author, he's not too OP, but not weak and relying on another character either.


and nothing's wrong with staying in peaceful world, did u think MC is somekind of psyco?

so far the worlds he has been:

  • Kabaneri
  • God Eater
  • Hidan no Aria
  • Asterisk
  • re:zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu
  • tsukihime
  • konosuba
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It’s a good novel. Not high quality, but good for some entertainment.

It was dropped by Yami and then picked up by Rhinabolla, who are retranslating it from the beginning and changing things as they please. Like the MC’s name from Fang Li to Houri for some reason. Their logic is “We’re changing names and terms because it fits the story better”. Why yes, of course, that’s definitely the job of translators. For example, every translator who translates a novel with wizards in it, must change the MC’s name to Harry,... more>> and his friends to Hermione and Ron! What are you high on, Rhinabolla? <<less
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Piknos rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: Completed
It has ups and downs but overall it's a satisfying read. Nothing too complex outside of the original story arc, the author doesn't tamper with what's originally there by throwing in random characters and situations that don't already exist and instead uses the world's plot and people as the base. It's less of an I took this popular thing and shoved it into my novel and more of a what if this person with particular goals appeared.

It isn't a harem story, though the genre and tags say otherwise. He only... more>> has one serious relationship throughout the whole story. It also isn't really an ecchi story, you won't get breasts and butts shoved into your face every few chapters. Iirc the times where something s*xual happens is less than five, so if you're looking for something smutty, this one will have you bored to tears.

Other than that, I want to say that the ending is left open so if you really like closure that may be something to keep in mind. All in all, highly recommend. <<less
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April 22, 2017
Status: --
Also as the one who is currently reading this too, this novel is basically a fanfic story. It is basically the same as the author's previous work (Holistic fantasy and Shoujo grand summoning). It's expected that MC will enter different anime worlds and creates harem with the anime girls. So far, he has been one of the best authors who write these fanfict genre story.


In the 1st and 2nd volume, everything is very exciting as even he enters anime world, it is the world of survival fitness. I was expecting an infinite survival game like Infinity Arments and Infinity Terror style during his whole story. However, things started to get BS as he enters a very peaceful world and wastes even 2 year doing normal stuffs. The volume after that becomes typical harem style story with no intense battles.

What makes thing worse is how the author rushes the amount of chapters. The chapters become very short with very little progress going on with little novelity. It is basically like watching the anime the 2nd time. The battle has become so boring that I lost all the excitement and expectation from the 1st and 2nd volume.
The scale of difficulty of the anime worlds mentioned is also completely screwed up. How the hell can Hidan no Aria world be stronger than God Eater's world?
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gemberforces rated it
October 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Overall I'll give this novel 3/5 rating.

It was mediocre, not too good but not too bad.

Now, I'm not insulting this novel by saying this novel is mediocre, in fact it was much decent compared to other works from the same author.

... more>> There are no idiotic racism like in unlimited anime works.

MC is also not an idiot otaku who can only think with his lower body with brain full of sperm, like the MC from Shojou Grand Summoning.

In fact, in the first two world: Kabaneri and God Eater, I'll even give this novel 4/5 rating, since the MC truly was a badass guy who try to survive by using his Mystic Eyes.

But of course, this was an author who wrote Shoujo Grand Summoning, so in the end by the third world, there are already budding sign of harem route that MC will took.

Even still, by then the story was still quite good and addicting.

The third and fourth world respectively: Aria the Scarlet Ammo and Gakuen no Asterisk was my favorite, since they were quite rare to be used as background world. (Seriously, I sick already by Naruto and One Piece verse, both were too overused)

But of course, every uphill will always have downhill.

The fifth world: Shakugan no Shana can be described with one word: boring.

The sixth world: Re Zero was much better compared to Shana verse, but still inferior compared to the first four earlier world.

The 7th world Thukihime was the important check point in this novel since this world was the source of MC's trump card and main path: mystic eyes of death perception.

After that MC took a rest by revisiting Aria Scarlet Ammo verse and Gakuen Asterisk verse, and the story start to show sign of going uphill again after period of stagnant.

By the way, at this point the MC had his first girlfriend: Sylvia from Asterisk.

But leave it to this author that famous of ruining his story.

He actually made MC visit Konosuba verse.

Dude, that world was famous for the gag, do you really think it was suitable for MC's growth? Not to mention MC got tangled with the crazy group of Aqua and Kazuma, it was pointless for MC's growth.

Anyway, it was decent read if you have enough free time.

Overall, it was much better compared to author other works.

Even though this was also harem novel, the amount of the girls wasn't ridiculous like other works, less than twenty girls.

It was still too many you said?

Then that means you still hadn't read Shoujo Grand Summoning and Unlimited Anime Works.

I can no longer count the amount of girls that exist on MC's harem from both novel. <<less
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xXNeverwinter_SkamosXx rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: c4
I really thought that for once there's a Chinese novel that's not like the usual trope (crippled MC, douchebag family member and sheez), but it is worse. I mean I was suprised I thought the that the reincarnation of the MC is like those in the JNovels but why the efff rip of the world of those anime. Fanfic is a fanfic and novel is a novel but when a fanfic + delusional world of author became a novel then it really destroyed the story for me. I mean those... more>> anime in the story are great anime but knowing that some random dude bastardized it really piss me of. And please, this is not a novel. Honestly, it's fanfic. I think this literature should be in a fanfic website not in Novelupdates. Sorry I'm not sorry but bastardizing my favorite anime (konosuba, kabenari) is annoying as hell. No offense to the translator. <<less
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truegameruzer rated it
July 5, 2018
Status: Completed
Currently the best fanfic author with the most word count work. This is the best (imo) work from the author.

After re-reading it, I notice there are alot of plot holes and things that I hate like:

  1. Using the reason "forgeting the plot" most of the time. Ughh please stop!
  2. Weakening the MC for "some reasons". He did it on his previous work.
  3. Forced plot, which can be understandable since the main quest are being "forced" because there are benefits like points. There are some creativity, but most of the time it is just that Fang Li is just replacing the original MC just by doing it better.
  4. Favoritism on some LN. Some are overused from the previous fiction like ToAru (I love ToAru btw). But the worst of it all is the last/3rd arc of this fanfic. It kinda ruin the story imo, especially there is no Main Quest but he still acts like a bystander like I mentioned in #3.
  5. Some have vague powerlevels? Maybe some of you can feel it. Its hard for me to explain.
  6. Only Sylvie/Jeanne were used as a summon in other world. So it wasnt explored that much.
  7. Open ending. Maybe it can be a good thing, but it was ended by Classroom of Elite. It's hard for me to understand some of mtl, but he kinda reincarnate or something? He went to that world with no waifus or powers whatsoever. And he just repeat #3. The author ended this fanfic there, but I was hoping he showcase being 2nd rank and his waifus.
Favorite arcs with no order: Asterisk (his main class/1st waifu), KonoSuba (very funny arc), ToAru except the last arc (funny and likeable characters from Tokiwadai ojou-sama).

Recommended for those who like fanfics.
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hajiko rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c2099
Have read another Novel of the same author before which had some ups and downs and read some of the reviews for this one.

So I was worried about the first few volumes which are about stories which original I havent watched, while it still needs a few background knowledge to understand most of it perfectly but even without it it can still be read and for one own enjoyment.

EDIT: So I finished the Main Story and it was good but not perfect what I really didnt like were the s*upid... more>> four in Konosuba but personally I also didnt like them in the original (even if they are funny) but the other chars were nice so I could continue reading it.

Beside that the ending was good since it left the reader a way to think how it will continue and others (if posible

I wished that the author has written how they returned to the Gakuen Toshi world and what happened there... but well beat it


All in all 4/5 Stars.

For the Side Story I wont read it since only the MC will be the same but the whole Background will be changed like he is nor an envoy anymore etc (according to the author) and not really something which I like <<less
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KnightN00 rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: c1970
Consider the better MC than Wu Yan from same author, the MC is never been s*upid, although he also use the plot but author have learn to make him 'forget' the plot.

He is the type that is super coolhead and have firm goal in mind. He didn't kill the villian because they're villian but because they've crossed his part. He is resolute on every of his action. Never expect him to fall into scheme easily, his IQ notably higher than Wu Yan, almost perfect MC.

His harem isn't small, ... more>>

altrough at first few hundred, he add flags on numerous girl every world he went but the romance didn't seriosly take place

But in chaps 1800-2000 the harem become medium size


MC character growth is slow but significant with the present of his first lover.

Really one of best novel and top gem of this author. <<less
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kabuto1000 rated it
December 15, 2017
Status: c1800
This is a very good LN, honestly its in my top 5. When I first start reading this I thought it was gonna be like Shoujo Grand Summoning in which I did also read and liked but, the harem he had was so much.... however this LN I dont remember but only till after like 1000+ chapters did finally start having a female with him. In those earlier chapters we get to watch him grow and get stronger as he go through these different worlds and even tho the MC... more>> has a hacks ability, he's not god and still fight to almost death most of the time. He's not a solo character if people offered to help he wont refuse them unless they're incompetent or they are not strong enough to be of any help. Overall, I recommend this LN to anyone who's looking for something to read, the character is very likable the worlds he goes to are fun and not boring you will enjoy it im sure. This is my first review even tho I've read tons of LN's already.


(Novel Completed) Original Rating (5 Star) like I said in my previous comment that this was good Novel to read and it is. However, the last arc about 100-200 chapters towards the end they spend too much time on it and I didnt like it what they should have done is make him go a different world instead of the same one.... because ppl get tired of reading about the same anime all the time even if it's progressing. Lastly, the ending to me felt kinda rush sure they answered some questions kinda? but I felt they could have add another 50-100 chapters before I would say good, basically the ending will make you feel unsatisfied. Now ima rerate this to a (3 Star) because thats what I feel it deserve.



The MC pretty much has a huge Harem towards the end, he went back to the worlds where the other girls were at that he couldn't take previously with him while he was traveling.

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Mahesvara_ rated it
September 2, 2023
Status: c67
Well to start off I think this is like a discount version of Reincarnation Paradise.

I like edgy MCs as long as it's not too forced. So I tried to read this story twice and now I'm dropping it for the second time, this story really had too much edge on it. Now I'm suffering from secondhand embarrassment.

The main flaw of the story was MC's cringe personality itself and the cringeworthy narration. MC "Feel's nothing about death" and thus the author assembles an array of edgy lines to torment... more>> the readers.. alright sure author, it's cringe but fine i'll take it, but author doesn't seem to be satisfied so author keeps talking about this sh*t again and again and shoving embarrassing lines in the readers throat. Author is trying so hard to be philosophical and sh*t but it just comes too cringe and edgy for me. What's worse the MC is really feeling it, he keeps tooting his own horn to other people saying how he is a flawed and unique human compared to others blahblahblah~ Everyone around him making a big deal of MC's fearlessness and indifference.

Like when MC doesn't care when many strangers died and didn't say anything.
Others be like: whats wrong with you why are you so indifferent towards death. You're not sad?
MC: *MC as if waiting for someone to notice him perked up so he could act cool hehe boi~* Oh well oh well, since you ask I have no choice but to answer thy question! Let me tell you about myself then! Listen... *MC teling someone about his views about life and death*

Fvck! I feel like grabbing the MC by the ear right now and screaming on his face Dammit you're not that deep!!


Also MC have lots of lowkey plot armor moments like dodging a bullet that is supposed to kill him even though MC doesn't have any skills with sixth sense or ultra instinct but for some reason MC can feel and dodge it. Power-ups just come so suddenly and felt underserved. MC also suffers a lot because of his own s*upidity, actually I don't mind MC suffering setbacks if it's because of the Enemy is too clever and strong, nope, that's actually fine to me, but in this story MC keeps limiting himself and putting himself in harms way that could've been avoided, then the author will give MC some pseudo-hardships where MC gets beat up by enemy which he will barely win later.


Translation is annoying. Not because TL making many grammatical errors like misplacing words. No, the TL is using a completely different word that shouldn't be there to begin with. There's a line in the story "he reluctantly couldn't see it" the TL doesn't know the meaning of 'Reluctantly' and mistake it's meaning for words like 'almost' 'barely' or 'hardly' etc. This happens in the story lots of times.

So I don't really reccommend reading the translation so better go with mtl and just check the LNMTL for the names.

Overall this story is probably more for teen readers, it has the PG13 level of naivety in it, it's a story that tries to be mature but it became edgy. Welp. <<less
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FINN rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c2101
The story was very great if you comparing the other two of his novels.

This is a story about a man who lost his emotional sense in fears and death department and going into journey after his death.

Along his journey he become novels protagonist in his late story and going everywhere with his beloved girl, but he never get better with anyone in Dimensional god and always be alone with exception of his girl he recruit or he likes or he loved.

Somehow he always lucky to get the item that increasing... more>> his reward or that can make him stay alone soloing every dungeon worlds and even in Dimensional auction he always got the key item that provide him with his abilities, skill, talent etc.

Some of his journey got cut by the author for some reason and most probably reason is because the author lost interest to close it in proper ways and doesn't have a material story as continuing the fanfics story when the original LN or WN releasing new volume or out of stock or the author doesn't have any money to buy them.

This story ended in chapter 2101 and from chapter 2102 up to 2300 is side story.

Thanks for the fanfics. <<less
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cute bird of sadness
cute bird of sadness rated it
April 4, 2019
Status: Completed
I liked this very much.
I also like the protagonist very much.
Overall it's pretty good and I recommend it a lot.
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ballster147 rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: c2000
I want to rate it high, compare to authors other works this novel is much more well thought and written better even more so on how this work started out but as the story progess story became more tiring to read.

With the setting of main world and its anime dungeons as new element to this jumbled up fanfic makes the novel a little bit original than what it really is (An X-over FANFIC) which is the truly entertaining factor of authors works but somehow in this novel author is yet... more>> to really explore his original world instead he put much effort in inserting his MC to different animes and although it was written good which is apparent at the beginning things start to tire me out more so with the ongoing arc.


Index Arc


Which is Grand Summoning is much better but only in that regards.

Since the novel is ongoing its still worth to see on how this work progress. <<less
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richter03 rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: c187
Very short summary of this novel is "parents brag their child", it story about writer (parent) brag his anti social child (MC) how good is him compare with other MC (also anti social) in JP novel.
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Azrael07 rated it
January 23, 2020
Status: --
Definitely liked this one it’s a shame it ended so quickly in merely the two thousands or so chapter, and there were no more worlds to see but it was interesting.
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